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As the mother of three children – with thinner skulls, higher water content in their skulls (= higher conductivity) and undeveloped immune systems – it is very important to find out what levels of microwave RF radiation my kids are being exposed to, so that I can take measures to protect them where needed.

So the first component of protecting your kids from wireless radiation involves testing and measuring their daily environment for WiFi signal strength – school, home, dance or gymnastics studio, friends’ houses, etc. Anywhere your kids spend over an hour continuously should be tested (in my opinion) so at least you can get a good idea of their daily radiation exposure.

Baubiologie – standard Building Biology testing methods – lists RF safety readings in the home (especially in sleeping areas) in the following manner:

No Concern – less than 0.10 microwatts/m2 (microwatts per meter squared)

Slight Concern – 0.10 – 10 microwatts/m2

Severe Concern – 10 – 1000 microwatts/m2

Extreme Concern – greater than 1000 microwatts/m2

Magda Havas PhD recommends that (especially for children) microwave radiation levels do not exceed 0.10 microwatts/cm2 (per centimetre squared) and indoor areas do not exceed .001 microwatts/cm2. In my teleseminar with her, she said:

“We did a study just last– a few years ago, itʼs just coming out this year, where we tested the response of the heart to microwave radiation and the arc exposure was 0.3 microwatts/cm2, so itʼs 3 times higher than that guideline that I just mentioned – and several of the people we tested blindly, so it wasnʼt a psycho-somatic response, they developed tachycardia which is a rapid heart rate and arrhythmia instantly as soon as we exposed them to the radiation from a cordless phone at 2.4 GHz. So, if adults start having those symptoms and I know quite a few adults who have them, they suddenly feel; their heart starts beating, they have this pressure and pain in the chest area, theyʼre having an anxiety attack, thatʼs how the interpret it, or theyʼre having a heart attack and they donʼt know which and it scares them incredibly. Well, children are now beginning to have these problems.”

Once you know what you’re dealing with, then you can take steps to reduce or eliminate their radiation load – I’ll get into all that in a separate article. For now, let’s just look at what RF meters are on the market, at what price, and what each of them do to measure wifi signal strength – so that you can find the right one for your needs and budget.

As a mom, you’ll likely want to test primarily for:

  • Radiation from WiFi routers in your kids school – where is the safest place to sit in the classroom?
  • Radiation from nearby cell towers to see what’s coming into your home and which rooms have the highest levels.
  • Whether your neighbour’s WiFi (wireless internet) is coming into your house, which rooms are affected and how strong is it?
  • Combined microwave radiation load in friend’s houses and after-school activities/sports from cordless phones, cell phone towers, wireless games (like PlayStation, Wii, X-box, etc.) and wireless internet.

The Main Differences Between Meters

The main distinctions between the different types of meters (and hence the price) usually boils down to 3 specifications:

  1. Is it a a Tri-Field meter, which means you can stand in one spot and the meter will measure ALL the radiation, coming from every direction, to that spot? Or, it is a Uni-Directional meter; which means it will only measure the radiation coming from the direction you are pointing the meter towards. So in order to measure all the radiation with a uni-directional meter, you have to rotate in a circle through 8 different positions to be able to measure accurately. This means you start by pointing the meter North. Then you rotate 15 degrees to your right and measure again, then 15 degrees again to your right (you are now facing East) and measure again, and so on, round the 8 different points of a complete circle. So while the uni-directional meters are a lot cheaper and useful for measuring devices (like a cellphone, Xbox, etc.), for measuring the total radiation load in a room, they can be very time-consuming.
  2. What’s the range of radiation the meter can measure? Again, the cheaper meters often only measure up to 3 GHz, so while they will pick up on most cellphones, many other types of radiation (from certain cordless phones, new generation cell phones, baby monitors, WiMax, etc.) will not be detected. To measure the current full spectrum of microwave radiation from all the different types of devices, you need a meter that goes up to 8 GHz.
  3. Can the meter also measure magnetic and electrical fields and how wide is the range? For people who are hypersensitive, they are affected not just by microwave RF radiation frequencies, but by electrical and magnetic fields as well.

If you can’t be bothered to read through the detailed meter descriptions below and you just want to know: What’s the cheapest, easiest meter that can measure pretty much everything? Then this Cornet 8 GHZ RF Meter (Uni-directional $179.90 + free shipping) will cover all your needs. This meter is much cheaper than the Tenmars below because it only measures radiation coming from one direction, whereas the Tenmars meter below measures radiation coming from all sides. This meter also only measures electrical and RF, wheras the Tri-Field measure magnetic fields as well. However, if price is key, then this is a very good choice, since it measures all RF devices (cell phones, cordless phone, WiFi, surveillance bugs, microwave ovens, etc.) from 1 MHz – 8 GHz. If you want the full-service radiation meter, so that you can measure everything in every situation, from one spot, then the Tenmars 8 GHZ RF Meter (3-directional, $345 + free shipping) is your best choice.

Here’s an In-Depth Description of the Various Radiation Meters and their Pros and Cons:

1.  Simple Radiation Finder ($39.95) – this is your most basic digital RF meter. It will not tell you the exact level of radiation, but will simply light up a warning if the radiation falls at pre-determined categories of green-safe, yellow-caution, and red-unsafe.

The downside of this meter is that it is only a single-axis meter. This means it can only read the radiation coming from the direction you are pointing it. So if you want to measure the radiation in any given spot, you need to rotate and point the meter at 8 different points/directions around in a complete circle – pausing at each new point to let it pick up the new reading. Obviously, this is going to be very tedious. But if budget is your primary concern, then this may be the option for you.

Also, for me, the other big drawback of this type of meter is the range it reads goes from ‘less than’ 20 microwatts/cm2 – ‘over’ 100 microwatts/cm2. Well, in Canada and the U.S., the upper allowable radiation limit is 1000 microwatts/cm2, so whilst this meter would be fine for Europe, Russia etc (where the upper limit is only 10 microwatts/cm2) it doesn’t provide enough information for North America. And yes, whilst obviously, anything over 10 microwatts/cm2 is not safe, I still want to know HOW much radiation over the safe limit my kids (and I!) are being exposed to.

The other feature about this meter you need to keep in mind is that it reads BOTH RF (radio frequency) microwave radiation and magnetic fields. So if you get an unsafe reading in your child’s classroom, for example, you won’t know whether that’s due to the WiFi or the lighting in the room – so you would need to turn off all the lights and unplug anything in the room. But again, if you don’t care about the details and budget is key, then this one may meet your needs.

This meter covers 50 Hz – 3 GHz – so it will give you readings for most cell phones, wireless computers and cell towers. However, the newer generation of cordless phones and other technology on the 5.8 GHz frequency will not be picked up by this meter. More details here… (scroll down the page)

2. E-Alert Meter ($29.95) – Another really simple RF meter – but like the one above, this one also measures magnetic fields, which is either a beneficial feature, or a confusing one – depending on your needs.

This one also does not give actual readings, but just has different colored lights: green-safe, yellow-caution, and red-unsafe. Also like the one above, this one is only a single-axis meter. This means it can only read the radiation coming from the direction you are pointing it. So if you want to measure the radiation in any given spot, you need to rotate and point the meter at 8 different points/directions around in a complete circle – pausing at each new point to let it pick up the new reading.

The better feature of this meter (over the Simple Radiation Meter above) is that covers 30 Hz – 5.5 GHz, so a much wider range of devices – but it still won’t catch the new 5.8 GHz cordless phones, baby monitors, etc.

It is also really small (keychain sized) only 1″x3″ – which again, may be a positive or a negative, depending on what you want it for. More details here… (scroll down the page)

3. Basic RF Meter ($89.95) – This is another simple RF Meter and this one ONLY measures radio frequency microwave radiation (not electrical, nor magnetic fields), so less room for confusion. This one only measures up to 58 microwatts/cm2, so same problem using in North America where our upper “safety” limit is 1000 microwatts/cm2 – you’ll know it’s unsafe, but you won’t know how bad it is.

Also like the meter above, this one is only single-axis. So you’ll have the same tedium of having to measure at 8 different points/directions around in a complete circle – pausing at each new point to let it pick up the new reading – to get an idea of what radiation exists in any one spot. The good part about this meter is that it will give you the actual meter reading (e.g. 18 mW/m2) PLUS give you the color-coded ranges of safe/green-caution/yellow-unsafe/red.

This meter covers 100 Hz – 3 GHz – so it will give you readings for most cell phones, wireless computers and cell towers. However, the newer generation of cordless phones and other technology on the 5.8 GHz frequency will not be picked up by this meter. More details here… (scroll down the page)

4.  3-Axis RF Meter ($199.95) – As you move up the price scale, you’ll notice you get more features and more accuracy. So this meter is a 3-axis meter, rather than a single-axis, like the two meters above. This means that you don’t need to rotate around, but can simply stand in one spot and the meter will scan 360 degrees around you to give you the complete/total radiation level for that particular spot. This meter will also give you the actual radiation level, but again, it only measures up to 30 microwatts/cm2. So if you just want to know whether a spot or room is “safe” this meter is fine, but if you want to know how much radiation above 30 microwatts/cm2 is present, then you’re out of luck (remember, US and Canada upper allowable limit is 1000 microwatts/cm2).

This meter covers 50 Hz – 3.5 GHz – so it will give you readings for most cell phones, wireless computers and cell towers. However, the newer generation of cordless phones and other technology on the 5.8 GHz frequency will not be picked up by this meter. More details here…

5. 6 GHZ RF Meter (Uni-directional $119 + free shipping) – this meter is very reasonably priced and will measure 100 HHz – 6 GHz. It also measures electrical fields (power lines etc.) The only downside is that it is uni-directional only (not a tri-field meter). This means that you will have to rotate slowly in a circle, stopping and pausing at each point to get a measure of total radiation for any one spot. On the other hand, it makes it easy to pinpoint which direction the radiation is coming from! More details here…

6. 8 GHZ RF Meter (Uni-directional $179.90 + free shipping) – This meter is much cheaper than the the Tri-Field below because it only measures radiation coming from one direction, whereas the Tri-Field meter below measures radiation coming from all sides. This meter measures electrical, RF, and magnetic fields as well. So if price is key, then this is a very good choice, since it measures all RF devices (cell phones, cordless phone, WiFi, surveillance bugs, microwave ovens, etc.) from 1 MHz – 8 GHz. More details…

7.  8 GHZ RF Meter (Tri-Field $499 – Ships from USA) – For me, this meter is the best use of my money for what I want to measure. Because I blog about this issue, I write letters to government officials and school admin people, I need to be as accurate as possible and I need to back up my assertions with specific data. This meter is 3-axis (no need to rotate), it measures from .0001 microwatts/cm2 up to 3,000 microwatts/cm2 and it covers from 10 MHz – 8 GHz – so it will measure every wireless device around (including surveillance bugs!), plus leaving room for future technology developments. This meter also measures electrical fields. For the informed layperson (like myself) this is probably the best combination of needed features and ease of use. More details here… I plan to do more blog posts and also some videos showing you how to measure your home, school, office, etc. so be sure and SUBSCRIBE to my blog so you’ll be notified.

8.  8 GHZ RF Meter (Tri-Field, $345 – free shipping) – This meter has all the features of the meter above in #7, but this meter ships from Israel, while the one above is in the USA. So your shipping time is going to be a bit longer on this one, about 2 weeks, but, the great thing is, the shipping is free. I have ordered from this company myself to test and everything went smoothly and the meter arrived in 2 weeks. As I said above, if you want to be able to test EVERYTHING, with ease – because this measures the radiation coming from all directions (tri-field), so you don’t have to keep turning and re-measuring, until you’ve measured a full circle – you can just stand in one spot, facing any direction and it will measure ALL the radiation coming from every direction to that spot – then this is the meter to get. More details here…

For people who need to get more specific, there are more complicated meters for this, but of course, they are also much more expensive (thousands of dollars).

You can also check with your local (or country’s) citizen action group as some have meters they will rent to you for a fraction of the purchase price. Here’s a list of citizen radiation protection groups to get you started – if they don’t have meters for rent, be sure and suggest this to them!

Note: All prices listed are correct at time of writing, but of course, are subject to change.

Detailed Techie Questions?

Please note that I am not an engineer, nor an expert in this technology. I am just trying to figure things out for my own family and then sharing what I learn as I go along. So if you have any specific questions about RF Meters or anything technical, please speak to one of the sellers of this equipment (who I link to above), like Emil:

Emil DeToffol
Less EMF Inc
776B Watervliet Shaker Rd
Latham NY 12110 USA

We received some new questions about this recently:

QUESTION: My 10 year old son and I have been reading your website because he is doing research for a science fair project.  I need to purchase him a meter that gives him quantitative data for how much cell phone radiation occurs with a variety of phones.  He will compare his data and present for the science fair.  By no means, does this have to be 100% accurate, but he must give a good estimate and be knowledgable about the subject.  I have seen the Cornet ED-75 as the one to get.  I’m personally confused on the different meters out there after reading multiple sources.  Could you help by letting us know from your experience which one would be the best, but not the most expensive?

ANSWER:  #6 in the blog post above would measure the full range of cellphones, and he can point it at the cell phone antenna to get the reading. I suggest he also measure cordless phones as many are very surprised that they can emit more than a cell phone (especially the 5.8 GHz ones). The ED-75 only goes up to 6 GHz, so it cannot measure some of the cellphones on the market.

QUESTION: If I bought a uni-directional radiation meter (Cornet ED78S), how would I calculate how much radiation a certain spot is being exposed to by the surrounding area? You mentioned starting north and turning the meter 15 degrees until it’s gone full circle. But then what do I do with the data to get an estimate of the amount of radiation in that spot? Do I add all the readings together or take the highest one?

ANSWER:  You just take the highest reading – because whatever side of your body is being exposed to that high level, doesn’t really matter – you are still being exposed to it and that’s the highest radiation that’s coming to that spot in the room.

