I want to share this email from a reader because it gives such a great example of a Healing Journey. We also get to see how hard things can get before we’re ready to do what it takes to invest in our healing. Lastly, it’s a great example of how crucial emotional healing is – and not a step you can skip!

Notice how she really turns a corner a few months after the EFT Tapping sessions and her healing continues as she leaves a toxic job. Healing emotionally so that we can ask for help, or take time for ourselves is a huge part of healing and something you can get started on easily with this recorded Tapping Session.

One other thing I would like to call attention to is where she writes: “I was unable to follow a vegan diet because my body craved meat, seemingly as if it was just crying out for protein.” Yes! Wound healing takes a tremendous amount of protein. But even if her body did well on a sprouted vegan protein source, the type of B12 that is only found in animal products is still absolutely crucial for healing.

So let’s delve into this brave woman’s story and hopefully it will give you some ideas and encouragement…

“Firstly, thanks for Listen To Your Gut, such an informative and warts-all guide for people facing a range of digestive disorders and challenges.

I was diagnosed with indeterminate colitis in March 2016 and, despite being told not to search online regarding the condition (the consultant’s advice) this is precisely what I did. After all, I had almost one month off work, and I wanted to invest as much time being proactive about my health as possible. I came across Jini’s elemental diet and bought the book The IBD Remission Diet.

It’s worth backtracking a little, to explain how I had arrived at this point.

Fortunately, I am someone who has never experienced poor health throughout my life. I have always been very reluctant to take any medications and was never the sort to resort to a painkiller, at the slightest hint of pain. But, after a very stressful period in my life, which stretched over two years, I started to feel extreme fatigue and my stomach seemed to constantly complain, regardless of what I ate. I had an acidic gut, which would just somersault and make noises, no matter what. It was the sort I once had when I went to Egypt and picked up an infection which left me with diarrhoea for several weeks after I returned home.

In February 2017 I went to see my GP because what looked like a spider bite had appeared on my right shin. It got redder, angrier and larger and didn’t respond to antiseptic cream, salt baths, antihistamines or anything really. After this appeared, about two weeks or so later, I was having bouts of diarrhoea, having been quite constipated prior to this. But what spurred me to go to my GP was more the fact that the diarrhoea was so yellow and watery – I’d never had anything like this before. He recommended a colonoscopy which was arranged under the NHS ‘two-week rule’ and so I was seen quite quickly. Having said that, I was still working full-time but, to go to work and run to the bathroom so frequently, was awful. I started to lose weight too, as I found it hard to eat or keep anything down. Everyone asked me if I was ok, as clearly, I was beginning to not look ok. I had a rather grey-ish tinge. I was open about the fact that my health was not great and discussed this with my colleagues, who were all very sympathetic, but I never gave my condition a name, simply because I believed it would be a temporary condition and I didn’t want it to define me.

So, back home and now signed off ill with ongoing diarrhoea and indeterminate colitis (which was never explained by my doctors) I researched and took the azacol, as prescribed. After about a month, I felt well enough and my bowel was stable enough to return to work. Meantime, the red bite had been joined by other red wheals and diagnosed by my GP as erythema nodosum. The wheals flattened after a while, stayed red and then gently faded. I was told there was nothing to do but wait for them to subside of their own accord. I was also getting very red, bloodshot eyes. A sight to behold! I’d say the erythema had a cycle of flaring and then fading over a period of 2-3 months.

I was then prescribed azathioprine, but my liver soon complained, and my GP advised me not to take it any longer. While my diarrhoea was nowhere near as bad as it had been, I still felt extremely fatigued and found it hard to get through the working day. I found most weekends I was exhausted and needed to build in rest time during the afternoons (something that would have been unthinkable to me, prior to this).

A few months after the onset of my illness, I tried following Jini’s guide, to formulate my own milkshake plan, as I was so convinced that this illness had somehow found me by mistake and was clearly going to go away (I was convinced of this) at some point. Sadly ‘though, I even found these hard to stomach. It might have been that I had developed a sensitivity to milk (whey, casein, whatever) as every time I consumed one, my gut somersaulted and was upset. I was also, by this time, so low in weight, it was hard to know what was causing what. Being so ill, tired and fatigued, I felt like I went around in circles and couldn’t separate out what might be ok for me, versus what compounded my issues. I managed to get through the year, taking azacol on a fairly irregular basis and through sheer determination to get on with life. I would even ask colleagues to help carry my rucksack at work as I found it too heavy! I continued to work full-time, firstly, to keep a normal routine, as the option of being home alone seemed too much to bear and also because, without a job, I would not keep the roof over my head. I soldiered on and worked hard to do my job – even if I had to work from home on some days, I still put in my hours, as I was keen to show that I had not been beaten. I did understand Jini’s sentiment of not working through such a debilitating illness but I just had to do this.

