This reader’s experience shows why it is absolutely crucial to use Jini’s Wild Oregano Oil Protocol – or the anti-pathogen treatment of your choice – before, and/or during an elemental diet.

“I started the Elemental diet for over 7 weeks. I experienced persistent weight loss and eventually could barely stomach water. I was offered hospitalization and learned I had Candida in my upper gi tract (treated with antifungal), E.coli in my urine (treated with IV antibiotic) C-DIFF ( treated with Vancomycin); I consulted with the hospital dietician and have been switched to a FULL fluid diet (low lactose).”

Many doctors recommend an elemental diet for SIBO because clinical trials have shown it results in a bacterial reduction and clearance:

“Treatment of small intestinal bacterial overgrowth is frustrated by the low efficacy of antibiotics. Elemental diets have been shown to reduce enteric flora.”

However, they are not taking into account whether there is a mild, moderate, or severe pre-existing infection, nor are they identifying what pathogens are involved (yeast/fungus, bacteria, mycobacteria). And without high dose therapeutic probiotic supplementation during and following the anti-pathogen treatment, you are leaving the gut wide open for secondary or opportunistic infection.

In my book, The IBD Remission Diet (elemental diet + targeted supplement plan = healing spa), after extensive testing with thousands of readers, I recommend people start on my anti-pathogen protocol at the same time they begin an elemental diet.

However, I then did a podcast with Dr. Roy & Debbie Steinbock and had an A-HA moment. They start their patients on an anti-pathogen protocol 1 – 2 weeks before they begin the elemental diet! This is so that patients can go through all the symptoms of die-off (Herxheimer reaction) before they start the diet.

This makes sure patients are not getting confused as to whether the diet is effective, or whether they are intolerant of the shakes. This way, they know all their uncomfortable symptoms (diarrhea, nausea, headaches, bloating, fatigue etc), are being caused by the die-off of pathogens in their gut – not the elemental shakes.

Clear Pathogens Before or During an Elemental Diet

Then when they start the elemental diet, they continue with the anti-pathogen regime (perhaps they can reduce dosage at this point, perhaps not yet) but they are better able to gauge their body’s response to the elemental shakes and perhaps have less adjustment issues because they have already begun to normalize their microbiome.

In Jini’s Wild Oregano Oil Protocol we use a potent brand of wild oregano 5x/day to hit infection hard (wild oregano is effective against viruses, bacteria, yeast, and some parasites). And then last thing before bed, you take a high dose of Natren probiotics. After extensive testing with thousands of readers, we found this combination of pathogen-killing, along with good bacteria replacement, produced the best results with the lowest Herxheimer reaction, and the least likelihood of triggering a flare. As with anything, you start low & slow and gradually increase both dosage and frequency.

If you don’t like wild oregano, or perhaps it doesn’t work for you, then olive leaf is the next best substance to use. Some doctors will culture out whatever is infecting you, and then test different substances (wild oregano, olive leaf, garlic, grapefruit seed extract etc) in the petri dish to see which is likely to work best for your infection. So if your symptoms are severe, or you’re not improving, definitely book in with a good naturopath or functional medicine doctor for testing and a second opinion.

Detailed instructions for Jini’s Wild Oregano Oil Protocol are given in three of my books:

Jini Patel Thompson

Which book do I need?

If you just want to do an elemental diet, then get The IBD Remission Diet

If you want treatment protocols for ALL issues related to gut diseases, plus healing diets, lifestyle improvements, and other information to create long-term health, then get Listen To Your Gut.

If you just have a gut infection, like Candida albicans overgrowth, or C. difficile, or H. pylori, then get Jini’s Natural Healing Guide: Gut Infection.

Remember that all my books, videos etc are based upon a self-directed healing journey. If at any time you feel you might benefit from the support of a natural medicine doctor, or health coach, or other practitioner, don’t hesitate to book an appointment with one! This is why my flagship book is called, Listen To Your Gut. Your commitment to listen to your unique body is paramount. If you start to feel uneasy, or that a second set of eyes, or a sounding board would be helpful, then please action that. You can use my list of practitioners who are familiar with my methods if you like, or anyone you “click” with – that’s your gut guidance at work, telling you, yes, book with this person.

Hope that helps, and if you have any questions, just leave them below!