In this podcast, health coach and yoga teacher Cate Stillman interviews me after she discovered my work during a search for help with scar tissue protocols and adhesions.

So a lot of the podcast is us discussing my protocols for reducing or dissolving scar tissue, and why surgery is not usually the solution.

But we also get into my personal journey, elemental diets, and how symptoms are actually messages from our subconscious, or higher self.

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Scar Tissue Protocols

In this episode, Cate Stillman interviews Jini Patel Thompson’s healing journey, which began with Crohn’s, and colon issues. They explore the challenges she faced with conventional medicine and the turning point when she discovered the Elemental Diet, leading to profound transformation. Throughout the conversation, Jini emphasizes the significance of intuition, body wisdom, and the metaphysical aspects of healing.

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Listen To Your Gut
Listen To Your Gut
Scar Tissue Protocols, Jini's Journey, Elemental Diets & the Subconscious