If you’re into the raw food movement, you may have heard about a product called Adya Clarity. The people who are selling (and re-selling) this product are making some pretty amazing claims. And perhaps, like me, you’re wondering how much is hype and how much is genuine? Here’s the story behind Adya Clarity and other black mica products as stated in an email promotion:

“In the 1960s, Dr. Asao Shimanishi, a noted scientist and doctor from Japan, discovered after decades of research, that the rock that contained the most abundant minerals is black mica.  Black mica (also known as biotite) is found in a wide variety of igneous and metamorphic rocks.

Dr. Shimanishi also discovered that the minerals he extracted from black mica rocks from north of Tokyo had a tremendous healing and nourishing power.  He invented a patented way to extract minerals from black mica and maintain them in an ionized form.  As a result, people who ate vegetables fertilized with the ionized water became healthier and rejuvenated.  This rejuvenative effect may well stem from the fact that the human body consists of the same foundational building blocks as black mica.

In Japan, Dr. Shimanishi is regarded as an authority on the treatment and cleaning of water.  He’s probably best known for healing entire bodies of water using a magnetic sulfate mineral solution extracted from the most mineral-rich black mica deposit in Mt Fuji, Japan.

He has demonstrated how he can easily take whole ponds or lakes that are filthy, murky and contaminated — and within one hour, transform the water, making it pristine, crystal clear and potable.  And the water would thereafter stay fresh and clean permanently because the contaminants never re-dissolve in water once the water is treated.

There’s a version of the magnetic sulfate mineral solution that Dr. Shimanishi designed for human consumption.  It’s called Black Mica Extract.  When you put a dropper full of the solution into a glass of tap water, you’ll see before your very eyes how the solution pulls the invisible toxins and contaminants from the water, gathering them together into larger-sized, visible particulates that are heavier than water, causing them to precipitate (sink) to the bottom of the glass.  Once the toxins and contaminants are extracted, they become inert substances that are rendered harmless, as well as insoluble, thereby preventing them from being re-absorbed by the water. In addition to cleaning the water and getting rid of all the heavy metals, the solution also remineralizes it with the highest quality minerals.”

Promoters say that when you use Adya Clarity (black mica extract – whatever that is; how do you make an extract from a rock?) daily, it de-calcifies the body, detoxes heavy metals, oxygenates the blood and eliminates Candida and bacteria. I’ve been following the promotion of this product for a while and have watched a number of videos about it and I must admit: I was sorely tempted to buy some and find out for myself what it can do. However, the product is extremely expensive. If you take it the way they advise (1 tsp in 1 oz of water daily for a month), the experiment would cost you about $150. If it worked it would be worth every penny, if not… doh!

So, before I took the plunge and plunked down my cash, I emailed Jim Haszinger – who manufacturers the nanoparticle minerals I have already written about extensively and which my whole family uses – to see if he had tested this product and what his thoughts are. He wrote back:

“The USA importer for this met with our small group of scientists, doctors, etc and I even bought a bunch of it to play with. It didn’t grab me then and no one I sold it to reordered, so it went to the wayside.”

Hmmmm…. If you’ve tried this product, leave me your thoughts in the COMMENTS section below. Did it work for you? What results did you get? When assessing a new product I also ask myself: This product may help in certain ways, but does it work BETTER than protocols I already have? Let me know what you think and let’s pool our experience!


Big thank-you to LTD who posted the links to the patent application for black mica/Adya Clarity by inventor Asao Shimanishi. The patent application document answered a number of my questions, but also raised some important new ones. If you read through the patent document, you will see that my question of “How do they make an extract from a rock anyway?” is answered. They do it using sulfuric acid or hydrochloric acid. As stated, this then results in a highly acidic product (Adya Clarity), so they caution NOT to use it at a concentration of more then 100 – 200 ppm (parts per million).

If you do, then they want you to add “lime water or a dilute caustic soda solution” to neutralize the pH of the water. As we all know, drinking acidic water (or other liquids or foods) is damaging to health in the long-term.

So that leaves me with my first big new question: Has anybody tested the concentration (ppm) of Adya Clarity that these “health gurus” are telling you to add to your water? Especially in the case of the ‘Adya Shots’ (talked about in the Kacper Postawski webinar) where they recommend 1 tsp in 1 ounce of water daily for a month. Just logically, it seems to me that would add up to more than 200 ppm (parts per million) of Adya Clarity in that 1 ounce of water… but without testing, we can’t know.

For this reason, I have to add a BIG WARNING to people with IBD or IBS: Be extremely careful if you use this highly acidic product. We know that even tiny amounts of Betaine Hydrochloric Acid (HCL) can trigger intestinal bleeding, so this product will likely have a similar action/effect on the digestive tract of sensitive individuals. The sellers of Adya Clarity are being misleading in this regard, positioning the product as a “mineral extract” – no one would assume that it is an acidic solution, because minerals are alkalizing, right? But yet, according to the product patent, black mica extract or  Adya Clarity, is a highly acidic solution, so acidic that anything over 200 ppm can acidify the water and you need to add alkalizing agents to bring the water back to a pH of 7 or higher.

The other issue the patent application raised for me was that of water filtration/safety. The promoters and seller of Adya Clarity and other black mica extracts are telling people that it’s all you need to use to purify any water from any source (rivers, lakes, tap, etc.). However, the inventors of this product state very clearly in the patent application that the mica mineral reagent is only one step in the water purification process and that you also need to:

a) Filter the water first with a “filtering chamber” to remove large or visible debris

b) Then an active charcoal filtration layer is needed to remove anions and a vermion filtration layer is needed to remove cations, “Such ions include cations of ammonia, calcium, manganese, or ions of chlorine, fluorine, nitric acid and nitrous acid”.

c) Lastly, the black mica (Adya Clarity) is added to “insolubulize organic materials dissolved in sewage and sterilize bacteria”.

So, this is a very important distinction to keep in mind: That Adya Clarity on its own is NOT sufficient to sterilize water from all sources – according to the inventor of the product.

Kacper Postawski – one of the promoters of Adya Clarity has a Facebook ad running that claims that Adya Clarity can remove fluoride (when fluorine has bonded to other elements) from your drinking water, but in the patent document it states that the vermion (from vermiculite) filtration layer is needed to remove fluorine from the water.

Please be aware that this is not a self-righteous diatribe against the latest health scam – in all likelihood Kacper Postawski, Matt Monarch, etc. have not examined the original patents for this product (marketed as Enminera in Japan) but are repeating information given to them from someone they trusted.

I have even had suppliers forge and falsify documents to try to convince me of claims that went against my common sense – so we are all susceptible to being misled and I am not judging anyone here – Lord knows I may be next! It’s very hard to stay on top of all the latest research and conflicting information in the health sector – which is why I love this interactive blog format. We have people contributing their knowledge and research from a large pool, instead of just relying on one or two people – which is extremely helpful for those of us trying to get a handle on what’s true and what’s not!


Mike Adams (The Health Ranger) on his mega-site, Natural News.com, just posted the worrying results of his conversation with the owner and importer of Adya Clarity (Matt Bakos) along with his detailed investigation into the ingredients of Adya Clarity. You simply must read Adams’ article: NaturalNews issues consumer alert about Adya Clarity, imported as battery acid and sold for internal consumption, if you are considering buying or ingesting Adya Clarity.

In his article, Adams details how Adya Clarity is imported as ‘battery acid,’ does not disclose on the label the very high (1200 ppm) aluminum content of the product, and finally answers a point raised many times in the comments section of this blog about the mechanism behind the miraculous way Adya Clarity pulls all the orangey-colored stuff out of the water to the bottom of the glass. Adams also raises valid points about the high iron content in the product.

From my side, I don’t trust the labeling on this product at all now. I would still like to see someone (with enough cash to do it – Adams? Mercola?) get an independent lab assay done on this product to see what ELSE it contains and whether the amounts stated on the label are even correct? Also, is there a substantial variance in levels and ingredients from batch to batch?

I will also have to go on record and agree with Mike Adams – in my opinion, this does not look like a safe, nor beneficial product to ingest. And I sure wouldn’t take it myself!

As many people have pointed out in the hundreds of excellent comments following this blog post, there are many other tried and tested ways to cure what ails you – kidney stones, decalcification, detox, arthritis, etc. – with a long history of use and some solid, independent science to back them up.

For me, as someone who has worked in holistic health for over a decade, and who also formulates health care products, this kind of mis-labeling, junk science and scamming of desperate people is very upsetting. This is the kind of product the FDA points to when it wants to justify making it harder and more expensive for supplement companies to provide you with non-drug solutions. So Bakos is not just harming himself by this kind of con-job, he is harming everyone else in the natural health industry; from the consumer to the manufacturer.

After first posting this inquiry, I was contacted by someone who wanted to talk to me privately about Adya Clarity. Apparently, he was one of the first people approached to sell/distribute Adya Clarity. But, like Mike Adams, when he started asking too many questions, the owner got upset and dropped him cold.


As anyone who works in healthcare knows – whether medical or holistic – the single most powerful healing agent known to humanity is the mind, or belief (visceral, gut-level knowledge or conviction) of the person. This is not a dismissal of someone’s reality, or a belittling of their Healing Journey, it is simply a statement of fact. See Dr. Bruce Lipton’s book, The Biology of Belief for the in-depth science behind this.

So, if someone believes with all their heart that Adya Clarity will work miracles (as claimed in the webinars, videos and websites promoting it) and their body zings with hope and anticipation that finally, FINALLY they can get relief, they can begin to heal… They have already mobilized the most powerful forces of their immune system and healing mechanism before the first drop even passes their lips.

The other dynamic that is undoubtedly at work here (and this has been mentioned several times in the comments section under this blog post) is the amazing health benefits conferred simply by just drinking enough water each and every day. However, you are not just drinking water, you are drinking water imbued with all the positivity, hope, love and excitement of your conviction about Adya Clarity’s miraculous effects. See Masaru Emoto’s books for the science behind how water molecules change shape to reflect our energy or intention.

Lastly, when flooded with either something new, something different, or something challenging, the body can respond in a positive way, again, simply from the body’s own mobilization of its own healing forces. This sounds very simplistic, but medical science has long identified this mechanism, hence why “go home and take an aspirin”, or even just a visit to the doctor’s office, can often work wonders. Somehow, it flips a switch and nothing really needs to be done, or ingested, you just need to wait and the body will heal itself in a short period of time.

So, basically, this whole Adya Clarity mess just points again to why we really need to both listen to our gut AND do our research. It reminds me of the whole bacterial soil organism muddle – kicked off with Garden of Life and now continued with Prescript Assist. Junk science, miraculous effects, but what are the side effects? And then what happens to all the the poor people with adverse reactions, infections etc. and how the heck do you get rid of all those spores you ingested now anyway?

As my dear brother, Ricken Patel (founder of Avaaz.org) recently wrote to me: “Reason without emotion would be lifeless. Reason without intuition would be aimless. But intuition without reason can be dangerous, and emotion without reason can be foolish. So I’ve found that wisdom is the *harmony* of intuition, reason, and emotion. With none as master, and none as servant.”

So, as I said, when trying new health products, listen to your gut, but also do your research!

Does Adya Clarity Black Mica Extract Work?

725 thoughts on “Does Adya Clarity Black Mica Extract Work?

  • As far as being a scam, I’d say it is equivalent to carbon capture as a viable way to reduced greenhouse gases. It sounds like the good (unpublished) doctor is using the basis of activated charcoal to decorate the credentials of his magic black rock. He has filed a few patents to use this black mica (after acid treatment) as a possible way to purify water for Africa. I’m sure he is taking advantage of the toxic conditions and people’s fear in Japan. However, even activated charcoal should not be used long term or for cases other than acute poisoning as it can chelate essential minerals leading to potential deficiencies.

  • That’s a very interesting point, LTD, saying that it “de-calcifies the body” may be helpful short-term in some cases, but long-term use could be debilitating.

    Could you post a link to the patent apps? I’d like to see how the acid treatment works.

    I love having such brainy readers – keep it coming!

  • The label says it is very high in iron. For elderly, cardiac patients and postmenopausal women, iron can be a problem. Also the trace minerals listed – first one is aluminum. Seriously?? Aluminum?? Cobalt?? Hmmm. I need lots more info before I consider this. I have emailed the company and will let you know.

  • WOW – I have been looking into this product as well – I look forward to seeing the comments from actual users and your viewers knowledgeable and helpful comments. I have been on a mission to find healthy drinking water, as here in Australia the high levels of fluoride and copper (from old copper pipes) are possibly the cause of my CFS and migraines. I am also very concerned about the trace minerals – I am very sensitive to aluminum – its hard to find that information listed. So….I look forward to hearing the outcome.

  • I bought some of the Adya Clarity and after using it for 2 weeks now I can tell you that it DOES make the bad stuff visible in the water. Fluoride looks like an orange goo. Other particles in the water fall to the bottom. After I put the drops in a gallon glass jar and let the stuff work overnight, I take a coffee filter and stuff it in a funnel and get all the orange goup and particulates out of the water as these look nasty. I use the water then just to drink, for tea, etc. I have noticed that my teeth look and feel cleaner. I thought I had a permanent stain on one of my teeth (even my dentist believed it to be permanent) but after using this stuff for a week, I’ll be damn, the stain came off and my teeth are just so clean – no plaque! I can’t tell you if it is helping me elsewhere yet, but I will let you know as I figure it out. I thought I was going to use this product for a short time (as most products I have tried give me minimal results or no results) but this one I can really see what is in my water and I am impressed at how the water tastes and what is happening to even my teeth. I would recommend trying this product. I wish I knew though how to make an extract of this stuff as it is kinda expensive but if you order it wholesale from adyaclarity.com and not some other sites you can get a better price at least.

    1. I have been using this product daily now since Nov 2014. It is fantastic. I am 72 years old and I attribute my perfect health to this product since I do not eat healthy balanced meals. This product supplies me with the necessary trace minerals required for perfect health. I make one gallon at a time and only drink down to the spigot level at the bottom of the glass jar disposing of the yellow water scum at the bottom. This product can be ordered much cheaper at EnvironmentalWholesale.com which I highly recommend as a supplier. In addition to Adya Clarity, I also use reverse flow osmosis and a vortex machine to treat my water. Everyone who tastes my water says it is the best tasting water they have ever had. Despite all the negative reviews of this product by all the so called experts, don’t believe them as they don’t have your best health at interest.

  • @LTD – as far as it working like a carbon filter I can tell you the answer is a clear NO! I put the water through my Brita carbon filter first and then put the adya clarity drops into the filtered water…but fluoride goup and particulates still came out of the filtered water! I was shocked to see how much goup was still in my water after it went through my Brita filter.

  • I know one thing for sure, if you ask a competitor to evalueate a product, naturally they’ll give it a bad report, DUH. That’s why I didn’t give the negative comments a second thought, especially the ones written by morrons LTD, JINI, Michelle, and DonnaRN. Mineral deficiencies are directly related to ALL diseases and have plagued most of the planet for centuries (at least). We only get a maximum of 7 minerals from our food, but optimal health requires 80+, even aluminum. We’re all suffering from mal-nutrition from birth, and anyone that thinks this should be reversible using a month supply of anything is just ignorant in health matters. I’m 2 weeks into my first bottle of Adya Clarity and have just ordered my second quart. I like the results. It is a bit pricey, but I cant put a price on a better quality of life or a greater longevity. “The proof is in the pudding,” and if it takes 2 months to experience that proof, so be it. Whatta we gotta lose, a couple hundred bucks? My life is precious and I’m willing to gamble that pittance if there is a possibility for improvement.
    Peace, Joy, and Love forever,

  • @Josie – I’m glad that this product wasn’t a wasted investment for you. However, you misunderstood my statement to Jini previously – I was being slightly cynical when I was comparing the clarity mica extract for in vivo detox to carbon capture technology (i.e. the idea that you can “catch” all the greenhouse gases made by burning fossil fuels to store underground – indefinitely!). I strongly believe an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of the cure. I did think that the black adya mica rock was a modified verstion of activated charcoal – which has been used to demineralize and filter water for quite some time and has also been used in the case of acute poisoning in vivo. There is no scientifically sound rationale provided that explains how an “extract” of this rock would work in vivo – as Jini had pointed out.

  • I believe Josie could be one of the Adya Clarity distributors, “or” one of the testimonials these distributors collect (hopefully). My suggestion is to examine this product independently since any of these comments on this page can fabricated, there’s no way to verify. I have sent an inquiry about Adya Clatiry to a party I trust wholeheartedly, I am still waiting for a reply. I will post as soon as I know anything. I have been witnessing Adya Clarity distributors marketing the product based on instilling fear, emergency and hype, just like any other mutli-level marketing. I did buy a different product from one of these distributors and when received it realized I was ripped off. The product which is an “how-to” guide to build a biodome was over priced, information incomplete and unprofessional. I thought I was buying a book but instead it was a PDF download somebody put together in their personal computer. I was lucky enough to get a refund.

  • Thank you for posting a Scam page since we always need to see all sides of a matter. My concern is that Adya is expensive. I have found a much cheeper way to purify my water. Have any of you heard of MMS? A six-months supply is $20 and purifies hundreds of gallons of water and has many of the benefits claimed by AdyaClarity such as anti bacterial, viral and fungal, renders heavy metals inert etc. Its 2 uses are these: a water purifier and daily shots. The downside of MMS is that you can make yourself very sick if you take too much and get the die off effect when used as daily shots. (I have not had the die off effect with Adya). I strongly recommend buying the $20 book and reading it in order to make yours decision. I got my book and product from Oceans Labs. I took a cup of my tap water and a cup of MMS purified water and treated each of them with Adya. The results were that my tap water had all the goo at the bottom that others have experienced and my MMS water was clear and clean!! So I am using the Adya as a body tonic and MMS as my less expensive water purifier. Does anyone know of another place to purchase the benefits of Black Mica that are bioavailable for the body that is less expensive than Black Mica? As a last comment, MMS is the only cure for malaria

  • Art-Chill-I just said I wanted more information. Why is that so threatening? And why are you only getting 7 minerals in the food you eat? Eat a wider variety of fruits and vegetables, nuts and seeds etc. Of course supplementation is important but your body will use the nutrients from food better than what you can get from a supplement. Food carries with it the necessary elements to aid our bodies in absorption and assimilation. This is by design. We are what we absorb, not necessarily what we eat. May I recommend that you eat some raw almonds and chew them well. They may help calm some of your hostility. Deep breathing is calming as well. In the interest of information-why don’t you tell us what results you are pleased with? Help us understand what it is you are so pleased about.

  • Black Mica (Biotite) can be found throughout most of the land in the Colorado Rockies. I’m currently looking into duplicating this process. Just harvested a bunch of black mica from my land. I found some gold flakes in the process. People tell me, it’s quite common to find gold with mica. I don’t give a flying crap about patents or money when it comes to health, so I’m going to reproduce this if I determine it to be a viable detoxification solution.

  • This is cool, all this bantering has jogged some good stuff loose from my memory blank.I ordered MMS a few fears back, but before I got it I read “The One Minute Cure” and found and ordered 6 more books on amazon.com about the use of food grade 35% hydrogen peroxide (H2O2). It’s not used to purify water, obviously, cause you have to take it in distilled water. It’s been used as far back as the mid 1800’s but, of course, the Pharamaceutical Drug Cartels eventually had the info buried and removed from all medical texts. No disease, including cancer, can live in an oxygen rich atmosphere. Since it’s been used for over 150 years, and so many reputable doctors and scientists have written books praising it’s sucesses, why look any further? I’ve decided to go back to my original plan, but adding an optional purifying method in the case of natural or man made survival needs. 1). Purify the water. In peace time, 3 stage filter followed by distillation. 2). Twice a day 5 to 10 drops of food grade 35% H2O2 in 8 oz of distilled water. 3). Add “Active Liquid Minerals Concentrate” to all drinking water instead of expensive Adya Clarity. I found out a couple days ago an extremely important piece of info. Ionic minerals are mostly from rocks (as Adya Clairity), and covalent minerals are only from non-metals as in plants. The body uses plant based minerals much more readily, no matter how small the “ionic” rock based minerals are. “Active Liquid Minerals Concentrate” has been around since 1926 supplying over 74 plant based minerals and trace minerals. That’s a good enough track record for me. I’ll finish up my Adya Clarity while waiting for my order of “Active Liquid Wellness” to arrive, but I’ll not reorder the A.C. till after I research M.M.S. again, and then maybe never. I’m so glad I participated in this discussion forum, otherwise I may never have done the research and found the difference between ionic and covalent. Peace, Joy, and Love forever.

  • First of all, just so people know, this is not a “scam” page on Adya Clarity – I meant it to be an honest exploration of this new product and how/if it works as claimed. Those of you who know me, know that I am always testing and on the lookout for better products and turbo-benefit-charged products. And I did hope that this was one of them.

    Big thanks to LTD for posting the links to the patent apps from the creator of this product (Shimanishi). I have many thoughts after reading the actual patent applications – which describe the product properties and applications in detail. So rather than posting a super-long comment, I am going to add them to the blog post above.

  • @LTD Absolutely! An ounce of prevention is worth (even more than) a pound of cure. I so agree. And I think you have a point in that the Adya Clarity can be used like a regular carbon filter, but only better (at least that is what I seem to be experiencing with it thus far). Even days later now, my teeth STILL feel like they do after you get them cleaned and polished by the dental hygenist. In other news, I have broken out with a rash all over my belly. I don’t believe it is poison ivy/oak but it itches like mad. Is it “detox” with the adya clarity (or unrelated)? Is it an allergic reaction, etc.? Don’t know yet. But I have never had a rash like this albeit the chicken pox when I was a little girl. I could have run into something or someone that had an infection…and then again it could be the adya clarity. Have no idea yet. Even though my teeth look and feel great (and what I believe to be a fluoride stain came off one of my teeth in the front), I will stop the adya clarity for a week or so to see if this clears up this rash. I am a rather allergic individual to lotions and certain foods so potentially I might have an issue with the adya clarity. Only one way to find out (by stopping it for a while).

