Lambs, Gut Health and Miracles – How is it all Connected?

I’d like to share a story about how intention (law of attraction), regenerative farming, gratitude, listening to your gut, and wild sheep all come together to create miracles.

And… wait for the plot twist at the end!

My heartfelt thanks to ALL of you who are a part of LTYG – may we keep working together to create a kinder, healthier world.

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Video Transcription

So I want to tell you a story and you’ll see soon why I’m out with the new sheeple to tell you this story. I was having breakfast with my husband Ian who manages all of our finances and accounting with all the businesses and the home and everything. And he told me the mortgage payment for this ranch is going to come out of the account today. And we’re $300 short, he said, so rather than trying to transfer money around and causing myself a bunch of potential problems I’m going to send it out there to the universe.

If the universe could bring us the money we need to be able to make the payment on this incredibly blessed property… That we are sharing with literally tens and thousands of people. And trying to create new ways of living in harmony with all of Earth’s creatures. And consulting the mountains and the land and the soil and the fungi. So we’re really hoping to pioneer and teach a different way of co-creation with all of life’s beings.

And he said: here’s the thing, if it comes in through Shopify I have to wait 2 days for the payments. But if we get a sale through PayPal it’ll immediately go to the bank account. So he just put that out there and then checked his phone I don’t know maybe half an hour an hour later I don’t even remember and here’s the order that came in [picture of LTYG Shoppe order for $734 from Jane M].

Honoring Jane

So to honor Jane and to say thank you for responding to the call of the universe, we are going to name one of these beautiful lambs in her honor and the one that I thought of – she’s right next to Mama Sage there.

She’s just on the left and the reason I’d like to call her Jane is she has a white spot right on her belly, for the symbolism of listening to your gut. And we hope Jane  – I’m sure you’re going to watch this because we’re going to email it to you.

Jane if you’re watching this we hope you receive this blessing in your journey for healing your gut. Honoring and acknowledging that everything is for your highest good. Your healing journey is truly a gift from your higher self. To bring you into greater evolution as a soul being having a human experience… and as a gift to help you transform in the ways that you actually want to transform.

So maybe the life you thought you would have is now being torn apart and you’re going to build a new one and it’s going to be better. So I’m now feeling into whether I can ask Jane the newly christened Jane our little symbol of miracles and listening to our gut and also trusting that the universe is always working for us even when it doesn’t feel like it is!

Trusting the Universe

Unity of a human and universe.

Even when it feels like we’re just in the sh*tter literally and figuratively, the universe is always advocating on our behalf. And our body is always messaging and advocating on behalf of our highest.

Now these are pretty much wild sheep. They’re just like my wild horses but as you can see they all communicate with energy. So even though I’ve only had them three days… This is how– my husband just walked in. And walked straight in without connecting grounding or dropping his energy – so you do your work.

If you sit down on the ground that’s what’s best. That’s what I did I was sitting down over there for quite a while. So this is little Jane from behind she’s got the white tail and one white foot on her right hand side.

Jane could you like let me show you bless she just laid down. I’m trying to show you guys the white spot on her gut but we’re getting a good tour of the herd there’s my husband managing his energy now.

Okay and to Jane and every one of you who supports my health business, donates to the horse herd, purchases workshops and courses from me… Thank you, thank you thank you a million times!! This is a big part of where your money’s going. And a big part of what we’re trying to be the change on this planet and support the shift that’s needed.

Hi.. you want to say hi? No that’s little too scary. Oh I just love those sheep. So plot twist as the months went by… We realized that Jane had testicles! And so Jane has been renamed to “Jimmy-Jane”. Yes he is a ram and now we have pregnant ewes. And five months later we had babies!