I think, with hindsight, you could say I had a couple of flare-ups throughout the year and I ended up in December 2016, admitted to A&E, where I stayed for 3 nights. Sadly, no gastroenterologists work at weekends and, as I was admitted on the Saturday, the consultant in charge, had me pumped full of cortisol, part of a holding pattern, until the gastroenterologist arrived on Monday. The IBD nurse arrived at my bedside explaining I would be given steroids and they would see how I fared before trying another drug, similar to azathioprine. I was desperate to leave the hospital of course and arrived home a few days before Christmas. I felt extremely feeble, but my bowel was more stable, and the steroids helped to rein in (but not get rid of) my nausea and vomiting. In fact, it’s interesting to note that the gastroenterologist said my nausea/vomiting was quite rare but, reading forums on various websites, it appeared that a lot of IBD sufferers are affected similarly.

2017 passed in a fashion not dissimilar to the year before but, I was still convinced I would overcome my health challenge. I was also keen to try the IBD diet, this time making more effort to follow it to the letter, get the formula right and so on. I even found a distributor who was selling Absorb Plus in the UK, but the cost was extremely high. I fared ok in early 2017 and, having been on the steroids felt stronger, as a result of weight gain. However, I had a set back with another health issue in March and by April, the cycle of erythema, followed by chronic diarrhoea had set in again. This time, I found a fantastic acupuncturist who helped greatly to release the erythema and cut the cycle enormously. She was also so positive and was the first practitioner to advise me what would be best to eat, she really helped me, physically and emotionally, to stay with my own programme of treating my condition naturally and to keep reminding myself I would heal.

I passed another Christmas feeling pretty dreadful, experienced weight loss again and was put on the merry go-round of azacol, steroids and ‘what drug can we try next’. In 2018 I took M-6 or mercaptopurine for 11 weeks but gave up, due to horrendous joint pain and dizziness. I started to follow a gluten-free diet and the stomach cramps and discomfort subsided quite quickly. Dairy was taken out of my diet next, but I made a huge effort to keep calcium levels up and took supplements, as well as liquid iron supplements. I was unable to follow a vegan diet because my body craved meat, seemingly as if it was just crying out for protein. I decided to bite the bullet and ordered Natren’s healthy trinity capsules, simply because the powder was too expensive at that time.

After about a month, I started to follow the oregano oil protocol but could get nowhere near the 30 drops a day level, instead I managed just 5 drops a day, for a couple of months. After taking a short break in Spain and requesting steroids (budesonide) so I had a stop gap to keep me on track while I was there, I returned home and told the consultant I would not take the methotrexate he was recommending and that instead, I would manage without drugs. He called me irresponsible and yet, somehow, I knew I was doing the right thing. I invested in the Natren powders as I returned from Spain and found after about a month (July/August 2018) things were improving on a cellular level. At least, that’s how it felt to me. I tried the diarrhoea protocol but found the bentonite was very strong and somehow, I think it was wiping out the good done by the probiotics, so I stopped taking it. I then managed to gradually increase the oregano oil to 15, 20, 25, and then 30 drops a day. In October, it really was the calm before the storm because I knew I was getting better (stronger) in some ways but my God, I felt awful. Truly awful. A real detox was happening. I had always felt and had said many times to my consultant that I felt infected and looking back, that’s exactly how my body behaved. Like it was defending itself from a foreign invader.

It’s also worth mentioning that, taking heed of the emotional element of the illness that Jini addresses, I invested in some online EFT sessions. Wailing out loud in my living room became a common occurrence throughout last summer but it felt enormously uplifting too. I laugh now that I look back at it but, it’s so true, something that seems so straightforward is enormously powerful, in shifting emotional baggage you don’t even realise is there!!