  • @Bardugo,

    Nope! Sorry but I am NOT a distributor of adya clarity! I, like many, are looking for things that work for them. I have run into things that don’t work for me despite numerous testimonies from others. I have only tried the adya clarity for a short period of time so far so I cannot tell you beyond my initial experiences yet (with teeth, and potential rash/allergy) that I am experiencing with it. I am hopeful though. Didn’t expect it to clean my teeth (although this is nice) as I rather bought it to see if it would nix a systemic candida infection (as it is reputed to take care of that) and pull out lead/mercury/arsenic/fluoride from me (it is reputed to do this too). I like to try something for at least 30-60 days and see how it goes. I have bought many supplements/products in my day and don’t want to waste money on things that don’t work and figure if they work they should give me some decent results within a 30-60 day timeframe. You probably have seen the Kasper webinar on adya clarity like I have. I am just active in discovering if it works for me or not for the reasons I originally bought it for.

  • @Marcia, I have MMS too. It is pretty good for microorganisms. The only drawback is that it does not remove toxins from the water…but for killing germs it is great stuff (as in food grade hydrogen peroxide and colloidal silver – BTW never mix hydrogen peroxide and colloidal silver together as according to Steve Barwick who sends out newsletters on colloidal silver it can create a caustic environment inside you that can be very dangerous).

  • I have been using Adya Clarity for four days. My water (tap/brita filtered) was disgusting but now tastes fantastic. It looks pristine and there is always a thick layer of orangey brown gunk at the bottom of the container which I discard. The other benefits include a feeling of cleanliness and rehydration, mental clarity and the loss of stiffness in my limbs. I can’t speak highly enough of Adya Clarity. I think it is amazing stuff. It is expensive but lasts a long time particularly if it is just used for drinking purposes. I am on a very low income and I can afford it.

  • Hi, I began using it the past few weeks and also give it to my dog who has IBD or IBS-C. Adya Clarity seems to be working well for me, as expected. It’s about ionic minerals your body can absorb readily, necessary for enzyme activation. First time I tried it it cured a pressure headache pretty quickly. Great question you had about pH. I don’t do what they call “supershots which may be high acid, but just it as recommended: 20 drops/quart of water, very economical. I put in water I run through a high alkaline water wachine at 10.0 and the 20 drops don’t change pH a bit; the water remains high alkaline. Since we depend so much on enzymes and people with compromised guts are enzyme deficient due to low bacteria, I think this is probably a good product . . . nice to discover you today!

  • Hey guys,

    Do any of you have any information regarding the ‘Berkey’ water filtration system? I’ve been doing some research and it seems to be the most practical way to filter water.



  • Hey Adam, I’ve been reading about the “Berkey” for quite some time and decided some time back that when I make my move to my survival site in a couple months the Berkey is the first piece of survival equipment I’m gonna buy. I think it’s perfect.

  • Awesome! I think I will be making the same moves myself, God knows we cant rely on the economic system any longer! That’s how I came across AdyaClarity, it seems like a great product, pricey yes, but I was kinda turned off when I watched Kacper’s Webinar and found it strange he was trying so hard to keep it hush hush, meanwhile you can find it all over Facebook which is the last place to keep a secret from your Governmet :/

    I guess a body cleansing would be a good idea for $150, heck, I paid $90 for an allergy test and nutrition consult… but to constantly have to add it to my water supply, hmmmm, seems like the Berkey Water Filter is the way to go on this one… especially if I am to one day rely on river water and no mail service! haha, thanks guys


  • I’ve been on the fence about AC. I was going to add it to my already existing use of… Cell Food, Probiotics, and Modified Citrus Pectin, which also takes metals out of the body, but still am not sure even after reading the posts here. I’d like to get a filter that also removes fluoride (which many do not), so thanks for the tip on Berkey.

  • Hello,
    I also invested in buying Adya Clarity after reading all the claims about it, it sounded like a great mineral supplement, but I must admit, I did not like the idea of sulfuric acid as the agent that extracted the goodness out of the rock material in Mount Fuji.
    Nonetheless, I bought it, started taking the ‘shots’ as described in the literature, and, almost right away I am getting heart palpitations, about 1/2 hour after taking the “shot”.
    I e-mailed the person I bought it from, and he said I am probably detoxifying and to only take it once a day, or diluted, one teaspoon in a gallon of water.

    Well, I stopped taking the “shots” altogether, and only use it -a few drops in water- at a time, if the symptoms do not stop altogether in a couple of days, I will discontinue the product and use another method to mineralize.

  • I have been using Adya Clarity for quite sometime and the results are astounding. I have done a lot of research on Adya Clarity and I have been taking it for over a year now. This product is Sulfuric Acid. that is why the MSDS states Sulfate minerals.

    The information in this article is used from treating raw sewage versus tap water.
    When treating raw sewage you have to add much more minerals to get
    the same effect and will be left with a more acidic water. It is all in a
    Mexico city test that I saw from the president of adya clarity and Calcium is simply used to bring the pH back to a 7. I don’t really see any issue with this.

    Additionally, there are many companies who have marketed this product in Japan in the
    past. 7 years ago the Japanese man brought back a bottle of “Clarity
    strength” product in a 8 oz glass bottle.
    The Japanese direction were to add it to your water. It said there may be
    particulates at the bottom of the glass but do not worry these will not harm

    Next the directions on the bottle say to add 1-2 tsp per gallon of water for drinking (best
    results are achieved with filtration) this is because beginners do not know
    how to work with it precisely yet. This is 100-200ppm as directed for water
    . Super shots are an off label use and will be in pH of 4-5 where as lemons
    are around 2pH. the Dr. in Japan proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that
    using this method while drinking the treated water WORKS.

    A super shot is not WATER. It is a few ounces a day that is it. It is
    not like you are drinking that all day long. So maybe
    we should stay away any citric/acidic fruits or foods completely?

    The only reason I write this post is because it is truly an amazing product and the human population can benefit from this immensely at this time. I hope this helps! Jason.

  • Hi Y’all,
    I am about to order a small 2 oz bottle and check it out for myself. I found a site here in NZ where it is ever so slightly cheaper as it is on clearance (hmmm…… after reading one of the comments above about lack of follow up orders perhaps it does not work as suggested?).

    Anyway I am very greatful for this site. I will apply with caution and probably avoid the super-shots which I’ll leave to someone else. Not mentioned here by anyone is the use of Adya Clarity in a bath for a least 10 minutes (possibly avoiding eyes??).

    My experiments:

    – 10 minute foot soak, claimed somewhere to energize really tired feet, followed a couple of days later with
    – a bath. Read somewhere about layers of skin slothing off….mmmm attractive! This apparently lead to skin looking more rejunvenated
    – will add to my drinking water IF I can stand the taste. In the past I purchased a minerial supplement and just couldn’t get over the salty taste in my water even after just a drop or so was added for a once a day glass. Yech.

    Will post back in a couple of weeks or so.

  • Just wanted to give an update on some experiments I am doing with the Adya Clarity. In my area it has been raining almost non-stop for days. I decided to collect several jugs full of rain water since the opportunity presented itself. I tested some of the rainwater out with the Adya Clarity along side testing a jug of the Tap water from the faucet with it. Wow, HUGE difference! The amount of particulates is barely noticeable with the rainwater jug but the jug with the tap water is loaded with orange goup and particulates. Yuck! Try the experiment for yourself. You might want to start collecting rain water to lessen the amount of water you have to treat with Adya Clarity, thus saving you money.

    1. Hello Josie, I have been using Adya Clarity for a few years, just in my drinking water, about 2 cap fulls to a 2 1/2 gallon jug from tap water. The treated water tastes so much better, I discard the gunk at the bottom. Always thought about sending the straight tap water and Adya treated water for testing to compare. Thank you for posting your results from rain water. I collect rain water which I use untreated for my chickens so they don’t have chlorine and other toxins since I eat the eggs. Not sure I would drink the rainwater myself from the roof gutters but the chickens will drink muddy water so they don’t seem to care.

  • Listening to my gut tells me that Jason may have dropped too much acid at one time or another. “Sulfuric Acid” is highly corrosive and should never be ingested by humans. If Adya Clarity IS sulfuric acid it should be labled as such. That’s like drinking dilluted “battery
    acid.” All those that would drink “battery acid” if they were told “it is safe,” raise your hands.

    If the human race is to survive, we should be thinking about natural remedies. There’s a whole lot of b.s. going around the web capitalizing on “fear” to sell “miracles”. There’s natural ways to purify drinking water, and natural ways to “mineralize” or bodies. It’s up to each individual to intelligently make decisions as to getting and staying healthy, and I don’t believe ingesting “battery acid” is part of the solution.

  • Very interesting feedback and questions raised here. Just a comment to Art, isn’t sulfur in most tap water from public water sources – thus leaving the pink residue? I could be wrong, but for some reason I have always thought this additive was some form of sulfur. (And I am not a scientific scholar, so I cannot be more specific.)

    I believe I will try the small bottle, without doing the shots, and see if my gut and other health issues improve. I will post back with my results. Thanks!

  • To Jade, about sulphur: According to a study conducted between 2008 and 2011, there have been 316 TOXIC contaminates, identified to date, in our municipal drinking water systems. TOXIC, meaning deadly poisionous. So as far as the question of sulphur, one of the most abundant substances on earth, I’m sure it’s on the list.

  • Hello everyone , I have read all your posts about Black Mica , I also am very interested in it . David Wolf The Longevity expert has a longevity warehouse where you can buy Black Mica Extract for 79$ for a 16 oz glass bottle. http://www.longevitywarehouse.com/Black-Mica-Extract-16-oz-p/blackmicals16oz.htm here’s the site
    They also have posted a pod cast MP-3 by water expert Mark Bakas called The Essential Mineral Matrix Please listen to it , very informative then see what you think.
    Love , Light & Laughter x

  • This is all very interesting. My wife came to me with the info about Adya Clarity a week ago. She is very much into whole foods, natural healing etc, and is always talking to me about the latest thing she has read about various products. I usually utter something negative, and complain that she is such an easy target for marketers, and then boast about my wonderful skepticism. When she came to me about Adya Clarity, without even thinking I clicked immediately on the ‘buy’ button and purchased a large quantity of the stuff. She thought I had lost my mind, and I suppose she is right, but I just did not want to go thru the same reaction I normally have. I suppose just to shut her up, I bought a bunch. It arrived today. I will let you all know what we do with it and any results we experience. I have no connection to the product, and will give a completely unbiased opinion. I’m just a fed up husband, who desperately wants to find something I can believe in. I am assuming this is a fairly recent conversation, but so there is a reference point today’s date is 9/14/11. thanks, and I’ll be in touch

  • Hi Gary – the date is at the top of the blog post and yes, this is all a very current discussion. Please don’t beat yourself up for trying something new! Natural healing DOES work, but as you’ve realized, it’s a lot of ‘sorting the wheat from the chaff’.

    Personally, I’m THRILLED someone like you has bought some and will do some honest testing (that will likely avoid that very powerful placebo effect). So please do keep your mind open and alert to any changes and let us know how it all goes.

    If possible, it would be really helpful if you could sit down now and make a detailed, written list of any/all present symptoms you experience – no matter how minor. And then also keep a written record of dosing, frequency, etc. Then do a one month and possibly 3-month assessment. If possible do not change (add or discontinue) ANYTHING else; diet, supplements, exercise, etc. during this time. That would give us a pretty reliable indication of any effects, positive or negative that result from usage.

    Looking forward to hearing back from you in due course…!!

  • Just wanted to give another update. What I thought could potentially be an allergic reaction or detox issues with adya clarity is clearly now not either! I have a severe case of e poison oak! It just so happened to coincide with the time I started the adya clarity.

    But my teeth still feel really clean from the adya clarity despite my case of poison ivy 🙂 In two weeks I go in for my regularly schedule dental cleaning so it will be interesting to get verification from my dental hygienist on how easy/difficult is it is to clean my teeth this round.

  • Greetings..For all those interested, you can buy a 32 oz bottle of A.C. on their home page for $95. You’ll have to click on “Special Sale” and enter a password. I don’t remember how to get the password, but the hassle is worth the savings.

    Adya Clarity- mineralize your life! – Homewww.adyaclarity.biz/ – CachedYou +1’d this publicly. Undo
    Volcanic – Ionic Magnetic Sulphate Minerals from Japan. Purifies water of all types, structures, oxygenates, microclusters water. We have the Lowest prices …

    Happy health,

    Peace, Joy, and Love forever,


  • Hey Art… I’m confused… are you pro AC or not? you seem to criticize the product at times but then you plug it!? lol… I’m curious for an honest opinion because you seem to know what your talking about when it comes to your posts. 🙂

  • To Adam Francis: In the beginning of my comments on this site I, at that time, hadn’t come accross some new info. Since learning about the difference between “ionic” and “covalent”, has changed my thinking somewhat. “Ionic” is good and you do get a benefit from minerals from rocks in ionic form, but there is absolutely no comparison to “covalent” minerals from plants.
    Basically, health is a very personal subject. We must all be our own doctor and research out what is best for us. We take in as much info as we personally believe is necessary to make a decision. I personally believe info offered by people connected to a certain product should not be given as much consideration as info offered by non-partisian sites when trying to make decisions. There are lots of web sites offering general info that are not connected to “selling” anything. We as individuals just need to discern what is good for us and what is not so good. Research, research, research is much more useful than listening to some blowhard “snake oil ” salesman.

    Peace, Joy, and Love forever.

  • Hello,
    I have measured the adya clarity water pH. The water with adya clarity pH does not change that much. But if you take a shot the pH is aprox pH 4 and that is acid and eat away your teeth.

  • It’s funny that people are mentioning the cost of this acidic solution which uses dissolved mica or black mica. The patent’s background art states:

    “An object of this invention therefore is to provide a sterilizing water-purifying reagent for drink which is harmless for human body is capable of being inexpensively synthesized in industry and is excellent in removing muddiness and sterilizing bacteria.”

    As a matter of fact, the only reason behind a patent is to limit market penetration, not to prevent an individual from producing their own “batches” for personal use.

    To produce this liquid is inexpensive – very inexpensive. My guess, considering the cost of the raw materials required to produce, each 32oz bottle would cost roughly $5-6 to produce @ end-user market prices.

    As for the process, itself seems relatively simple:

    “To produce the sterilizing water-purifying reagent for drink of the invention, a 25% aqueous sulfuric acid solution is, for example, added to the vermiculite weathered from black mica at a ratio of 4:3 to 4 of the vermiculite: aqueous sulfuric acid solution by weight, and the mixture is allowed to stand for several days while sometimes stirring the mixture, or the mixture is heated to 100.degree. C. and allowed to stand for several hours while agitating the mixture. Thus, the elements such as Si, Al, Mg, Fe, K and Na, and the oxides thereof in the raw material are eluated in the aqueous sulfuric acid solution to produce sulfates, oxides, double salts and complex salts of the metals and nonmetals. In addition, small amounts of sulfates of Li, Zr, V, Ni, Co, P, Ba and S contained as elements or oxides in the raw material are also produced, but no detrimental heavy metals are contained. The aqueous solution thus produced is used as is or by concentrating or diluting the solution as sterilizing water-purifying reagent for drink. When 25% hydrochloric acid is used instead of 25% sulfuric acid and vermiculite is added at a ratio of 1:1 to the hydrochloric acid by weight and the mixture is then similarly reacted, the sterilizing water-purifying reagent for drink (sold in the name of “ENMINERA” by KABUSHIKIKAISHA ENMINERA) having similar action can be produced. In this case, there is an advantage that the reaction time can be largely shortened.”

    There you have it. The actual recipe. Now, let’s go to it!

  • Ok, the first thing I did was to do a test of our three main drinking water supplies in our home. I filled a glass of water from 1) the tap, 2) filtered from the fridge, and 3) our bottled water from Whole Foods- culligan, filtered, reverse osmosis etc. I added the right amount of drops and let sit 24 hours. After 24 hrs, the tap water definitely had orange goo in the bottom, the fridge water had some, but less, and the Whole foods bottled water had no visible cloudiness or goo. I drank the water from all three and it all seemed pleasant to the taste. Next I will do a blind taste test to see if I can tell the difference between each source and it’s AC counterpart. Now, reading about the recipe to make your own…. it sure seems a bit out of my league. I can handle a batch of Kombucha, but this?? Is the vermiculite that’s mentioned the same stuff that is in my ceiling used for insulation??? And I am very concerned with the talk about AC super shots being highly acidic…..would love to hear more chatter about that! thanks

  • So just watched Kacper’s webinar as well and was interested in the supposed benefits. And before I decided to buy (and while the webinar was playing) I was doing research on the internet. I’m really glad I found this site. Lots of good information to read here.

    A couple of things to note that I didn’t see people mentioning.

    1) Regarding the Super Shots — it was recommended to follow it immediately with 8 oz of water. How would that affect the pH, or would it? Still not sure if I want to chance doing this. 🙂
    2) Has anyone experienced any of the side effects detoxification mentioned in the videos? Such as the blackened finger tips and lead taste in the mouth or the kidney stones?

    I chose to only buy a minimal amount, although I was tempted with the larger — more for the “health” reason than just for the water purification. Although, I could see it potentially helping out in an emergency as a supplement to my Berkey.

    @Adam and @Art: I just recently got my Berkey system. I love it. I got the Big Berkey for my family of 5 (myself, two elderly parents, a dog and a cat).

  • Wow what wonderful posts by Mr. M and Gary!

    I will definitely do the recipe.! I don’t think it hard to do at all like some people think. It is just like baking a cake and quite honestly a cake recipe has more steps. Now the thing is sourcing the 25% aqueous sulfuric acid or hydrochloric acid needed. My parents are chemists so I will update you all later with what I find.

    Also I do find that rainwater where I add the proper amount of AC to it does not get any goup or particles in it (or extremely little). I will be collecting rain water much more often now that I know this.

    I am not too concerned by the “acidic” issue with the AC. Just alkalinize the water after you have purified it with the AC if you feel it is too acidic (but I don’t think it is). There are numerous alkalinizers out there and ionic minerals that you can add to the water afterwards. Why not do a saliva pH test before and after drinking AC purified water to see how acidic it is on your body? I don’t think it is as acidic as much as you all think. Otherwise my teeth would disintegrate from drinking this water and instead I find them clean as can be and without any gun sensitivity as I have had before it. Gums are nice and pink like they should be and not inflamed as before. Don’t forget there are bad forms of calcium (like coral calcium) which is alkaline adheres to your joints and teeth and makes little calcium shells like barnacles on your body. Calcium coral is still alive – a micro-organism. Remember too that we are supposed to be slightly more acidic than alkaline otherwise we would be like water pipes with calcium deposits on them. If you eat animal products or most grains, they are acidic and no one is measuring their acidity against the AC here so it is a matter of how acidic not that it is acidic (or not).

    Also I think that we need a lot more sulfur that we realize. Check out Dr. Mercola’s latest video blog on sulfur and obesity here http://articles.mercola.com/sites/articles/archive/2011/09/17/stephanie-seneff-on-sulfur.aspx?e_cid=20110917_DNL_art_1

  • I don’t know about that one Josie.. I’m not an expert or anything but I do know that one of the main reasons for Cancer is because it thrives in a low oxygen, acidic body… so there’s no way I would want to promote that in any circumstance.

    I’m not gonna even touch the more sulfur idea..

    I would consider AC for maybe a one time Detoxifying period if it is true with what they say and the metals in my body do actually get released, that would be a great boost to the future of my health and well-being.. otherwise this is a very touchy subject that I would definitely not trust for a long term program! There is no ‘magic pill’ out there, it’s all about an overall quality of life and what we need to heal our bodies is all around us.. The only problem is everything is being compromised by GMO’s!

    1. I’ll touch the sulfur idea…….Although there is no official RDA for sulfur, it is a critical nutrient. Daily intake is usually 800 to 900 milligrams of sulfur per day. Certain health conditions, such as arthritis and liver disorders, may be improved by increasing the intake of sulfur to 1,500 milligrams per day in supplemental form (most commonly as methylsulfonylmethane, or MSM). Sulfur-rich foods include eggs, legumes, whole grains, garlic, onions, Brussels sprouts, and cabbage.
      (As stolen from some RDA site.)
      It’s what usually gives flatulence that lovely fragrance.

  • 1). Mineral deficiency is linked to ALL diseases. This subject is written about by many scientists, doctors, and natural health practicioners.
    2). Oxygen dificiency is linked to ALL diseases. Tons of info on the web about oxygen dificiency in our atmosphere, which is why our blood is oxygen deficient.
    3). Vitamin C deficiency is the root cause of ALL heart disease – arterial plaque. Doctors Linus Pauling and Mathias Rath received a patent for their cure for heart disease, Vitamin C, L-Lisine, and L- Proline, but the FDA does not approve (I wonder why)? Arterial plaque is also the root cause of ALL major illnesses involving restricted blood flow, including all our organs and the brain.
    It would cost any individual pennies a day to correct all 3 deficiencies and become literally disease free, but nobody believes this is possible because of the most effective brainwashing techniques ever used against mankind. This has resulted in the ” WORST HOLOCAUST EVER .” Over 5,000 innocent American men, women, and children were “allowed” to die today from curable and preventable diseases. The same happened yesterday, the day before, and every day before that. But nobody knows or believes that such an horrendous act of destruction of human life is being carried out by the American Pharmaceutical Drug Cartels who have brainwashed good doctors and nurses into believing pharmaceuticals work and nothing natural does. Good doctors and nurses brainwashed into believing that “disease, pain, and suffering” is just a part of life and can not be avoided. Over 5,000 deaths per DAY, every DAY, equals over 2 MILLION deaths per year at a cost to the American taxpayer of over $3.5 TRILLION per year for a health care system that NEVER worked. That’s over 130 MILLION preventable deaths since 1940. Un fu**in believeable, but a fact non the less.
    Peace, Joy, and Love forever.

  • Hey Art. I posted what you wrote on FB. I want to friend you but don’t know which Art Martin you are. Big Pharma wants to infiltrate the multi-billion buck biz of supplements cause they work…which takes money away from their drug pushing… along with street drugs that they fund to keep them illegal, ie, DEA. Don’t want to get off topic so let me know if you want to be friends. Muffet

  • Hey Muffet. Sure I’d like to be friends but don’t know how to contact you. I think I’m the only 65 year young Art Martin on FB so maybe you could leave a note there. I looked up Muffet on FB but found nada. If FB means something other than facebook, I’m at a loss.


