My Atom-Sized, Angstrom, Nano-Sized Iron Isn't WorkingI received an email from a reader who had been using the QuikPlus Iron, but his iron level had dropped, and his hemoglobin increased only slightly. What might be the cause of this? Let’s look at some possible reasons, or what might be going wrong, and how to fix it:

1. Are you taking an adequate dosage? This reader had been using 15 drops, once per day. But the dosage instruction on the QuikPlus Iron bottle says to take 2ml (30 drops per day. And if you’re looking to increase hemoglobin and iron stores, or you have ongoing bleeding (or micro-bleeding), then you may want to take that same dosage (30 drops) 2-3x/day.

2. Are you taking the co-factors needed for iron utilization? For your body to utilize iron properly, you also need to consume vitamin C, B12 and folate (folic acid). In cases of severe anemia, you would take the vitamin C and folate at different times; as they inhibit the absorption of each other. So you might take vitamin C together with your iron (the Angstrom Iron we carry in the Shoppe has vitamin C together with iron), and then at least an hour later, take your folate and B12.

For mild or moderate iron deficiency, you don’t need to be this careful and if you’re not taking a product like MultiAbsorb (gives you B12 and folate) along with buffered vitamin C (easy on the gut), then you might want to use Ferrasorb Iron capsules instead. Ferrasorb is a fantastic formula I’ve used and recommended for over 20 years. It contains all the co-factors needed, along with easily absorbed iron, in one capsule.

3. Are you addressing the emotional component of this message from your body? The oxygenation of your blood is strongly tied to your lifeforce energy – also called chi, ki, or prana. Some questions to explore around this possible contributor include:

  • What high performance demands do I place on myself?
  • What behaviour patterns do I have that continually leave me exhausted, or push me to my limit?
  • Which relationships in my life are draining my energy?

If this intrigues you, check out my video that goes more in-depth into this aspect.

Hope that helps and if you have any stories to share, please leave them below 🙂