I recently received this thank-you message, with these striking before/after photos:

“Hey guys, just wanted to say thank you to Jini and the team I took this pic today, the worse photo (right side) is me 5 months ago. I followed a lot of Jini’s expertise and applied what worked with my gut, I watched her YouTube videos and podcast over and over to keep me focused and motivated. Please pass on huge thank you to Jini I can’t thank her enough ❤️”

I then reached out to Will and asked him if he could share the details of what he did to make his healing a reality, as I knew it would be both instructive and encouraging for others. He graciously outlined the steps he took and provided his contact info if anyone wants to get in touch.

Thank you Will, for taking the time to outline all the different facets of your healing journey! Hopefully it will provide some encouragement or ideas for those of you facing similar challenges. You can direct message Will on his YouTube channel or Instagram if you have any questions.

Here is Will’s story:

Pre-history: Skinny ectomorph figure, never had any gut symptoms or severe health concerns except pneumonia at around age 5
2006 – 2015 western vegetarian diet turned vegan diet (minimally processed foods)

So the dread all began in late 2015, noticeable changes in my health, first symptom being loud belching noises in my gut, then followed by other symptoms; fatigue, bloating, frequent toilet visits, loose stools with occasional alternating constipation, nausea, extreme hair loss, tooth cavities (1 root canal, 2 on the verge of root canal) brittle hair and nails, tingling in arms and legs, bubbles in my urine, and eventually weight loss and rectal bleeding.

To cut a long story short it was many visits to many doctors; blood test, stool test, urine test. The only formal diagnosis I ever got was of a parasite found in my stool, blastocystis hominis, later to be told my symptoms match the criteria of IBS/IBD, and then in the next breath, that there is no known cure.

Till this day I don’t know what I had, but enough to know it stuck around for 4 years.

So in between then and now I was confused and wanting answers – maybe the blastocystis hominis is causing this, maybe some of my poor diet choices were to blame? I was even told by doctors I’m overthinking it, but as we all know, our body knows better.

So between 2016 – 2018 it was