Insights from Healing Workshops

If you’ve checked out some of the healing workshops I offer, you may be wondering why I work with a herd of wild horses to teach/share key concepts to help humans create health and wholeness.

What do horses have to do with wellness? And why/how are they master teachers for us humans?

Kaliah’s Masterclass: Harnessing Thoughts and Energy for Vibrant Living

Well I’m happy to present you with this incredible tutorial video that will answer all of those questions. Watch as my black horse, Kaliah, gives us advanced instruction on how to combine our thoughts and energy to create a frequency that then calls our desired reality to us.

Watch as she teaches my husband Ian and me how to be absolutely impeccable with all the layers of our being, to create the congruent frequency that matches the vibration of our desired reality.

This is quantum physics translated into a concrete example we can grasp. Grab a cup of tea, and prepare to deep dive!

Journey to Singing Horse Ranch: Part 2 – Kaliah’s Physical Needs

In this second video (Part 2) of Kaliah’s journey from the coast up to the Singing Horse Ranch. Ian is still working with his Money Game stuff. But Kaliah’s physical needs are also coming forward.

This is the first time she’s ever been alone in her life. What a brave soul to choose to be the last horse left on 30 acres alone.

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Aside from the emotional issues, there are coyote packs continually around her. There have always been coyotes on this land, but it has gotten far more intense as housing developments have spread to all the areas around this one. So the wildlife is getting squeezed onto the few remaining areas and likewise competition for food has greatly increased.

And then residents complain when coyotes and raccoons eat their cats. Honestly, what else are they supposed to eat when we’ve taken all their land?!

Navigating Intense Challenges: Kaliah’s Ordeal and Warrior Spirit

Bottom line

Kaliah is not able to lie down and go into that deep REM sleep that horses and humans need. So her nervous system is getting cranked sky high. Both Zara and I come out a few times to give her the opportunity to sleep, while we keep watch. But honestly, a lone human is not much protection from her point of view. I think if I’d had a dog or two with me, she may have laid down. But all the dogs are up at the ranch. I knew from day 1 that Kaliah was a warrior, but boy, did she ever prove it through this ordeal.

Beyond the Trail: 5-Month Update on Kaliah’s Transformative Journey

Note: This is Part 2 in this two-part series, click here if you want to watch Part 1.

The podcast Ian talks about in the video is from Next Level Soul: The Secret Japanese Art of Attracting Money with Ken Honda

I have also read Ken Honda’s book, Happy Money, and it is quite good.

Regarding the “5 MONTHS LATER” update at the end of the video. We trailered Kaliah in May 2023 and two of the items on that update happened in October. Just in time for me to publish the video!