How To Measure WiFi and Cell Phone Radiation

169 thoughts on “How To Measure WiFi and Cell Phone Radiation

  • Hi,
    Looking at buying an RF meeter and considering the one you list 3-Axis RF at $199 and this one “Extech 480836 3.5GHz RF EMF Strength Meter” at $260.00 Not sure of the tradeof?
    A user commant on Amazon.com seemed to suggest the Exctech could give a reading of 400,000 microwatts/cm2

    Find you site very helpful.. Thanks

  • Jof – I found this complete detailing of specs for the Extech meter:


    it looks like a good one! But keep in mind that it only measures up to 3.5 GHz, so will not detect many cordless phones and next gen cell phones.

    Their equivalent model that measures up to 8 GHz sells for $629 – so quite a bit more expensive than the one I have listed:


    It’s crazy I know and I searched high and low looking for a cheaper meter – if you find one, please post it!

    But that’s why I bought the 8 GHz rather than the 3.5 GHz – I figure when you’re up into the hundreds of dollars, you might as well get one that can measure everything. And I’ve needed it as my Dad asked me to measure his cordless phone (it was 5.8 GHz) and recently I’m measuring gaming systems like X-box.

  • Hi JINI,

    I’m considering purchasing the Cornet ED65 meter which can be found for around $130.
    It measures up to 6Ghz and is a digital meter.

    What do you think of it?

  • Hi Jini,

    Very interested in your 8GHz meter.
    Have found another called the acoustimeter which reads 200MHz to 8GHz.
    Yours reads 10MHz – 8GHz, do you know what kind of difference that would make?

  • Hi Toni – I think having the larger range would make a difference if you were extremely electrohypersensitive. Or perhaps if you wanted to see if your faraday cage, or bed shielding canopy was working 100%.

    I found another supplier who is going to be getting in the Tri-field 8GHz meter for about $160 cheaper than the one listed in the blog post, so if you want to wait a month or two, I will post that link when it is available.

  • this is a great review of meters. thank you.

    I would clarify the difference between “trifield” and “tri-axis”.

    Trifield means that it will measure electric, magnetic, and radio fields. It is also a brand of meter. The 100XE happens to measure magnetic and electric fields on 3 axis, but RF on only 1. I hope this helps.

  • Thanks Matt! – I have amended the post to reflect your suggestion. Now, question for you: When you’re measuring with a tri-axis meter, do you hold it in front of you, horizontal? Or up above your head, or what? And, as you’ve made me think further about this. My understanding is that the tri-axis measures from all directions, but now I’m wondering: If you’re standing with the meter in front of your body, can it measure the radiation coming from BEHIND your body? Or do you need to turn around 180 degrees and measure again to ensure a 360 degree measurement for that spot? There’s so much to learn…!

  • EMR comes in 3 flavors: Electric, from things like house wiring; Magnetic – from Appliances, Overhead Cables etc. and Electromagnetic or Radio Frequency (RF) from Cell Base Stations, Cordless Phones, Baby Monitors, Cellphones, Wi-Fi etc. and not just wireless devices. For some people at least, they are all Toxic but it is the Total Body Burden (Non-Ionising non-thermal EMR, Chemical, Bacterial, Ionising etc) that can become too much. How you measure depends on the type of environmental pollution you suspect is present and the types of equipment you have available. A 3-axis device generally gives a more reliable indication of the total emissions as some are polarised. Often a single axis machine is adequate because by moving it around and taking the highest measurement a good approximation ca be arrived at. Official levels are so high as to be irrelevant for getting back to wellness. Reducing exposure to As Low As Reasonably Achievable – ALARA is what to aim for. Low = lowest / ambient. Reasonable = Do all you truly can but don’t fret over that which you have no control. Our greatest protection is distance. Use your meters to identify sources and types of EMR. Maximise separation, minimise duration of exposure.
    See http://electricforester.blogspot.com
    Electric fields are generally stopped by building materials. Magnetic fields pass through just about everything and the person holding the meter soaks up RF. You will find this out as you become more experienced. Make sure you fully understand what the meter is measuring and the operating instructions. Re-read the instructions when you have some experience using the device(s). Measure everywhere you can to build your understanding of where this invisible threat is likely to be found in greatest concentrations.

  • Hi Jini. Regarding your post #8, about a company offering the tri field 8 Ghz $160 cheaper. Any news on that?
    Thanks for your blog!!

  • Hi Michael – the only cons I can see about that one is it is uni-field (measures from one direction only) and the needle might be more difficult to read than a digital display. It is accurate to 10 GHz though, so fairly similar to the one I outlined in #6 above (in terms of specs). Like I said, the only difficulty might be in getting an accurate reading of that needle and very thin lines.

  • Hi Jini,

    The information you’re providing here is great, short, concise and applied to a persons situation so they can understand what it means. I like.

    Question: How many of the metres you list on this page have you personally tried out?

    I am about to start insulating my apartment from RF / Wireless & Mobile EMR but need to purchase a metre first. I’m leaning towards the metre you mentioned @ #8 (for obvious $ reasons). I love you to give a quick impression of #8 and what you “would” purchase now you have used the metre @ #8) and why. Would you change your usage decision considering the cost of the metre or are you happy with that particular device?

    I have 22 wireless routers that can be picked up by my computer and heaven only knows how many actual devices are in my area that my computer can’t see. I’ve had sleep problems for several years ever since an Electrical Smart Metre was installed (now removed) and I’m over it! It’s time to do something about all the ElectroSmog affecting me. I haven’t even tested my apartment for EMR but I can litterally feel the ERM as a slight pressure in my head when it is close. The pressure is directional and changes as I turn my head. I can feel devices being turned on and off and get a rush of Tinitius when a device is turned on. My doctor said that it was “probably just psychosomatic” (!!!) and not to worry about it! BUT I can feel it … as a physical sensation! I can literally feel the EFR fields changing throughout the day as more and more people turn on their wireless and I can feel it when someone behind me begins to use their mobile even before they begin talking. It’s driving me nuts! This isn’t just in my head. My wife says she can feel it too.


  • PETER – I have the meters from #8 and #6.

    For myself, I prefer the Tri-Field (#8) but I’ve found it is influenced by my own electromagnetic field, so I don’t hold it, but put it on a tripod.

    For quick usage – when measuring a device, like an Xbox or cellphone, where the radiation will only be coming from one direction, the Uni-field 8 GHz (#6) is perfectly fine. My kids like to use this one (#6) because it is easier to use and carry and the visual display – it lights up with green light for SAFE, yellow light for CAUTION and red light for DANGER – is easier to interpret and gauge at a glance.

    If I were only going to buy one meter, I would definitely get #8 (8 GHz Tri-Field) as it can measure everything and is also easy to use. I have printed out a reference sheet of “safe” radiation levels and just keep that folded up in the case for quick reference when I’m measuring. Remember if you’re at all electrosensitive, then you want to be measuring in microwatts, not milliwatts (too broad) so you need a meter like #8 that measures in both.

    hope that helps!

  • That does help a lot Jini. Thank you for your advice.

    I didn’t realise that your own body would emit radiation that could be detected, and influence th reading the metre provides. Thanks for the heads up.

    I’m looking into the 8ghz metre now. 🙂

    Have a great day.


  • Dear Jini,

    I am sitting in emission coming through the adjoining wall from next-door neighbours unit. Since they moved into their unit three yeas ago, my health has deteriorated. Being a person very conversant with Radio Frequency (RF) dangers, as I worked decades in the communications field, from 1950’s to 1980’s, I purchased a Trifield, an Enzone ELF metre, and a RF detector; and I established that the next-door neighbour has a faulty refrigerator that emits extreme milli gauss through the adjoining walls. I am gob smacked because the emissions re coming from the top of the refrigerator, and as I take readings at different positions on the wall, I can draw a distinct rectangle of 1 metre by 0.7 metre approximately 2 metres from the floor. Strange, when the electrics, such as the motor is at the bottom. At the wall, the Trifield registers more that 150 milli gauss; and at my workbench, which is a metre away it registers 3 milli gauss, and each time the refrigerator turns on I get an extreme headache and heart palpitations.

    By the way I have the wall painted with three coats of YShield, and I realise that such protection will not repel the ELF of EMF, but I am led to believe that it is suppose to repel EMR up to 6 maybe 8 GHz.

    Anyway, the next-door neighbour has now introduced another problem, which I was aware of, but I couldn’t understand as I had no knowledge that there were two EMR and EMF problems and the metres I had were not registered anything to establish what was going on. As for no apparent reason my computers began to produce strange problems as well, and I put it down to the Internet server and MS Internet Explorer.

    Three months ago I purchased an ED65 from Micro Cornet Company and have discovered that between the hours of 7am to 11pm there is a microwave signal coming through the joining wall that is painted with YShield, and today the highest reading I established on the ED65 is 13.07 mw/w2. All the reading of the emissions are intermittent, every 58-60 seconds, therefore, sixty emission every hour. Now, this reading is way above the safe regulations for microwave ovens, which also state if the emission is more than 5 mw/w2 at the door then the microwave, is leaking and is dangerous.

    I just read you article on the safety of EMR with children, and I disagree that anything below 10mw/w2 is still reasonable safe, because anything from above 2 milli gauss and 0.500 mw/w2 affects health and is a health risk. I have been diagnosed with CFS, ME, FBS, IBS, and BMS, and these diagnoses are only established by symptoms without even considering the World Health Organisation verdict in regards to CFS and ME that possibly all other undiagnosable syndromes are also caused by the same contributing factor that affects the central nervous system (CNS), such as EMR and EMF.

    Now I have no choice but to suffer the harassment and torment of extreme radiation via EMR and EMF from electronic and electrical equipments, because our government has increased safety regulations from 100 milli gauss to 1,000 milli gauss and I have heard that they are considering to increase it to 1,500 milli gauss.

    It’s all okay to have the best metre to read all the proliferation of the airways with dangerous emissions that are a health risk, but these metres are not going to turn those dangerous pieces of equipment “OFF”, and your article on your beliefs of the affects on children are not so. I watched a beautiful, perfect, nine month old baby boy turn into cerebral palsy because the parents had a baby monitor in his bed, and allowed him to play with the mobile phone (turned “ON”). Of course the medicos had no answer but put it down to environmental or maybe the vaccine he had three months earlier.

    Any suggestions how to eradicate the dangerous microwave emissions coming through the wall directly in front of me that is no doubt causing me further life threatening health?


  • GEORGE – for someone as severely sensitive as you, you should seriously consider moving “off the grid”. The upside is that many of these remote areas are also extremely cheap so your cost of living will likely go down. Use remote/internet work places such as elance.com , ifreelance.com , odesk.com etc. to generate revenue.

    Alternatively you could look at creating yourself clothing made of silver-woven cloth as these are highly protective (make a hood) and completely shielding your bed with a tent of this fabric that encloses it (including underneath, along the floor) so you are completely shielded during sleep and can regnerate/fix damage during this time.

  • @ George.

    It may sound crazy but have you tried to involve your neighbours in your research and findings? I am in the process of raising awareness of EMF and EHS in my unit complex and have made some progress with a few people. They have turned their wifi off and only turn it on when they actually use the internet.

    I know that the ‘whitegoods and brown goods’ that are causing you so much discomfort are a little different to wifi but, it could be a good place to start. Try introducing your neighbours to the dangers of EMF … for their own benefit before introducing your own concerns after.

    It’s worth a try. On a side note, if I didn’t have children about to start school then I would Up and Out of the burbs and move to the country. It’s a very appealing idea.

    wishing you the best, and good luck.


  • Hi Jini and Peter,

    Yes, I am severely sensitive, but I am in a Catch 22 situation, as I am 75 years of age, live in a retirment village full of old people, and they are old, but younger than me.

    Even the remote areas are bathed in Wi Fi, because of the communcations systems are now geared up for only wirless communications. All cable communications have been phased out. The safest place I found in Australia is a place called “Devil’s Marbles”, which is aboriginal country, and dingoes.

    Smart metres are going up everywhere, and our safety regulators keep on putting up the safety level to such a level that every thing electronic and electric are SAFE. How safe is safe?

    The reason why I suffer so severely is because I have a lot of metal in my body, including in my blood. And all this metal becomes an antenna. I’ve had all amalgam fillings removed which released me from extreme burning mouth syndrome, but still have mercury in the body.

    I have been considering to use another window shield of cloth, but the person who supplied me with YShield paint to paint the walls and ceilings, I have no confidence in. He didn’t tell me that it doesn’t stop ELF from electrical appliances.

    DO you know the exact name of the reflective material.

    Peter, the village I live in is full of mainly old women, who I am sorry to say, don’t want to know, don’t want to shake tries, and haven’t the understanding of what is going wrong with their health. They rather go to the doctors and get another handful of drugs that are also killing them.

    Every you have suggested I have been down this field for the past decade, and in Australia, the government closes down anyone who is doing anything good in the natural field, and promotes all unnatural things, and changes legislation to protect the electronic and electrical equipment producers.

    Once I get this transmitter closed down, I will have a normal life again. It’s secretly placed in someone’s house and my metres cannot establish were it is. I have other slow processes, but will take some time.

  • Hi Jini,

    Great site you got here. Thanks!

    You said the body absorbs RF and hence affects readings. Therefore you do not hold the meter and leave it on a tripod. This may not be always possible. I have a few questions if you please:
    If you move closer to the meter, does it show reduced reading? Significantly?
    Although this meter #8 shows RF at any given spot from all directions, if you move it closer to a source, it will show the reading from that source. Is that assumption correct?
    You said you have a sheet where you have printed essential tolerance limit values. Can you possibly please share that info with us?
    I could not find any other site that analyses this particular meter as this one does. Many thanks for the same. Wish there was some demo on youtube.

  • Hi Jini,

    I have a Trifield and it doesn’t work on 8 GHz.

    It does have a “microwave” setting, but it doesn’t seem to pick up anything. Any idea what the frequency range is suppose to be on this setting. Maybe it doesn’t work. Any idea how you would test it?

    I haven’t noticed that the body causes any changes to readings, that is, in the Magnetic reading (milli gauss). I have placed the Trifield near an EMF device and it has a reading and when I pick it up, the reading doesn’t change.


