Here’s another useful video from Dr. Alan Mandell where he shows you how to use a banana peel to help whiten your teeth, along with other useful ways banana peels can be used:

Also, here’s a selection of really useful comments from viewers about how they’ve used banana peels for splinters and warts and how well it worked for them:

I just did this for the 1st time, brushed after, and my teeth haven’t felt this clean and smooth in forever?!! As if they’ve been polished! They don’t look yellow as they sometimes do (smoker and coffee fan). Since I have an electric brush I’ve noticed in selfies my teeth tend to look horribly yellow. Nothing wrong with the brush, could be coincidence but never had it before the electr. brush. Right now they look quite good, not yellow! I will keep doing the banana trick!

A banana peel will also get splinters, even glass, out! Just tape it on over night until the splinter ejects. It’s amazing!

Twenty years ago, I used to have several plantar warts on the soles of my feet. I think I read in “Heinerman’s Encyclopaedia of fruits, vegetables and herbs” to use either banana peel or pineapple skin on them. I applied small squares of peel, inside layer face down on the warts then covered with a band-aid, changing the peel daily. I had the peel there (soles of feet) 24 hours a day, everyday until the warts were gone. As I was walking alot during the days, this meant changing the peel and bandaids several times a day. For night, it was just one application that I would keep into the next day until mid-morning (or so), when I would change it. The banana peel made the warts become hard, and they slowly ‘pulled’ out of the skin, drying up and falling off as they did so. Whole process took maybe a week, no more than two at best. The warts never came back. Thankyou Dr Mandell, helpful video!

Yes it does work on warts. I had warts and rubbed the peel on the wart and it disappeared. I did this every day for at least a week or so. Rubbed the inside of banana peel for about a minute or so 2x a day on every one of the warts. Praise be to Jesus. Amazing