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Powerful Herbs In ColonEaze~Move for Constipation & Detox

Herbs In ColonEaze~Move Each of the herbs in ColonEaze~Move provides a gentle, mild laxative effect. But they also support the liver, kidneys, spleen, gallbladder and detoxification pathways. When you're treating the cause of constipation, you don't just want to use herbs that stimulate a bowel movement. You want to look at why the body is [...]

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WHICH Version of ColonEaze Should I Use?

So I've seen a lot of orders come through the LTYG Shoppe, where people are buying BOTH ColonEaze~Firm and ColonEaze~Move. This is really puzzling to me, or perhaps more people than I realize have spastic colon...? I also wonder if y'all are confused about which one to use - perhaps I haven't explained it well [...]

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Painful Restroom Trips? Try a Squatty Potty!

In Jini's blog post, Natural Rectal Prolapse Treatment, she explains that the western practice of sitting on the toilet prevents the rectum from straightening out and opening – making us much more prone to bowel prolapse, constipation, hemorrhoids, and anal fissures! Squatting on the toilet is best, or using a squatting platform like the Squatty [...]

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Stool Bulking Therapy for Diarrhea: ColonEaze~Firm

ColonEaze~Firm is my ideal stool bulking agent, formulated by me for Imix Nutrition, that relieves diarrhea by absorbing excess liquid, helping all those separate stool deposits clump/bind together, improving intestinal muscle tone, and helping to regulate/balance peristalsis. ColonEaze~Firm contains organic sprouted chia seed powder and organic psyllium seed powder. It does not contain psyllium husk. [...]

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Stool Bulking & Softening Therapy for Constipation: ColonEaze~Move

ColonEaze~Move is a stool softening agent to help relieve constipation and improve intestinal muscle tone and peristalsis. Specifically formulated to be gentle, yet effective, for people with sensitive bowels. If you've read my book, Listen To Your Colon, you'll know why soluble fiber is preferable to insoluble fiber. It helps maintain regularity, along with gentle [...]

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ColonEaze FIRM & MOVE for Diarrhea Or Constipation

I'm SO EXCITED about this new formulation for Imix Nutrition! These are my ideal formulas for bulking and softening stool to assist with regulating bowel movements. There is one version - FIRM - for people who tend towards diarrhea. And a second version - MOVE - for those who tend towards constipation. Some of you [...]

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Effective Constipation Pooping Positions

It is very important not to do anything else during a bowel movement other than breathing deeply and connecting with your body. When you are doing nothing but breathing deeply during a bowel movement, you are automatically relaxing your bowel and anal sphincter muscles with your breath. The expansion and contraction of your diaphragm, as [...]

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Two Different Types of Constipation

Before looking at treatments for constipation, it is important to first identify which kind of constipation you have. Through the course of my research, consultations with clients, feedback from readers, and my own struggle with constipation, I have come to identify two different types of constipation. Since I have not come across any labels for [...]

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Constipation, Anismus & Prolapse – Radical Solution

Many of my readers are pretty rigorous researchers and experimenters too, so every now and then someone sends me something I think is worth sharing, or passing along. I'm re-sharing this because this reader suffered greatly, and having come up with a way to deal with his condition (chronic constipation, anismus, and rectal prolapse) he [...]

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Colonic Massage For Gut Issues

Colonic massage technique for gut issues is a valuable tool to have if: a) you're suffering gas and bloating, or diarrhea b) you're constipated c) you have a blockage, obstruction or stricture in your colon d) you have a colicky baby I describe exactly how to do colonic massage in Listen To Your Gut - [...]

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Reader Story: Constipation & Perianal Abscess

I've received a lot of spontaneous thank-you emails and letters over the years, but this is the first video thank-you I've received! Francine first connected with me on Facebook and then sent over this lovely video testimonial about how my books helped both of her kids over the last decade. Seriously, it doesn't get any [...]

By |2023-01-27T08:43:10-08:00April 27th, 2020|

Colonic Massage for Diverticulitis Blockage & Constipation

A self-administered colonic massage can really help if you’re experiencing constipation, blockages in thickened areas of your colon, or blockages in diverticulae (hollow pouches that occur when the inner intestinal lining has pushed through weakened areas of the colon wall), where food is getting stuck and causing a lot of pain. To treat diverticulitis blockages, [...]

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No More Diverticulitis or Constipation – Listen To Your Colon

Back when I had Crohn's Disease (a few decades ago) one of my most prevalent symptoms was diarrhea. I had loose, multiple bowel movements for years - it was one of my last symptoms to heal. So imagine my surprise when I turned 40 and experienced constipation for the first time ever. Which was further [...]

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Hot Castor Oil Pack Saves Sister’s Life!

This is such an amazing story from a reader who used the information in this blog post to save her sister's life when her bowel was impacted. She was in sepsis, and she hadn't had a bowel movement in 2 weeks... First thing's first, I want to say it takes a LOT of courage to [...]

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Mineral Deficiency and Types of Constipation

When it comes to mineral deficiency, low potassium can cause constipation. There is a constant outflow of potassium from the intestinal muscle cell to the outside of the cell. When blood potassium is low, more potassium leaves the cell. As more potassium flows out of the cell, it makes the cell more resistant to the [...]

By |2023-01-31T16:42:40-08:00January 1st, 2020|

Herpes Virus and Chronic Constipation

READER QUESTION: "I have had perfect digestion and good diet, and perfect bowel movements 98% of the time, until sudden constipation over the last month, which has caused problems including (I believe) a fistula or fissures that affect the vaginal wall. I just read a recent Yale University study that found the herpes virus can [...]

By |2023-04-13T09:08:01-08:00October 26th, 2017|

Toddler Diarrhea Or Constipation

A friend wrote to me of her son who was diagnosed with toddler diarrhea. A Colonoscopy revealed nothing serious - no inflammation or ulceration. He has been on various medications since being diagnosed a couple of years ago, but they only work short-term and then he is back to explosive stool, leakage of stool into [...]

By |2023-04-13T09:07:02-08:00December 14th, 2012|

Triphala And Magnesium Oxide For Constipation

After I told my Listen To Your Colon readers about adding magnesium citrate to an Absorb Plus or whey protein shake to buffer it, I received a number of emails from readers who tried it and confirmed that it worked well for them to reduce the pain and spasming that magnesium citrate can cause. As [...]

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Constipation in babies or young children is absolutely heart-rending to watch. My new book on natural healing for constipation goes into effective protocols for both adults and children. But for a baby under the age of two, the following comprehensive protocol may be all you need to resolve their constipation. It has worked very quickly [...]

By |2023-04-13T08:41:31-08:00August 23rd, 2009|

Need A Title For My New Book on Constipation!

POSSIBLE NEW BOOK COVER Well, I'm just finishing up the layout and design of my new book on natural healing for CONSTIPATION. Originally, this was supposed to be a short, 40-50 page guide. However, in order to do a GOOD job with the topic and provide enough information and protocols so that the highest number [...]

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