  • J DUBAL – It’s more that your OWN electromagnetic field affects the meter reading, but again, this too can vary and sometimes affects it a lot, sometimes not at all. It’s not my distance to the meter, it’s whether I am holding/touching the meter.

    Readings can change as you get farther away, or not, depends on the strength of the signal.

    For the tolerance/safety values, I just printed the info I gave above and keep that with my meter:

    No Concern – less than 0.10 microwatts/m2 (microwatts per meter squared)

    Slight Concern – 0.10 – 10 microwatts/m2

    Severe Concern – 10 – 1000 microwatts/m2

    Extreme Concern – greater than 1000 microwatts/m2

    Magda Havas PhD recommends that (especially for children) microwave radiation levels do not exceed 0.10 microwatts/cm2 (per centimetre squared) outdoors
    and indoor areas do not exceed .001 microwatts/cm2.

    Videos… yes, on my to-do list! Are you subscribed to my YouTube channel? then you’ll be automatically notified:

  • GEORGE – there are a number of sites that offer fabrics and it depends on what strength you want. This site has some garments that may work for you (perhaps the Balaclava or Brain Shield):

    A problem is that the fabrics shielding is provided by silver threads, but since it is a metal it can also be conductive in highly electrical environments – hence I don’t get my kids to wear anything protective at school.

    You really need to talk to people who have the same problems as you and find out what they do.
    should have some resources or help for you.

  • Jini, I have much metal in my body, including many chemicals from Vietnam within my blood, tissue and metal implants. I spent a long time in the Army, I worked amongst the most sophisticated electronic communications equipment known to man, and this is another reason why I am so sensitive.

    I couldn’t wear any of the silver fabric because I would be cooked. I was given a silver neck chain as a present, and I wore it only one day.

    I had a quadruple bypass a few months ago, and they implanted into my chest cavity approximately six inches of stainless steel wires. Before this surgery, I would set off all the security equipment at major airports.

    I will check those suggested sites out.

    Your reply to J Dubal, had me wondering. As I find mw/m2 and mw/cm2 is confusing, because I find 0.150 mw/mw2 very irritating, and when in another person’s home, who has a DECT phone, or home wireless communications system, or mobile (cell) phone my ED65 reads up to 1-2 mw/m2, and it’s a torment.

    Any idea what 1 mw/m2 would be equivalent to in mw/cm2, because I assume that 0.10 mw/cm2 would be 1 mw/m2?


    You did say the

  • Hi Jini,

    We are a bit confused about the safety number. Magada Havas interview says that she recommends (on page 15) .01 microwatts/cm2 for indoor. In this article; however, it says that she is recommending indoor areas do not exceed .001 microwatts/cm2. So the indoor number is off by one zero. Which is correct? This article or her interview? Am I missing something?



  • Gak! Thanks Caroline, you just caught a typo in the blog post! I have amended it:

    Magda Havas PhD recommends that (especially for children) microwave radiation levels do not exceed 0.10 microwatts/cm2 (per centimetre squared) and indoor areas do not exceed .01 microwatts/cm2.

    thanks again, Jini

  • Is this also the european standard? where do I get that info so that I can convince our school this next year to remove their wifi? Sophia was in a class that had .13 Microwatts/cm2 for a whole year.

    Thank you Jini!

  • Hi Jini,

    I’ve recently come back from a 2 month trip to Wales (UK.. I live in Australia)… and it was fantastic. A long break, nothing but green hills, country side, and an old house with walls three quarters of a metre think….. which, for some reason, I assume, blocked a hell of a lot of RF radiation.

    Then thing is (please see my previous post), upon arriving back, I was greeted with the god awful tinnitus … which I’d forgotten about whilst away. Upon arriving back in Australia at my unit, it WAS and IS making itself apparent in a most unmistakable fashion. I can only assume it is the RF / Microwave that I am now being exposed to. I can’t say my tinnitus went away, but I’d managed to ignore it whilst in Wales so I have drawn the microwave exposure as the most logical conclusion.

    Anyway, now I’m on the hunt for a ‘remedy’. And I’ve come across http://www.yshield.com/ … the paint which is supposed to block 99% of RF / Microwave transmission up to 8.5Ghz.

    Do you know anything about it? Have you had any experience with it? And, if so, what are your impressions? It’s rather expensive, but if it can help alleviate some of the symptoms I’m experiencing then I am more than willing to try it.

  • Follow up… Sorry but I forgot to mention it. The paint is called HSF54 and is a ‘carbon’ based paint designed to help block RF and Microwave’s.

  • Sorry Peter, I don’t have any experience with the radiation-blocking paints. The only concerns I’ve heard are they can affect re-sale value of the house (if people don’t want it) and like any radiation shield, you have to be careful there aren’t radiation sources INSIDE the room (coming up from the floor, etc.) because then they can actually trap and increase that radiation.

  • CAROLINE – I have lots more info/tools on this blog to assist you with the school wifi issue, type in “wifi school” into my SEARCH box and it will pull up all the relevant posts for you.

  • Hi Jini,

    I bought the Tenmars TM-196. It was delivered today. It’s a nice metre. BUT, how do I use it? I know I should just google it but, I think we are on the same ‘wavelength’ when it comes to wanting specific information from it… ie: power levels, wireless radiation levels and sources etc.

    Do you have any tips on what I should be looking at, pointing towards? Or what settings you use to get your results? Or, even a web link would be good.


  • Peter and Jini, I spent thousands of dollars on YShield, and it’s a failure. Nobody gave any though about the house wiring and bad earthing in and around the area. As you are required to earth the paint to an earthing system outside, and what happened is that the ground radiation was fed back through the earth wire, and radiated out of the wiring for electrical lamps and ceiling fans. Don’t waste your money. And yes, it will affect your resale if you are selling, because no wireless communications would work within the rooms that have YShield. I know that all who sell will tell you differently, and I live in Australia.


  • PETER – did you not get an instruction manual with your meter? If not, email the company you ordered from and ask them to send you one – or email it to you.

  • Hi Jini, Yes, I do have the manual. It’s … pretty complex stuff with technical terms I am going to have to learn to decipher. I was just hoping for a quick heads up on how to use the device … sorry, a little lazy maybe.

    It appears I have the same issue you did with you hands setting the readings out; in my case holding it personally ads about 60-70 mV/m / points to my readings. It makes things a little tricky; especially when I am trying to learn how to use it.

    Also, it appears my readings fluctuate all over the place, every second. I’ve got th average setting enabled but my metre’s readings still jump up and down all the place.

    I have managed to deduce that most of the RF I am concerned about is coming through the windows from next door; not the unit next door to mine via the shared wall. That was a bit of an eye opener. I assumed most of the trouble was from my neighbour in the adjoining unit, but it appears to be the neighbouring unit complex on which I look out upon.

    It has made think more closely about my primary choice of RF protection. I was going to buy so Yshield paint and start with that, but, in light of the readings I’ve managed to take it looks like my better choice would be screening mesh / material to use as curtains. That would give me a better result for the money spent.


    I’ve been looking closely at the Mast-Victims website. The have a bit about Yshield paint, and the primary problem encountered by people using paint as a RF shield is, as you have already pointed out, the issue with correctly or thoroughly grounding it so that RF ‘drawn away’ correctly.

    I am still considering painting just my bedroom with HSF54, can you describe the process you went through when grounding the painted surfaces please. I was intending to just ground it through the earth point in a power socket but was deterred from doing this because of ‘dirty power’ whatever that is. The I was going to use the cold water pipes as they are convenient and would totally ground out the HSF54; but I have concerns about the quality of my drinking water as it is filtered from the tap, not bottled.

    My final, and apparently most effective, choice is a dedicated ground / earth rod not connected to any other power source in the unit. I am intending to ground the HSF54 with the grounding tape, sandwiched between two layers / coats of HSF54 and then hard wired to the copper ground / earth rod.

    How did you ground the finished paint job? Did you do it yourself?

    I am not concerned about resale value. I have children that I am more concerned with protecting from RF, and painting my bedroom is a trial to go along with making some RF screening curtains.

    What post code are you in? I’m in Queensland, 4060 (or did I ask you this already). Just curious.

  • Hi Peter,

    I worked a long time in the communications field, and today it’s more dangerous than ever before. I have listened, read, researched, and experienced all that is being thrown at ES sufferers, and I find that there is nothing you can do except to move out to Devil’s Marbles, because it’s the safest place in Australia.

    Many gimmicks are offered like a caryard salesman, and you need to be very wary and street wise because you can be burnt by those who lack any understanding or knowledge of what is proliferating the airways.

    Most of the undiagnosable illnesses are the result of non-ionised radiation, and the government or medicos don’t want to know. Most syndromes are caused by RFR.

    Yshield does work within reason, but the complete ceiling, walls, window frames and doors need to be completely painted to stop the RFR from DECT phones and cell phones. But, if the next-door neighbour has a refrigerator against the wall or any other electrical appliance that radiates ELF, then you have another problem, as it comes straight through.

    Those who push this paint don’t tell you that your power points may radiate other RFR. They don’t tell you that after you paint all the surfaces that there may be other problems. I now believe the most safest way is to get one of those tents you put over your bed, but if you suffer from a lung complaint then you are in trouble. It would be impossible for me to sleep under such.

    The sad things about the “saving angels” who offer miraculous objects of healings are snake oil salesmen of old. They are NOT ES sufferers, and all that they offer are gimmicks and are trial and error, and they learn from your misfortunes, and the knowledge of those are not aware of what is really going on, because the science of electronics isn’t some simple ON/OFF switch, as the central nervous system of a human body reacts differently to each person who suffers. Symptoms are the same, but the suffering is different.

    The earthing of Yshield is scientific enough following the magnetic laws and principles of theory, but in actual practice it doesn’t work, when there are extreme problems in the area, such RFR being piggy-backed into the house wiring that acts as an antenna. Good old Energex provides some rubbish. And if you have a TV antenna that has an amplifier on it, then the signal can also be transferred to the house wiring and emits out of your power switches, ceiling fans, and room lighting. Also the earth wiring can act as an antenna for some Wi Max wireless security surveillance network. It’s never-ending, and it will get worse as the airways are being proliferated with extreme RFR and Wi Max is going to be the killer.

    If there is bad earthing in your area then the earth pin and wiring becomes a conductor for all other magnetic rubbish that is whizzing around in the ground, which is mainly surface, particularly if the power supplies are underground. To get good earthing you might have to go down over 12 metres, and I can assure you, that surface penetration isn’t a good earth.

    The problem I am having is that it’s fed back through the earth and my rooms are like a microwave oven.

    The Yshield does include an earthing connector that is mounted on the wall.

    I painted my bedroom completely, and if you have dirty power in your home, then you will be radiated through your power fittings and connections in your room. I have 1,000 volts/metre coming out of a 240V switch. We suffer just as much with ELF and we do with non-ionised RFR. Also, good old Energex throws transmitting signals down the power line to activate other functions, mostly one the hour every hour or half-hour. I found that during summer, my ceiling fan was talking to me in Morse code; I am an old Morse operator. This is what Energex uses to activate the different functions. Finally, after hounding Energex they admitted such, and advised me to put a filter on the ceiling fan, when the signal was coming out of or on the power box.

    Now, you need to be aware of the SMART metres, and solar power that is going on in our state, which will cause another problem of radiation from power cables in the home.

    Water pipes are another gremlin that caused problems. When I stand in the shower my symptoms become worse as I am radiated while the water is flowing. Now how can that happened I ask?

    Yes, the water these days are polluted with aluminium, copper, chromium, cobalt and now fluoride; it’s a real concern. Your filtration system would need to be the best available.

    I was going to make a faraday shield across my bedroom window, but because of all the radiation coming out of power in the bedroom, I just suffer in silence.

    Your area might be a safer area that were I live, but on the Gold Coast the magnetic fields and local wireless communications used by most are dangerous. In fact I have given up trying to conquer it, because it’s now becoming impossible, or you need to be a millionaire.

    I’ll ask Niki to forward my email address to you, so you can contact me.


  • Hi Jini,
    Thanks for earlier response regarding measuring equipment. I did buy the 8GHz 3 Axis at around $500.00
    I’m a but confused. I measure my office, my home on the street and get readings between 10 to 500 micro-watts/ m2.
    According to Magda Havas scale.
    No Concern – less than 0.10 microwatts/m2 (microwatts per meter squared)
    Slight Concern – 0.10 – 10 microwatts/m2
    Severe Concern – 10 – 1000 microwatts/m2
    Extreme Concern – greater than 1000 microwatts/m2

    At home I’m having typically 150 to 250 readings. In the corner in the bathroom (the back of the apartment I get a 0.1 reading.
    Just to confirm I’m living in a “Severe Concern” level at all times. I live in Vancouver, B.C.
    Can you comment or confirm that with the current Cell-tower density, I/we are living in a “Severe Concern” at all times?

    If my readings are correct which, I think they are, moving close to wi-fi routers I get some times 4,000 microwatts/m2.

    Sees like the only safe place is to move out of the city?

    Thanks for your good work.

    Kind regards,

  • Hi again Jini,
    I think you are correct with the microwatts per square METRE. Just looked at an other site. I will phone Less EMF and let you know what i find out.


  • Hi Jini,
    Thanks for the reply. I am testing microwatts per square METRE.
    Note: If the readings are in square CENTIMETRE the numbers would be less and everything would make perfect sense.
    In microwatts per square CENTIMETRE my readings at home are: 0.01 to 0.001 I have had a college/engineer at work help me with a sanity check. Are you sure that the recommendations should not be in microwatts per square CENTIMETRE. ?

    I have also checked the conversion table and microwatts per square CENTIMETRE provides a much smaller (10,000 smaller) number than microwatts per square METRE.

    I’m ok and do not have any sensitivity problems.

    Thanks again.

  • JOF – I just pulled out my meter and checked – many areas of my house have a reading of 0.000 microwatts/m2. So it may well be your location. Perhaps you are really close to a bunch of cell towers – they hide them sometimes. Tops of churches, fire stations are favorite hidden locations.

