I want to share this email from a reader because it gives such a great example of a Healing Journey. We also get to see how hard things can get before we’re ready to do what it takes to invest in our healing. Lastly, it’s a great example of how crucial emotional healing is – and not a step you can skip!

Notice how she really turns a corner a few months after the EFT Tapping sessions and her healing continues as she leaves a toxic job. Healing emotionally so that we can ask for help, or take time for ourselves is a huge part of healing and something you can get started on easily with this recorded Tapping Session.

One other thing I would like to call attention to is where she writes: “I was unable to follow a vegan diet because my body craved meat, seemingly as if it was just crying out for protein.” Yes! Wound healing takes a tremendous amount of protein. But even if her body did well on a sprouted vegan protein source, the type of B12 that is only found in animal products is still absolutely crucial for healing.

So let’s delve into this brave woman’s story and hopefully it will give you some ideas and encouragement…

“Firstly, thanks for Listen To Your Gut, such an informative and warts-all guide for people facing a range of digestive disorders and challenges.

I was diagnosed with indeterminate colitis in March 2016 and, despite being told not to search online regarding the condition (the consultant’s advice) this is precisely what I did. After all, I had almost one month off work, and I wanted to invest as much time being proactive about my health as possible. I came across Jini’s elemental diet and bought the book The IBD Remission Diet.

It’s worth backtracking a little, to explain how I had arrived at this point.

Fortunately, I am someone who has never experienced poor health throughout my life. I have always been very reluctant to take any medications and was never the sort to resort to a painkiller, at the slightest hint of pain. But, after a very stressful period in my life, which stretched over two years, I started to feel extreme fatigue and my stomach seemed to constantly complain, regardless of what I ate. I had an acidic gut, which would just somersault and make noises, no matter what. It was the sort I once had when I went to Egypt and picked up an infection wh