  • Jason – do you have any Bragg’s Apple Cider Vinegar? If lemons have a pH of 2 and Adya Clarity 4-5, I’m wondering what Bragg’s pH is – as this is another acidic remedy that has been used successfully for many years.

    I guess what I’m trying to work out, is: What IS the benefit of AC (Adya Clarity)? What exactly does it do? (NOTE: I’m not asking what the sellers claim, I’m asking what an independent expert on water, minerals, pH balance etc. would say)

    Many here are talking about it mineralizing the water – but this does not make a lot of sense to me since the amounts of minerals are very low – especially for the price charged and they are not angstrom or nano-sized (where super-high absorption counters low concentration).

    I also want to know more about how it “de-calcifies” the body (promoted extensively in the Kacper webinar). If it is highly acidic and remains so after ingestion, then that would explain why it is able to pull minerals out of the bones – the body would pull minerals from the bones to counter the acid and restore alkalinity in the blood/body. But this is not really a benefit for most people (as evidenced by osteoporosis rates and magnesium deficiency – about 40%). And as mentioned in the comments, an acidic body pH is a major cause of disease in the western world.

    When talking about pH we also need to distinguish between pH in the gut, the blood and overall body pH – often measured by saliva. The stomach and digestive tract must have an acidic pH. But the ‘body’ pH must be alkaline: 7.365. The ideal blood pH is 7.461

    So when looking at Adya Clarity, what changes in pH does it cause once ingested – especially in the ‘super shots’ dosing – and where in the body do these changes manifest?

  • FYI – Cancers thrive in circumstances that transcend Potential Hydrogen levels – generally speaking, the cancers we ALL have in our bodies are not stopped from multiplying naturally within our bodies due mainly to deficiencies. Cancers – or any other cells for that matter – cannot live in an extreme basic OR acidic environment.

    It is true that by producing and ingesting an acidic solution (i.e. 75% water : 25% Food Grade Acid) one can change the body’s PH level over time. As a matter of fact, many of you may already know of the apple cider vinegar to cure kidney stones. The acid softens the stone thus allowing it to pass freely over time. Acidic solutions dissolve mineral deposits, whether they have accumulated in your kettle or kidneys.

    One problem plaguing society is too high of a PH level (alkaline – or BASIC) in our diets and thus our bodies (with thanks going out to responsible advertising and thus society’s addiction to sweet salt and fat). My educated guess why AC is different from just a vinegar drink is the fact that it has used an acid to dissolve (and keep suspended) certain minerals within the mica. When these dissolved minerals contact other objects, they “bond” to them and cause them to precipitate out of solution, thus falling to the bottom.

    As for neutralizing life within an organic object, I would further guess that the acids cause a carbonic reaction within the “sealed” microbes thus producing C02, which further causes them to bloat and float to the surface upon contact.

  • I think there is a bit of confusion between the pH of ingested food/drinks and the affect it has on body chemistry. Eating an orange (an acidic food) actually has an alkanizing effect on the body. It is also highly erroneous to claim that the problem with today’s lifestyle/diet is its alkanizing effect. It is in fact the opposite – and it is mostly a derivitive of consuming foods high in nitrates/nitrites (mostly meat) which cause the blood pH to become acidic and this is associated with the metabolic syndrome and increased oxidative stress (in the form reactive oxygen species – not good as this is what leads to tissue damage, premature aging etc). So most of the “healing” or regenerative diets are those that help increase the blood pH to above 7 – which is also associated with lower systemic inflammation. Acidosis is definitely something you want to avoid.

  • I’m on your side, LTD. I believe one of the main problems with these comments/commenters is that there seems to be self proclaimed experts who have their facts all screwed up. A lot of people read crap from other self-proclaimed experts and believe it to be true, compounding the flow of bulls**t. Keep on keeping on.

    Peace, Joy, and Love forever,


  • I am going to hold off on the AC (was looking for a way to rid myself of fluoride, chlorine and metals) and try this for detox instead (found while surfing for detoxing with cilantro):

    Cilantro Pesto Said to Remove Heavy Metals

    Heavy metal poisoning is rampant. It is a major cause of hormonal imbalances, cancer, thyroid problems, neurological disturbances, learning problems, depression, food allergies, parasites, etc. etc. This is a great recipe that is not only easy to make but also really yummy, and it tells you how to remove heavy metals from the body!

    Cilantro is truly a healing food. One friend suffering from high blood pressure due to mercury poisoning had her blood pressure return to normal after eating two teaspoons of this pesto daily for only a week. So whether you need to detoxify heavy metals from your body or just wish to use it as a preventative measure, 2 teaspoons a day is all you need to take. This pesto has now become a regular in my diet. Enjoy!

    Cilantro Chelation Pesto

    4 cloves garlic
    1/3 cup Brazil nuts (selenium)
    1/3 cup sunflower seeds (cysteine)
    1/3 cup pumpkin seeds (zinc, magnesium)
    2 cups packed fresh cilantro (coriander, Chinese parsley) (vitamin A)
    2/3 cup flaxseed oil
    4 tablespoons lemon juice (vitamin C)
    2 tsp dulse powder
    Sea salt to taste

    Process the cilantro and flaxseed oil in a blender until the coriander is chopped. Add the garlic, nuts and seeds, dulse and lemon juice and mix until the mixture is finely blended into a paste. Add a pinch to sea salt to taste and blend again. Store in dark glass jars if possible. It freezes well, so purchase cilantro in season and fill enough jars to last through the year.

    Cilantro has been proven to chelate toxic metals from our bodies in a relatively short period of time. Combined with the benefits of the other ingredients, this recipe is a powerful tissue cleanser.

    Two teaspoons of this pesto daily for three weeks is purportedly enough to increase the urinary excretion of mercury, lead and aluminum, thus effectively removing these toxic metals from our bodies. We can consider doing this cleanse for three weeks at least once a year. The pesto is delicious on toast, baked potatoes, and pasta.

  • Martian, I’m on Mr. M’s side. Nobody’s claiming to be an expert here. Just the fact that you can comment with such intelligent and educated words like bull***t tells everyone exactly where your understanding flows from. All I see is someone trying to help. Take it as you may, keep it flowing from wherever you think appropriate.

    How can you come up with a maximum of 7 minerals in everybody’s diet? That is beyond arrogance! People like you just like stirring the pot. Why don’t you get your facts straight. At least Mr. M. sounds intelligent.

  • Hey Muffet, that sounds like a lotta work. Just a suggestion: Check out EDTA, Malic Acid, and Bentonite Clay. From what I understand they’re 3 of the most powerful heavy metal chealating agents available, dirt cheap, and extremely easy to use. I put the bentonite in my daily psyllium husk, diatomaceous earth, apple cider vinegar, Vit C crystals, grape juice and purified water, fiber shake. The EDTA and Malic Acid I put in my daily protein shake. Pretty easy, huh? Not to mention detoxifying daily.
    Then I use a 3 stage filter to remove chlorine, fluoride, and VOC’s, not to mention a whole lot of other bad guys. If I want to get real serious I then run the filtered water through my handy dandy distiller. If I do the whole purifying process, the Adya Clarity is a total waste of money. No yellow/orange goop at all. I just add my 80+ minerals and enjoy delicious pure water.

    Peace, Joy, and Love forever,


  • Hey Art…what filter brand are you using? I have not found any other than the reverse osmosis or the ionic that take out the fluoride. I use living clay, but it doesn’t get into the blood stream, so am also using MCP (Modified Citrus Pectin). Plan to look into the others you mentioned. Thanks. I will write you more on this through facebook.

  • To Muffet: The filter brand is Crystal Quest, Tripple 8 stage, model # CQE-CT-00133. You can talk to a rep on the phone to get the full info. $144 + shipping. Or Amazon.com for $115 + shipping.

    If you’re interested in a distiller go to webeatprices.com I bought the least expensive one they’ve got, $65 about 3 1/2 years ago and it still works as good as the day I bought it.

    Peace, Joy, and Love forever,


  • I noticed that David Wolfe is selling AC on his website. Hummm? He is big on drinking spring water and not so much into water filters. But he did mention pristinehydro.com

  • PLEASE REFRAIN FROM INSULTING PEOPLE in your posts – if you do, I will delete them. You are most welcome to share your ideas, information and opinion, but profanity and insults are not appropriate in this forum. Thank you.

  • I am a supplement skeptic but I watched the webinar and was sold on it. I am trying it. It is my third day I feel something weird going on in my body. i drank alot of treated water last night and felt flush, warm, and out of it for a couple hours. I think i will lower the dosage. I still feel warm. I don’t take super shots. I have been adding it to purified water from the whole foods vending machine and I see no orange flakes. I put 8 drops in 8oz of tap water it has been 4hrs and i am seeing hella orange flakes floating around. I will keep you posted

  • Several interesting ideas are outlined here. Hope more updates and user reports keep getting posted.

    Heard rave reviews re Berkey filter system several years ago, and never got round to it. Seems each week, more news breaks about polluted public water systems.

    Not an expert however, AC seems intended as a temporary removal and mineralization process. It will be interesting to hear from actual testers with no direct economic interest in this black mica extract.

    Also informative to have a comparison range between the pH of stomach acid vs AC-treated water. No expert here, it seems stomach acid decreases with age.
    No big leap to consider that more acid may be beneficial, yes?

    Had not considered this! The cilantro pesto recipe is really cool. Thanks!

  • You’re absolutely right Jini, and I apologize. I’m just surprised you allowed Martian’s insulting “moron” name-calling to remain. I’ve dealt with people like this all my life and I just can’t stand seeing them put other people down so they can elevate themselves.

  • Peter – no worries mate. I also left your comment (#58) in to counter Art’s previous comment. I understand that people express themselves differently and also that people who are not used to expressing themselves in print don’t realize the difference between spoken (much more lenient or funny due to inflection, body language, etc.) and written communication. So, I don’t mind the odd slip or two, but when it gets out of hand…

    And also – I think you already know this – when someone insults other people or stoops to name-calling, they certainly are not elevating themselves. But, as you pointed out in comment #58, they are merely revealing their ignorance, or lack of grace, or not understanding that a curmudgeonly sense of humor doesn’t translate well in print. Anyway, as I said, no worries and moving on!

  • Hi Jini- I like your honesty and attitude. I’ve been looking into adya clarity, thus ran into this discussion. I’m easily influenced by a good sales pitch, so I also get easily confused and mislead- I just want to take care of myself, in particular with the substances I ingest, especially now in regard to fallout and contamination concerns. I’ve been using Crystal Energy for a few months because of the wonderful way it has been promoted by some raw foodists and others in the health field. But I’m seeing some ‘debunking’ articles by scientists, and wanted to know if you have any experience or knowledge about this product. I hope it’s appropriate that I ask here.
    Thank you very much.

  • Hi Bill, my personal opinion is that crystal energy therapy can be used as an adjunct or support for more “physical level” healing protocols. I have used it quite a bit myself and although helpful, it is unlikely to shift or heal anything in the long-term by itself – unless you have an extremely strong belief in it. In that case, it will activate the strongest healing force we know of (scientists call this the “placebo effect”). When the mind, will and emotions unite, they produce measurable, chemical change in the body and mobilize many healing mechanisms (immune system processes). So in this way, it could be a very powerful healing tool.

  • Thank you so much Jini for that quick reply!
    I’m sorry- I wasn’t being completely clear: I was asking about a PRODUCT called “Crystal Energy”, created by Patrick Flanagan, using silica ‘microclusters’ to remove toxins and increase ‘zeta potential’ in water, etc. He’s been well known in some “alternative” fields for many years. David Wolfe and Gabriel Cousens have both recommended his product, and being a raw foodist myself, I was swayed by their words. (Do you know of them?) But I wonder…
    Thanks again! I hope you have some thoughts.

  • I have a 5 gallon glass jug that i filled with dionized water from whole foods I put the recommended 5 teaspoons of adya clarity in it yesterday and put the cap on it. I looked at It 12hrs later just now and the water has a very watered down slightly greenish hue and no flakes. I dumped it down the drain. I drank that stuff last night it tasted kinda sour and I did not feel good could someone please tell me as to why this may of happened. I really am looking for ways to make my self feel better I feel dead inside like I cant feel anything. I am a hypersensitive to chemicals and i want them out of me. I feel my body and mind Is not alive because Its my enviornment and their is nothing i can really do about it now I cant move to cleaner healthier area and It breaks my heart.

    I am a 28 year old female and I moved to an area in CA in 2010 with lots of trees and extremely clean air my body unexpectedly and spontaniously began to heal slowly in the first month. I felt the breath of life in my lungs. My tears were cool and clean and didn’t sting my eyes any more the blue in my eyes was more intense and the vainy redness on my eye balls disapeared . My nails for the first time went from clear and brittle began to grow very strong with healthy cuticles my hip bones widened and the redness that i had in my eyes and on my skin my whole life just dissappeared…my skin was like silk and became an even toned very light color. my bones felt very very strong and i was getting muscle tone my breasts grew and my IBS dissapeared. my stools were finally normal. my hand eye coordination and mood dramatically got better. I had no breakouts on my face. I had an incredible athletic energy. I felt more intelligent, outgoing, and quicker on my feet. I felt love. and other raw emotions i never felt in my life I had a spiritual awakening. Others at work noticed the changes. i never sayed anything to any of them about what was going on in my body. I looked in the mirror and i saw a goddess, I never thought i was pretty i felt beauty and saw beauty all around me… It changed my perspective on the world. i had to move in january 2011 i didnt want to go and it made me cry so much. Over the months my skin became slighty redish and transparent again and my nail cuticles peel again my nails are growing weaker my bones dont feel strong any more my skin is yuk. feel slower in my thinking and forget things alot. I wish for good health sooo bad to feel good inside Its the only thing in this world that i want. I hope for a good second paying job so i can live at this wonderful place again. ..♥

  • Jini – Great site! I got a lot out of the discussions, not just on the AC that I was looking for.
    Josie – any chance the rash is Shingles? I saw the “not since chickenpox”, and it made me think of the case of shingles I had a couple of years ago.

  • I was extremely sick a few years back. Got better with some supplementation and mind therapies like Holodynamics. But it wasn’t until I started to practice quantum forgiveness that I got 100% well. It was a miracle. The info is in the book – The Disappearance of the Universe, by Gary Renard.

  • Bev,

    No it is poison oak for sure. I thought the same thing though. Saw my doc on it and confirmed it with pics on the Internet 🙁 The best thing for it is diluted chloride bleach on a while towel put on the poison oak for a 1/2 hour. Works miracles! In fact is is the only think that has worked to not only stop it’s spread but to eradicate it from my body. The itch was nothing in comparison to the rapid spread of it because of the oils it produces. I am very allergic to the poison oak apparently. Never would have known this diluted chlorine technique had I not made a FB post and gotten tons of responses to (re)solve this issue. It is almost gone now with 3 days of the bleach versus 3+ weeks of all other methods tried (hydrogen peroxide, colloidal silver, Aveno, jewel weed).


  • Very nice to read all the comments. I can recommend a very interesting product
    which is called Liquid Zeolite. The best Zeolite comes from Australia. Look at liquidzeolite.org for more info. On Google you will find more about it. There is also a free
    e-book on shelleypenney.com. And of course she wants you to buy from her, but there are more sources. Clinoptilolite Zeolite is a natural mineral and is non-toxic, it removes toxins
    and heavy metals from the body without removing healthy ions and minerals. It helps to buffer up the body PH levels to a healthy slightly alkaline ( ph 7.45 to 7.45 ).
    Zeolite is easy to take, it has no odor or taste.

  • I just Hear from this product today and after reading most of the comments I just will add:
    Save some money from other unnecessary purchases and give it a try and verify for yourself. The main benefit they are taking about is de-calcification. If that’s only what it does it’s worth it, the rest is extra benefits.

  • I’m not sure about the effect on the human body but I can tell you from first hand experience that the flowers (water with my drinking water) last a LONG time. At work, we have flowers delivered monthly. Everyone’s flowers (going on Day 8) have been thrown out. My flowers are still standing proud (sunflower, carnationl, and a furry flower in the center) and I have NOT changed the water. Their water is stinky, mine is not. So it must be doing something. How’s that for science??


  • This is in reference to Terry’s question about science. A controlled experiment to test the superiority of adya clarity against regularly filtered water for “flower longivity” would require you to split your flowers equally and using filtered water in one vase and this heinously expensive concoction in another and placing them in the same area. The result of this randomized parallel trial would be slightly more conclusive than what you describe.

  • I have not tried AC yet, and I’m learning a lot from this discussion. I have a question and few comments. Has anyone measured the pH of AC itself? I suspect it is either alkaline or nearly neutral, judging from the process described. If you take a very acidic solution such as sulfuric acid and mineralize it heavily, you will eventually neutralize it or even raise the pH to an alkaline level. Adding minerals is how you raise pH, which is why we need minerals for health. I would not be too concerned about consuming “battery acid,” as one commenter said. Sulfur is perhaps the most essential mineral of all, as it is the basis of DNA. MSM is know to be highly beneficial and therapeutic, and it is pure bioavailable sulfur. Methyl sulfanyl methane is a scary-sounding chemical name but that’s what MSM is. So the key question is, what is the pH of AC by itself?

  • I forgot to add that what you would end up with in that sulfuric acid process is sulfates of the various minerals present in the black mica, which sounds like not a bad thing. If you used hydrochloric acid, you would create chlorides, which I think would not be as good.

  • I had prostate cancer &keep my body alkaline
    So it went away. Do alkalone water each am
    Don.t want it back. Great if it gook
    Reduced calcified nobs from ra but bad ikf ot gook calcciumfrom bones


  • My concern with black mica is that it’s sourced from Japan, which is dealing with Fukushima Disaster radiation, which may contaminate the Black Mica which actually absorbs radiation and various toxins.

  • LTD… I agree that foods can be acidic and would be fine to eat… however, when it comes to water, it is not the same digestion process as when we eat a food, plus looking at how water is in pristine nature, it’s usually right around neutral l 6.5 – 7.5. So nature didn’t intend for water to be too acidic, nor to be super alkaline as some “Alkalizing machines” do… 9-12ph. There has to be a balance, this is why we call 7.0 neutral, and most fresh water is in that range. So anything that makes water too alkaline or too acidic is something that’s out of balance in my opinion. 6.5 – 7.5 is natural and ideal range of PH in my opinion. We’re not fish, but the ideal ph for most fish is between 6.5 -7.0, and fish swim in all kinds of waters that come from nature… so Wisdom or God set this range and we shouldn’t deviate from it.

  • Mr. Me I was a little confused on why you think that there is an alkaline problem, from what I have learned from taking many nutrition classes, I believe that most of the foods that the average person eats are acidic such as sweats and fats from animals. I have only read down to your comment so far so maybe others had something to say about this also. I am no expert on the subject of pH, it was one of the more confusing parts in my classes, but I have also looked into some research that believes that alkalinity is used in killing cancer cells. However, this is a large topic due to the body requiring different pH in different areas of the body and the pH of the food dose not always impact the pH of the body. I came across the webinar also and bought some A.C. but am still not sure how I feel about it. When I read the label saying that there is aluminum and barium in it I was not excited about this. Yes we need minerals even aluminum, but the problem is how do we know we have enough or too much of them, and I believe that these two minerals are pollutants in our environments thanks to the spraying from chem trails. Aluminum also bio-accumulates and is found in the brains of Alzheimer’s patients. Aluminum is also put in some vaccines which I do not like. I sent an email to the person that I bought it from asking about this and they sent me links that praise the product and a message about how much we need minerals but did not address my concern about the barium (which I have not been able to find any info on why we would need this) and the aluminum. I am not going to try the shots because I do not like taking risks on over taking any substances but like everyone else I was impressed and grossed out by what it made tap water look like. I LOVE my Berkey filter though so I have just been putting some drops in my filtered water but it is so hard to tell about the effectiveness of products especially if you are like me and not consistent with it or take very much of it. I enjoyed reading what everyone has to say and that so many people are also trying to figure this out! Was not too thrilled reading about how they extract the A.C. but do not know enough about it to know if it is potentially dangerous. One thing that I did think about though is that it is from Japan and it is so sad to say but after the radiation disaster I do not feel safe buying products from Japan but I guess you could say that about a lot of places right now because it is so out of control that it has spread all over the place. I am also interested in trying Zeolites and Collodal Silver and have heard some about MMS. Thanks for all the info giving me more to think about.

  • I know Berkey filters are expensive but the water tastes so good and unlike reverse osmosis or distilled water you still get the minerals in your water. The only bummer is that you have to buy the arsenic/fluoride attachments for it and they need to be replaced around every six months depending on how much you use it (they are around 70 bucks for two). But the ceramic filter (which the black one is supposed to be better) lasts a long time (if you are not using really horrible water). Here are some other filters that I am interested in buying: http://www.purelivingperoxide.com/premium-supplements/omica-organics/omica-shower-filter and http://www.rei.com/product/653573/katadyn-pocket-water-filter (you can find a better price on this one if you search online) I like the pocket filter because it lasts a really long time but it is a steep price, would be a great survival filter though. I wish that I could afford the whole house fluoride filters but they are thousands of dollars.

  • Dear Jini,
    I started taking Adya Clarity about 7 weeks ago. I took the super shots for about 3 weeks, but stopped then, because of several symptoms I developed, and I wanted to know if they were actually caused by the Adya Clarity. First of all, I started having headaches that would simply not go away – for weeks! And then I developed sore muscles as though I had worked out too much. However, the sore muscles stayed with me throughout the time I took Adya Clarity. A few days ago, I decided to stop Adya Clarity for the time being, to see if my ‘symptoms’ would dissipate. Within 3 days my sore muscles ‘disappeared’.
    I can’t believe that my symptoms were simply ‘detoxification’ symptoms, as I had been on a 100% raw diet for several months before I resumed on the high raw diet I am following now. I believe that my body did a lot of detoxing before I went on Adya Clarity (I also had a rather healthy diet for decades before I decided to go raw…). , so it wouldn’t make sense if I had such severe detox experience after taking Adya Clarity 😉
    I have scoured the internet hoping to find reports of other people who have had similar experiences, but coudn’t find any.
    Having that said, have no proof that Adya Clarity is the culprit – except for common sense when I look at when I started to have health issues and what changed in my life around that time.,…

  • Jini, this is a great site, and just what I have been looking for. I’ve read all the posts and learned a great deal from the participants. I’d like to add my 2 cents’ worth to the melee.