    You also have to check if you’re in the countryside as sometimes they put up a WiMax tower, or they’ll put 15 together at the top of a powerline, so the intensity can still be quite high.

    Now I may be thinking backwards… but if you had 2 ounces of water in a square centimeter, that would be a HIGHER concentration of water than if you had 2 ounces of water in a square meter, right?

    So the same radiation intensity – let’s say 10 – would be a HIGHER radiation load if it were per square centimetre than per square metre…

    Well, anyway, it doesn’t matter, as long as you’re measuring in the same unit as shown on the chart you’re referencing, then you’ll know where you stand. You can download the Baubiologie Building Guidelines (for sleeping areas) here:


  • In a new post inspired by Listen 2 Your Gut contributors, Electric Forester readdresses the question:

    Electro-smog – How Much Is Too Much ?


    In a leading article in the July/August 2012 edition (53) of The Mother Magzine, Roger Moller BSc.Ind.Eng. writes about The Invisible Dangers In Your Home.


    A follow-up article in the September/October edition (54, available end August) entitled: ‘A Woman’s Place – In The Kitchen’ focusses on the particular EMR hazards present in modern kitchens and will contain an easy-to-read table of precautionary distances from everyday appliances and devices.

  • Hi Jini and thanks for the guide.

    Just talked to Josh at Less EMS Inc that sell the meter. He says the reading I get are normal levels.

    They consider over 1 microWats / centimeter squared to be unsafe and under that level to be safe.
    I think 1 microWats/ centimeter squared same as 10,000 microWats / squared. Meter.
    This morning I get 60 micorWates/ sq Meters (or 0.006 microWats/ sq centimeter)

    If you live in the city what readings (typical range) to you get on the street? Here in the Vancouver area it varies usually between 50 to 200 microWats/ square Meter.
    The guide you sent was for sleeping areas. Would you have one for work or at home area (daytime)?

    Kindly, Jof

  • JOF – sorry I don’t. Perhaps contact Roger Moller above…

    My opinion (since no one is EHS in my family – except my daughter will get nosebleeds if her tolerance level is surpassed) is that we cannot control what is on the streets and public spaces. But if we can have a safe place to sleep at night, and give our body the tools (nutrients) it needs, our body can repair the damage done during the day.

  • Hi Jini, for years I have suffered with bleeding nose. While in the Army I worked 24/7 amongst some of the most powerful transmitters and the Army said I had sinus problems and suffering with rhinitis. Now thirty years later it only returned after mobile phones and Wi Fi became the toys of the people. Now, when I am placed in a situation of Wi Fi hotspots, such as family and friends gathering at a pub or restaurant, I have to suffer in silence and by the time I get home the nose bleed begins, but not actually nose bleed but like infected breathing passages and they bleed when you blow your nose…Night-time is my hardet where I live because I get no rest whatsoever as all the units around me have the meanest DECT phones available. The other night I awoke and my heart rate was 110, I had to get up and sit for half an hour for it to get back to 78…The concerns that I have if the Wi Fi and all the other RFR is affecting the breathing passages, in time, prolonged and long-termed some form of cancer could manifest…

  • HI Jini,
    Thanks for advice. I think I found what I’m looking for. What are ‘suggested’ levels for RF.with some scientific base.
    “An outdoor precautionary limit of 0.1 μW/cm2 would mean an even lower exposure level inside buildings, perhaps as low as 0.01 μW/cm2”
    More detail:
    From page 24 (Summary for the Public ) BioInitiative Report – Release Date: August 31, 2007

    A precautionary limit of 0.1 μW/cm2 should be adopted for outdoor, cumulative RF
    exposure. This reflects the current RF science and prudent public health response that would
    reasonably be set for pulsed RF (ambient) exposures where people live, work and go to school.
    This level of RF is experienced as whole-body exposure, and can be a chronic exposure where
    there is wireless coverage present for voice and data transmission for cell phones, pagers and
    PDAs and other sources of radiofrequency radiation. An outdoor precautionary limit of 0.1
    μW/cm2 would mean an even lower exposure level inside buildings, perhaps as low as 0.01
    μW/cm2. Some studies and many anecdotal reports on ill health have been reported at lower
    levels than this; however, for the present time, it could prevent some of the most disproportionate
    burdens placed on the public nearest to such installations. Although this RF target level does not
    preclude further rollout of WI-FI technologies, we also recommend that wired alternatives to WIFI
    be implemented, particularly in schools and libraries so that children are not subjected to
    elevated RF levels until more is understood about possible health impacts

    To download the full report:

    Well the less the better, but this gives me a current idea. I’m new at this. Any comments???
    I have learned a lot from your site. Many many thanks again.

    Kind regards, Jof

  • Hi Jof,

    I am not sure of what you are looking for, but I am not sure if you understand the difference between milliwatts and microwatts. A reading of 0.1uW/cm2 would be equivalent to 1 mW/m2. Most metres read in mW/m2.

    This level will still affect ES sufferers.

    With DECT phones and Wi Fi are in home those levels would skyrocket to 2.5-10.5 uW/cm2, and any homes located under mobile towers would have readings much the same, maybe higher or lower than DECT and Wi Fi, such as 17-25 mW/m2, which would be 1.7-2.5 uW/cm2, which is now not safe or low.


  • Hi George,
    I bought it form Less EMF and It’s called a Electrosmog Meter (10 MHz – 8 GHz). Referred to n Less EMF site 8 GHz RF Meter $499.

    Jini and George,
    I can measure in different way by pushing the “MAX ABG” button and at times Jini I am getting 0.1 uW/m2. when I have the Average setting on. Seems like I move foot and it’s up to 20 o 30 uW/m2. When user the power on setting where it just displays what it reads I get anywhere from 20 to 150. Usually 20 to 80 range. Jini I have not used the “average” setting which I guess I should be using.

    It’s big change from going form 0.1 to 30 by just moving a foot or so.

    Best, Jof

  • Hi Jof and Jini,

    My Electrosmog metre (ED65) has a broad frequency range from 100MHz to 6GHz, but is claimed to be useful up to 8GHz. The measurements are: high sensitivity from –55 dBm to 0 dBm; power density 0.0015 – 580 mW/m2; and field strength 0.025 – 14.8 v/m.

    Jini said in original posting that it’s:

    No Concern if less than 0.10 uW/m2 (0.001 mW/m2)

    Slight Concern if it’s 0.10 – 10 uW/m2 (0.001 – 0.1 mW/m2)

    Severe Concern if it’s 10 – 1000 uW/m2 (0.1 – 1 mW/m2)

    Extreme Concern if it’s greater than 1000 uW/m2

    But, I suffer extreme ES at “no concern” levels, yet the emanating area, which is 20 metres away, next-door neighbours unit, radiates at 1 – 20 mW/m2 (1000 – 20,000 uW/m2) from a DECT phone. It doesn’t make sense why I am suffering extreme sensitivity at such low readings. I do believe that there is some other element of radio frequency radiation that we cannot measure and is the contributing factor and why evidence is hard to be shown, and why some ES sufferers suffer mores so than others.

    We can say that the lack of evidence isn’t the absence of evidence but the evidence is absent, because the evidence is being denied. The evidence is there but we can’t prove it, because of the lack of the ability to measure the unknown contributing factor.

    The causation factor of ES is known but denied, because of greed.

    I just don’t know what I can do, because in Australia the safety regulations is 1,000 milligauss, and I believe they are going to increase it to 2,000, when most other country’s safety regulations are 100 milligauss.

    I’ve tried Yshield, which has been a failure, and it doesn’t block ELF, therefore any electrical appliance that may be in an adjoining unit will radiate through the walls, and special shielding metals are then needed. I don’t know how long I can last this torment.

  • Jof,

    I just realised that you live in Vancouver which is a high density area of mobile phone towers and wi fi hotspots. How close are your mobile towers from your home?

  • Thanks George for you info. Keep mind I’m basically trying to find out how to user my meter and get confused about getting an 0.1 uW/m2 reading move a food or less and get a 30.0 uW/m2 reading. Someone (tele comm. Guy) told me one if you have bead cell reception just move foot or too to the side. Maybe that the way the density reading changes. Not sure how far away the cell tower is. I’m not ES sensitive I just want to make sure I’m in a reasonable safe place.
    I will share with you something you may think it’s a bit nuts, but it works. I’m 63 years old, I don’t wear glasses, my cholesterol is dead on and I seldom get sick. Don’t get flues or colds, but once in a while ( every two years or so) I can get a bug and get sick. What help me is
    a) I move my copiousness inside (think of midpoint in my chest in the beginning)
    b) I create love (love is a feeling, so I think of a time when I what happy and had the feeling)
    c) With the FEELING I project it towards someone or something I dislike or hate. (love my enemy)
    In my late 50’s my eyesight was getting worse. Instead of being upset with my eyes I loved them. Another time I fell and twisted my ankle (I was moving to a new place). It swelled up and I lied down on the couch. For the fun of it I would try to love my ankle. Did this for an hour or maybe an hour and a half. (the ankle was swollen up so it was a proper twists). When I got up of the couch I seemed to be able to walk without pain. I went to bed thinking I better not stand on it in the morning to make it worse – I needed rest and healing. Well I forgot. By noon I remembered and had been moving heavy furniture all morning. I’m not really a healing kind of person. I’m more a computer programmer type.
    Not sure if you like to hear more about this, because it has a little bit of a spiritual context. I’m not a religious person, but more spiritual. Meaning I look for my own way and understanding of the creator. I don’t have faith, but I do have experience – meaning I see what works. From my understanding the teachings of Jesus have been very misunderstood. What I have heard he’s core teaching was about to love your enemy and a few other things. I also noticed when starting this “love my enemy” thing that I stopped getting colds and flews. In fact I started it to get rid of a lot of fear and emotional frustration. It worked, but the health thing was more a bi-product that effected the physical body. I do not wish to offend anyone with my understanding of Jesus. Just wanted to share something that worked for me and where it came from. I you like to hear more just let me know. For me it was important to love the people I had judged as bad and had, in my view at the time, done wrong towards me. I believe that when we make judgment we connect with a lower and fear based energy that may cause sickness. One thing is to get rid of EMF, which is important, but if you can strengthen the energy in the body it may help a great deal.
    Kindly, Jof

  • Hi Jof,

    I can understand what you are experiencing, and my metres that I have are straight forward, but my ED65 does have other functions, but is a bit complicated, so I gave it a miss trying to understand it.

    Microwave Digital/Wi Fi signals do come in bursts on a narrow band and that is why as you move around you will get different readings at the different areas, but at the same time you could be getting reflective signal that will bounce off most buildings and head in another direction, or there is a protective layer within those small areas. It’s very involved and I wont go there.

    Well you are fortunate that you are not ES sensitive. And to try and find a reasonable safe place in Canada, is to keep away from mobile towers and schools, because most schools in Canada are full of Wi Fi. In my state in Australia they are going to put Wi Fi in schools and I am protesting to our government about this dangerous practice, but at the moment it’s to no avail.

    What you explain of love, is very inspiring, because I understand it very well that love never fails. If you read 1 Corinthians 13 you will learn all about love.

    We are all spiritual people, but there are good and evil forces that we need to be aware of and through evil forces we can be deceived.

    When I was 63 I was the same, and now I am 75, I didn’t have high cholesterol but I had an open-heart surgery six months ago, and all tests for the past decade shown that I was a perfect specimen as all medical tests were perfect, but it was found that I had four completely blocked arteries of my heart. Only God kept me alive on one artery.

    My cholesterol was 4.9-5.2 most of the time, and I believe that the radio frequency radiation was the cause of my blockages and not my eating habits.

    I walked miles, kept fit, and was fit, until I turned 70, and the RFR became worse and my ES was discovered.

    I know Jesus, and many things work by faith.

    We can contact each other if you send an email to Niki requesting to send your email address to me.


  • Thought I’d share some new research published in a Nature-affiliated journal which shows a clear association between in utero EMF exposure and childhood obesity: http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2012/07/120727102438.htm
    “”EMF exposure during pregnancy could impact the fetal development, including endocrine and metabolic systems, predisposing offspring to higher risk of obesity,” Dr. Li said. He added that environmental impacts tend to be amplified during fetal development, both in terms of affecting multiple organ systems and having long-lasting changes to physiology, such as to the endocrine systems and hormone receptors.”
    What’s interesting to note that it was funded by a major health care provider in the US – so perhaps, when all else fails, money will talk.

  • George thanks for you reply. I’m a little busy now,and would like to correspond later. Also, if you, or anyone else, has any question just ask. I really feel I have been able to have a life that works. I still have a lot to work on, but feel i”m moving in the right direction.

  • Hi Jini,
    Thanks for your interest. I’ll try not make it not to long. I believe we are all here for on earth for a relatively short time. For me life is less about learning and more about creation of myself. If I’m able to create a better me I’m winning. The goal is full consciousness (enlightenment) – as state of happiness and no fear and no sickness. In a place of relativity (of opposites where we are now) I need to know sickness before I know health. I need to know warm before I know cold. I need to know greed before I know generosity. My true self is love (health, truth, generosity, acceptance, etc). The opposite is fear (sickness, illusionary, anger, judgment as no acceptance). So, for me, Love can cure all sickness and fear is the cause of all sickness. I have both love and fear in me. The more love and the less fear the more health. So, by loving my enemy I get less sick. My enemy is someone (or thing) I have created a fear relationship to. Usually by judgment of someone being less. If I love them (which may seem impossible at times) I see the truth. They are just someone that is trying the best they can. In fact they may be stuck in fear (greed, anger etc.) . Basically, love is a more powerful energy, but it needs to be turned on – called forth. Pour hot on gold water and it heats up (less cold).

    I’m dealing on two levels here. For example I can stop an act of violence. If I do it with more love than fear, chances are or a lot higher I can stop if without hurting anyone. Stop it with internal fear and anger it can be more of a retaliatory act. Just to be clear Love an acceptance at the internal level, may or may not warrant one to act at the physical.

