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Home remedies and natural treatment options for allergies, sinus, and nasal issues.

Teas to Detox Liver and Support Lungs

If your liver or your lungs need support - perhaps you've got a stubborn cough or mucus problem that just won't go away - you can always use herbal capsules, or tinctures dropped into hot water (my favorite). But you can also use teas made from common grocery ingredients. Here are some easy recipes/teas to [...]

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Hay Fever Allergy Shake

With Spring firmly upon us, you may already be following my Seasonal Allergy treatment protocol - but I also wanted to share the super easy way to hold off hay fever that I use every day. I spend 2-3 hours a day in the fully glory of nature with my horses. That's my Belgian mare, [...]

By |2023-04-10T07:38:57-08:00April 12th, 2022|

Jini’s Tried and Tested Natural Allergy Remedies

I grew up in the country surrounded by horses, hay, grass, trees and never had any symptoms of allergies - not even a sniffle. Then I moved to Tokyo for two years (a very polluted city) and when I returned home in the summer I was struck with hay fever - which plagued me from [...]

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Nasal Irrigation (Neti Pot) For Allergies Or Infection

Nasal irrigation is a cheap and easy way for people with allergies, nasal congestion, stuffy noses and post-nasal drip to get relief, says Dr. Melissa Pynnonen, co-director of the Michigan Sinus Center and an assistant professor in the University of Michigan's department of otolaryngology: "For most patients, the benefit of nasal irrigation is that it [...]

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How to Use DAO for Allergies & Histamine Reaction

Suffering from allergies, allergic reactions, histamine reaction or sensitivity, or other health issues associated with allergies? If you know my story, you'll know I suffered from MAJOR allergies and Herxheimer reactions. I'm literally known around here as the "Queen of Herx!" 😆 My healing journey involved just off-the-charts sensitivity and massive reactions to any kind [...]

By |2023-04-12T10:01:36-08:00January 19th, 2022|

Wild Oregano Oil for Bee Stings & Bug Bites

With summer still in full swing, so are all of the insects - which means BEES! If you have ever been stung, you know how painful it can be. My mother is a bit allergic, so we were of course concerned when she informed us that she was stung. The bee got her finger, and [...]

By |2023-01-18T08:50:12-08:00August 30th, 2021|

The Best Way To Take Wild Oregano Oil

I've written about wild oregano oil in my book, Listen To Your Gut, and for those of you who are interested, I also offer a free Wild Oregano Oil Report - click here to see Home Remedy page for "the Flu," then scroll down to the green sign-up. That being said, there's nothing like seeing [...]

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How To Treat Chronic Nosebleeds

Children are usually more susceptible to nosebleeds than adults, but what are the treatments for them? I'm not referring to a nosebleed caused by a sharp blow to the nose - we all know why those occur. I'm talking about nosebleeds that occur when you have not sustained any injury to your nose, or perhaps [...]

By |2023-01-25T15:27:39-08:00August 24th, 2020|

WHY Vaping is Bad for Your Lungs

My teenagers asked me whether vaping with the nicotine-free vape is safe. If you have a teenager, then you know that vaping is the new 'big thang' and kids have even been allowed to vape at some schools. They can also buy it themselves at the local gas station or 7/11. So is it safe? [...]

By |2023-02-15T09:13:58-08:00November 4th, 2015|

Food Allergy Testing Exposed!

If the whole complicated mess about food allergies, food intolerances, blood allergy testing, skin pinprick allergy testing and what that means - i.e. what tests you should have done, who you should listen to, what impact (really!) does this have on your health - is driving you crazy... Then be sure and join us as [...]

By |2023-03-28T10:50:40-08:00February 25th, 2015|

Food Allergies & Blood Allergy Testing with Dr. Ellis

Have you ever wondered what blood food allergy tests actually mean? When you order an IGE or IGA test, to test your blood for food allergies - what exactly is being tested, what do the results mean, and how reliable are they? This is NOT a cheap test to have done (around $250-$300), so if [...]

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