    In Muffet’s post #57, she includes a yummy-sounding recipe for dextoxing heavy metals using cilantro, and I can’t wait to try it. One thing that I would add, however, is chlorella, because David Wolfe mentions in one of his lectures that a cleanse can be done with cilantro and chlorella in combination to remove heavy metals from the brain.

    As a brief introduction about me, I’m a 58-year old diabetic with retinopathy, neuropathy, fibromyalgia, and joint and muscle stiffness and pain. I started juicing vegetables and eating a mostly vegan diet about 3 months ago, in an attempt to correct my health problems which had so incapacitated me that I could not lead a healthy or happy life. I started experiencing some improvements on that regimen, including some weight loss, and my insulin requirements have lessened.

    I purchased Adya Clarity about 3 weeks ago and have been adding 1 tsp per gallon of distilled water, rather than using it to purify tap water, which I understand would use up some of the minerals which otherwise would be used by my body. I read in several places on the web that drinking pure distilled water can be damaging to the body, and it’s my understanding that adding AC restructures that water and mineralizes it so that it becomes healthy instead of harmful.

    At first I tried a Supershot, but found that the acid removed the smooth feeling from my teeth and made them feel very rough. This scared me. It took a few days for the smoothness to return. I’m afraid the acid will damage my teeth, so I no longer do Supershots and instead just drink the water. I also carry a dropper bottle of AC with me and when I eat in a restaurant, I add a few drops to whatever I am drinking — coffee, tea, or water. I also add it to my fresh vegetable juice and smoothies, since it is supposed to remove pesticide residues. I also keep a couple of gallons in a bucket (with a lid to prevent evaporation) to use as a final rinse for fruit and vegetables, for veggie pesticide removal.

    I have noticed the following effects which I believe are from the AC:

    1. Severe pain in wrist since October 2010, which caused me to wear a brace, and which prevented me from lifting anything or bending the wrist, is gone. I’m convinced the AC has caused this remarkable healing, because the pain was terrible until I started using the AC, then it started to ebb.
    2. For years, I’ve had severe muscle pain in my legs that kept me from walking more than 20 feet without having to stop and recover. I think that pain was from peripheral artery disease. This pain is gone. I can now walk around a grocery store normally, without having to ride the handicaped cart! (If it was actually PAD, it is possible that the AC could actually remove plaque from arteries. This is just a guess, though; I’m no doctor or scientist — but I would love to see some tests done to show whether it can do this!)
    3. More flexibility — I can make a fist now, whereas before my fingers were too stiff to bend. Also I can now bend down and pick things up from the floor, which I couldn’t do before.
    4. “Brain fog” has lifted and my thinking is clearer. Memory is better, too.
    5. I used to be out of breath after walking across a parking lot, but I can breathe now!
    6. Muscles and tendons in upper back seem looser, less tight; however, I still have muscle spasms and a lot of pain in my upper back, shoulders, and neck (I’ve had a spinal fusion in my neck also). I suspect that improvement in this area will be slower because of the very long-standing back problems I’ve had. That being said, however, my LOWER back pain is almost gone, and it was debilitating before using AC.
    7. Years-long knee pain that caused me to limp is gone. Same for hip pain!
    8. My teeth feel cleaner with less tartar and plaque.
    9. Gum disease seems reduced, with gums pinker.
    10. My attitude is better and depression is reduced. I am more patient and can cope with stressful situations better.
    11. Bowel movements have been softer and darker, as though I’m expelling heavy metals or some other kind of toxin.

    As time goes by, I am hoping for further improvements, especially with my vision; also for carpal tunnel syndrome. Since I am trying to follow a healthier diet and recently started taking other supplements such as enzymes, B12 (which I’ve had a deficiency of), and so on, it’s hard to isolate the effects from AC alone. However, i am convinced that the healing of my wrist and the lack of pain in my joints is due to the AC, along with the increased flexibility and reduced muscle pain. These things alone have greatly improved my quality of life and lifted my mood. (It’s hard to be happy when you’re in pain!) I also have osteoporosis and I want to get another bone density test when I’m employed again and have health insurance. Hopefully the AC, in conjunction with healthier eating, will improve that too after a few months.

    I also have another use for Adya water that I want to share. Over the past few years my once-thick hair has become thin and brittle and about 50% gray. I’ve been trying all the products, conditioners, and so on that I could think of to restore shine, volume and body to my hair. I’ve finally hit on something that works for me. Instead of using shampoo, which I think leaves heavy residues and chemicals on my hair and scalp, I now wash my hair with pure baking soda. I use one handful for the first wash, by making a paste out of it with a few drops of water and scrubbing my hair and scalp with it. After I rinse that out, I do it again with a 2nd handful. Then I rinse thoroughly. The baking soda is like a clarifying shampoo that removes all dirt and oils from the hair, and leaves it squeaky clean. (By the way, the baking soda also works well as a scrub for the face.) I wring most of the water out of my hair, then pour a little Adya water on my head and rub it around to make sure all the hair and scalp gets wet with it. I think this removes any residue that my hard tap water leaves on the hair, further purifying it. When it dries, it’s soft, shiny, and thicker than it’s been in years — plus this regimen has gotten rid of my dandruff! Every few washings, if I feel my hair needs it, I use conditioner after the baking soda wash, rinse thoroughly, then do a final rinse with the AC water.

    OK — that’s my take on Adya Clarity. Sorry this was such a long post, but I wanted to cover everything I could think of. Thanks a million for giving us this forum in which to share our thoughts and experiences!

  • Great blog, thanks Jini & all who have contributed so far. Not much feedback yet on any real benefits other than clean teeth, though. 🙁 So far the discussion seems to be mostly centered around clean water, and as many of you have noted, there are numerous ways much cheaper than AC to accomplish “clean” water.
    Has anyone actually experienced the touted benefits of “decalcification” to relieve arthritis, stiff bones, etc yet? Or any other (objective) health benefits?

    My husband and I just allowed ourselves to get suckered into buying this product, and he clicked the order button (so as not to miss the “deal deadline”) before I managed to finish reading all the posts here. Now that I have, the product’s high price, the pushy salesmanship, and lack of real benefits from real unbiased folks such as here make me think we made a mistake and I feel like I should just call them right back and cancel our order.
    If any of you have (or have not) been able to get more out of this product than “clean” water but just haven’t had a chance to update your posts yet, would you please take the time to share. And if we decide not to cancel our order and we do try the product, we’ll do the same. Thanks! Today is 9/25/11.

  • I just finished watching Kacper’s water webinar and decided that I needed more info. Thank you for this forum on Adyaclarity. I know more now than I did, but still not sure if it is worth the money. Will keep reading. Thank you for all the additional information and websites to check out.

  • @86 & 88. I did the same thing with a dozen roses I got. I put about 1/2 teason of AC in 1 vase with 6 flowers and did not put any in the other vase. The flowers in the AC lasted several days longer and the watar stayed very clear for a long time. Usually the water needs to be replaced after a day or so. I only replaced the water once. I was very amazed how clear the water stayed.

  • As a science professor (and health advocate), I don’t know whether to laugh or cry. Clearly, American science education has failed and that’s why we are way down on the list. It’s also why so many responders to Jini’s superb article are in no position to evaluate a product like this. I’m not picking on Josie, #7 but I’ll use her conclusions as an example: “I bought some of the Adya Clarity and after using it for 2 weeks now I can tell you that it DOES make the bad stuff visible in the water.” Well Josie and everyone, that isn’t the bad stuff in the water – it’s the Adya Clarity itself! This is mostly iron in the Adya that has oxidized. Scientists would call this a “Parlor Trick”. If you really want to see what the impurities look like in your tap water, put at least 2 cups in a pan and boil the water away – what left is 99% of the impurities.
    The first Adya Parlor Trick was actually done by Dr Shimonishi himself when he cleared up the filthy ponds (I think he had good intentions though). You can easily do the same thing yourself buy stopping at your local pool supply and buying a $15.00 bottle of pool clarifier. It contains some of the main ingredients that are in Adya and works just as good for flocculating a very limited amount of impurities from water.
    Here’s what worries me…They say that Adya is made from black mica, known among geologists as biotite. When I look at the formula for biotite I see a lot of Aluminum, Fluoride and Iron. What? And Adya is used for a mineral supplement too? Now that really scares me. So, if you put a dropperful in pure water does that mean you and your family will end up getting a dose of Aluminum, Fluoride and Iron? This is what needs to be determined before anyone makes a move, or takes a sip…

  • How come when they put the Adya Clarity in the pond, the stuff floats to the top but when we put it in our water, it floats to the bottom? How do we know it is the same stuff that they used in the pond. I would like to see some independent lab testing on the product and some water testing on the water. Most of what is used to sell this product is fear. They want us to be quiet about it too. I don’t like that either. There must be more info in other countries regarding this like New Zealand and Australia. Sounds like it was there before it came here and there should be some testing on it by now.

  • Jini,

    I have a colloidal silver generator that I can recommend. It makes one of the (if not the) smallest colloidal silver particle I believe you can find on the internet. This is important because the particle must match the size of the micro-organism in order for it to be eradicated from the body. Not all colloidal silver generators make the silver colloids this small. See http://www.silverlungs.com. My boyfriend was nearly paralyzed for two years before I met him. Any movement was excruciating for him. When I met him a few months ago he could still hardly move. His doctors had concentrated on physical therapy and I felt they were overlooking infection as my boyfriend described that the day before the paralysis set in he had gotten sick and then had a chill run down his spine. I made a quart sized jar of some colloidal silver from my Silver Lungs generator for him, and within a few weeks he lost about 80% of his paralysis! He still is recovering but it shows you that this goes a long way toward healing cases that appear permanent. I highly highly recommend the Silver Lungs colloidal silver generator.


  • @Angela,

    I cannot answer as to whether or not the AC is what you see in the water. Maybe it is, maybe it isn’t. I think your question deserves a better answer for sure from the makers of AC.

    All I know is that for me, the AC has given me cleaner teeth and really nice sparkly pink gums. I do not do the supershots of AC though as I like taking things gradually. I just drink the water as specified.

    My parents are chemists. My dad has a PhD in organic chemistry and my mom is also a chemist and a chem engineer. My dad is interested in looking at this formulation so I will have to get back to you with his assessment of it to be able to tell you more from a professional chemist’s viewpoint. He will be able to tell me a bit more on the specific chemical reactions as would my mom.

    I don’t agree with you that it is just the AC in the water, but I cannot say for sure to give you that warm and fuzzy feeling. I just don’t think I would be getting the results I am getting if it were just AC deposits in the water. I also feel that after taking the AC in water for several weeks that my spine is a bit more loose. Possibly removing calcium deposits from my spine? I don’t know for sure, but my family has a history of developing spurs on the spine and feet and I think I do feel better with the AC and want to see how this progresses – if it is a temporary thing or something more permanent and repeatable. I am a scientist too, just not in the field of chemistry. In the field of geodesy and computer science.


  • @Angela,

    I do agree with you that you can probably buy some of the ingredients from a pool shop to clean large deposits of water. In fact, one of my friends buys Nigari, which is Magnesium Chloride and soaks in it in his tub. It is the same stuff that is sold as Magnesium Oil Flakes and when in liquid form as Magnesium Oil – sold on the market for a high price when you can get it at a pool shop for cheap!


  • @Samlam,

    You asked: Will someone please measure the pH of Adya Clarity? Please.

    I took some pH paper and dipped it in my AC water. It was between a 6.4 and 6.8. Sorry can’t be more specific as it is just a pH paper test and not a more formal test and the scale on my pH paper container is labeled with graphics that go from 6.0, 6.4, 6.8, 7.0, 7.2, 7.6, and 8.0 and does not give finer gradations in between.


  • @Josie,
    Thanks for that. What I really want to know is the pH of the AC before it is diluted. Would you be so kind as to test that for me? Thanks.

  • @Samlam,

    I just did the pH paper test for you on the pure AC. It is under a 6.0, but I can’t tell you how much under the 6.0 scale it is as the graphics on the side of the pH paper container only go as low a 6.0. On the graphic I have it shows a 6.0 as being a slight bit green/orange but the AC was clearly orange after the dipping so I know it is under a 6.0.

    Jini, is there a way that I can snap pics and post them here for all to see?


  • @Samlam,

    Realize that you can have two different things going on in the water after you put the AC in – first dilution of the more acidic AC, and secondly a chemical reaction potentially making the water+AC solution more alkaline than before. I can tell you that with my water here in the Washington DC/Baltimore area from the tap, that the water+AC solution is between a 6.4 and 6.8 after 48+ hours. Is this because of a straight dilution or a chemical reaction? Not sure. Will have to experiment with the distilled water next for ya as the distilled water will not have any particulates in it so the only thing it can reaction to is pure water in a chemical reaction.

    Note: running it in my distiller twice will give a PPM of particulates to less than 0.1 as measured with my meter. One still has to measure the amount of particulates after distilling as most distillers get the water to the point of under 2 PPM or less and I have notice that I can get the meter to read 0 if I run the first run of distilled water through my distiller twice. This is important as when one makes colloidal silver in a colloidal silver generator you need distilled water with a PPM of 1 or less.

    This ought to get us closer to a stronger answer on this.

    I notice that at least my water (your water might be different) that it takes a good 48-72 hours for the most goup to form. 24 hours gets me some goup but 48-72 hours gets me a lot more goup in the water after the AC. I usually strain the AC water with a coffee filter and put the water into new jars/bottles. If I use 24 hour ACed water, the next day I have to strain it again because more goup formed.


  • I had made some experiments with Adya Clarity myself. I used comercially filtered water with added one teespoon Adya per galon as recommended. In addition I was taking supershots twice a day for two monthes. I lost about 15 pounds and feel great after all. I did not notieced any side effects from acidic water so far.


  • I saw Jacper’s webinar today and being a Holistic Health Practitioner was very interested. I’ve worked with Fulvic/Humic Acid over the years with some good results. I also believe that Cilantro is a wonderful purifier. However; was intrigued by the Adya Clarity. I made a purchase and will return to this blog to let you know my thoughts. It’s really nice to be able to read everyone’s opinion’s and their personal results. Thank you Jini for providing this venue! 🙂 Will be back soon . . . .

  • My name is Shan. Me and my friend Manny both just watched a webinar about adya clarity today and both just split the cost of a 32 oz bottle plus two free 2 oz dropper bottles for $150.00 for watching the webinar. Me and him both got pulled in by the video and bought it right after webinar. About 1 hour after the purchase, we used my card and he gave me cash to put in my bank account, we both got skeptical about what we just did. Me and him both skateboard a lot so yall can already know that our joints are messed up plus our muscles in our legs get destroyed everyday and we constantly get injured. So we were like what if this adya clarity thing doesnt work? Or what if after we stop taking it we die? or like what if we die from taking adya clarity? or why the hell did we just drop that much money on something that claims it takes nasty stuff out of our drinking water when we really did no research on the product or even heard of the product? Both of us are kinda freaking out right now as we type on this blog.

    I myself, am really freaking out because I just got diagnosed with gastritis from excessivley drinking alcohol, smoking cigs, and smoking marijuana. I still smoke marijuana but I do not drink or smoke cigs anymore. I have been sober from drinking for a month a half and have not smoked one cig in almost three months. I last smoke pot about 1 hour ago LMAO! 🙂 anyways!!! I am trying to live a happy healthier life since this.

    I basically was waking up every day feeling sick and throwing up like crazy. For the longest time i was drinking 3 – 5 times a week and this June went on a cruise and went crazy. Came back from the cruise and slowed down to 0-3 times a week consuming alcohol. Every time i drank the next day i would puke like crazy and even if i went a few days without drinking after that, i would still wake up and puke. Thats when i went to the doctor and found all this out. My stomach lining got torn away from the drinking. A drop of alcohol could kill me. I wen to the ER three times since i stopped drinking. I have had a ct scan done, an ultrasound done, and today I just had an endoscopy. I can’t eat spicy foods too much, I cant drink soda too much, I cant eat fast food, I cant eat fried food, I cant drink anything with high acidity (which is why I am more skeptical now about trying this product), and I cant really eat much salad. I am now prescribed to Nexium, I take it on a daily basis twice a day. I also take dophron which is an anti nausea medicine that helps when I feel like I’m going to throw up when I wake up. I still feel like that when I dont take the meds. SO today I saw the webinar and bought on impulse with a close buddy of mine. Most of you cant blame me for doing so anyway concerning my condition. I will most definitely post back here when I, or if I see results or not. I really hope it works and I really hope it doesn’t mess with my issue. I also really hope i dont die or something. Because I still got a lot more money to make and a lot more skating to do.

  • I watched the AC video and he mentioned it helped pass kidney stones. Does anyone know if this would help dissolve stones or aggravate them? Thanks

  • I am only on comment #49, but I had to come down to the bottom and leave a comment.

    First, a short summary of me:
    I am a 48-year-old female. I’ve been in good health, and at a good weight until about a year or so ago. I began to feel EXTREMELY fatigued, and fluid began to build up all over my body, but most noticably, my lower extremities. I had what you would call “pitting edema”. My feet and legs were VERY uncomfortable, itching, and burning – I guess because of the swelling. I began to have panic attack type scenarios, and I’d feel my heart skipping or palpitating. VERY frightening! Having no health insurance, I’ve been dealing with this the best way I can. I have not seen a physician. I have been taking the supplements I could afford, including CoEnzyme Q10, magnesium, calcium, and Hawthorne Berry Extract for about 3 months.

    I keep up with the raw food YouTubers, and not long ago heard about this Adya Clarity. At first, I was extremely skeptical, but after a few months, decided to get a small bottle that I could afford.

    At the same time, I located a deep aquifer spring about an hour from here, and got several gallons of water from there to drink. I have put the AdyaClarity in that water, and have been drinking it for a week. What I have to tell, is no less than a miracle to me.

    I am still questioning HOW and WHY, and was it REALLY the AdyaClarity that did this? However, because this is the ONLY thing I’ve done differently, I can’t think of anything else that it could be.

    My swelling is GONE! I mean, 100% GONE! I am just dumbfounded. I feel like a new person, and I am NOT exaggerating. (No, I am not a distributor). I’ve read the comments, and I know that you don’t know whether I’m just saying this or not.. but you can take it or leave it.

    What I’d like to know from some “experts” here… is this: Is this possible that I could have had such a dramatic effect this quickly with this product? I must have had fluid collecting ALL over my body, because I seriously feel totally NEW. No more bloating in my abdomen. My legs have felt like a water hose was constantly spewing water into them. Very tight, uncomfortable, etc… it is TOTALLY gone. I can see my ankles. I no more get exhausted from just a short walk. I can walk with a new energy, and I can’t explain the difference I have experienced.

    My concern is the price. I have looked at the 32 oz bottle on the link given in a post that reads “Black Mica Extract”. Is this the same thing as Adya Clarity? I seriously don’t want to be without this EVER. BTW, I was not doing any super shots, only putting the 1 teaspoon per gallon into the water. I’ve been drinking maybe half a gallon per day for about a week.

    If it’s not the AdyaClarity that caused this, then, I’ve experienced something no short of a miracle. COULD this product have done this? And if so, does anyone know “how”? How would this cause a chronic swelling problem to disappear?

  • I just watched the Kacper AC webinar. I was turned off when he mentioned the gas drilling and the faked documentary about people’s tap water catching fire. If Kacper won’t even take the time to fact check his scary scenarios, I’m not sure I accept his miraculous solutions.

    My wife and I have just recently started to critically evaluate the food choices and sources for our family. But where do you turn? GNC will sell you shark cartilage, while raw food advocates relate amazing results from eating their way. Some tout B or C or D as a solution for this or that ailment. So much of it is anecdotal.

    Sometimes I think it’s not worth the trouble. Who can you trust, and why?

  • Berkey water filters comment here. I live in a small town that fluoridates and heavily chlorinates its tap water, the stuff is horrible and kills water heaters in about four years. I’ve had colon sensitivity for a long time and have to watch what I eat or experience inflammation, induces anxiety and brain fog etc. I drink bottled water so got a big Berky water filter and the fluoride filter. After I got it I realized the fluoride filter does NOT take out all the fluoride, it just reduces it. After drinking the water for 2 weeks I started feeling bad and came to the conclusion the water filter was the cause. The water did taste good for the first week then it didn’t taste as good as time went on. I quit the drinking the water and went back to drinking Crystal Geyser bottled water and felt fine again. I also read a review on Amazon from someone who had the same experience. There is something that wasn’t working for me so I would caution anyone with colon problems that you could have problems with these filters, I really don’t know why, maybe the fluoride, maybe something else. The AC stuff sounds interesting and worth a try, it does seem a little overhyped by those selling it, but the few on here who have actually tried it are worth listening to, if something works those are who I listen to, but I would like to see an analysis of the gunk in the bottom, what it actually is, just speculating is faulty science, real science should always be hard evidence, just saying oh its iron isn’t anymore valid than what the promoters are saying. I’ll try anything once, if it works and isn’t harmful, I’ll buy more. As for Candida, I am trying Dr. Simoncini’s baking soda 4 week morning glass of water with a teaspoon of baking soda and its definitely doing something good, anyone try this?

  • I have been using the Ayda Clarity for (6) six days now and to be honest I noticed a difference within hours of using the product. Hard to explain but my head felt clearer and my thoughts sharper. Within (2) days I noticed a significant difference in my skin, it was soft and my lips which were always dry were no longer getting that dry feeling. My sensitive teeth problem went away in (1) day and my mouth feels so healthy. Into my (6) day I am amazed at the difference it has made because I am one of those health nuts, so to make this big of a change is amazing. My skin looks amazingly better, pores are shrinking. My legs feel younger, (I feel like running and jumping), it’s kinda of a crazy good feeling. This is my take on this – we are mainly made up of water, right, you can’t argue with that, so it just makes sense that when we want to feel better or cure ourselves of some illness or disease we look at cleaning up our water and that is exactly what this does. Also, my alkalintiy has been perfect since I have taken it, (hence the great feeling and result report). I have been taking MMS (chlorine dioxide) for almost 3 years now and have not been sick with flu or cold since using it. This is another “water clean up” product that works great, diffenrent from Ayda Clarity which is more of an everyday product. I only use the MMS now when I feel like I am coming down with something or around alot of sick people. I give Ayda Clarity a really big thumbs up.