    Also, I’m for healing all sickness in all ways that work. Especially alternative meds with less side effects, but at times pharmaceutical if it works. It’s just if I’m looking for the ultimate root cause, I think it’s related strongly to fear.

    Most of my life I had no idea of what I was doing here. Now I feel I know a little bit or enough to work consciously on myself. How I progressed:

    I have 4 boys. In 1998 two of them where paying outside our house and my 9 year old was hit by a car and died a couple of hours later in the hospital. Six month later a divorce, then a large financial loss. Now I have just completed raising the other 3 boys. After the first two losses I experienced a back problem where I could not sit more than a minute, sitting in my car was very painful and I was heading for long term disability. After three month trying conventional things I went to a person that practice qi-gong – a Chinese way of unblocking energy in the body that has stopped flowing correctly. Felt a little warmth in my legs in the evening. The next morning the pain was gone. Felt a bit sore but I was healthy. This was caused by fear which stopped the low or Qi (Prana , Life force energy). If fear stays to long it causes sickness in the body. I had read a book called “Conversation with God” by Neal D. Walsh. I dialog with God where God says the love can cure all disease and fear causes all disease.
    Next, I viewed ad DVD called “The power of Myth” (Bill Moyers and Joseph Campbell) . Mr Campbell was considered an authority on Mythology and Religion. I learned that the teaching of Jesus was the same as The Buddha and the old Indian teachings that God and all the havens are all inside us. He also mentioned that the core teachings of Jesus was “To love your enemy” and a few other things.
    So. God says Love can cure all decease. How do you get love? then. Jesus says “To love you enemy” . God in the book also mentioned to move you copiousness inside your body. For the next 10 years I would move my consciousness inside and love whatever I have created a relationship of judgment towards. If I’m tired, I lie down and totally except everything and love whatever it is I have judged to be wrong. After 20 minutes or so I’m feeling good. I also was able for fix a prostate problem. Was not developed into cancer at the time. Last year I read the book by Eckart Tolle “The Power of now”. I lied down, and loved my ego ( my thoughts about me and who I think I am). The person (or ego) that worries about getting things done, being on time etc. Once finished a few minutes passed and I ended up in a state of bliss. I was in a total state of love and there was no reason for it. No circumstance, just feeling in complete love as if I had meet the perfect love of my life. It lasted for 2 or 3 days until I came back to work. However, I now had more choice of whether I wanted to go into victim if something wrong happened. I think it’s good for everyone to do what they can in healing. Maybe add some love it you feel like it. After all it may eventually lead to the happiness we are all after.
    My son in heaven is fine. I go to a medium once in a while an we can have a chat. He and my mum and dad are there. My father received my son on the other side. He mentioned that he was out of he’s body before he hit the car. He was around for a while until the ambulance arrived and then passed over. He told me he was never back in the body so he never felt any pain. Apparently he’s younger brother is an old soul and was asked to come here because he has some healing abilities. He didn’t want to because this is a place where there is a lot of confusion. The deal was that he (my son that passed back) would not stay for a full life, but go first and be around him. Even though they would not remember anything while in the body, he was also quite advanced and would be looking after him in the beginning while he was here. My son (the old sole) before going back to school after the accident (perceived accident) at 7, I sat down with him on my knee and told him we don’t remember much from when we are born and until we go back (die). He said: “I do, I remember a little bit. I had to go through this dark tunnel into mummy’s tummy and I was very, very scared, and then I jumped. Then I was born and it hurt” I asked him where and he pointed to he’s stomach. He then said “in heaven everyone is friends there and everyone is nice, but here some people are not nice and some are bad”. I think a lot of the challenges we go through in live are tremendous and seem meaningless once in the middle of it. For me to love my enemy, means the people I have judged to be bad and at times judgment of myself. I know I am not my ego. Basically my ego is a bunch of thoughts I have about who I am. As God mentions (in the book I think), when the love within us reaches a certain point the ego dissolves and at that point we become a different person and have reached the enlightenment we came there to seek. I have learned that there is no death. Love is an energy that is stronger than thought and fear. First time, after loving you enemy I found that the enemy is not that bad. My first reaction was that I was betraying my own thoughts. Couple of day later I noticed that energy of love had truth in it and had freed me from the judgment I (the ego me) has created. Love if powerful and we all have it inside us. Since love and fear are opposites, the trick is to get rid of fear and love will shine thought. Love works for everything. If I’m lonely I observe the ego me that has created the lonely me, I love it and I end up with a smile and loneliness has gone. Craving for food, accept and love them and see what happens. Mind you, it takes a bit of time. We have a lifelong of training to reject, judge and get into fear. I also do other things: transidental meditation, Qi-gong exercise, a little TAO to. I say (verbally) “ Dear body mind and soul, I love you. You have the ability to heal yourself. Do a good job. Thank you God , Thank you soles helping me, Thank you: body, mind and soul.” Once done I can feel a flow of energy inside my body – so something is happening. Well some talk to their plants, why not the body. This resonates with God (in the book) saying that love can heal all sickness. A statement of thank you (gratitude) is one of the most powerful commands in the universe. Hope this was some of what you were looking for Jini. If you have any questions please ask.

    Kind regards, Jof

  • Hi Jof,

    I am also interested in what you believe and have experienced.

    You make a lot of sense, commonsense, and spiritual sense, because I have always believed that religion is man’s invention, not God’s creation, the same as Buddhism, Islamism, Taoism, and Catholicism.

    In 300AD, man developed religion, called Catholicism, and had nothing to do with Jesus. Jesus introduced us to “His Way”, which became “THE WAY”, of love and forgiveness. Christians before Catholicism were true to “THE WAY”, which today has no resemblance.

    I am a believer, and follow Jesus faithfully, because He came to heal the broken-hearted, set the captives free, deliver them from evil, and to heal their sicknesses. He said He would send His Comforter, the Holy Spirit, which dwells in the body, soul, and spirit of man.

    Yes, we are all here from birth to death, which in God’ time is a short time, but a long time in our life. I am 75 and my heart grieves for what I see today of a false religion.

    I have researched much, in ancient indigenous spiritual beliefs, and I’ve found that what they call “animism” is more in touch with spiritual reality. I am not a church person, and I am very in touch with the spiritual realm, knowing what is good and evil, and what is light and darkness. There are two, because we are created in a dualistic form, you cannot have one without the other.

    The universal law had been put in place at creation, and hasn’t changed, but man has been interfering with it for a very long time, say 7,000 years.

    The reason why I suffer the sensitivity is because of my spiritual sensitivity.

    Yes, love and forgiveness is the cure for all illnesses, because through anger, bitterness, lack of love and unforgiveness, our soul and spirit will become unbalanced. We are unable to speak love and forgiveness if we are suffering from offence, hurt, abuse (physical, emotional, and spiritual), abandonment, rejection and trauma.

    When we have self-control, patience, kindness, goodness, gentleness, faithfulness, peace, joy, and love; then all what you say can be produced. Jesus said: “Fear not, because I am with you, and will not forsake you!”

    I suffer, but I do love and forgive, I am a generous person, but that doesn’t stop the world being vicious and malicious toward me. All you have to do is forgive them and love them, which I do, but that doesn’t stop the radio frequency radiation (RFR) from destroying my body, which acts like an antenna, because of all the metal in my body.

    I knew sickness for a long time, because I served a very long time in the military.

    Our enemy is ourself, because many times we say we are victims when in fact we are the perpetrators of our doings, wong-doings, and we suffer the consequences because of our reaction to something or someone, and not bless those things or people with love, forgiveness, and repentance.

    Jesus said: “Draw near to me, resist our enemy, cleanse our hands, purify our heart, love one another, forgive one another, and be humble”.

    A big request, but when we are suffering and we are struggling to meet those requirements, it becomes extremely hard to be humble, and even harder to overcome and conquer those things that are causing our illness, such as the RFR of electronic magnetic radiation (EMR) and electrical magnetic fields (EMF) that bombard our bodily electrical circuits of the central nervous system and peripheral nervous system.

    Greed is the sin of the world.

    Do you suffer from extreme electro sensitivity?

    Your theory on stopping internal fear and anger is true, but have you ever had a person standing in front you, wanting to kill you, such as an enemy with a rifle in their hands, or a drunkard with a knife, or a screaming maniac possessed by a demon?

    To heal oneself you need to know the cause.

    I am still confused, because you said that you know a little bit or enough to work consciously on yourself, but from that you tell me that you don’t suffer at all from any extreme electro sensitivity, is that correct?

    Root cause of any fear is fear, but if the root cause is the environment, such as chemicals, drugs, radiation, and pollution, then how do you overcome them?

    I’m for healing all sicknesses in all ways that work, so please share with me how you would make healing work for those people who suffer extremely from ES?

    I am very interested to know how you have progressed, because what I have read so far, is how you have overcome and conquered your emotional problems, which has nothing to do with Wi Fi, Wi Max, DECT, wireless and mobile phones.

    I am not being hard on you Jof, but you really do need to explain because what you have said so far has no bearing on ESS and is misleading.

    I am very sad to hear about the grief that you endured when your son died and your divorce, and financial loss. I can grieve with you in love, as I have seen many suffering the same as you. I have spoken to many who have suffered the same as you. And I have watched many die, because they had suffered the same as you.

    Most people’s lives are lost and they don’t understand why things go so bad, but when you begin to walk with Jesus, and know Him well, then you will know that you can face the world with forgiveness and love, not just love.

    I was healed from many emotional problems, I was healed from alcoholism, I was healed for pancreatic cancer, I was healed from open-heart surgery, but my forgiveness and love didn’t heal me, but my Lord Jesus did, through His hands of the surgeon.

    I will dispute you there because there is no similarity between the teachings of our Lord Jesus Christ and Buddha, but there is a similarity with the North Indian teachings, because Jesus is inside of me.

    Wrong, the only way you can find love is to FORGIVE and REPENT! Jesus did say to love your enemy, but he also said to forgive them, as well. Have you forgiven your wife for divorcing you, and have you forgiven the driver who killed your son; and do you love them?

    Yes, when we cleanse and purify our “SOUL”, then our “SPIRIT”, we will be healed. Jesus said not to let the sun set on anger, and He also said not to let bitterness spring up. He also said that idle words would be judged.

    Ego is pride, and I find that when we practice these three-golden-words, then there is no place for ego or pride, such as: If you please, I thank you, You are right, I am wrong, I am sorry, Please forgive me, I forgive you and I love you. All these words, are the words of Jesus.

    There is one thing that Jesus teaches, and that is if we feel we are victim, then we may be the perpetrator of our problem.

    When a person dies his “soul” leaves his body, and there are three heavens. Does your medium charge you for the sitting?

    I’ve been up the black tunnel, and Jesus sent me back. Beware of soothsayers.

    Yes, heaven is like what your son said.

    We just have to keep on loving each other, and we will be judged when the time comes. Love is an energy that most don’t know. But Agape love is the greatest of all, because it never fails.

    There is no trick to fear, you either fear or FEAR NOT!

    I do agree with much what you say JOF, and I know that LOVE NEVER FAILS, but it doesn’t turn the transmitter “OFF”!

    It’s sad that you are so busy and not able to converse with me via email, as I have much to share.

    So there you Jof, I understand very well what you are saying, and I know the spiritual realm very well, and could share much with you that I wouldn’t share here.

    Blessings to you with Love.

  • This thread is by far the saddest thing I have ever read. Like honestly George, you just blamed Internet Explorer and your neighbors fridge for your irritable bowl syndrome. You people are over reacting on a level that will end up becoming more toxic to any child you have than some radiation ever will. Visible light is a form of radiation so are you going to have the windows in your house covered up and work on a cave tan? Are you going to avoid all internet cafes with free wifi? Live on a huge plot of land so your neighbors wifi signal wont effect you? Prevent your children from hanging out with their friends because the friends house has a little to high of a reading? Its sad really that people can become so paranoid about ensuring the healthiest life that they eradicate the chance of enjoying life. Children who are over protected tend to hate their parents in the long run and disappear from their lives once they turn 18. Plus they tend to get shell shocked once they reach the real world. I’ve seen my fare share of helicopter parents and those stories never end well. Your life is your life, do with it as you wish. Just dwell upon my words, or don’t. You’ll be the one watching your kids vanish from your life when they turn 18. Many of you will say I don’t know whats good for your child, I’m just some internet man. But, you are the one who is walking through your child’s school with a rad meter. I bet your also the parent that restricts internet access and TV time because of “bad influences.” Or doesn’t let your kid play video games because there violent. Well, just know that when the zombie apocalypse comes around, it will be my kids blowing the heads off of the undead, while your children walk among them. Why? Because they never played through Nazi Zombies and learned to go for head shots. And If your so worried about radiation, why are you sitting in front of a computer reading this? Wouldn’t it be safer to meet up and discuss this, you know, without a computer radiating in front of you receiving a signal from a modem that is emitting a radioactive signal?

  • Thanks Sam for your insight, which is only insight, which has no bearing on the comments made in reference to this article:
    “How To Measure WiFi and Cell Phone Radiation”. Take care now!

  • George,

    As you probably already know, the medical field has had the answers you seek. Lead sheet walls succeed in keeping all but an infinitesimal amount of radiation away, and they are used with great success in hospitals all over the world. Fiscally, it is a feasible undertaking. However, I am uncertain if you feel it is worth it, given that you are already more than one year past the healthy life expectancy threshold in the US. Your distress even at negligible (“No concern”) levels of power density suggests you are suffering from a condition already – I would be extremely worried given your age and the amount of hurt your body has already endured. Do you think it’s a good idea to be proactive and see your physician? Attempt to inquire about the effects of household radiation to your system, as a cause or contributing factor. Perhaps it will spark an interesting conversation.

    I eagerly await your reply!

  • George,

    Actually, cell phone emissions have been linked to brain cancer for at least a year now according to the WHO and IARC. I think this is outside the scope of this discussion, however, since the article does not specify how is the instrumentation used and what exactly does it measure. As a former communications engineer you’d recognize that arming civilians with an RF meter does not make them experts, only more confused. At any rate, you apparently misinterpreted me: I was hoping you would have an interesting discussion about this issue with a physician. Have you? What did they have to say about your concerns?