In November last year, I turned a miraculous corner. 30 drops of oregano oil per day plus Natren powders, as prescribed, a sensible diet and a change of heart towards stressful situations, plus asking for support where I need it and suddenly my energy levels soared, my eyes took on a shiny glow and I was going to the toilet normally!! Sad, but true, but when it first happened, I wanted to phone my Mum and say, You’ll never guess what?

Since then, I’ve been able to broaden the foods I eat, to include some dairy and gluten and I can report that everything is being tolerated well. I now feel ready to get on with life and am looking for new work, having left a job where the bullying and back-biting was bringing me down.

I have moved into phase two of the protocol – 5 drops of oregano oil per day, plus a Natren capsule at night. Despite getting over the infection quite quickly, I think I wanted to err on the side of caution and give my body plenty of time to heal. I’m monitoring how I feel and am all too-aware that pushing the boat out say, eating quite spicy food, can be too harsh for my system, at this early stage.

I would like to send Jini and all the team at LTYG a big virtual hug for helping me to find a way through what has been the most difficult period of my life.”

Colitis Healing Story – Wild Oregano, Probiotics & Emotional Healing!

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  • Thank you for this post. I felt like I was reading my autobiography! The only difference is I didn’t have the nausea/vomiting or the weight loss. I spent two years figuring out how to handle the symptoms using Jini’s techniques and have learned what works for me. One thing I noted is that I can’t eat the same foods everyday. I always need to change my food choices. I eat meat and fish, lots of cooked vegetables (roasted, steamed, etc.) and now even some fresh fruit. Once in a while I can eat a salad with no problem. But the biggest thing is the holistic view one must take in living with this disease. I play tennis and swim or walk and I do things I enjoy and try to keep stress to a minimum. IT Works! Keep up the good work and enjoy life. It is just something we have to deal with. Best of luck.

    1. I have been suffering UC for past 18 years, I need help to get healthy . how can I get probiotic she mentioned ? my email address is tahirawaqar3@gmail/com

  • This Colitis Healing Story was very helpful. Adult Daughter has had Crohns for 20+ years, has had your LTYG book for years. In hospital now having tests. Has had fistula months. usually antibiotics kills it but not this time. Colon now is completely filled with infection and fistula. She’s drinking your shakes knowing she wouldn’t be able to eat hospital food, was applying Oreg. Oil. She has used your Probiotics but not consistently. This Colitis story said she used your protocol for Oreg. Oil of gradually getting up to 30 drops daily. How do you know when to go to Phase 2 and only use 5 drops? I called Jini’s customer service yesterday Twice regarding how to take powder when in stage she’s in now after watching video with the man who healed himself with your method since you were talking faster than I was writing. I got 2 different answers so called Natren and very nice lady explained it to me. Questions: 1. How do you know when to go to Phase 2 for Oreg. Oil? 2.Have you heard of anyone healing their colon in her condition with Natren Probiotics. Absorb and using Oil of Oregano by mouth? I get your emails. Thanks for all your help and many hugs to you.

    1. Hi Carole,

      I spoke to you over the phone today, so I believe your questions have all been answered? Again, in Jini’s LTYG book – Oregano Protocol Page 152, Phase 2 is typically 2-3 months. After 3rd month, she can proceed to Phase 3. Jini also recommend that she Listen to her body on how long she needs the product for and to get in dialogue with her body.

      Jini have a lot of posts on exactly this topic:

      Jini’s protocols work well for a large number of people but not everyone experiences identical results as everyone is dealing with a unique blend of health challenges. Here’s a link to our testimonial page if you would like to read some accounts that customers have shared with us:


      Kind Regards,
      Cris B
      Customer Care

  • Beautiful story! I am happy for this person that after a long period of hard work a full and flowing life lies ahead. It reminds me of my path that I have walked and my current journey.

    The struggle with work and nice helpful colleagues. The constant testing of food products and supplements. Craving certain foods. The visits to the hospital, the medication, the pushiness of doctors and the thinking of nurses. Total exhaustion and a sense of loneliness. Knowing that a healthy life is possible but feeling that something is in the way. Incomprehension in people and especially doctors when you indicate that medication keeps you sick. The search for my emotional pain and the foundation of my illness. Ways to process this and look at the future again. The ridiculously high prices you pay for therapies and supplements because subsidy is only meant for maintaining the current market. And the hypersensitivity due to the autoimmune problem and the continuous fire that burns in your gut. I briefly describe my story below.