  • Thank you so much for this educating forum. I just watched the video on AC and couldn’t wait to order it (impulse). Lucky for me my research found your site.could a simple solution be to distill water and then add in minerals? Wouldn’t thisbe a good solution or am i missing something? Thank you again, Gassho, healthbitch @ twitter

  • Thank you for the cilantro recipe, think I will give that a try first and wait for the controversy over purchased products to be a little more clear.

  • @Dave,

    Thanks for the tips on the Berkley filter. It makes sense that all that fluoride would destroy a hot water heater in a few years. Hadn’t though of that. That is pretty observant of you. I have been considering getting a berkley but have to think about it some more after your comments..

    Winston Kao (from Hawaii) has a whole house filter/machine that supposedly does filter out the fluoride from the water (all of it). Winston was on the One Radio Network show with Patrick Timpone a few months back and on one of his interviews he said that most people don’t know it but reverse osmosis filters actually contain radiation in them. No joking! I can’t verify this yet but it was interesting to hear him say it.

    I do the baking soda in water thing every few days…andI add an equal part of molasses after I saw a youtube video on it and all the minerals that molasses has in it. It also goes down easier with the molasses as the baking soda is rather tart to me.


  • Hi Y’all,

    I can’t tell you, Jini, how much I appreciate this website, for the wealth of personal, unbiased information from many of those who post here AND for the way you monitor and guide it’s content. I found it while researching this new product, Adya Clarity. I am always looking for the true “panacea” for our times. Let me state first that I do believe the answer lies within the natural systems created by our Creator.

    I have been searching for a really good mineral supplement ever since I learned how all diseases result from the mineral deficiencies in our modern diet. I am also keenly aware of how the numerous toxins now present also contribute to disease and I’ll health, so I have also tried to find the best way to remove all the toxins from my water.

    I recently bought MMS and was not at all pleased with it when I found that it smells just like chlorine bleach. I already have a huge build up of chlorine in my system and cannot stand that odor. And I no longer believe the claims about MMS after doing more research on it and the man behind it.

    I also bought a mineral supplement recently that was advertised on the Alex Jones radio show. After taking it for a month, I felt little to no difference.

    I would like see a full independent scientific report done to see if Adya Clarity does actually remove all the chemicals (especially flouride), heavy metals, pharmaceuticals, and radiation like they claim. And another independent report showing that it really mineraizes the body safely and effectively. I will not fall for any more scams, especially at those prices! So far I’ve found that if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

    Thanks all,

  • Lynn,

    Maybe I’ll refrain from throwing my MMS in the trash and only take it when that yearly October thru January flu comes around, the one that people here in the Dallas area talk about. I just moved to Dallas last year and I haven’t been so sick for such an extended time ever before in my life! I had to make an emergency visit to the Chinese Herbalist/acupuncturist ’cause I could hardly breathe. And another visit a couple months later ’cause it started to come back again. Nasty stuff.

  • Been using Adya Clarity for 1-2 weeks now and the unexpected result has been that my psoriasis has almost completely disappeared. I have have psoriasis for 15 years and it limited to my elbows and knees…. and in the past few days … I was like WOW! it is about 95% gone… so not knowing the claims of Adya Clarity .. I looked it up and was like OMG… maybe a coincidence but I cannot think of anything else in my life I have changed that would cause it to disappear like that. Just letting you all know for anyone that might suffer from psoriasis.

  • Hi, especially interesting reading comments from those finding relief from long term ailments.

    As an update, started drinking 8oz of Brita water with the 5 drops one day last week. No super shots here. Experienced a few aches and pains but they went away. Mouth and teeth feel much cleaner. Almost no plaque. My head feels clearer but we have had soooo much rain this month, outdoor mold spores are off the chart. Regardless, my body seems a tad more flexible. Flouride is not being added to local water supply, but lived for years in a major city…part of my concern.

    Apparently some confusion as to whether or not AC acidifies water (but the solution is so dilute 1 tsp per gallon or 5 drops per 8 oz of water, difficult to imagine much change occurs), so spent a few odd late nights checking some links provided above in several comments.

    Topics are full of nuances, and I am no expert in all manner of natural science and chemistry (environmental, geologic, organic and inorganic chemistry). For sure, a lot of concern about the safety of water we are drinking today. How about the restorative value in water?

    Suggest the more curious may want to check out:
    1. the above link: http://www.longevitywarehouse.com/Black-Mica-Extract-16-oz-p/blackmicals16oz.htm leads to a podcast, an interview with a water expert. He discusses how nature cleans water with (ah, you guessed it!) bits of mica.
    Also discusses what mineral spring water is (or was) as most known springs have run out of minerals. Whatever the case, about 30 minutes chock full of information on what constitutes active living water, where 40% of stomach bugs come from, and more. My brain spills over…even discusses what may not be good ideas.

    2. A wonderfully informative video link (somewhere way above http://articles.mercola.com/sites/articles/archive/2011/09/17/stephanie-seneff-on-sulfur.aspx?e_cid=20110917_DNL_art_1) lead me not to sulfur and obesity article as stated but instead to a long, 1-1/2 hour interview of Dr Joe Mercola and David (Avocado) Wolfe, with an energetic discussion of current state of US healthcare and steps one might consider taking today. A written transcript is also available for download. (You may need to Google both names to get the article directly.)

    This is not intended as an endorsement of any of these people or products they offer. However, so much confusion seems to exist about what is safe, clean vs. healthy water…This is a fairly detailed topic, no way for a short paraphrase.

  • Hey Lisa,
    I recently found out I was allergic to the water – and since you changed water at the same time – perhaps its just the spring water. So maybe trial it alone for one week or two – you will know instantly if you swell up again. My copper blood levels dropped from 21 – to 15 by changing water….go figure!!! No AC yet, as I can’t afford it.

  • I still have the Berky filter if anyone wants to save some money and buy mine. Its only been used 2 weeks, but read my caution of my experience. I know they were banned in California I think for being soldered I think containing some lead?

    I watched most of the AC webinar, if you search you can find it online as a “replay” so don’t have to deal with their fake hours of its availablility. It just seemed over the top to me, like multilevel marketing stuff. I sent them a comment that the patent says it does not remove fluoride nor does it purify water, and of course no reply. Too many red flags, but I did buy a small bottle for $25 off Amazon to try before I watched the video based on comments made here. Though if something looks too good to be true, well……. There was one negative review on Amazon about its supposed cure of candida, it did nothing for the person at all. This all reminds me of that candida probiotic sold in little foil packets that was all the rage of the multilevel marketing world a couple years back, I tried it until I found it was banned in Australia for using a strain of bacteria that could hurt some people with heart problems, no thanks. I’m using a Rainbow Light probiotic that needs no refrigeration and works great for me.

  • Jini:

    I found this site by accident while searching for more information on Adya Clarity. Specifically, I wanted to know why on earth this product would cost around $150 for 32 oz.?

    I initially found mention of AC on the excellent Yahoo group for low dose naltrexone Goggling it immediately. Eventually, I found myself here and bookmarked it after reading the comments over the last 30 minutes.

    As the name of this site suggests, listen 2 your gut, something many of us seem to forget when we see or read something that appears too good to be true, I have made what I think to be a wise decision by LISTENING TO MY GUT. Thumbs down to Adya Clarity.

    So, Jini, I will spend my hard earned dollars on other more trusted and uncomplicated alternative means of staying healthy and visit this site as often as possible.

    Thank you for helping me reach an informed decision. My next task is to read your article: Nanoparticle & Angstrom Minerals

  • @Dave,

    One of the reasons I decided to try the AC was because of systemic candida issues. In my experience so far with about 7-8 weeks of AC, it has not cured candida at all for me. While I am getting nice clean teeth with less tartar and I feel that the spurs/calcium deposits on my spine/joints are being helped by the AC (which truly is a great help to me in these areas and unexpectedly so), it is not doing squat for the issue I originally bought it for (the candida).

    I am very happy for her that she lost so much weight and found greater health in what she has done. Perhaps the AC has really helped her with the candida, but for me it has not. For Angela Stokes (who promotes the AC with Matt Monarch) to have an issue with the candida on a raw food diet says she is eating far too many sugary fruits and fats (nuts/seeds) versus vegetable in my opinion. If you listen to Frederic Patenaude (also a raw foody) and get on his email list, he talks about too many fats overall in the diet as a percentage of one’s total food intake as being a major culprit to candida issues. I think it also has to do with the types of fat one takes as Dr. Bruce Fife (who did an interview last night on Natural News Talk Hour) say that coconut oil will help one keep candida at bay. I can only imagine how much worse it would be for me if I did not ingest coconut oil every day. A diet of low sugars/carb has helped somewhat but it does not stop it entirely. If you even go off a strict low sugar/carb diet one bit the candida comes back with a vengeance.

    I just started the Dr. McCombs candida plan http://mccombsplan.com/ 2 days ago as the AC has done nothing for candida for me. I decided to try this as I heard an interview that Kevin Gianni did with Dr. McCombs and I was intrigued. He says that a low sugar/carb diet, while helpful will not rid you of candida and that if probiotics are not effective until you do some other things which he outlines in his plan (and talks about on his interview), but that they do come into play a lot later on for maintenance. It depends on how sick you are from the candida.

    Rodger Haske (a raw foodist from Hawaii the big island) teamed up with an alternative medicine doctor (can’t remember her name at the moment) and they too have a program on curing candida. I haven’t tried their plan yet but I might buy it just to have this in my arsenal of plans.

    If anyone wants the interviews for Dr. McCombs, let me know and I will send them to you in a private email.

    Blessings all! I hope we can all experience true health in whatever way works for us. That is my greatest wish for everyone here on this fine list. You all bring so many good ideas to the table and I love the input you give here. It is nice to experience a real team. 🙂

  • @Kathie (post #124)

    I had a lung infection (severe flu two years ago). It was so bad I thought I would have to be hospitalized (I suspect it was the swine flu as this is when everyone was getting vaccinated and very contagious as a result with it; I don’t do vaccines as they are filled with too many genetically altered organisms, mercury, aluminum etc.). I could hardly breath and breathing took effort as my lungs were so filled with fluid. What worked for me was to make some colloidal silver in my generator (www.silverlungs.com) and use a nebulizer to breath in the colloidal silver as steam into my lungs. I did this every two hours for 10-15 minutes and in two days it was all gone. I also put fresh lemon in water all throughout the day and lemons have the highest content of limolene in them and this breaks up phloem in the lungs.

  • Holy, moly…

    from writings of ancient peoples of India and China, they considered all illness as starting in the gut. (Asian) Indian lore reads that they consider the gut a second brain in the body. They also lived way, way closer to the earth than we do today.

    My latest thoughts are AC may work; NOT as currently touted by some as a panacea to dsyfunction and all kinds of conditions.

    Instead, it may simply alter our internal makeup (or external makeup of ponds) by gradually binding to and reducing or eliminating buildup of toxins and heavy metals, allowing the body (or water) to return to more efficient function. Apparently there is some form of bad calcium vs good calcium that we all take in, and AC may assist with removing the bad version as well.

    Any reported improved skin conditions above could possibly verify this, as skin often is considered the largest organ of the body. It is way easier to see and document skin improvements. Improved finger and toe nail conditions are also good indicators. The tongue might change texture, or the taste in ones mouth might alter.

    If this is the case, AC may be far less costly than cheelation therapy or other detox methods currently used that usually require trained medical oversight. (Although I am still partial to trying the cilantro pesto recipe posted above.)

    As for washing veggies in an AC solution, that’s another story about what’s currently being sprayed on the fields, is it organic or not, and a host of other modern farming issues including “safe pesticides” that may, eventually, turn out to be not be so safe.

    Given the current raw food fad, it makes more sense to also grow your own food, or shop local farm stands and be sure to ask the farmer what he is using…

    What may be needed is far more transparency in modern small and large scale farming practices. Also more transparency in drinking water contents we are currently being served would be nice.

    This while the govt is in the throws of a serious monetary and economic struggle???

    Unfortunately lacking sufficient balance in AC product marketing, difficult to make a better call. Too much hype and applied fear is surrounding this.

    But my goodness, I learned a lot.
    Thanks all!

  • As I read through some of the comments on Adyaclarity, I am so disappointed with the reactions of people here. I’m Australian. I’m a sceptic. But when I see a remarkable product that has had the blowtorch, so to speak, put to it, and it comes up with remarkable results; I can only feel sorrow at the psychic blindness we suffer from as a nation.

    We happily accept the treatment the medicos and ‘scientists’ foist on us; yet when someone comes up with a product that helped clean up the pollution in Chernobyl all the wise-guys say, ‘It’s just another scam’.

    I will concede there is a copy-cat product on the market and that could be the one that’s not as good; I don’t know. I haven’t tried either as I can’t afford it. But I think the over-educated, sceptical commentators here are reading by the light of their own conceit.

    You can tell they’re Australian…but you can’t tell ’em much!

  • Robin, what blowtorch??

    I watched the AC webinar with my husband with high expectations. We ended up ROTFL. Kaspar used every cheesy sales trick in the book:

    First, let’s act like this is a big secret that only YOU and a few privileged have been chosen to be let on. Uhhh, yeah right, AC is everywhere being marketed like there is no tomorrow.

    Then, let’s show the “evidence”: a series of unverified and heavily spliced and edited youtube videos of the original AC “founder” treating polluted water. The videos are in Japanese, people! You have no idea what’s really being said! BTW, in the videos, the gunk floats to the top, while later it is stated that all inert minerals and pollution will sink to the bottom. WHICH IS IT?

    Even the footage of someone treating the bunch of cilantro and the roses is totally edited and could have been easily faked. Show me some time lapsed photography and maybe I’d buy it!

    But the kicker is that NONE of the people in the webinar who are boasting about it’s qualities are even remotely scientists or doctors. NO, instead they are people who have a direct and blatant financial incentive; the owners and distributors of AC!!

    Wake up!!

    This being said, I did buy it (I have Lyme disease) and I want to see if it does anything. The sad thing is, being a sick person, we are sometimes drawn to desperate measures in our search for health and that is where unscrutable companies can step in and profit.

    I really hope this crap works. I’ll report on it soon. So far I have treated my well water with it, but I honestly think my well water tastes better without it. Still I’m waiting to see if it does anything for my joint pain. I have NO PLAN on doing the super shots as I think this could really mess you up (shame on you Angela S Monarch for promoting this use of AC which even the president discourages as not wise)

  • There has been so much false advertising of “health” products in the past in this country and hysteria over miracle cures of this and that, I think any product like this NEEDS to be examined closely and any false claims debunked. Someone is making a lot of money on this product and they are making claims that the patent says is not true. This is the kind of stuff our FDA loves to hear and they will use it as a reason to shut this business down and ban the product. They need to be honest about what they are selling is all I ask. A simple water analysis test of water before and after treatment and analysis of what the actual precipitate on the bottom is. If its this good then these kinds of actions will protect their business, if its this good then why does it do what it does, of course too, in this country you can’t get scientists to study a non-pharmaceutical product or they endanger their jobs. I am seeing the kind of hysteria on Youtube for this product like you saw for MMS. People started taking MMS in ridiculous doses who weren’t even sick, and some made themselves sicker by abusing it. Penicillin can save your life at the proper time but you sure wouldn’t take it everyday as a health panacea! I am going to try Adyaclarity myself, so I’m not a debunker who says it can’t be real so why try it 😉 One thing that may be responsible for some health improvements is that people using it are just plain drinking more water, which in itself can improve health. Read the book “Your Body’s Many Cries For Water,” which is by a physician who has been shunned in the medical field for this important and highly valid work he wrote. So, I’m glad Jini started this thread to try sorting fact from fiction, its all anyone with a level head wants to know…

  • @Jess
    I hear you loud and clear. The same questions arose for me, so I remain skeptical about AC.

    Meanwhile, for your Lyme disease, get yourself a Zapper, ala Hilda Clarke. Look for the Don Croft version, which is half the size of a cell phone and has two pennies on it. Placing this little box against your skin for an hour a day can do amazing things for dormant-pathogen syndromes like Lyme, mononucleosis and others. I have personal experience with both of those and miraculous, permanent relief.

  • For those of you with lyme, or other stubborn or chronic infections, I encourage you to check out my Quad Synergy protocol – this is a mix of DMSO, wild oregano, nano-silver and potassium iodide. It is in the experimental stages, but it has worked well for the ones who’ve tried it thus far (I also give my opinion on MMS here):


    For those of you who primarily want to mineralize your water, I personally use the Minerals of Life Trace Minerals (62 minerals) – which are NATURALLY in nanoparticle form, you just add them to your drinking water and they are instantly absorbed, so even people with reduced absorption will benefit. They are used extensively in autism clinics where the kids are often resistant to swallow anything. Due to the nano-size of the minerals, they are instantly absorbed through the lining of the mouth, even if the child spits them out. This blog post includes a download for my teleseminar with the manufacturer, Jim Haszinger:


    The cilantro pesto recipe does indeed look awesome – my only hesitation is I don’t want to have the flaxseed oil in the blender for too long (it is a very delicate oil), so I may use a couple tablespoons of olive oil for the blending part and then just add the flax oil at the end. I may also substitute Udo’s Oil for the flax and multitask!

    Lastly, I am searching round for a chemical engineer who has access to a lab to do some testing on Adya Clarity. If you pay to have this done, it costs about $200 per single item that you want to test, so out of my price range unfortunately. But I have been contacted via Facebook by a chemist who has some lab facilities, so we’ll see what he comes up with.

  • I would love to see the results of tests if you get them done, Someone like your chemist contact can do them for nothing. If he could do tap water, before and after treatment, then bottled water like Crystal Geyser, then analyze the goop at the bottom after tap water treatment that would really tell alot about whats happening.

    For cilantro consumption, green smoothies would be a real fast easy way to consume substantial amounts in a pleasant way, but you must have a Vitamix or something as good. Again though, cilantro is “said” to remove heavy metals? Who said? Reminds me that it used to be said that garlic reduced cholesterol but studies showed it doesn’t….

  • Hi Jini,
    Funny you mention the pesto recipe as I was thinking of substituting with extra virgin olive oil. This would be very close to a classic Northern Italian pesto from cilantro (suppose someone had no basil on hand).

    And thanks for the trace mineral information:

    Testing a Brita filtered and an Evian bottle side by side informal home trial.
    Cannot see any color or particles clumping or precipitating after 12 hours. A little disconcerting as most people have reported seeing orange particles.

    We have lots of iron from street water pipes, so will wait another 12 hours or more.

    Anything you can work out to ascertain water quality change would be of interest, Thanks!

  • One more thing:

    The one link that I flubbed in the above is a 7-part interview with Dr. Mercola and Dr Seneffe, a cellular biologist. Many of her theories of how the human body functions at the cellular level acknowledge but do not follow traditional tenets regarding diet; cholesterol; vitamin and mineral deficiencies; and more.

    Its a “must see” for anyone heading towards midlife and beyond.

  • Samiam, I did use the little Rife machine in the beginning for about 3 weeks. In fact, the first things I used for my Lyme were MMS (yuck! I had swallowed enough poolwater during diving team and swim practice to never want the taste of chlorine in my mouth again!) and the little rifer. The MMS worked exactly one time, the first time. I think the chemicals just shocked my system enough to distract the Lyme for a day. Your immune system is going to go after the biggest threat. I kept at it for two weeks and it never had the same effect.

    The mini Rifer I wore on my body 24/7 (except for bathing) for 3 weeks. It did NOTHING. If you have chronic Lyme, you need massive antibiotics (at least for a 4-6 month time period) period END OF STORY. F-ing around with alternative treatments and not using antibiotics can potentially make you WAY WORSE. Believe me, I resisted the notion that I would need antibiotics for two -3 weeks, trying other things. THen I actually did the research, watched Under Our Skin, found Dr. Burrascano, and started on doxy and levoquin. I never looked back. I am finally slowly improving. The only thing that is working for me is the antibiotics, which I am hoping to transition off of by the end of December.

    I do take a ton of probiotics, supplements, don’t eat sugar, etc.

    Didn’t mean to hijack the thread.

  • Jess, yes you do need to do the antibiotic protocol if you have a serious case of Lyme, but it never kills all of them. They go dormant in your bursae, then come out when you’re stressed. Herpes does the same thing, as does the mono bug (forgot the name) and syphilis. Lyme can also return in a tertiary stage years later, as syphilis can. My experience is that the zapper will clear it up completely, but wearing it 24/7 may not be the way to go. There’s a bit of cat-and-mouse involved. If you treat for an hour a day, it allows time for more spirochetes to emerge from the bursae and then get killed off in the bloodstream. A constant killing field would simply drive them back into dormancy. Hope that makes sense.

  • @Jini, regarding your substitution of flax seed oil for olive oil….

    Well some years ago there was a particular remedy using flax seed oil. This oil has some properties that are very useful for the body, but on it’s own the body cannot easily absorb and the flax seed oil just passes through. They figured out the flax seed oil needed to be blended with other stuff to be useful and absorbable.

    It may well be that Cilantro recipe will lose effectiveness if doing this oil substitution. Of course, the flax seed oil may be doing nothing, and the recipe has no hidden genius in its oil selection….. personally I would prefer to not change anything just for convenience.

  • On the Lyme disease topic… you may want to check into hemp oil. Some say it is a cure. Hey, if it can cure cancer, Goddess know what else it can do.

  • I have done a claculation of how long $150 of Adya Clarity 32oz will last. One 32oz bottle is around a 4 month supply if using the recommended dosages.

    One super shot per day, a teaspoon of Adya (4ml or 0.128oz) in 1/2 glass of water.
    And a quantity of standard strength treated water per day (3ltr or 0.8 gallon).

    So you get your daily super shot and a lot of treated drinking water for about $40 per month. That is not very expensive compared to some monthly autoshipped health supplements.

  • 10/1/11 WOW! This is a GREAT site-I’m so glad I found it with all the various articles, info, products & blogposts-I will be reading a lot of them and have ALOT of links/suggestions to explore just from posters on this Blog.