  • Doctors lack of awareness and education about this condition is one of the biggest problems EHS sufferers face. A group in Germany has started an Avaaz petition to try and address this, so please sign:

    Avaaz petition – “Invitation to the medical profession as well as to the politicians for dealing with electromagnetic hypersensitivity (EHS) as a disease”

    This Avaaz petition is a distress call to the entire medical profession, finally – together with the research science – to pay attention the problem of the “disease of non-ionizing radiation” (NIS). A person concerned of EHS have used for this reason and in their distress, the possibility of the distress call on the Avaaz platform to the politicians respectively to the medical profession to draw with their petition attention to the complex of problems of these person group, so that finally something is being done by politicians and the medical profession.


  • Margaret, these things are lot deeper than what you are considering. Have had the knowledge and understanding of all of this stuff since 1969, and is now getting out of hand. The metres are a protection to those who suffer from ESS who are able to the test areas before being stressed out. It’s so deep and insidious that I wouldn’t even get into a discussion on this site, and in no position to discuss such in depth of reality. There is much information about the concerns of health risks from this stuff and is well documented on cyberspace, and are well known by those who claim to be the authority on safety regulations and declaring what is safe. Medicos are not interested because this is bigger than asbestos and passive cigarette smoking. All the powers and princiaplities have done is to place in an organised control of people, then replace asbestos and passive cigarette smoking with another dangerous means of radio frequency non-ionised radiation. Much research was conducted in 1972, and as far as the powers are concerned, they say: “Who cares!”

  • Hi George and Jini,
    Sorry took a while to get back to you. I do not suffer from EMF. I basically heard a year ago that there was a warning out in Europe in Wi-Fi and Cell use. Six month ago I moved from a house to an apartment building and wanted find a place with less radiation. My problem was in using he TES 593 (RF Meter). I basically did not know how to use it and got confused. Still learning, but making progress. It has a setting for Average, Max, and Max Average. I think best to use Average setting.

    My point on health is simply the body is affected by a) the outer physical: Bad food, EFT, etc. b) the inner emotional energy. If you can get the inner energy working correctly, it has a tremendous healing effect on the body. I like The Buddha’s comment on enlightenment “The end of suffering”. I believe he meant both physical and emotional suffering. It seems like too much suffering at the emotional level will eventually show up as sickness in the body. It’s not a matter of one or the other, but making a positive healing environment in both.

    George, you seem to have a great knowledge and thanks for sharing it. When X-rays came out you could go to a high fashion shoe store and have your foot x-rayed to tell your shoe size. Seems like we are repeating the cycle. I hear more and more about the concerns so the word is getting out – thanks to Jini and you.


  • Jof, there is many measurements that you need to be aware of, and I believe that you need more than the metre you have, because some radiation is hard to locate. This information you need to be aware of, as Bluetooth is another dangerous radiation, and everyone makes it appear to be safe.

    The Supposed Safety of Bluetooth Devices:

    People should realize that Bluetooth devices that fit in or around the ear typically radiate at 0.23 watts per kilogram (W/Kg). Go into any AT&T wireless store and ask for the SAR on Bluetooth devices. Or check any SAR values website that shows cell phone SAR levels, and you’ll find the Bluetooth devices are actually worse than some of the low-SAR cell phones.

    This level of 0.23 W/Kg is ten to 100 times higher than the RF exposure levels shown to make the blood-brain barrier pathologically leaky, allowing toxins and toxic molecules to cross the BBB. This is reported by Salford, Persson, NIttby and Schirmacher among others – to cause neuron death at 0.012 to 0.002 W/Kg.

    Multiple studies have reported that as short as a single, two-hour exposure to cell phone radiation will result in pathological leakage of the blood-brain barrier. The effect occurs immediately, and is still seen at 14 days and at 50 days post-exposure at only 0.012 W/Kg to 0.002 W/Kg. The lowest exposure SARs are worse than the higher SAR exposures (Nittby et al, 2009). These studies show neuron death (brain cells) at SARs of only 0.012 W/Kg. Bluetooth devices are worn for hours at a time, in some cases – all day long. So, it is reasonable to conclude that a device which radiates at a higher intensity than some cell phones that are still risky in terms of SAR, worn for more hours than a cell phone is typically used – would not be a good idea to promote.

  • George Thanks for you reply. Jini, can you please release my email address to George as he suggested earlier.
    Jini, I will post findings once a clear up who to measure with my unit.
    George I did have a suspicion about blue-tooth. Being put into cars -not sure if you can easily turn it off – what I don’t like is that with a cell phone you have choice to turn it off or on, with a cell-tower you do not – you have to move.
    Was considering possibly opening a business of measuring levels for people. If I was to buy a home today, given the news coming down the pipe, future property value could depend on the radiation levels in the area. I might see if realtors are interested, that would also help make facts known of what’s going on. From what I have seen some even it you tell them will not believe in scientific facts, but when you talk money (or potential loss) many more listen. From what I see if you can do something good for society and make some money on it at the same time it’s a win win.

    Thanks again

  • Jof, there isn’t much difference between, DECT phones, Bluetooth and Wi Fi hotspots.

    To be realistic the only way you can turn OFF your cell (mobile) phone is by taking the battery out. Actually, a cell phone is the best listening device going, who wants to bug your home, when you carry it with you.

    You can turn Bluetooth OFF in most cars.

    The SMART appliances are fitted with a Wi Fi wireless transmitter, which is now the next stage of health problems that works in conjunction with the power grid network via SMART metres.

    Jof, it sounds all great to be aware of these problems, but sadly those people who go into such a business or start off with a mission, but the spirit of mammon soon gets them, and can only see dollars and cents. I know quiet a few like that. And in most ases they are not sufferers and have no idea of the suffering, and many increase the suffering, and one such case is the use of YShield paint on walls. Long story and I won’t go there.

    Yes, you can contact me anytime after the 23rd Aug, as I am off overseas as from Sunday.

  • Hi again,
    George I know what you are saying on business. A small business you can control it you own it. A large one you can usually not due to multiple owner/shareholders. If you were a CEO of a Telecom company and you said next year we are powering down cell towers close to schools due to the harmful effect of children. As a result we will offer less quality of service and a reduction in profits – you would probably get fired. This has to be controlled by government regulations.
    I grew up in a Norway, which has a much better government than in North-America. They are note perfect over there either, but they do listen much more to research and do take action. In fact having lived in both countries, there is much more freedom and democracy in Norway than here. GE modified foods have to labeled by law, It’s illegal to inject growth hormones and (i think very limited if any) medication into animals. Water supplies are pure, with exception of Oslo, that has a bit chlorine. I felt almost sick moving to Toronto and 1975 due to the drinking water I think. Took me a few month to adjust.

    Have a nice trip and thanks again,

  • In third world countries, they now have an attachment (plugs into the bottom of the cellphone) that turns it into a mini cellphone tower. In these countries there are no cellphone towers, but if everyone has this device, then their phones relay/transmit each others calls. So if I phone George, my call will pass to Jof, who is closest to me, then to Agnes, then to Frida etc etc. until it rings on George’s phone. Who ever envisioned that? So yes, we are not just talking about corporate financial concerns, we are now talking about economic development for an entire village, country, etc.

    However, I keep coming back to the sterility effect. A friend did work in the Congo for a couple years. He told me these people who were standing in line for FOOD every day, all had a cellphone. How is it that people who cannot afford food, have cellphones? Who is giving them cellphones and why?

    So we have the surveillance aspect (which former military people like Barrie Trower have been speaking up about). And now we also have the sterility aspect… Can you think of a better way to solve the population problem than to have youth and adult males voluntarily, happily, carry cellphones in their pockets that greatly reduce sperm number and motility? Sounds like a stroke of genius to me.

    Anyway, enough of that.

    JOF – I so appreciate your taking the time to post your philosophy and life experiences. I really love this bit you said:

    “For me life is less about learning and more about creation of myself. If I’m able to create a better me, I’m winning.”

    I really like that because the “we’re here to learn”, “life is a school of learning” approach has always niggled at me. I’ve always leaned more towards the view that we’re here to be the fullest expression of our unique selves – God created only one of you, so only you can bring that to fruition and that is your divine commission, the reason you are here.

    At any rate, I connect with both your and George’s viewpoints because of my own spiritual path. And if you’re interested in that, this video of a presentation I gave goes into that more:


    One question I do have – if you feel comfortable answering it – is what happened to your ex-wife? Did she leave because she blamed herself, or just couldn’t handle the stress? And has she been able to love and forgive herself since?

    Oh, and one more question: How old is your youngest son now and have his healing abilities developed or come to fruition yet?


  • Yeh Jof, will contact you on email when I return.

    Hi Jini, yes what is going on in Africa is much to be desired, and I won’t go there.

    I will try and view your video before I get to bed and up early in the morning and fly, fly away.


  • Hi Jini,

    Thanks for this useful post. I am from india and there is a sudden rise in cancer & other illness due to EMR here.

    There are few indian companies selling basic RAD meters but i like Cornet ED75 ( http://www.radmeters.com/Cornet-ED75-re.html ) due to its specs (measures both RF & LF) and also the price.

    Do you or other readers has any experience or recommendation about it?
    Thanks again!
    Prashant Tejura.

  • Hi Jini,
    Will try to answer what I can here. My ex had someone else and left because of that. Not sure exactly where she stands on forgiveness or blame. At the time of divorce she felt very victorious, now she may have second thoughts. I know that I learned a lot form this experience of: loss of my son, my family, and my/our 30 years of savings dropped from $250K to $10K due to a 12 year marriage. It’s very very important to know what’s what when things like this happens. I’m responsible for me and if others choose to lie, cheat or steal from me, that’s their problem on not mine. Best tool/medicine is to love the people that lie or steal from you, the worst tool/poison is to judge them (unless you want to be like them and get sick) and seek justice. There was a lot loss or perceived loss. I now know there was no loss at all, that it was a gift of experiential learning. Once you feel compassion for those that do wrong towards you.. you have made it to the top of the mountain. Give your self a big hug and a pat on the back. I’m mentioning this because I feel it has a lot to do about healing.
    My son (the old soul) has not shown up with any interest for healing at this time. Mediums constantly have told me he may be doing healing work. The last one mentioned that I will be amazed at what he can do. Not sure if I mentioned that my son in heaven told me it’s an amazing place and he’ll show me around when I return. Good to know that as we age that the transition back home may not be as bad as the movies are telling us .
    Think I have figured out how to use my Model TES-593. Was confused, since the levels are so high. Also, digital transmissions often happen in bursts so the levels can very a lot in the same spot. Take care. Jini. George thanks for your help with the information. Much appreciated and I’m ok for now

  • Hi Jini,
    Thanks for the link. Looks very interesting. Is it possible to remove my last name from my post. Just if not to much trouble. Some of this did got a little personal. Thanks again.

  • Hi everyone!

    I stumbled on this site looking for an affordable EMF meter. I have lots of heavy metals stuck in my system that I’m working on getting rid of, and in the last 3 years I have been vibrating when I sleep. It’s the weirdest thing. Once I got a practitioner who didn’t look at me sideways when I told them I vibrated, he led me towards studies on “dirty electricity” and EMF exposure. I realized I had bought this WiFi/ipod dock/alarm clock/radio combo device about 3 years ago and planted it next to my bed. After I started unplugging in my room and threw that thing out, I have noticed a major decrease and absence of my vibrating at night. I wake up rested.

    Long story, bear with me.

    So anyway, I wanted a reliable device (wasn’t really trusting the reliability of my Adroid App) to test various environments and I followed Jini’s advice and got that tiny E-Alert Meter. My question is this: It’s almost always measuring green, unless I get really close to a device, like a refrigerator or a cell phone or computer. Does this mean that it’s only dangerous for me to be in that zone when the light turns orange/red? Otherwise, I’m ok?

  • CARRIE – your story is not actually unusual and yes, until doctors become more aware, there are lots of people whose symptoms are being misdiagnosed, when the real cause is EMF and EMR.

    Re. the meter, yes that is correct. However, with the one that you purchased, there are 2 things to keep in mind that could be giving you an incomplete reading (i.e. not an accurate picture of what’s actually there). I’m copying/pasting from the description above:

    “this one is only a single-axis meter. This means it can only read the radiation coming from the direction you are pointing it. So if you want to measure the radiation in any given spot, you need to rotate and point the meter at 8 different points/directions around in a complete circle – pausing at each new point to let it pick up the new reading.

    It covers 30 Hz – 5.5 GHz, so a much wider range of devices – but it still won’t catch the new 5.8 GHz cordless phones, baby monitors, etc.”

  • Hi Jini,

    I have Tenmars TM-196. I have Samsung Galaxy S mobile phone. The SAR value of this phone is said to be 0.268 watts per kg. Using TM-196 I measured microwatts per sq cm of this phone. It shows value of around 15-20 when in use and kept next to TM-196.
    I tested the same with another phone: A90 from Micromax. It has SAR value of 1.556 W/kg. However, TM-196 shows a much lower reading of around 1 for this phone.
    I assumed higher SAR phones to produce more radiation. Any idea why the RF reading is less for a higher SAR phone?

    Warm regards.

  • DUBAL – no, sorry, you would have to research what components are involved in determining SARs – because a Specific Absorption Rate also has a biological component I believe.