    Seventeen years ago I studied Physiotherapy when I got severe inflammations in my large intestine during the third year of study. Four years before I had been diagnosed with ulcerative colitis, at the time it was a mild inflammation and with some medication my symptoms quickly disappeared. But four years later my problems were really big. A hospitalization was the result and I had a combination of intestinal inflammations and pancreatitis. For me it was a beginning of a journey and search for meaning, a better life and health. My attending doctors prescribed medication year after year. They tried many types of medication but nothing worked. Until a moment came when I was faced with the choice; or try the most toxic and heavy medication or operate on me and get my colon completely out of my body.

    My doctor only overlooked a third option. I did not want to contact him anymore, I felt that his compelling attitude was working against me and wanted to take care of my healing from that moment on myself. The first period after this decision I only took some light medication and in the meantime I kept looking for my own personal diet and therapies that could help me. In all those years I (like you) tried many diets, products and therapies. I have also had 8 to 15 times diarrhea with blood loss every day. I tried to keep working and applying. My social life was gone and I have had few social contacts all this time. I never succeeded in establishing a relationship. Later, I also decided to stop all medication. This significantly alleviated my symptoms. I was very happy that I had made this decision.

    In the meantime, things have gone a little better and I kept feeling that I really should be able to improve. As if something is in the way and my health is present in the background. Sometimes it went very well for a very short time but one day later I lost a lot of blood again. I now stand for a second time for a turning point (the first turning point was just after my hospitalization) in my life. I want to do a new education. That’s why I felt that for the umpteenth time I had to search the Internet for information about IBD and healing. I found this website and immediately recognized so many aspects of Jinies personal story and chapters in the LTYG book. I ordered the e-book and got started. There were a few missing puzzle pieces that are now falling into place. I have always eaten a lot of vegetables all these years because I needed the nutrients. I do not tolerate dietary supplements. I have taken almost all the vegetables from my diet and only eat 3 or 4 types. Always steamed. Shortly thereafter I tried a number of supplements that again gave me more complaints, so here I stopped again.

    About a month ago I started taking Oregano Oil. Do not immediately build up 5 times 10 drops but slowly. Now I notice that these two adjustments improve my complaints enormously. My stools suddenly become much more stable and better. It is not quite right yet but after 17 years I start to feel more comfortable again, I am calmer and more confident. Only by removing almost all vegetables (except pumpkin, zucchini and sweet peppers) from my diet and by taking Oregano oil. I am more focused and feel I have meaning in life. This is exactly what I missed in the past. Confidence in personal responsibility.

    This is how my story is so far. In my view IBD is too aggressively approached by regular medicine and there is too little attention for the friendly human side of healing. When a treatment does not work, it is sometimes justified to doubt your working method. Instead of persistently bombarding the extremely sensitive intestines with poisonous substances.Thank you for sharing your story!

    1. Hi J,

      Thank you for this very inspiring testimonial. Whether Absorb Plus or Oregano is part of someone’s healing journey, or not, doesn’t matter. What matters is your faith and commitment you’ve shown to your whole-body health. Jini encourage you to dig into the emotional/spiritual aspects too (if you haven’t already) as this is important for long-term, complete healing. Jini also want to remind you to focus on how far you’ve come and all the improvements you have made, instead of looking at how far you still have to go and you will have a lot more peace and happiness along your Healing Journey.

      Congratulations for being so proactive with your health and we’re looking forward to hearing more about your progress!

      Kind Regards,
      Cris B
      Customer Care

  • The Colitis Healing Story mentioned she thought taking Bentinite Clay or maybe activated charcoal would disrupt or take away your good bacteria you are trying to repopulate. What do you think ? Thanks

    1. Hi Robert,

      According to Jini “the only drawback is that montmorillonite has been shown in studies to also draw bacteria out of the intestines. So, if your bacterial flora is unhealthy, this is a good thing. But, if you’re supplementing with probiotics, trying to implant a healthy bacterial flora, then you certainly don’t want to be ingesting large amounts of a substance that’s going to pull all these good bacteria out of your gut as well! Therefore, I would only use Bentonite Clay short-term, or in small amounts and then get yourself on the high dose probiotic supplementation that will address the root-cause of your symptoms.” Thanks for your comment.

