Join me in this video as I speak with Dr. Roy & Debbie Steinbock on the challenges and solutions for elemental diet success.

Roy & Debbie have been prescribing and supporting thousands of clients through an elemental diet for over 15 years. They have tons of experience dealing with all the challenges people face and supporting them through the process.

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My biggest takeaway from this call is learning that Debbie and Roy start people on anti-microbials (like wild oregano, olive leaf) one to two weeks before starting an elemental diet.

This way, they can go through the die-off effect (Herxheimer) in stages and not confuse the die-off/detox with the elemental formula, or attribute their symptoms to intolerance of the shakes. Brilliant!

If you’ve considered going on an elemental diet for SIBO, food allergies, IBD etc. then this discussion will give you some great guidelines to follow.

We start by discussing what’s happening with children’s health; why are they sicker and diagnosed with so many formerly-adult diseases? And why are gut disorders getting harder to treat and taking longer to heal?

Debbie and Roy outline what kind of clients benefit from doing an elemental diet, and for how long.

They also go over the difficulties people encounter when they go on an exclusively elemental diet; both physical and mental/emotional. And how they support people through this process.

I ask them if they have seen the same kind of success when people do a half elemental diet, or combine it with low residue foods? And then the Steinbocks tell us about their own personal experience with using an elemental diet for their own health.

Listen as a podcast, or watch the video. Any questions, just post them in the Comments section below.

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Listen To Your Gut
Listen To Your Gut
Challenges & Solutions for Elemental Diet Success

AND don’t forget to check out the Steinbock’s elemental diet success program