  • Hello
    I love you so much for this site. Please help me, I don t know how to convince people around me that the wifi is a terrible thing. My poor younger cousins are overweight and their parents (my uncle and aunt) think it is because they are lazy, when actually, they are tired, exhausted because their body cant cope with the wifi. People all seem tired around me. My sister suffers from bulimia and im almost sure its because of it as well. Because i feel it too, this need to eat anything when theres a wifi turned on. You just need something to chew, immediately, some pleasure. And Im so sad about all this. I live in Switzerland and wifi is everywhere. I ve managed to convince my neighbor that i have a kind of special allergy against it and begged him to turn it off during the night. But he does that very late and turns it on again very soon in the morning, and it immediately wakes me up. Im forced to sleep in some rare libraries that dont have wifi. Of course i dont go to my university anymore, i try to work in a forest (a national company of telecommunication put wifi even in parks and public places in every town) but with the winter, my situation is getting very tough.
    I know the wifi has changed my life, now that i look back, i finally understand all this lack of energy and self-confidence, all those (minor) (so far)) health problems and this thinking. This constant thinking … what is happening to me? Why am I feeling so bad? Maybe Im even more sensitive than other people. I had a very severe case of acne, and now that im careful about the wifi, its gone, absolutely gone… I dont feel tired and i have energy… so much more energy, Im happy.
    So please, I am very serious about this, my family wont believe me because its too big a sacrifice to avoid wifi : its everywhere. So I need to do something.
    We are losing this wonderful feeling of controlling our lives. So much of my identity has turned out to be untrue, so much of me isn’t me. And Im starting to think, maybe theres more behind it than just a mistake of the society. Or maybe not, but im sure this can go on for a long time. People dont think. People smoke, people eat. People have no time or means to distinguish what goes through them, what makes them nervous, what makes them unhappy. People hate pain. And the wifi makes them even more vulnerable. So they eat more, they smoke more.
    So this is my message for help, hope you can do something. Thanks again for this wonderful internet site!

  • CHUCKY – There are many things you can do to build your body and immune system to strengthen it and GREATLY lessen your sensitivity. Many who were as sensitive as you can now live normally, as long as they shield their sleeping area to keep it below 5 microwatts/metre2 – so their body can repair while they sleep. See this video by Dr. Klinghardt:


    Next, you are lucky you live in Switzerland which has some of the strictest EMR limits of all the developed countries – only Austria is better.

    Lastly, these waves are part of the energetic realm. So your response to them is also influenced by energy. If your energy is primarily fear and resistance, that will increase the damage to your body, since your body will armor up = stress = illness.

    I encourage you to start addressing your difficulties at the energetic level. Right now you are focusing on physical remedies. What can you do to alter your energy? What works best? Acceptance, energetic shielding, transformation… ?

    I did an experiment recently: I was in this store that was built right beside a massive powerline tower and at the top of the tower are mounted 6 cell phone transmitters and relays. The last time I had been in this store, I had a headache within 15 minutes (and I do not consider myself EHS). I asked a couple of the girls working there if they got headaches and they said yes, sometimes.

    So this time when I went in the store, I talked to my cells. Scientists theorize that a lot of the damage from EMR occurs because the body doesn’t know/recognize these waves and so armors up in protection; the cell wall hardens and vital cell processes slow right down or cease.

    So I talked to my cells, I told them these microwaves would not harm them (as far as I knew) as long as they did not harden and protect. So just to allow themselves to become permeable, like water, and allow these waves to pass right through us and out the other side.

    After 90 minutes in the store I did not have a headache, or even fuzzy head and felt fine afterwards too. Coincidence? Who knows, I will have to test again.

    I encourage you to address things from this (energetic) angle and see what you come up with. Perhaps my technique will work for you, perhaps you can come up with something better.

    If you read Bruce Lipton’s work on epigenetics, you will see how PERCEPTION and how the body, the cells, perceive things is primary and completely determines the physical response.

    And then you simultaneously address the physical effects that are already present in your body and heal those. Here’s a list of key supplements that benefit everyone who needs to build and strengthen their immune system:


    Let us know how it goes…

  • ALSO, to all who are suffering, just received this from a colleague:

    A very close friend and client who has been significantly effected by MCS/EHS just completed this 3 day workshop and highly recommends it as it provides tools to cope and a way out of MCS/EHS, food sensitivities, and brain trauma.

    The difference in my client is profound, she is no longer living in fear, fear of cell towers, fear of perfume etc, etc,.
    She is encouraging others to check it out, she is sure that this is a cure, of course avoiding further exposures will assist in your success. It is a lot of work, working on our brains.
    Please check this out:
    or look up Multiple Chemical Sensitivity on Google and it will come up.

  • Hello, thanks for your help ! I don’t go on the internet very often, because I try to avoid the wifi as much as I can… now there’s no (or almost no) access to a wired internet anywhere…
    I found your answer a little bit strange. How can my perception have an effect on my cells…? If I start feeling something in my stomach, my hands start sweating and my head gets a little dizzy (a really particular dizziness I recognize), and THEN wonder if there is a wifi somewhere turned on and realize always (always!) that there is one in deed, what can my perception do to make things worse ? Don’t you think that physical things have more power than the spiritual things ? And that the latter is a product of the first one ? I believe in energy, and I think there are many things a thought can do that are as real as matter, but any spiritual thing needs a physical “body”. Words need air to be heard or paper to be read, thoughts need books or images, etc. Spirit is a refinement, a subtlety of matter, like a more evolved state of matter, more “processed”, like a code. A code cells can’t read. But this is just a theory, what I mean is I know that if I don’t run or move my body once a day I will feel down. If I don’t avoid the wifi, I will feel depressed or worse : I think it is not enough that our bodies repair during the night ! It’s enough that these radiations just bother our bodies, to make us unable to be fruitful, to protect and build the fruit that we carry.
    Of course my energy is resistance… I don’t want another unknown human under my skin, I don’t want to be part of this collective passive long-term adaptation to wifi. I’m not saying I don’t want anything to go through me, I just don’t want it to be a man !
    So I would like to know if you know how I could protect myself, if there is a sort of suit I could order from Switzerland, and maybe an EM meter.
    And I’m trying to find the name of a canadian internet site about wifi, something called “…education” I think.
    Thank you again !

  • im doing an experiment for my science class in high school and im measuring the amount of radiation that comes off cell phones what meter would best be used for that

    1. Hi Eric,

      This one (#6 in the blog post) would measure the full range of cellphones, and you can point it at the cell phone antenna to get the reading. I suggest you also measure cordless phones as many are very surprised that they can emit more than a cell phone (especially the 5.8 GHz ones). The ED-75 only goes up to 6 GHz, so it cannot measure some of the cellphones on the market:


      6. 8 GHZ RF Meter (Uni-directional $178 + free shipping) – This meter is much cheaper than the the Tri-Field below because it only measures radiation coming from one direction, whereas the Tri-Field meter below measures radiation coming from all sides. This meter also only measures electrical and RF, wheras the Tri-Field measure magnetic fields as well. However, if price is key, then this is a very good choice, since it measures all RF devices (cell phones, cordless phone, WiFi, surveillance bugs, microwave ovens, etc.) from 1 MHz – 8 GHz. More details…:


      Hope this helps!

      Have a great day,
      Customer Care

  • Hello, I’ve ready your blog and it said that the measure is expressed in microwatts/m^2 but in some researches it is said that it is measured in SAR which is Watts/kg, is it the same thing?

    I would really appreciate your reply. Thanks

  • Hello,
    Wonderful blog thanks for the easy to understand basics. Also excellent comments as well.
    I am interested in a tri-field tri-axis meter (I think). I noticed that most meters that read three fields only offer RF in a uni-directional format (100XE). Do you know of any meters to suggest?
    Thank you!

  • JEROME – have a look at #8 in the list of meters in the article above, it is both tri-field and tri-axis.

    CHUCKY – I don’t mean the physical body is not important, it is vital. What I’m referring to is epigenetics; specifically the work of Dr. Bruce Lipton who has found that it is not the event alone that determines the body’s reaction or response, but the body’s PERCEPTION or interpretation of the event that determines the physical response. So when we heal, we need to work with BOTH the mind/body and healing must be integrated.

    Another good Canadian site is:


    And this video will give you more ideas about how to protect yourself:


  • Thank you. I have already watched the video, this doctor is really a hero.
    I would like to ask you another question. Do you know any university on the planet that has not the wifi ? How do people who don’t want the wifi do to study ?
    I tried to convince people in my university, and there is really no hope unless every student complains which is not the case at all… I’m the only one.
    Thank you

  • Thank you. It’s a little too far for me though…
    I have another question, I hope I’m not annoying, but I would like to buy something to protect me. I’ve looked at the EMF safety superstore and there are some hats. I wonder how protective these really are, because, as long as there is an open surface, radiations could go inside, couldn’t they? Like in a vase.
    And I’ve seen the tent, which I found pretty interesting.
    I would like to ask your opinion about those things, and if you have any suggestion.
    Thank you again !

  • what is the best meter for measuring rf from a das node (faux cactus 23′ high cell tower 170′ from my house which is going in)?


  • The World Health Organization has declared that cell phone radiation may be linked to brain cancer. Ten studies connect cell phone radiation to diminished sperm count and sperm damage. Others raise health concerns such as altered brain metabolism, sleep disturbance and behavioral changes in children. That’s why I decided to do something that reduce cell phone radiation levels for protect to my family. In the end though, I found a couple of reviews of Pong Research’s cases, that convinced me to give it a try. This case is built with an antenna in between layers of the back cover, which reduces exposure to radiation while optimizing the mobile reception.

  • NORM – I’ve never heard of a ‘das node’ but if it’s the same as a regular cell tower, then you could buy #6 – since you know which direction it’s coming from. Although, if you buy #8 then you’re covered for whatever and if you need to go searching for a new home, you can test it thoroughly first.

  • I live in a small city. Right across the street from my apartment is a Verizon Office and on its roof–a tower.

    Is there a device on the market which can show me a high-end (max) reading?

    Would something like the 6. 8 GHZ RF Meter do the trick?

    In reading these posts here I see that a max reading might be “greater than 1000 microwatts/m2” and should I figure that in living close to a tower I should expect this range?

    Thank you ~

  • LANCE – I asked the manufacturer of #6 and he said:

    “It is calibrated up to 580,000 microwatts/m2 (58 microwatts/cm2) and can measure up to ~1,800,000 microwatts/m2 (180 microwatts/cm2).”

  • My head is spinning – I bought a basic electrosmog meter (Cornet ED15c) upon the advice of the Less EMF website’s customer service.

    I am having trouble converting microwatts per centimeter squared to milliwatts per meter squared. What is the safe level of milliwatts per meter squared, according to Magda Havas? Thank you.

    1. Hi Michelle,

      Not to worry, the conversion is as follows:

      1 microwatt per centimeter squared = 10 milliwatts per meter squared

      You can use the conversion above and apply it to the “concern” scale numbers from Jini’s post above. If you have any additional questions please let me know!

      Kind regards,
      Customer Care

  • I just purchased a tenmars meter and it was reading strange
    at one home. It would read 200-400uW/M2. and then when
    I turned it on again would drop to very low readings like 10-15uW/M2.
    They then sent me a Acoustimeter UK product and the readings
    are much lower. I compared the two products side by side on average
    reading to match them and exposed them to various sources.
    The Tenmars reading was consistently higher reading 500-2000 range
    and the Acoustimeter was only reading 50-100 range.
    I don’t have confidence in meters at this point. I have a baby
    and quite concerned with symptoms. Living in an apartment building sharing walls and 15+- routers on my computer showing. I am in proces of relocating to a cabin to help her. Please advise!

  • Just recently bought a home near a cell tower. tested first and radiation was less than .1uW/m2 so its pretty safe. That was 300 yards away. I also tested at about 100 yards away and got nearly the same reading. Doesnt appear cell towers in the US use much rf or maybe its just the one by my house. Wifi, laptops, and hdtvs seem to really get high numbers. I used the Extech 480836 3.5GHz RF EMF Strength Meter from amazon. Its pretty easy to use. Just make sure you look on the internet to understand all the settings and such. Also you need to test for magnetic and electric emfs with other testers.

    As far as others looking to test. You really do not need to buy an instrument that tests above 3 GHZ unless you are testing for cordless phones. No cell phones go above 2.1-2.7 ghz at this time (and thats 4G). You can actually check your cell frequency here to be sure: http://www.wirelessadvisor.com/

  • Thanks. And I should clarify that the 8GHZ testers are better if you have the money to spend. However, if you are looking for cell specific testing, the 3.5 GHZ is more than enough and much cheaper. Hopefully the technology get cheaper so these testers go under $100 as the electric and magnetic seem to be.

    1. Yes, it would be nice to see the good meters priced at a more affordable level since the amount of interest in this topic seems to be on the rise. If you didn’t see it, you might be interested in a blog post Jini did last week about a science project that was done by some 9th graders demonstrating how plants had trouble growing near WiFi routers. Here’s a link if you want to check it out:


      Thanks again for taking the time to share all the info!

    1. Hi Anthony,

      I’m afraid we aren’t aware of any places in the Vancouver area that rent RF meters but there are several stores online that offer a “rent by mail” program. Here’s a link to one site like that:


      If you end up renting one, we’d love to hear about your experience.

      Kind regards,
      Customer Care

  • Jini: I wanted to download information you gave, but it was for a Google site. I do not have a Google password and i do not want a Google password. Do you have that information in any other location? Thanks so much.

  • http://www.lessemf.com/rf.html On this site they have one – 18GHz RF Meter. This can read from 50HGz to 18GHz. If you get a chance could you review it? I know very little about meters and will go back to work (teacher) where they just installed WiFi throught the school. Thanks, Molly

  • Hi Molly, it looks to me like it would be hard to get a precise reading from that one. Also it is uni-directional (see post above). I have tagged an engineer friend of mine to also comment if he wishes…

  • Hi Molly, for testing your classroom (and for showing your students what microwave radiation from a Wi-Fi router sounds like), I would get the Cornet ED78S. It is #6 in Jini’s list above. I have six different EMF meters and this is the best meter for the price.

    For your purposes, you don’t need the wide-range 18 GHz meter. You want to test just a few frequencies – Wi-Fi routers, local cell phone towers and any major magnetic fields in your class room. The Cornet will do this perfectly. I also don’t like the safety scale on the 18 GHz meter. In the video on LessEMF.com, the meter shows that being inches away from the Wi-Fi router is essentially safe. I disagree with this.

    If you get the Cornet meter, read the instructions on how to turn on the sound (it’s easy). This function really makes this subject real for people (and may interest your students).