      Kind Regards,
      Cris B
      Customer Care

  • My just turned 18 year old son is coming up on 6 weeks of very diligently taking absorb plus shakes with the supplements in it, bone and vegetable broths, gelatin and the natren probiotics and oregano oil. he was just diagnosed yesterday with C-diff. I asked the pharmacist if he could continue with what he was doing. Does anyone have any feedback or suggestions on this antibiotic Vancomycin. I was told to have him start it immediately by both the doc and the pharmacist and that it is hard to get rid of. Any suggestions or previous experience would be helpful.

    1. Hi Jennifer,

      As Jini is not a medical professional she is unable to comment on prescription medication/ antibiotics and only provide guidelines and suggestions for people who wish to follow her protocol while on antibiotics. You can check more of that here: https://blog.listentoyourgut.com/re-populating-the-gut-with-probiotics-after-antibiotic-usage/

      You should consult with your doctor (ideally an integrative medicine or naturopathic doctor) about any medications. Please let me know if you have any additional questions.

      Kind Regards,
      Cris B
      Customer Care

      1. Can you guide me on some articles about Vancomycin and Oregano oil as Jini recommended I ask you. also any articles on fecal Transplant

        1. Hi Jennifer,

          Here’s a link to Jini’s Teleseminar with Bianca James on how they came up with the Fecal Infusion protocol:

          More info about fecal transplant/infusion below. There’s a free teleseminar there as well that you can listen to:

          and this link for Oregano Protocol:

          Please let me know if you have any additional questions or concerns.

          Kind Regards,
          Cris B
          Customer Care

    2. Hi Jennifer – also for C.diff, research Fecal Infusion or Fecal Transplant therapy. We have some resources on the site here about that. If you tag Cris he can refer you to them. As well, I did see a trial once where Wild Oregano outperformed Vancomycin, so you could google that as well. Either way, as Cris pointed out, use that link to keep going with the probiotics regardless. All the best.

      1. Thank you I will research that. He is entering his 7 th week on the absorb plus and starting to feel better. I will update on his progress. We just placed another order because he wants to contunue.

    1. Hi Rita,

      Thanks for contacting us here. We have had several customers who experienced a rapid hearbeat on Absorb Plus shakes. Some doctors have theorized it’s due to the very rapid uptake of nutrients to the bloodstream. For all of the customers who experienced this, it was a temporary thing that resolved automatically when they stopped drinking the shakes (many were on an elemental diet, so consuming 6-8 shakes per day). However, please consult your doctor for more advice and to make sure it is not due to any other factor.

      Kind Regards,
      Cris B
      Customer care

  • I have a recto-vaginal fistula that has reopened after 23 years. I read about the protocol that you suggested for this. I am confused. Is it just for abscesses? I don’t think I have an abscess. Just need something that could close it back up possibly.

    1. Hi Renae,

      Is the fistula currently open or still enclosed? The first step is to try applying wild oregano oil topically to the infected area. Start at a 7:1 dilution with olive oil (7 drops organic olive oil : 1 drop wild oregano oil), and then increase strength to get it as close to full strength as you can tolerate then. Once its opened, follow Jini’s Wild Oregano Syringing Protocol here: http://www.listentoyourgut.com/symptoms/61/rectovaginal-fistula.html

      Cris B
      Customer Care

  • Hi Jini,

    I have UC since 1 year. My recent stool test says Kluyvera ascorbate and Klebsiella pneumoniae, includes some candidiasis. Serious dysbiosis.
    Which one works best on these pathogens, GSE or Oregano?


    1. Hi Arun,

      Thanks so much for reaching out. Unfortunately we don’t have any protocols specifically regarding those strains, however Jini does have a Candida protocol which utilizes wild oregano oil as an anti-fungal. Wild oregano oil will also sweep the bacteria in your gut, so if you do choose to use it Jini suggests you take probiotics to repopulate the gut flora. You can find all this information here: http://listentoyourgut.com/symptoms/28/candida-yeast-infection.html

      You may also benefit from this post: http://listentoyourgut.com/symptoms/44/detoxification.html – pulled directly from the site, “Detoxification is the process of removing toxins from the body. These can be environmental toxins from contaminated indoor and outdoor air, food, water, and soil, or from toxic cleaning products, workplace chemicals, alcohol, prescription drugs, etc. – or even metabolic toxins produced as a result of normal body function or of pathogenic bacteria in the gut.

      In good health,
      Savannah B
      Customer Care

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