I Ditched My Cellphone & Here's What Happened...A friend who is a Feng Shui expert recently sent me this fabulous article by Kathleen Burke:

“A year ago, I was leading a normal, full, active life with no idea of the damage my mobile phone was doing to me. On July 1, 2022, I cancelled my mobile phone service (“cell phone” in the U.S) and turned off the wireless function on my computer as well as the modem. I made these changes at the request of my respected ally and colleague, Arthur Firstenberg. In order to work together I had to experience, first-hand, the shedding of wireless technology, and I had to be willing to “be the change”. It seemed extreme at the time, and as readers may recall, I even cried over the matter before making my final decision. But ten months into this experiment my life is different, and better.

When people ask me if I regret having given up my cell phone, my answer is unequivocally “No”. I don’t miss texting on a phone. I don’t miss GPS. I don’t miss reading news that some news aggregator selected for me. I don’t miss QR codes for this, that and everything else. I do not regret ridding myself of having a cell phone and I would not go back to having one.

I generally feel better… a lot better! Before the wireless purge I was waking up five-six times a night, walking to the bathroom only to urinate minimally and returning to bed; sometimes falling back to sleep, sometimes not. In the weaning off process, I began sleeping better and I now sleep deeply every night and wake up maybe once a night. I also had had chronic stomach aches in the early morning for ten years. Doctors ruled out acid reflux, ulcers, etc. The stomach aches are now gone, entirely. I had frequent nightmares, and I often had headaches upon waking. Those are all gone as well. I wake up happy now instead of lethargic and depressed. Who knew?

My energy level changed noticeably after giving up my phone…” READ MORE

I 100% encourage you to read this entire article – to find out not only what happens to her own health, sleep patterns, energy etc. But also to learn how EMR affected her pets and her neighbour’s pets!

I have been blogging about WiFi and cellphone radiation dangers for over a decade now (click that link to read more of my posts), and Kathleen’s article spurred me to publish a round-up of exactly how animals and plants are damaged by human-generated EMR (electromagnetic radiation).

Those of us who are working to restore ecosystems and preserve biological diversity, really need to understand this piece of the bigger picture.

When you reduce or eliminate radiation in your home, you will not only benefit your own health, but you’ll be greatly helping your own pets and the animals in your neighborhood too!