    From the safety numbers that Jini mentions at the top of this post (from Magda Havas), 100 microwatts per square meter is likely a cause for concern when it comes to the health of kids in a classroom. The 2012 BioIniative Report confirmed this (even recommending lower readings). Adults and children that are already sensitized to RF will need far less.

    On the Cornet meter, 100 microwatts per square meter corresponds to a reading of 0.1000 on the digital display. If your classroom is consistently higher than this, you may want to see if you can have the nearest router moved (you can find it in the ceiling with your meter – just watch the readings jump). Some schools and businesses are actually taking out Wi-Fi systems altogether.

    I have a website all about solutions to EMF pollution. It’s called http://www.emfanalysis.com.

    Just let me know if you have any questions on this.


  • Hi Jini, the specs for he 3axis rf meter #7 & #8 dont show any information for electric or magnetic ranges. They seem to be dedicated RF meters. Do you have any links showing more info on that? Also I think the cornet ed78s does infact detect magnetic field.

  • Hi Wendy, It’s best to click through to the stores selling the meters and ask them your questions. They would have the most accurate, up-to-date info.

    1. Hi Danielle,

      We don’t have any reason to suspect that it isn’t but please let us know if your transaction goes sour. If you’re looking for a basic RF meter and want to shop elsewhere, Less EMF is also a good source for meters. Click HERE to visit their site.

      Kind regards,
      Customer Care

  • Danielle – Perhaps things seem weird because they are in Israel and English is not their first language. But we have heard from many people who’ve bought from them (including me) and had no issues. But as Justin said, let us know if you have any problems.

  • Hi again Jini. What i was trying to say is that your post may be incorrect. #7 & 8 are only RF meters, not both rf & electromagnetic. And the cornet ed78 does infact do both but you have said it does not. Just wanted to clarify.

    1. Hi Paul,

      That product was available back in 2011 when Jini wrote the blog post but it appears that there isn’t anything available at this time at that price point. You might want to try Amazon or eBay if you’re looking for a very cheap meter. If you find something good we’d love to hear about it!

      Kind regards,
      Customer Care

  • Hi Wendy, I finally have an answer for you! First I contacted the seller and waited for a response. But then he had to contact the manufacturer and wait for a response.

    The confusing thing is that in the sales literature for those meters, the manufacturers show a magnetic range. BUT when the manufacturer replied, they said the meters do NOT measure magnetic fields. Unfortunately, they did not provide any explanation as to why they are showing a magnetic unit of measurement on the unit display controls!

    Anyway, I have edited the blog post listing to reflect this. Thanks for spotting that!

    1. Hi David,

      Thanks for the comment! If you have links to any additional information about that we would love to take a look.

      Kind regards,
      Customer Care

  • Marc you’ll need to compare the specs of both and then choose the best one for your particular needs. Remember, it’s not just about the meter, it’s about what you want to use it for.

  • Hello.

    Have been reading with great interest as a new proud owner of RF gauge.

    Have to comment on some issues:
    See March 28, 2012 at 1:13 pm J DUBAL – It’s more that your OWN electromagnetic field affects the meter reading…

    – Kinda true: as water bag a human is, water dampens all sorts of EF vibrations around. Sucks the energy like sponge – or chicken in the microwave oven. Gets heated … vice versa: the waves get damped out, gauge reading is almost zero near the body. At hands length 500 or whatever…

    – Surprise finding in a std cellular Nokiatownhouse of ‘average’ 3-500 µW/m². found one place almost free of RF-smog: SAUNA!

    Sauna has brick walls. Plus all finnsaunas since 80’s have tightly taped aluminum folio all around the bastu – under panel. No electric wiring’s – except light – when switched on from shower room… Perfect Faraday cage: all readings there are near zero 1/100 – 1/1000 compared to any other spot inhouse.

    I have always wondered about the air quality, ease of breath – in the SAUNA-room – especially when not heated. Now I know what that is.

    Microwave oven: seems ok except magnetic reading shoots 1000x when on. Sauna doesn’t help either… Note: tinfoil is ‘dirt cheap.

  • Hi all u people out there, i am from munich, germany, i live near to the olympiatower wich sends tv an wifi and radio an umts about 2 kilometers away in my city which i was born in. i came to ure site by chance and sry if my english sometimes will be a little sturdy. i read most of this endless blog and sometimes could nearly have started to cry about listening to george and some others out here cz it went so near to me as i am very EHS sesitive for about more then 13 years now, i had two terrible accidents with mobile devices.. so whatever, first i want to say i own two aaronia devises, low cost spectrum analyzers from a company in my country, and they are worlds most sensitive handheld devices for starting price of 500.- euros, and they are ultraaccurate, even they are a bit bigger cz the antenna is a professional device.

    if someone real got very EHS sensitive there is no way to live anymore in a room with more than 0,5 microwatts/m2, and this is why i shielded my complete room each 6 walls with 3 layers of alufoil, special steelmesh, and than alufoil again, because all neighboors have wlan, dect, smartphone and this whole horrorshitdevices directly came up of hell of satan..

    the problem is sou cant shield the lower frequencies coming up from the olympiatower (tv signal is 100 kilowatts!) but as far as i come is about 0,4 microwatts and i live well for about nearly two years this way now, if i dont go out longer than 2 or 3 hours a day.

    i am 48 soon, live became senseless to me cz people in munich are very ill and they wont check out why and them even dont want to hear the truth about all of this satanic technics we are surrounded by, and furthermore germany have by far the highest values of the whole world with microwave exposure.

    people here are completely brainwashed by tv and all that stuff, and i only have a handful freinds left that i can talk to, all the others i left for i saw they will never change and by far they will die before they ever will awake..

    so god bless u all, love to u people who got conscience about whats going on on this poor planet,

    hope u all will get healthy as far as possible, i do so with pure calcium, thats all i need and i´m well since my room is shielded as perfectly as can be done by one himself..

    take good care of u and never let others tell u what to think nor the brainwashed shit they replay like zombies watching tv yesterday evening again..

    may a wonder come up from heaven and take them all away from us immediately 🙂

    love to you

    jini you are so nice with your understandings of everything i guess you must have checked it all… 🙂

    have a good time see u soon..


    1. Hi jini,
      Thx. for the great resources you have shared in this post, very useful.

      @leo – I am leaving in Munich too and I my area the level HF is between 2500 µW/m²(in my bedroom) – 6000+ µW/m² (in my balcony). Can you share how you managed to shield your home and where you found the materials?

  • Hello again:)
    i just missed to say: if someone mentions he isnt ehs sensitive in any way this never means his organism and physical body is not effected the same as by one who can “feel” what happens to him.. all just am matter of time and exposure..
    all the best to you..

  • and do ureself a favour

    never get out with plastic sneakers

    give ureself leathershoes for u are grounded

    watch ureself for a longer distance with it

    and u will get the difference

  • as such a little “brotherhood” of cells can cause cancer in the brain

    means it guts have its own power more than

    far by side


  • Is there any free app or software which can measure incoming emf radiation in my home. ? How to interpret radiation level ?

    How I can protect me and my family from the radiation coming from neighbor’s WiFi ?

    1. Sorry Yuli, I cannot comment on products or companies I haven’t purchased from myself. The 2 sellers I refer to in this post are the ones I have purchased from.

  • This one and this one, does this the same qith the tenmars you refer?this not include shippping cost, but to my country, even with shipping cost, both is cheaper even than the israel selleer.
    I think they dontvinclude battery.
    But the one i like is the one year guarentee. One year. Not only months..Does the isreal seller have guarantee to?
    Please help to check.
    1. http://www.aliexpress.com/item/TM-196-3-Axis-EMF-RF-ElectroMagnetic-Field-Strength-Meter-10MHz-8GHz/32247898693.html?spm=2114.40010508.4.169.CMeUf0

  • Hi Jini and all,

    This might be a silly question, but I did not see it in the discussion. Can a Tri-Field meter tell you which direction the radiation is emanating from?

    If not, I would consider it an advantage of a uni-directional meter.

    Thank you,

  • Hi Mike, no it cannot. I’m having to re-research this whole post to be honest as new testing data has just become available. I need to verify a few things first, but the way it’s looking now – none of these more affordable meters are reliable/accurate enough. And the cheapest one that will give you a reliable reading is the HF35C which used to retail at around $995 but has now come down to $347 at http://www.lessemf.com – which actually puts it more in the ‘affordable’ range. I hope to have this completed by September.

  • Hello Jini,

    Just glancing through the questions and replies, a lot of your readers seem to get confused with the various meters available, and how to use them. There is also the confusion of what is considered the safe level of RF exposure and reading of the units involved. As you have rightly answered some of those enquiries based on your experience, some are still confused about safe levels or considered safe levels.

    I am not sure if you have mentioned it or not, but all one needs to do is look up the THE BIO-INITIATIVE REPORT 2012 (supersedes the 2007 report) for what is safe etc.. You can download this report free as a PDF file. Having obtained that report, it is also important that one has an accurate meter to measure the radiated fields of various transmitting devices if known, or the area being tested. In summary, it pays to get the most accurate meter for the intended fields you are measuring.

    There are 3 main kinds of EMF’s to consider [RF, magnetic fields and electric fields] and no one meter does all at any reasonable accuracy. Therefore, three separate meters are required for consistent results – less false alarms.

    (1) During the time I begun my research (2010-2014) I decided to spend a bit more on the radio frequency meter (RF) as this is the most important meter.
    For example: I now use TES-593 3-AXIS EMF RF ElectroSmog Meter 10MHz to 8.0GHz. You can detect leaking MW ovens, cordless phones, mobile (cell) phones, spy devices, PCs/Laptops and smart meters etc. Depending where you look, costs between $340- $635 US. Mine was $369 Aust. in 2014.

    There is an excellent Youtube video by Michael Nuert on using the TES 593 meter. “How to Measure Radio Frequency Fields Using the TES 593 Meter.” Even if you have a different meter, the video applies equally to others. See his other excellent videos on other meters and EMF situations.

    (2) For magnetic fields, you’ll need a Gauss meter: I use 3-Axis, TM-192D Gauss EMF Meter. ($148 Aust) There are other brands out there you could try depending on your budget.

    (3) For electric fields, you’ll need a AC body voltage meter, or, use a Multimeter that measures AC voltage. Being an engineer (semi-retired), I use my trusty multimeter with an earth wire and ground stake.

    I also have the SOEKS Defender – Ionising/nuclear Radiation Detector Geiger Counter Dosimeter aprox. $205. Good for background radiation monitoring.

    A little tip: One should jot down the various measurements from all 3 meters on a regular basis as fields can change in strength, frequency, time and location.

    PS. Have you considered in updating this blog so as to be able to reply to the various posters directly under their posts? ie. Similar to Disqus layout which also allows one to re-edit for spelling and grammar corrections etc.. Thanks.

  • Thanks for the suggestion on the Comment structure – I’ll look into that!

    Also, see my reply to MIKE just above yours. I now have electrical engineer and EMF expert Jeromy Johnson working on an article for me that should bring this all up to date and include the latest research and meter function/specs etc. Coming Soon!

    1. I just found your site and am wondering if the new article by Jeremy Johnson about EMF and meters is coming out soon. I want to buy a meter to begin tracking my exposure and want advice on the best meter(s) to get. I am a teacher so I want to measure in the school where I work and also in my home. This all came about because I began a kitchen renovation and decided to purchase non-toxic flooring and no-formaldehyde wood cabinets. Somehow, making these positive choices allowed me to acknowledge that I need to measure and address my exposure to radiation. We are all in denial about toxins in materials and radiation at school. It is really challenging being a teacher today. It is unsafe to bring them up as a teacher. My colleagues and administrators won’t acknowledge or discuss these issues.

      1. Hello Anne,

        The best place you can get Jeremy Johnson’s latest information and recommendations is through his website here: https://www.emfanalysis.com/
        We would love to hear how it works out for you. Please let us know if we can help with anything else.

        Kind Regards,
        Customer Care

  • I feel too much electrical is just not healthy – whatever it may be.

    I became a huge customer at lessemf and other sites and have meters. I also have a totally wooden bed – no metal whatso ever and have steterizers in every plug of my house!! 🙂 I also remove plugs from walls in sleeping areas. Have NO WiFi or cordless telephone. Cell phones are OFF at sleep time. (Use orange glasses an hour before bed and limit blue lights, as well)

    I have also used black carbon paint on walls close to electrical meters and covered over the black paint.

    Doing all I can to remain as healthy as possible. Am also interested in EMF free areas in the USA. Soon to be White Mountains, AZ!! Cannot wait to move there!

    Best of health to all.


  • Hello,
    I am new to this field of RF shielding.

    A friend lent me a RF Meter. HF32D. It registers in the house about 001 microWatts per meter square. (I don’t really understand the units on this thing, and my friend went on vacation. There is no decimal numbers on the display) Is this high or Ok ?

    When I go close to an exterior wall it registers about 100 microwatts per meter square. Is this high ? I think my neighbor has something which is emitting rf signals all the time.

    I moved some pictures(I also put aluminum foil behind the pictures) to cover most of the wall where it was registering 100 microwatts per meter square. It seemed to work. About a foot off the wall it registers about 001 microwatts per meter square. I measured all over the room and it seems about 001 microwatts per meter square. Except above the pictures which is 8ft high it goes to a 100 microwatts per meter square. Is this safe ?

    Also a smart meter is located on the main floor. Would it work if I put aluminum screen on the exterior wall surrounding the smart meter. I am thinking a 14ft x 6ft square on the exterior wall to put the aluminum screen. It would essentially surround the smart meter. I can’t put the aluminum screen behind the smart meter box because it is bolted onto the wall by heavy screws. Will the RF signals go back into the house through the metal box ?

    Thank you for your help and advice !


  • What do you think about the Advanced GQ EMF-390 meter? $119.00 plus free shipping at amazon. It seems to fit the bill as a tri field meter don’t you think?

    1. Hi Bill,

      It seems to fit, however as this is something Jini has not researched herself, I am curious as to how well it works for you (if you choose to buy it)!

      Please feel free to reach out with your feedback if you do choose this option. =)

      In good health,
      Savannah B
      Customer Care

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