    I, too attended one of the “reserved seating” Water Webinars on Adyaclarity today and was tempted to pull the trigger on one of the deals. Initial google research verified the price points and that I would be getting “a deal” but I researched more during the “15 minute post-webinar Special Offer Sale window” and found this site.
    (I suspect the “deals” lasted longer than the “15minutes” they said).

    I know JINI you stressed that this is not a SCAM-busting blog and is merely a good discussion about it, but the way I found you was by googling Adyaclarity scam so it did help that the word SCAM is in the Blog title.

    #40 Art Martin gave a website with a special sale on Adyaclarity that you needed a password to get it. I did some fancy googling and was able to find a post advertising the sale by the distributor with the password which is – ionlife. The site is http://www.adyaclarity.biz and you can get a 32oz bottle for $105 (instead of $149) PLUS a free 2oz bottle. That is what I bought as I am willing to try it for that price and will report back here.

    FWIW,there is also a Product Alert on that site that claims there are imposter products. This site is probably one of the distributors who was savvy enough to buy the .biz name.

    The site said prices good till 9/30/11 (yesterday) but they were still up and it went into my basket & thru my cc with the special sale price so either he forgot to take it down or is leaving it up to capitalize on the Webinar.

    Thanks for all the great info everybody!

  • Wow…..there are LOTS of comments since I was last here!

    Results of my experiment:
    I ordered from a NZ site (for those of you in NZ even with GST added this was cheaper than ordering from overseas for a change. The site livingfoodslifestyle.co.nz was having a special :). My order arrive within 12 hours.

    I added Adya to water filtered through a basic Brita filter. It didn’t turn cloudy, nor was there any “gunk”. This is probably due to the water being relativly pure to begin with – but I did notice a difference in taste.

    After a long day on my feet I added a couple of tsps to a foot bath (I didn’t measure). The water did indeed feel “smooth” and my feet felt pretty excellent afterwards.

    I had a bath in the water but didn’t really add that much or anywhere near what the recommendation was (I only ordered the 2oz bottle and by now was adding it to water and didn’t want to waste it). It didn’t feel smooth and silky like the foot bath but my skin didn’t feel itchy/agitated as it normally does. I think the Adya did something to reduce/eliminate the chemicals in the bathwater allowing my sensitive skin a much deserved break.

    I have taken a few “supershots”. They don’t taste that bad (for comparison TJ Clarke minerals are worse in taste, CMJ (or is that CMK??) minerals from Utah are intollerable even when only a drop is added.

    My body felt ok with the product and although I have a crappy diet (no caffine though) I will be buying this product again however I wish I could have some way of comparing this product with CJ Clarke Minerals by contents. Adya apparently does include trace minerals but this isn’t widely noted so I can’t tell the exact amounts.

    Most noticable and extreamly pleasing was that I felt like eating healthy foods when I drank Adya water. I don’t know if this was a placebo effect so I’m gonna watch this thread to see if others had the same experience. It was as though my body partially reset when I drank it.

    It should be noted that I only drank it sporadically as I am still a little attached to soda (yea, what am I doing on this site??), packets of chips, and chocolate but this product gives me hope.

    Jini, I wish I had your control around sugar!

  • MsK – oh I am by no means sugar-free! But here’s what I tell my kids: Save your sugar for when it counts.

    So if you’re going to have chocolate, have the most delicious, amazing chocolate you can find and REALLY enjoy it. Then you will not feel so deprived and you will not crave it as much. Anything that we blanket-deny ourselves pulls a psychological trigger in our brain so that’s all we can think about. Anyone who’s gone on a diet to lose weight knows exactly what I’m talking about.

    And when you have that chocolate, you don’t eat it mindlessly while watching TV – you really focus on it, savor and enjoy each bite and then STOP when you are no longer totally, crazily loving it. Put it away and save it for when you can eat it with the same enjoyment.

    Breastmilk is very sweet, so there’s a sugar-thing hardwired into us as the ultimate comfort, feel-good substance. So rather than trying to overcome this, accept it and then eat sugar items in the manner detailed above.

    My other trick is to mix sugar or honey with stevia – if you get the proportions right, you can completely mask the taste of the stevia, whilst hugely cutting the sugar content. So I take common “treats” and doctor them to include extra nutrients and low sugar whilst keeping the same taste. Enjoy!

  • While I personally believe that AdyaClarity is way too pricey anyway to be used solely for “cleaning water”, it is clearly NOT the same product that was shown in the promo video as having been used to clean up murky ponds and pools.

    We received our order yesterday, and I immediately set out to run the water cleansing test on a sample from our dirty pool, and compare it to another sample of our regular tap water.
    Until a few weeks ago my husband regularly treated our kids’ pool with chlorine to keep it clean all summer. But now that it’s not being maintained anymore, it’s green with algae and a bit cloudy too.

    I added and stirred the recommended 5 drops of AC into 8 fl.oz. of murky green pool water, and another 5 drops into 8 fl.oz. of regular tap water. After 24 hours, the pool water sample is still green, though perhaps just slightly less cloudy. As before adding the AC, only the larger particles have settled out on the bottom of the glass, but much green stuff remains dissolved (or at least perfectly suspended without agitation) to turn the water green, and nothing has risen to the surface, which in no way resembles what was shown in the video.

    As for the tap water, it took about 24 hours before I was able to notice any change. Now I can see somewhat transparent yellowish flakes that have settled out on the bottom. Living in a 50yr old house and after hearing people talk about yellow “goop” I expected much worse.

    This thread does not appear to support uploading photos, so for those who are interesting in a visual representation of my experiment, I posted some pictures at

    Though somewhat disappointed by the pool water experiment, my husband and I both started drinking the AC today as well to test its potential health benefits. I took a “shot” spread out over 2 half-shots today, as I do not like drinking such large quantities of water all at once. Still, it feels like there is a sensation of pressure in my stomach, perhaps too much acid. I will check back and keep you posted (if it doesn’t kill us…).

  • I got my small 2 oz. bottle today too, had 2 glasses and will treat a gallon of Crystal Geyser overnite. As for your pool water you should also have filled a third glass with with the pool water and not treated it as a control, you’ll probably see it settle the same way just from sitting there. I did listen to an audio interview with Matt from Adyclarity and he seems to know his stuff. Just drinking more water will make your skin feel different so don’t jump to conclusions about skin changes, most of us don’t drink enough water and as you age your ability to know when you’re dehydrated goes away. Again, “Your Body’s Many Cries For Water” will show you that many so-called diseases are just water deficiency symptoms.

  • Just a thought, has anyone considered obtaining a clean water supply through dehumidification? I read online about these stand alone machines that produce water from thin air. Come to find out they were simply over priced dehumidifiers with internal water filter attachments as well as uv lights.

    Sounds plausible. Have yet to plug my hand-me-down dehumidifier in. I can only suppose that following with a good brita treatment as well as a drop of iodine couldn’t hurt (as they say dehumids can be a common source of mold contamination within the water storage tanks).

    Just a thought folks maybe you can give it a try.

    And as for the Biotite supplement, what a waste of money. Sounds like an expensive form of body detox supplement. If I didn’t know any better, I’d probably buy it for kicks. However, after the comment made by Professor Angela, I realize the American public is being duped yet again by another ‘parlor trick’ such as Kinoki Foot Pads, or Ionic Foot Baths.

    And to the kids on dope and booze. Get off the dope and booze. If you wanna feel better stop hanging out with Jim Beam and the Mary Jane. Kids these days are just amazing.

  • I am a chiropractor who has a strong science and bichemistry backround. I am 54 years. I am going to try the AW. After reading your comments I am going to add my 2 cents of knowledge. All biochemical reactions in the body require mineralco-factors and amino ACIDs (not alkaline). The high pH water many of you seem so concerned with is, in my opinion, harmful to the body. Too acidic isn’t good that’s for sure but drinking alkali water has shown to be damaging in the patients I have observed. It reads like many of you wish for science that isn’t done on these different products. There is a company who has done all the science needed on its research and is testing every plant it can find for healthy properties – Univera. They have 2 genomic( study of genetics) and proteomic( study of proteins) and more equipment for real science than any university in the US and do Rx level research on their products that require it. The products are much more reasonable thn AW and come from plants and whole foods. The products show it.

    I hope the AW pulls heavy metals out. My teeth whitenng would be fantastic too! I really enjoyed reading the comments there and think its a great forum. My hats off to Jini for her hard work.

  • Oh, another hilarious example of so-called evidence in the AC webinar is when the president demonstrates that he can actually…

    …wait for it…
    …it’s good!..
    TOUCH HIS TOES!. Yes, regular use of AC enables you to touch your toes people! THat is definitely worth $150.00 per bottle.

    So it’s been a few days now of using AC in my well water and I have not noticed any beneficial effects yet. Same excruciating foot and hip pain that I’ve always had. It does take 24 hours to see the separation of the “pollutants”. I have a bit of orange stuff at the bottom of my bottles. But like another poster stated, it’s probably the old parlor trick of the AC that actually separated and is sitting there, considering AC is mostly iron and iron turns orange when it oxidizes. Another thing I notice is that it makes me thirsty and gives me dry lips and skin on my face. I’d love to believe that this is detox, but 3 years experience as a raw vegan tells me that is a crock.

    Not impressed yet.

  • Personally, I think it is both expensive and potentially harmful to experiment with unknowns – especially for people with some kind of underlying health problems. A product (especially for ingestion and for health conditions) should specifically state what exactly it is composed of and how much of it has. Looking at the ambiguous ingredients and their effects and mechanism of action of this product would deter most people – but their advertising seems infectious – especially for those seeeking a solution for chronic ailments. I would request that a consumer watchdog (such as CBC marketplace) figure out what on earth this Adya Clarity is composed of and the effects of ingesting it. Clearly their claims are in violation for current standards for medicinal/therapeutic claims given that there are no scientific studies showing treatment effects – but no effect would be preferable to a negative effect such as possible toxicity or adverse reactions with other drugs/supplements.

  • That toe touching demonstration is pretty funny.

    AC dates back to the 1960s. In the pond cleaning video I saw, they describe using (via translation) what was considered an extremely large quantity of AC to clean the pond water. Did you notice they made sure to video the now highly prized Koi fish were still alive and swimming at the end of the film? That’s always a good sign.

    Does anyone remember if they told how much time it took to clear it up?

    Now, more than 48 hours into testing a leftover bottle of Evian water (should explain this was hurricane supplies, only bottle left on shelves) vs Brita filtered tap water, both barely show any orange particles. I did see a thin and wispy, transparent film dropping down in the Evian water.

    My guess is water quality was fairly good to begin with.
    Also upped my intake to (2) 8 oz glasses in solution per day for 2 days.

    Kidneys started to ache a little, too much time on computer? weekend house cleaning? drinking too much water? No idea, therefore back down to (1) glass per day.

    Found a 2007 interview of the developer of MMS, outlining to a degree what happens when independents come up with inexpensive and easy solutions outside the power establishment. What a shame! Reminded me of shades of the Constant Gardener.

    Checked out the chlorella, humic/fulvic acid pills on the Swanson website too.

  • Dear Jini,
    This is the first time I have visited your site and I am most impressed with your whole site and your attitude to sharing and caring. 20 years of research into radiation and 50 years of working as a Natural Therapist I have done my best to advise about health and stay with old inexpensive remedies. My clinic which I don’t have time to run now days is called “Back to Basics.”
    I will send people to your site to help them, and me, find their way through the maze.
    Is it your understanding that dowsing is our best way to learn to get in touch with our gut feelings?
    Walk in Beauty Jini,

  • It might be worth listening to the Matt interview on Wolfe’s site:

    I’ve drunk about four big glasses of the stuff in Crystal Geyer water, no effects though it did seem to make me thirsty too. I suspect it will have no effects. I’ve only used another mineral product made from the Salt Lake in Utah, and it made me feel ill for weeks after I took it. So I suspect Matt may be right in his interview that sulfite minerals are better for the body than salt minerals. He does seem to know what he’s talking about, take a listen.

    One comment about you pot smokers, I read a book by a man who specializes in brain function and they did a bunch of CT scans of different people including alcoholics and pot smokers. Alcoholics had noticeably large areas of brain tissue that showed “holes” where basically brain function is wiped out. You’d expect that but the shocking thing is that pot smokers also showed these dead areas to some lesser extent. It you continually poke your brain for pleasurable effects you pay the price.

  • Hey Dave,
    I think you are referring to Dr Daniel Amen, of Amen Brain Clinics. Some brains look like swiss cheese. Apparently brain tissue is far easier to damage than anyone ever suspected.

    Is anyone else pondering how something developed in the 1960’s took so long to surface here? Any ideas?

  • I have noticed after using AC for 4 days that I have serious brain fog. It’s actually getting worse than it was. I have heard multiple people stating that AC actually made their candida symptoms worse and I’m wondering if that’s the case with me. Because I’m on so many antibiotics, I have to constantly battle candida. I was doing pretty well, but after adding the AC to my routine, I have gotten worse.

    I got my AC from Matt Monarch. I wonder if he will give my money back if I’m not satisfied because I think I’m going to do that.

    As for Angela Stokes curing her candida with AC super shots, I wonder if it has to do with the simple fact that AC is so acidic, that it kick started her body to kill the candida. Many long-term raw foodists have low stomach acid because of their alkaline diet. This could lead to problems such as candida. Personally, when I was raw, it was after the 2 year mark that I began experiencing problems. I was refining my diet so much that soon, any small deviation resulted in utter agony. It’s no way to live. I always get a chuckle when I see what Angela posts for her meals. “2 quarts of water, a handful of chlorella, a mango and 3 coconuts and a green salad…all eaten with gratitude, of course”.

    As for me, I’m grateful for balance…and the occasional grass fed local beef hamburger.

  • Yes it was Dr. Amen, great book….

    Jeez, the candida thing is so confusing, I’m doing the baking soda 3 week thing thats supposed to knock candida in your gut way back and it does seem to be helping alot, maybe its not just the alkaline effect but that baking soda seems to target candida, Simoncini thinks cancer comes from candida, it might be worth your while to look into that. Basically when you get up in the morning you drink a big glass of water with a full teaspoon of baking soda in it and do it every day for 3-4 weeks then stop. What happens after that I’m not sure, but you’re NOT supposed to use it as a panacea or candida will develop a tolerance to it. A couple months ago I decided to eat wheat again to see what happened as I have avoided it for about 2 years, and went on a wheat bread binge, man I missed that stuff, but then my face started breaking out, my tongue was looking kind of coated, so quit, am kind of resigned to eating brown rice and steamed veggies the rest of my life now, staying away from processed foods and Amy’s veggie microwave dinners, organic corn chips, that stuff just did me no good. What kind of water to drink is something I’ve never found a good answer to, RO is bad, distilled is bad, alkaline water is unnatural, bottled water absorbs the plastic its in, we’re pretty much poisoned all the Earth’s water and no one has yet figured out how to make healthful clean safe water to drink. I found a few websites that are telling the truth about AC, that it only reduces fluoride and heavy metals, it does not totally remove them. I wonder how long you have to drink the stuff to get benefits from it if they are real. I suspect my $25 2 oz. bottle won’t last long enough to make a good jugement and spend a ton more money on it…..

  • Hey Dave,

    Interesting, this reduction of heavy metals could be why the water expert Matt said he takes AC shots a few times a week.

    Muffet above in posting #134 suggested the chlorella, humic/fulvic acid pills from Europe, shown on the Swanson website for heavy metal detox, because it has been tested and proven. Direct link is listed in #134.

    I have not yet tried this, attractively priced and they list a 90-day protocol.
    An interview with descendents of the developer is posted, the link to interview text is under product info.

    Personally, AC may be the best teeth and mouth cleaner I ever encountered (have needed cleaning every 6 mo. or else!!) Would love to ditch electric toothbrush and rely more on gentler ionic toothbrush. Inside of my mouth feels great!

  • Hmmm, I had a little yeast flare up and kidneys hurt today. What would cause that? Does candida like iron or something? Odd, because I am doing the baking soda…..

  • I think I too, am done with AC, don’t feel good today and kidneys aching. Loose stools.
    I should add that if you are putting this stuff directly undiluted on your toothbrush and cleaning your teeth you are going to end up removing the enamel on your teeth. This is an acid and acids soften the enamel, same reason brushing your teeth with activated MMS is a real bad idea, though you might feel like you’re really getting your teeth clean for awhile. I was drinking this diluted as described 5 drops per 8 oz. of water and didn’t notice any difference in my teeth at all. I think AC is too new and not enough data to make a good judgement call on its uses. I notice Underground Health Reporter is now running paid hype for those guys. We need to know about what negative side effects AC can have and they aren’t talking about that at all. I resign my position as paying guinea pig for now. The other heavy metals cleanse I will check into since it has a history of documented use on actual humans, and look into another mineral supplement thats not oceanic origins. I think human bodies desperately need a version 1.2, this one has too many problems, who the heck designed this thing anyway 😉 😉

  • I started drinking about 6 cups a day/ a month ago. My gums have stopped bleeding, and my arthritis in my knees has gone from a pain level 5-7 to a 1. What a difference of being able to walk without limping. I can now spend the whole day outside at a trade show and feel only the normal tiredness. My teeth are whiter and cleaner. Feels great. I always had great skin, but a neighbor told me a few days ago that my skin is even greater looking now. I am 60 and men half my age are now flirting with me again.

    I am not a distributor, thinking about it. If you never had chronic pain, preventing from living an active life, you have no idea what it is to feel pain free. Wonderful. Life is worthwhile again. Summer 2010 I was considering suicide, figure that my life was over, why bother living a life that so painful and limited.

    I have very limited income, but I said to myself what do I have to loose. I tell everyone that I meet that has chronic pain to try it.

  • KEITH – I think any/all methods that resonate with you, or you feel drawn to can work well for using/stimulating your intuition. In my LISTEN TO YOUR GUT book, I teach people how to do a simple technique I call “Dialoguing With Your Body”.

  • I found someone else who had problems with AC and candida:

    I read the reviews on that metals cleanse stuff from Swanson, the reviews are underwhelmingly neutral. I may try AC again in a couple weeks to see what happens, but got a nasty infection in a private place, not a good sign. Anyway, I am leery of the stuff and question authenticity of wildly enthusiastic reviews, hmmmmm…..Zand’s Candida Quick Cleanse and grapefruit seed extract work pretty well, I’ll probably do both next couple days to try to regain balance…..

  • After noticing more flex in fingers, wrists, ankles and toes, even skin for that matter, then reviewing several astounding reports above:

    Have been taking weekly epsom salts soaks with good results, as recommended by several natural health doctors; but this weekend, results from same soak were amazing and lasted 2 days!

    Therefore: (I am guessing):
    It seems the magnesium/calcium balance is important to maintaining flexible joints, with the emphasis on way higher magnesium.

    1. I read yesterday that calcium leftover from insufficient available magnesium eventually builds up in or on joints, possibly causing flexibility issues (and the kidneys, causing kidney stones.)

    These marketing guys keep showing dramatic dissolving of kidney stones, but their drama seems to jump over to the extreme…

    2. Is it possible an internal chemical reaction is subdued or only partially effective with depleted magnesium, that sets most of us down the road to eventual joint issues?

    3. And do resulting sulfates or sulfur from AC in solution fit in with all this? Do sulfates potentially neutralize and or dissolve excess calcium buildup?

    This is just a guess from exposure to natural health concepts.
    Will very much appreciate more input from internal chemistry viewpoint!!

  • Read on Jini’s storefront what MSM does. In higher dosages it reduces calcium in the joints. I didn’t know that before, but MSM is way cheaper than AC, worth reading about 🙂

  • Day 10 of taking Adya Clarity and I love this stuff. My skin looks better than it EVER has and that for me is amazing. Small pores, how great is that. I feel so great and my husband loves it too. It makes me feel younger, alot younger. I have been reading posts and I think everything works differently for each individual depending on what is going on with your body. I know that if you a very toxic that you will probably feel ill until you get rid of the bad stuff, that is a given. As far as safety, there is nothing that would hurt you in there. I also take the MMS, not all the time but when I feel I need to make sure I don’t get a cold or flu and it works great everytime. I have been using MMS for almost 3 years and no bad side effects at all, (there is nothing that will hurt you). This stuff is sooo much better and safter than anything the FDA is approving for us, (165,000 people die each year from medical mistakes and prescription reations and those are the prescribed medications.) Have you listened to the side effects on the commercials from the FDA approved drugs? WOW….this AC and MMS are so safe compared. The FDA would just love to regulate everything, what a mess that would be. Love all the comments. Day 10 – still great!

  • Thanks Dave,
    Have been taking MSM (not a typo) since 2008. Perhaps only a dinky dosage? I dunno. AC solution is amazingly fast considering day 6 for me.

    Lynn – what a confidence boost.
    For sure, clearing something (bad stuff? excess calcium?) from kidneys…still noticing them from time to time, neck creaking this morning but in a good way. Fingertips were purplish over the weekend, pink is coming back. Skin way more translucent.

    Perhaps a host of dietary sins, yes?
    Need to find a fully functional recipe for making soy milk yogurt or kefir. Plan to ditch cows milk (maybe for good!)

  • If AC really does work as advertised, you are going to get some uncomfortable cleanse and detox symptoms. That means something is shifting.

    If you are sick, or have years of accumulated build up in your body, you need to push through this period.

    I’m suprised that on an Alternative health website such as this, there are people who quit after only a few days of taking AC because of a sore kindney, loose bowl, aching joints e.t.c

  • Yep. “Die-off” is going to happen. When I first started taking clay it was a few days of dieoff symptoms. I also felt that way after taking the Modified Citrus Pectin, which is very expensive, but it really works. Lots of research to back up the claims. I am now trying the Chlorella/Spirulina and Humic/Fulvic acid combo…die-off yet again. Not as bad though as the other stuff got much of the toxic storage. Now for maintenance…as we keep breathing in chemtrails and pesticides, etc., not to mention mercury/silver fillings.

    Dave: The Swanson product got 4.5 stars. The 1/2 taken off because of taste. I listed it as the price is better than other very expensive supplements that make the same claims.

    Currently reading Money by the Mouthful — about the deceptive dental industry and how they are primarily profit driven. Healing our teeth can be done, but very few dentists are aware of it or don’t/can’t divulge the info. Re-mineralization is key.

