This is a question I’ve been wanting to provide a good solution for, for a LONG time:

I’m ready to come off the elemental diet (IBD Remission Diet) but I’m not ready to be completely on solid foods yet, what should I do?

So here’s the thing: Absorb Plus is an expensive product, because it is a completely elemental shake, for which the ingredients are also expensive.

For the record, though, not everyone needs to go on an elemental diet! I have always provided options for other, cheaper ways to heal, if possible. But let’s say you are one of the severe cases where an elemental food source is the only thing your body can tolerate and absorb nutrients from, and so you have just completed 3 or 6 weeks of The IBD Remission Diet.

You are now using the Food Reintroduction chart (Ch. 5 of The IBD Remission Diet) to thoroughly test for your food allergies and intolerances and also to gradually accustom your body to eating normal foods again.

But, during the Food Reintroduction phase, you cannot get enough calories from eating (for example) carrots and squash. So what do you do?

Many people have continued with several Absorb Plus shakes per day to maintain their nutrition and protein intake whilst gradually reintroducing solid foods. And whilst this is certainly an option, we come back to the issue of price. And also to the issue of the carbohydrate content (tapioca maltodextrin) of the shakes – which is not ideal either, once you no longer need to gain weight.

Here’s the great thing: As the supplement industry has grown and opened up, we now have more high quality options available to use during this transition phase (and thereafter) – at a cheaper price per serving – than Absorb Plus. Here’s my video about it, or you can just keep reading…

Grass-Fed, Casein-Free Whey!

After years of searching, I have finally found a grass-fed whey protein that is minimally pasteurized and from completely grass-fed herds. BUT it also contains less than 1% casein AND less than 10% lactose! Can you believe it? Wait, it gets better: It contains natural flavors only and is sweetened with only stevia. Seriously, I am in heaven.

For those of you who follow my stuff and know the technicalities of whey extraction, this product is technically a whey concent