Is there a part of you that doesn’t actually want to heal?

Join me and Dane Johnson as we explore the roots of self-directed healing, in this excerpt from our latest podcast.

“The healing journey is a gift from your higher self to act as a path of growth and development into the fullness and magnificence of who you really are. Who you can be.” – Jini Patel Thompson

Ask yourself: If I’d never gotten sick, who would I be now?

If everything is going well, you don’t learn, and you don’t grow, because you have no need to. And life just carries on with its routines and cultural/family expectations.

When you’re dealing with a chronic illness, you are in the unique position of having the opportunity to transform and alchemize the experience into something much greater, with tremendous benefits to you.

“The world needs more humans to change. Because what you did to heal yourself, is also good for the planet, and it was good for your local community, and it was good for your family. And it got you connected to the value of being alive, the value of a healthy relationship, and how to be a good parent; because you have to protect your children from what happened to you. And so there’s been so much growth, because, like you, I stood up and decided, that’s not who I am. I’m going this other way. And I don’t care what anyone else says, I choose my reality, I choose what happiness is, I choose my freedom. And it’s a huge win-win, everyone wins; myself, my family, the planet, my community.” – Dane Johnson

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