  • Remember gang, all health and disease begins in the bowel. See Bernard Jensen’s: Tissue Health Through Bowel Management. The title’s been changed but you’ll get the drift.
    You can take all the supplements on the planet; but if you have parasites, blocked or plugged up sections of the bowel and you are angry, bitter, jealous, addicted etc; ain’t nothin’ gonna fix ya!
    Get on to the feng shui trip. Adjust you personal life and health will follow on like little duckies behind the mother duck.

  • Remember gang, all health and disease begins in the bowel. See Bernard Jensen’s: Tissue Health Through Bowel Management. The title’s been changed but you’ll get the drift.
    You can take all the supplements on the planet; but if you have parasites, blocked or plugged up sections of the bowel and you are angry, bitter, jealous, addicted etc; ain’t nothin’ gonna fix ya!
    Get on to the feng shui trip. Adjust you personal life and health will follow on like little duckies behind the mother duck.

    As far as teeth go; your teeth are only as strong as your blood.
    All of the ‘health’ professionals are there to make money. If you believe any of them it’s indicative you’ve stopped taking responsibility for yourself.

  • Ah ha!!
    Precisely the reason I was so tentative to try AC, even though I already purchased it. Quite a few comments early on were so quick to dismiss this as a no go.

    If vital organ aches and joint pains are considered a detox or cleanse; then yes, could also scare off.

    Cannot imagine most of us not be exposed heavy metals over time, mercury being most obvious from fillings or shots, but nearly all of them could apply.

    The excess calcium discussion is a surprise, a bonus.
    The importance of sulfur interview by Dr Mercola still rattling around in head.

    May find calcium moves to the top of the list, as no specific numbers or amounts are associated to metal reduction possible, is that correct?

    Modified citrus pectin? Oh boy, more reading.

    Considering liquid minerals as maintenance at a later date.
    Did not equate it to teeth, Thanks!

  • Hey Dave,
    Where specifically did you find the article or posting about large doses of MSM reducing excess calcium in joints?

  • Isabelle how long have you been taking AC? You say you have limited income, did you buy an $80 bottle of AC? Thats a bit of a financial stretch for me. Yeah maybe its detox symptoms, I could go slower, they don’t say anywhere how much you should drink in a day and I can’t find anyone talking about die off or cleansing effects that are unpleasant. The marketing is a real turn off. Yes, MMS CAN hurt you. I read Dr. Tenant’s book on electrical healing of the body, very fascinating work. He specifically says in his book that MMS should never be used for more than a week or healing turns to destruction. I bought the makings for MMS and never used it internally after seeing how its being misused on youtube and from former users turning away from it. If I get a flu this year I’ll give it a try, but oregano oil except for last year has always killed flu for me.

    For tooth enamel you take monosodium phosphate and calcium supplements and never use anything that has glycerin in your mouth as it blocks remineralization. I brush my teeth with simple bar soap and baking soda, works way better than toothepaste, no glycerin, no fluoride. There is a chemist who wrote a book on this protocol, can’t remember his name offhand but its pretty common knowledge on the net.

    I swear I saw MSM being sold in Jini’s shop online but now its gone? I did read that building up to higher dosages helps clear out excess bad calcium, its going to take a google search to find that info.

  • Dave,

    I have being taking it for one month, the ratio is 1/2 teaspoon in 2 liters of water. I drink about 6 glasses a day. I also use the water for my coffee and I cook with it.

    Hopefully this answers your question.

  • Dave,

    I have being taking it for one month, the ratio is 1/2 teaspoon in 2 liters of water. I drink about 6 glasses a day. I also use the water for my coffee and I cook with it.

    Hopefully this answers your question.

  • Some of these comments about skin improving could be attributed to just drinking MORE water than normal. After reading Your Body’s Many Cries for Water I increased my water intake and the first thing I noticed was improvement in skin texture and quality:
    The average person just does not drink enough water; soda, coffee, tea, none of these can be counted in water intake as they are dehydrating substances, diruetic. So, improvement in skin isn’t enough evidence for me of anything except you’ve probably increased your water intake because you’re paying attention to that in using AC. I recommend everyone read that book, drinking more water improves arthritis symptoms and gut problems too, many of these problems are wrongly diagnosed and are simply your body telling you it needs water, the book explains it all. The author is an MD. Those of us older have lost our thirst sensing ability and are very prone to dehydration and the medical problems that brings on.

  • About the book:
    “As a result of extensive research into the role of water in the body, the author, a medical doctor, believes that he has found chronic dehydration to be the cause of many conditions including asthma, allergies, arthritis, angina, migraine headaches, hypertension, raised cholesterol, chronic fatigue syndrome, multiple sclerosis, depression, and diabetes in the elderly.

    According to Dr. Batmanghelidj, the body possesses many different thirst signals. A dry mouth is not a reliable indicator of your body’s water needs. He describes a variety of more reliable ones, and helps you learn to understand when your body is calling for water. In this way, he claims you can prevent, treat, and cure a variety of conditions of ill health, at no cost, with what he calls nature’s miracle medicine: Water. The author explains how much water one needs to drink a day to stay healthy, and why tea, coffee, and sodas are not good substitutes for water.”

  • Hi Dave,
    Still cannot find that MSM link, instead spent time investigating Jini’s site.
    Well worth the time.

    Found an interesting paragraph on MSM and Candida you may find of interest, or not, you may already know this on site: http://falconblanco.com/health/msm/faq.html
    you need to scroll far down on page. A relative suggested trying MSM, and I never stopped taking it, so this is all new to me.

    Wow! Scientific American took notice of your book. Fairly infrequent for SciAm to review health topics. Read an excerpt, and will look closer at it for a friend who is a soda fiend.

    Read a short story of how to make yourself sick for sure, written in April 2011 newsletter from Dr David Williams. In a tongue and cheek manner, he starts out: “drink a large glass of fruit juice or soda each day…” and he continues to outline the SAD.

    (So outrageous, emailed out this summer to show the sample format of his new digital newsletter to attract more subscribers.)

    I guess he read your book too!

  • thanks for the MSM link, WOW, I need to start taking it again. I have Dupuytren’s Contracture in my left hand and MSM is one thing they recommend for it. I didn’t take it because they didn’t say WHY to take it. So, I will 😉

  • Dave,
    I meant to save another link for you:

    Somewhere on the first page of my “high dosage of MSM” Google search was a posting about using MSM to detox from heavy metals. A young artist had a build up of lead from his paints and could not tolerate any of the more stringent detox methods.

    Let me know if you cannot find it.
    Before and after photos of his blood are amazing.
    i think it took several months time, please realize they were ONLY going for lead.

    Out of the shower this am, skin was tingling as if I had put a mild, alcohol-based skin tonic on it; but no, I did not do anything. Strange, huh?
    A tester way up above also mentioned skin tingling. Neck much looser now, still creaks a bit, but overall, this is great!

    Also checked the latest ORGANIC soy milk in my fridge has added calcium, the ORGANIC cows milk I use for making yogurt has nothing added. What a pain.

    Probably best to remineralize sooner than later.
    Hope others keep testing and posting, will continue reading!

  • Three weeks ago I purchased a $25.00 bottle with the hopes of the claim to rid the body of Heavy metals and Candida. About four days into it, after a nasty bout of die off symptoms, my digestive system went on lock down, two days after that I had this metallic taste in my mouth that I took for detoxing , which my body was doing but I believe it was detoxing from the high content of iron in the Adya and not the mercury I had desired. I had sent an email to a doctor from curezone and he suggested I get off the product for a few days and I should start having movements, I did as he suggested and low and behold I began having movements and mysteriously enough I didn’t have that metallic taste in my mouth. I wouldn’t take that stuff again if you paid me…

  • Iron as a nutrient or supllement does not taste like a ‘metal’, the metallic taste is definately the mercury.
    Best to take the Adya in a more diluted form if it gives you that much trouble.

  • Jini, your statement about soy has been well known to me since the 90’s. I knew quite a few vegetarians who ate mostly soy and they all had one thing in common, grey hair by the age of 30 and aging skin and features in general.

    My question is how prevalent is soy eating among the health concious in todays world?

  • Jini,
    Thanks so much for that explanation.

    Drinking soy milk then taking epsom salt baths each week is ridiculous.
    (What was I thinking?)

    Then looking for probiotics, I switched from soy yogurt to cows milk yogurt…not the best idea either!

    Liked what I read about mini minerals.
    Also saw you mentioned fermented foods as alternatives to probiotics.

    Will review more.

  • REALROSE – soy inhibits mineral absorption, depresses thyroid function and contains massive amounts of estrogen.

    40% of Americans are deficient in magnesium – and it is hard to get a high dose due to bowel tolerance issues, hence epsom salts, magnesium oil, or nanoparticle/angstrom-sized magnesium are all better delivery methods. See the minerals section in my Health Shoppe for more details:


  • Yohan,

    I did not miss that soy was under scrutiny. I just didn’t get the complete reasoning and perhaps I did not care, as long as I was not being zonked by lactose.

    Which is worse?

    Only recently almond, rice and coconut milks came out, unless I want to make them from scratch. Perhaps that is my best alternative, because what comes out of packages only vaguely resembles homemade versions.

  • If I may point something out to realrose regarding milk yogurt.

    Last April I started making my own kefir after reading many articles comparing kefir to yogurt. One site: http://thetableofpromise.blogspot.com/2011/05/kefir-versus-yogurt.html quoted http://www.kefir.net with the following:

    “Yogurt usually contains one or two strains of bacteria like acidophilus and bulgaricus. These strains are common in Eastern Europe and the Caucuses. Something that our Bulgarian babysitter loves to proudly remind us of…often.

    · Kefir contains up to 13 strains of different bacteria. According to kefir.net, those strains can include “Lactobacillus Caucasus, Leuconostoc, Acetobacter species, and Streptococcus species.”

    · Also according to kefir.net, “Yogurt contains transient beneficial bacteria that keep the digestive system clean and provide food for the friendly bacteria that reside there. But kefir can actually colonize the intestinal tract, a feat that yogurt cannot match.”

    The overall benefit of kefir as compared to yogurt seems to indicate that kefir is many more times beneficial over yogurt.

    I purchased kefir grains on the Internet for about $17 and am still using the same grains today. I usually make a new 1/2 gal. of organic milk kefir twice a week and absolute love it and it only takes about 24 hours to finish! The kefir grains can be used for years if properly taken care of.

    I hope this information is helpful.

  • I had to add my two cents in here. I had vaginal cancer last year and went through surgery, chemo and radiation. I am currently experience a lot of urinary and gastric problems due to the radiation. I have had a UTI for 6 months now that cultures out to E.Coli. As long as I’m on antibiotics, the infection stays away but as soon as I stop, it comes right back. My mother, an RN, bought some Adya Clarity and gave me a bottle yesterday. I took 8 drops in 8 oz. of water last night. I woke up in the middle of the night hot and sweaty but, this morning when I woke up, I felt very much ‘clearer’ than I have been in a long time. It seemed like a fog or film had been released from my brain. I took some more this morning, same dosage, and have felt more energetic and positive than I have in a long time. If this keeps up, I will keep taking it as it is worth keeping the ‘new me’.

  • I just looked up iron’s effects on the bowels, it is KNOWN for causing constipation, so nothing bad was happening to you. Just back off on it. Rainbow Light’s probiotic seems to be helping me and not having usual constipation problems. Aloe Vera juice will also help loosen things up…..

  • Thanks Dave, I have backed off on it and I’ve had a few movements. I’m gonna stop it all together until I’m having two to three movements a day and then I’ll slowly administer it back into my drinking water.

  • I didn’t read the articles I found but there are ways to take iron and not become constipated. I was surprised to find out that iron deficiency is the leading mineral deficiency in the US. I’m going to finish my little bottle but am not going to drink it in every glass of water I consume, will take it slow….

  • Ok so this is my the start of my third day with ady clarity and man am I loving every minute of it. The secodn i drank adya i noticed a change in my body, vision, pain in my knee which i have had for about a year because i skateboard all the time, and mental functions. My body felt as if it were tingling because of all the minerals moving around, i felt more energetic during the day as well. The vision thing is weird because it looked as if my vision got clearer, no i was not hallucinating, everything looked more fine. My knee bends more with less and less pain as i continue to drink this wonderful tasting water. Omg It freaking tastes soooo good I cannot say that enough!!!!! 🙂 I do however have some concerns. Where do i store the bottle I got? Do i store it anywhere, in the fridge? Do i keep it in the bottle or put it in a glass container and put that in the fridge?? I did a little bit of research and it says to store the adyaclarity water in glass and no in “normal” plastic whatever that is and keep it in HDPE plastic bottles. I pour water into a gallon bottle like the milk bottles and put a teaspoon of that in the water and store it in the fridge. I do not know whether I’m doin this right or not. Someone who is currently using this product please let me know. THANKS! oH and bTW! Every one who is a sceptic on this product, well Don’t be! I do not see any type of scam, negativity, or drawbacks with this product. Again, I am reposting because i said i would.

  • I think the marketing of the webinar has put some people off this product. I personally find this a bit silly, we must be adult enough to seperate the product from its marketing.

    And besides…. if it wasnt for the marketers at Rawfoods using those ‘fluoride’ google image ads, I and many others may never have come across Adya in the first place.

  • Yeah, I only got half thru the webinar and turned it off. I thought it was really vague and all based on “air.” I noticed the AC website is being redone as of last nite. There are so many claims but the only actual hard science I see is one guy with lyme disease who had his doctor run a test and AC gave his candida problem a nice growth spurt, totally opposite of what they claim. I’ve finally decided to discontinue use, everytime I take it my kidneys get sore, no thanks….

  • Re. IRON – this is another area we have done extensive testing on. Not just trying to avoid the constipation issue, but in people with IBD (Inflammatory Bowel Disease), iron can trigger intestinal bleeding.

    The solution is to use angstrom-sized iron – which does not require digestion and hence does not irritate the GI tract. As long as you drink it with a glass of water, it will not cause constipation either – even in very susceptible people. More info here:


  • In response to JMBecker. I read your comment and I also had the same experience with a clearer better feeling after taking the AC. I would also recomment taking the MMS to fight the infection you have because it doesn’t tear down the immune system like the antibotics do. I would not stop taking he antibiotics until you know you are in the clear due to your condition but would transition with 6 drops twice a day, (on an empty stomach and an hour from taking medication).. I just took some last night and this morning because I felt a cold coming on and it’s all gone now, presto. Just thought I would let you know so you can build back you immune and get off of the antibiotics.

  • Hi LIRight,

    Thanks, have tried making both! Did not know that difference.

    Soon will be reading Dr Dean’s book, the Magnesium Miracle. Initially looked at ac as a means to quickly rebalance…did not know the magnesium calcium balance to play such a major role.

    Feel great now, less stuff and more space inside body. Plan to continue ac from time to time.

    Still hope more people post up their ac trial results.

  • One more thing for LI Right:

    Have played around with (2) freeze dried yogurt cultures on the net, and Kefir culture. I do not know if this will help anyone but:

    The yogurt I chose has additional active cultures: L. casei, B. longum,, L. Bulgaricus (Bulgaria, yes?) S. thermophilus, and L. acidophilus, at an additional price.

    Any of these are supposedly far more available when fresh, homemade, Kefir only requires a glass jar or container kept at room temp while fermenting. Kefir is so easy to make, I have been switching back and forth between them.

  • Re: #148- the website noted with the password now notes the sale is through October 30, 2011, but they’ve removed the deal on the single 32 oz. bottle. Anyone else find a better deal on a 16 or 32 oz. bottle? (I don’t think the 2 oz. size would give me sufficient time to properly test the product.)

    I’m still thinking that I want to try this – arthritic knees and lower back pain mostly – but am also concerned about kidney involvement. I recently underwent two procedures of ultrasound “zapping” a huge (30 mm) kidney stone and passed lots of grit, but the doc wants to CT in November to see if any’s left. Well, I’ve lost my insurance in the meantime and can’t afford it. So my question, after reading the comments on this site, is whether the AC is GOOD for kidney stones or BAD for the kidneys? [10/8/11]

  • Adam was asking about the “Berkey” water filtration system. I’ve had one of the 1&1/2
    gallon models for around 10 years or so and really like the way it filters the water. I use
    tap water so the carbon filters go a long time before one needs to clean them. In this time only needed to replace the 4 filters once. My water dept. does not floride the water so that’s taken care of.

  • WHAT A HUGE SCAMMER Kacper Postawski IS! I paid over $300 for Adya Clarity product which never arrived. I did not get an answer to a single email asking where the product was, nor did I get my money back.

  • I got this product about a week ago now and have been doing the ‘Powershots’. So far it I have notices some amazing changes and its not over yet. This is simply an incredible product – no buyers remorse here.

  • Dhira:
    For kidney stones and gallstones, use Chanca Piedra (Spanish for stone breaker). You can get it at Swansonvitamins.com and it’s very cheap. It will dissolve the stones even in the midst of an attack in about 20 minutes. Seriously the most miraculous herb I have ever encountered.

  • Well, after sitting for 2 hours reading through all the comments, I still don’t know whether to buy the AC or not.Those who report good results sound so euphoric, it’s hard to tell if they are just very susceptible to the placebo effect. My interest in the AC was for dissolving kidney stones but in that respect the comments were not encouraging to say the least. I’ll wait and see till more comments come in. If anybody has found relief with regards to kidney stones, please share your experience. Thanks to all of you for sharing.

  • Stumbled across the following:

    1. One answer to the cilantro discussion way above is listed in a (cook?) book called Nourishing Traditions, on the far right side column of page 145. A Japanese investigator found cilantro can mobilize mercury and other toxic metals if taken in sufficient quantity each day for a time. Suggest checking that if you want details.

    2. Dhira in #205
    My understanding is my ac trial detoxed kidneys to some degree, guessing this is where eventual skin tingling – out-gassing sensation came from. Unless that was the pH balancing or maybe these are one in the same. Someone with more depth needs to confirm this. Used only a small amt of 2 oz AC bottle.

    However, if you also want to use ac in your daily drinking water, then a large quantity may be more desirable. This circles ’round to the water filtration topic throughout blog.

    3. An investigator posted a clear statement on how ac assists the body on curezone site a year ago last October 2010, this may or may not clarify what can be expected:

    Re: Adya Clarity experiments at Candida Support Forum (MessageID: 1716266)

    – Main comments: AC apparently assists with heavy metal removal and read this for enzyme system and pH balancing comments.

    David (Avocado) Wolfe gives a brief remark on ac on his Thyroid video clip posted on longevity now website. He is way over my head, but interesting, hot topic.

    Hope this helps. (have a BFF with issues, not doing this solely for myself.)
    Please keep posting your AC trial results!

  • Jennette in #207 –

    You may need to give them time. This arrived in junk file from Kacper on Tues, Oct 4:

    Because of the huge popularity of the recent webinar I have been
    hosting on Adya Clarity(the water secret), my friend Matt Monarch,
    who made this webinar possible, is making me end this special
    in 48 hours.

    The EFT (Tapping) people helped get word out, this is affiliate marketing and Matt could be swamped.

  • I have been reading the comments regarding black mica and Adya Clarity. Since a friend started using Adya Clarity two months ago, thought you may have interest in her comments. She reports feeling a little better, and feels her arthritis symptoms have somewhat improved. I have not purchased either of these products, since I wish to see further comments regarding the end results.

    I can offer the suggestion to add a little common baking soda to drinking water. PH test strips revealed both my tap and bottled were acidic. After adding baking soda, both became alkaline. The formula is a one teaspoon of baking soda to a gallon of water. You can also make the water alkaline in individual servings of water, coffee, and tea. Just add about an 1/8 teaspoon of baking soda to the individual servings before consuming.

    Another suggestion would be to mix one teaspoon of Braggs apple cider vinegar, or any red cider vinegar, with a teaspoon of honey, and a little water. This will also create an alkaline setting in the body. Recently I have been adding a little cinnamon to this drink, since its been said this would reduce joint pain. I take this formula every day sometimes two or three times a day. It will dissolve and prevent kidney stones, clean plaque from arteries, and relieve arthritis symptoms, by helping to keep the body alkaline.

    Thanks for the great site! I look forward to more comments from users of black mica and adya clarity.

  • In looking to buy te water purification system I came across this site…I am sure I will not be buying the AC product but will be drinking the purified water. I am more inclined to drink pu-erh tea to keep any cholesterol problems from arising and if the addition of purified water helps the twa, then alright! I am anxious to see what happens when used with water purified from the fridge system.
    Thanks to all you folks…the person I spoke with about the system was trying to sell me the other products as well. I am interested in trace minerals and have looked at several various sources, I still have yet to make up my mind. Again, the information from this forum has been helpful (and time consuming).

  • I bought the product.

    Visually saw the results.

    And feel glad that a company is doing something about it and am happy to support them.

    Unlike 99.5% of products which seem to think fluoride is beneficial to your health – oh how I wish they would research Hitler’s sterilization techniques. Seriously, watch one movie on what Hitler did with fluoride and you hate the stuff.

  • I came, saw, bought. I put a pint of brown pond water in a jar and added a goodly amount of AC, promising my witness that I would drink it next day when it was crystalline. Next day, two days later, it’s still brown. I want my money back, but how? I bought 3 32 oz bottles. Die and learn.

  • I was on that A C Webinar last week also and I went to buy it twice, while reading the different comments here, finally I didn’t buy it. It might be good for some stuff, teeth whitener or (maybe placebo effect also) but the big issue I have is how the same product you take to remove heavy metal at the same time it re-mineralize you….

  • Dear Jini,
    thank you for the great website and this topic.
    I am interested of trying AC but I live in a country where it is not sold.
    To buy it from USA and ship it here would cost me a fortune.
    In post #44 Mr. Me outlined some process for making it on your own.
    I am still not clear on the steps required to make it myself.
    So here is my request.
    Would someone with more knowledge in chemistry be so kind to make an algorithm for the preparation of AC at home.
    It should be a list of steps and also maybe links to websites where the necessary ingredients could be bought.
    I think this would be beneficial for many people and might drive prices of manufacturers and distributors down in a long run.
    Thank you in advance!

  • AC WILL NOT REMOVE ALL THE FLUORIDE FROM YOUR WATER! Read the fine print, it only “reduces” it. In the audio interview with Matt he said only 50% is reduced, period.

    As for the “euphoric” reviews, be suspiscious, these may be people loading up the web with fake reviews for marketing purposes, I’ve seen this done before with another product and alot on Amazon, you just can’t tell whats real and what’s not. In the interview Matt said he had a bunch of tests done, well where are they? Lets see some real data, all we see so far are vague claims, nothing but air……

  • OK gang…in my quest to clean water I found out more of what FGHP (Food Grade Hydrogen peroxide) can do. Lots of research and stuff to back it up.

    “By adding 7 drops of 35% food grade hydrogen peroxide to a gallon of drinking water and shaking it well… it will purify the water and it gives it a pleasant waterfall-like flavor.”

    I know this is off topic but many of us here are looking to successfully clean our water sources…thus why we are looking into AC.

    Here is a pdf book entitled The Truth About FGHP, that is incredibly well done:


  • I am a young woman aged 30, and I have been taking this product for a month now and had no chronic health complaints from the outset …other than aspergers which I believe may have been caused by the DPT vaccine in childhood; having suffered from anorexia in my teens there were also periods in my life when I neglected to look after and feed myself properly. I have been seeing a naturopath for several months who had put me on a cocktail of nutritional supplements and homeopathic remedies to redress the imbalances in my body, which was in a starved and stressed state when I first went to her.
    I did research this product for several days before buying, I read all the comments on this site too, but trusted my gut and took a punt and purchased this product, and lo, it seems to have paid off..
    Due perhaps to the lack of specific chronic health complaints, the changes I have noticed have been more subtle albeit powerful. For example, I noticed immediately my brain and my ideas coming faster, my consciousness raised, my body felt like it was being deeply cleansed and purified, including internal organs… plaque came off my teeth , the pungent smell that used to come from my armpits when I would sweat , and which may have been caused by a mineral – zinc? – deficiency has gone, and I no longer sweat as profusely or smell anywhere near as pungently.. (this has done wonders for my social confidence!) Another great benefit…. for the first time as far as I can recall I also am able to fall asleep without trouble , including… which is something I was NEVER able to do before – fall asleep in public places…. ! Even the HTTP and vitamin B complexes the naturopath put me on have not helped me with that like particular problem like this stuff has….
    My mobility and joint flexibility has improved, and my energy has increased considerably. I no longer wake up feeling groggy… but with energy and drive…. I no longer wake up craving the wrong foods that tire and drain me like coffee …. perhaps due to its deep cleansing and detoxing action it has restored the body to its natural state – which is a state that only wants to eat health and life giving foods, not the props that we over-rely on to get us through the fast-paced modern life…. (- could be a really useful aid for addictive people ??)
    I now put the clarity in all my drinking water … and dont travel without it. I also bathed my tired feet in a tub of adya water and felt the stress literally drain away from me and the minerals absorbing through my skin and into my bone and marrow… I felt re-energised, re-juventated and reborn. Literally like I had become the salt of the earth….. amazing !!
    I treated my overworked, arthritic mum to the stuff and gave her a hand and foot soak and watched the years of stress due to overwork and lack of health treats be washed away before my eyes.. i saw a new relaxed and revitalised her emerge….
    I have noticed no bad side effects thus far, only good… it has given me a new lease of life . I am also putting my whole family on the stuff…
    I am not in any way affiliated with or sell this product…

  • Hi Macca,
    Thanks for such a detailed description!

    I also no longer crave the same foods, my brain is responding much swifter, and a return to an internal balance have not felt for years. As I was cautioned somewhere above, for those of us with more internal gunk built up over many years, it may not be quite as easy a transition.

    Still no idea why so many complainers are out there…

  • MUFFET – you post the BEST resources! I’m still working my way through the “Money By The Mouthful”, but have just downloaded this new hydrogen peroxide one as well. Thanks so much for sharing the best of your research!

    Re. your request for a Candida post, I will indeed do this. In the meantime, I will email you with a teleseminar on this topic.

  • FINALLY a better answer to what is going on with ac/black mica:

    Most of my questions are answered in this podcast:

    (May need to join Best Day Ever as member, or not to access.)

    More technical interview, topics include:
    volcanic eruptions, Hawaii, orange sediment, fulvic acid, salts, sea water, spring water, trace minerals, water filtration abilities, black and white mica, iron in solution, current state of US drinking water, what is being rearranged, ac water is living water, what does that mean, in a 30 minute recording.

  • Update, 2 weeks in…

    So I’ve continued using AC in m well water and drink about 2 quarts per day. I have Lyme and have a lot of foot and hip pain. I’m also on doxycycline and a host of supplements and vitamins.

    Soooooo I have notice a slight decrease in my pain and a slight increase in my flexibility. I’m going to stick with it and hope for the best. When I first started drinking it, it made me thirsty and I wasn’t impressed. But I acknowledge that I probably have layers of internal crap (including the mega antibiotics I’ve been on for 3 months) that need worked on. So I’m plodding on. If it makes me feel worse, I’ll stop…

  • I had the product tested energetically by a gifted healer and I was told that it’s a good product and that pulls ipurities out of the cells.
    I took the super-shots for 1 month and didn’t notice anything different, weather it did something internally or not, i can’t tell.

  • More water controversy:
    At the end of an online interview (reply last night) of Dr Norm Shealy,

    One question was whether he was aware of alkaline or ionic water. His response was yes, these products are “fair”.

    He was testing in his clinic something called double helix water which supposedly has the ability to boost the human immune system. A university may be involved with testing, and there are cool infrared pics of before and after drinking this stuff.
    More fun!

  • I have just skimmed all the information. Am I the only one who has taken AC shots daily for 3 months? This was recommended by a wholistic aesthetician (not even a doctor) for a skin condition I have that is an autoimmune reaction. I was slugging that stuff daily – and she wanted me to do 2 shots a day, which I did for awhile. I did notice good energy, less joint pain and a lightening of the rash. At her recommendation, I also took oil of oregano – three a day, for about a month. Anyway – about 10 days ago I started to have pain on the right side of my mouth. I couldn’t determine a specific tooth – went to my dentist and he could not identify the problem. He referred me to an endodontist – evaluation for root canal. Rather than going to another dr, I went off the AC. The mouth pain subsided and has gone away completely. Leaving me to conclude that the AC interacted badly with the metals in my mouth. I have had a lot of dental work. So for now, I am through with AC. Prior to the mouth pain, I had also started getting some strange headaches about month 2.

    I consider myself an intelligent person and am kind of stunned that I took this stuff on faith. So I have to caution you – beware of AC. Expensive and of dubious value. Has anyone else had a similar experience?

  • LoisMarie,
    Someone way above reported taking ac water for over a year now. The water expert said in the video clip referenced way above that he takes super shots 1x or 2x per week!

    I had a mysterious autoimmune response for a long, long time. (Skipping myriad dermatologist visits, skin tests, etc) I stumbled across a root of my issue March or April 2010, then tested for a time what works. Sometimes it is as simple as a food allergy, skin care product or food additive allergy, or not. Everyone is different.

    Had only mild headaches toward end of the ac clear out. But I was simply curious to see if ac could help re-balance my system.

    The quantity I am taking is no where near what you have been doing. Someone up at the top reported headaches that only went away when she stopped taking ac.

    I don’t know if this helps you or not.

  • Interesting reading, however I am personally not convinced that this ac is a viable product.I hope users keep posting here, I would be interested in seeing long term effects from many different users.

  • Well I spent a few hours reading these posts . Only wished I had done this before buying all the AC from the webinar. with Kacper.. I tried the power shots once a day for over a month, first diluted in more water then down to one oz. I noticed my skin is getting worse, huge acne like I have never seen for a long time. Not sure if it is a reaction to the product or detoxing. I think I will back off this. I put it in my tap water and I did not see any of that yellow stuff on the bottom over a few days. We don’t flouridate our water here so not sure what substances make it that colour. The water was just a little cloudy…that’s all.
    I tried emailing Kacper but no response so far. He did say there was a money back offer so wonder if he in fact is truthful around this. Thanks for all the feedback . This is a good site and will check in again.

  • Hark the herald angels sing! After reading this blog with the caution a scientist might study cellular life, I’ve come to the decision Adya is little more than a poor mans attempt to filter water.
    If the deception of the patant and lack of scientific study isnt caution enough, then the fact they want us to filter our water twice before applying the mineral boost is’nt worth the cost all.
    I’m going to finish my tincture whilst saving for a filter valued £1400, that offer a monthly rental of only £15, as my AQ 4000 was a swindle – they hustle you over the phone, the tap falls apart and they remodifie it so the filters do not fit your original model.
    I’ve now learned to always keep my reciepts and that cheap products are not worth buying.
    Most of us got into Adya as a short cut to water filtration, but know we know the pros outwiegh the cons, we should save up for expensive 99.99% filters (and all house flouride filters) and settle the ph with Washing soda/Baking Soda, whilst boosting the minerals with Active Liquid Minerals/Life trace Minerals and taking Zeolite/Living Streams Probiotics as flouride/pathogen defense (Dr Bill Deagle ‘Wellness’ – Youtube).


  • Well, having decided not to get the AC, I decided to just do water therapy – ie drinking the 6 cups of water every morning 1 hr before breakfast. On only my 5th day I can report that I have significantly more energy, clarity of mind (more positive thinking) and more flexibility – being able to bend and turn without the fear of making a false move. I wish I’d known before just how important water is.

  • hi Jini… somewhere in your opening introduction you reference ( Adya Shots ); advice as “(1 tsp in 1 oz of water daily for a month)”…not sure where you got that info, and have not read anywhere saying that… i only see where the recommendations are 1 teaspoon in 1/2 glass of water.

  • Now 3 weeks of my ac solution trials, my sugar cravings are nearly gone. Consider this an extra bonus of taking 5 drops in 8 oz of water, 1x or 2x per day.

    Please keep posting your ac trial results!

  • Well, I received my AC and put it into my filtered Berkey water. Results, no reaction whatsoever which I expected as much because the Berkey is very good in filtering junk out of water. But, then I put it into tap water. I got the same reaction which was no reaction, nothing. No cloud, no nothing. So, I think AC is just a scam at least as far as purifying water goes. The ceramic filters on the Berkey collect a lot of dark brownish junk on them and I see brown dried water stains on my sink where the water dries. I’m going to try drinking the AC treated water to see if delivers on any of its health claims. I have to say, I’m pretty skeptical. Right now, I think I got scammed. Oh, and I definitely will not be doing the super shots. I’ll let you know if there is any improvement healthwise.

  • Why would anyone pay that kind of money to get minerals or filter their water? You can purchase food grade diatomaceous earth to get 15 trace minerals, including calcium, and also get the added benefit of killing parasites and having great hair and nails. And it’s ground up fossilized diatomes, no chemicals, acids, extraction techniques or sales commissions there.

    For those who have never heard of this stuff, google it, it’s not just for pets or killing fire ants and fleas in your back yard. Oh, and you can get a 10 pound bag online for $14. Keep your crazy sulfuric acid $150 water! Haha!

  • Um… If this stuff is all that it claims to be, then why have we not read about the Japanese government rushing to use Adya to clean-up, clear-up Fukushima, and the rest of Japan being affected.

    I’ve never understood how supplements like these (and I am DEFINITELY NOT opposed to supplement addition to one’s dietary intake) that are supposed to bring such cleansing, healing, and balance to the human body, not to mention benefit to our enviroment/planet, etc… always seem to be financially out of reach for the people who may need it most.

    Sure you can get the 2 oz. bottle of Adya for about 25.00, but then the directions for dosage that will give you the most benefit often far exceeds those 2 oz in a given month, which means the 16 or 32 oz bottle would be better @ 100.00+ Sheeesh!

    I realize these discoverers/inventors need to regain their initial investment somehow, but once that is done, these products never seem to be made economically affordable to those who may really need it…if it really does what it claims to do.

  • Interesting buildup.
    However, skips calcification of the body. Spent time reading more on the aging process, not pretty what can build up on joints and bones over time…and kidneys often store excess calcium. Why would anyone want more of it?


    I have seen many well marketed mineral / cleansing supplements come and go over the years. You know the type, berries on the Tibet mountain side handpicked by virgins using organic wooden presses, or magical DNA restructing mineral supplement designed by gifted scientist.

    I have tried many of these things and I am not the sort of person who gets done by placebo, most of them do not do anything, or just give the appearence of ‘change’ by giving you are sugar/energy boost.

    But I never discard a product just because it is well marketed, so was willing to try Adya Clarity. Well I can say it absolutely works and safely disregard the doubters on this thread who have never tried the product or only took it for 2 days and stopped when their back got sore.

    But be forewarned, when I say it works, this only means for my own condition, described below. Some conditions it may not work or could be dangerous.

    LONG STORY – In the late 90’s, there was a unique form of mineral supplement that claimed for the body to be able to absorb properly, supplements must mimic the electrical format of live food. Normal supplements are ‘dead’ and that is why they are mostly useless, the body sees them as a toxin. The company was called Body Electric, and apparently the production process of making their supplements was expensive and difficult to product, they went out of business many years ago.

    But boy did those supplements work, unlike anything I have tried since. But I did not properly read the literature, which stated not to take Body Electric supplements if you have amalgam fillings, as they cause the body to reject foreign substances, and your fillings will leach.

    So unknown to me I just plowed ahead, and when starting to taste metal in my mouth and splitting headaches 24/7, I presumed this was a part of the detox, and kept going for months. Later, once realised, I had the mercury fillings removed, but was left with SEVERE mercury poisoning.

    Over the years of doing various programs and taking various special health products, I have been super fit, very healthy body, but have NEVER been able to shift the mercury and head clouding issues. Until now.

    RESULT – Basically from the second day of taking super shots I have had a huge shift and release on my head/neck/brain/thinking, the areas that were most affected by the mercury poisoning.

    To be fair, I have never tried the Chollera metal cleanse, and I only did MSM once, and got sick from a huge kill-off (or just poisoned myself). Those two things may be just as good as the AC for removing heavy metals from your brain-stem, and certainy cheaper, but neither of them has the convenience of AC, and I know AC works for me at least.

  • Guten Tag, Gandalf Gamgees of the Green. The positive reports of Adya clarity are indeed placebo-like and I would not be suprised if it was agents of Adya team posting them, as this site appears below there Website!
    Dr Jinns research has saved us from being misled by capitalists, feeding off the Globalist toxin agenda (see below).
    Apart from being a trace mineral supplement, Adyas only purpose is to ‘insolubulize organic materials dissolved in sewage and sterilize bacteria”- which Living Streams Probiotics does by cleansing pathogens (the Garlic alternative to MMS – MMS also removes Zinc and vital minerals from host and could overload the brain with oxygen).
    Zeolite is a better and cheaper alternative to Adya, as it carrys 70 trace minerals and flushes flouride 100% from our hosts – which is better than berkley fitlers (whose innefective flouride flltration is a cheaper alternative to the 99.99% filters of ‘Pure Water Filters’ – the cleanest on earth).
    Let us reflect now on Dr Jinns report:

    This is a very important distinction to keep in mind: That Adya Clarity on its own is NOT sufficient to sterilize water from all sources – according to the inventor of the product, for In the original document he encourages us to:

    a) Filter the water first with a “filtering chamber” to remove large or visible debris

    b) Then an active charcoal filtration layer is needed to remove anions and a vermion filtration layer is needed to remove cations, “Such ions include cations of ammonia, calcium, manganese, or ions of chlorine, fluorine, nitric acid and nitrous acid”.

    c) Lastly, the black mica (Adya Clarity) is added to “insolubulize organic materials dissolved in sewage and sterilize bacteria”.

    Kacper Postawski – one of the promoters of Adya Clarity has a Facebook ad running that claims that Adya Clarity can remove fluoride (when fluorine has bonded to other elements) from your drinking water, but in the patent document it states that the vermion (from vermiculite) filtration layer is needed to remove fluorine from the water.

    [EDITED BY JINI – You are welcome to post your views/experience with Adya Clarity, but please do not use this blog to promote your own website or products. Thanks.]

  • Estrogen in Water Supply is Engineered By Design

    The rate of impotence and prostate-related disorders is increasing dramatically. Prostate cancer is one of the biggest killers of men and effiminates us to enforce to Masonic Satanism. The Globalisists designed the pregnancy pill to contaimate our resovoirs yet can be cleansed from our hosts by the protocol below:

    Natural solutions to reduce oestrogen dominance

    • To detox heavy metals, try natural chelaters such as humic acid, garlic, rosemary and milk thistle.

    • Try vitamin B6 as this vitamin behaves like a pharmacological agent and alters the bodily changes caused by oestrogen dominance.

    • Phyto-oestrogenic herbs to try include red clover, black cohosh, wild yam, false and true unicorn roots.

    • Natural progesterone treatment is providing positive results. Progesterone helps convert fat to energy, conditions the endometrial lining, acts as a diuretic, and can assist thyroid gland problems.

    • Taking DIM as a supplement helps the liver convert oestrogen into a healthier form. The dose is dependent on body weight.

    • Exercise helps with oestrogen clearance and women who are active tend to have lighter and less frequent periods.

    Estrogen metabolism – Supplementation with estrogen metabolizers can help promote proper estrogen levels throughout a person’s lifecycle, and may be particularly helpful during the pre- and peri-menopausal years. Men experiencing higher estrogen levels will also benefit from using estrogen metabolizers. Estrogen metabolizers can be helpful for various estrogen dominant related conditions including uterine fibroid tumors, fibrocystic breasts, glandular dysfunction, stubborn weight gain, hair loss, prostrate problems, atherosclerosis, lowered libido, and impotency, among others.

    Of the two following supplements, DIM is the stronger metabolizer of estrogen. Many customers use both DIM and Myomin for best effectiveness, depending on their situation.

    DIM is a naturally occurring phytonutrient found in cruciferous vegetables. DIM promotes beneficial estrogen metabolism and healthy hormonal balance1,2,3 and optimizes the ratio of estrogen metabolites that is crucial for breast3, uterine4, cervical5, and prostate6 health. It can be helpful for various estrogen dominant related conditions. Along with promoting healthy estrogen metabolism, DIM works as an aromatase inhibitor, thus promoting a more desirable action from testosterone. This can help boost mood and sustain an interest in sex for both men and women.

    Myomin is an all-natural Chinese herbal blend ideal for normalizing estrogen levels in both men and women. Myomin inhibits aromatase, which can reduce levels of bad estrogens (estradiol and estrone), and promotes production of the good estrogen (estriol). Myomin has been shown to help metabolize unhealthy estrogens and promote proper hormonal balance in the body. Clinical case studies show that Myomin is able to reduce estradiol (estrogen) levels in as little as 10 days.7

    Hormonal support – Often when a person is estrogen dominance progesterone levels are low. Supplementing with a bio-identical progesterone product helps to balance the ratio between estrogen and progesterone, thereby assisting in promoting proper hormone balance. Progesterone can be safely used by menstruating women, pre- and peri-menopausal women, and menopausal women. Men with estrogen dominance can also benefit from progesterone. Additionally, women who may not be highly estrogen dominant but struggle with severe PMS often find that if a progesterone cream is used on a regular basis, their menses and PMS are less difficult.
    Progesta-Care bio-identical progesterone products form Life-Flo provide natural progesterone supplementation that are free of synthetics and parabens, and will naturally supplement low progesterone levels, thus helping to balance the ratio between estrogen and progesterone. Progesta-Care products provide measured doses, making supplementation easy and safe.

    Detoxification Assistance – Ensuring that your body is able to adequately detoxify itself of used hormones is a crucial part of re-establishing healthy hormone balance. When hormones are not adequately detoxified, they may recirculate in the body, further contributing to estrogen dominance.
    Calcium D-Glucarate is a botanical extract found in fruits and vegetables that can be beneficial in helping to remove toxins and excess used hormones, preventing them from being reabsorbed into the blood stream and deposited in the tissues of your body. Calcium D-Glucarate helps to support liver function and detoxification.

    The Complete Body Cleanse Kit offers a 14 day program that is designed to help improve your health by dealing with the used hormones and toxins that accumulate in your body. It not only supports the body’s own detoxification mechanisms, but at the same time enhances them.

    Nutritional Support – Nutritional supplements are essential to ensure your body has the nutrients it needs to make and balance hormones appropriately. Many of these nutrients tend to be low when estrogen is high:
    Magnesium Citrate provides the body with a highly absorbable form of magnesium, which is often depleted when estrogen levels are high. A deficiency in magnesium can lead to severe PMS, muscle cramping, and fatigue, among other symptoms. Magnesium is important for hundreds of bodily processes and can have an effect on virtually every organ system within the body. Therefore, it is important to be sure that your body gets adequate daily amounts.

    B Vitamins play an important role in maintaining health by transporting oxygen into our cells. B vitamins support healthy nerve function, energy production, and hormone balance. B-vitamins act as coenzymes, helping enzymes to react chemically with other substances, and are involved in energy production. Each B-vitamin fills a different complementary need, which is why they should most often be taken together. B-50 provides all of the essential B-Vitamins necessary for healthy hormone balance.

    Zinc plays an important role in hormone production and balance. Zinc helps to increase progesterone levels and lower estrogen. Excess estrogen can lower serum zinc levels in people who are estrogen dominant. More than 70% of women do not obtain the minimum daily requirement of zinc from their diets. Zinc also has a critical role in male sexual function and is necessary for all aspects of male reproduction, including hormone metabolism and sperm formation and motility.

    Life Essence provides every vitamin and mineral your body needs. It also delivers enzymes, metabolic pigments, flavones, trace elements, amino acids, antioxidants, and countless co-nutrients and phyto-chemicals. Together, these things create a multiple like none you’ve ever seen before…one that not only supports health, but actually builds it. Ensuring your body has a strong foundation of vitamins and minerals is essential for healthy hormone balance.

    Lifestyle Changes – Evaluating your current lifestyle and making changes where necessary will make a big difference in how well you are able to manage estrogen dominance. The following areas are particularly important to address:
    Diet: It is important to ensure you are getting abundant fresh whole foods in your diet every day. Whole foods support your body’s natural ability to balance itself, and provide essential nutrients your body needs to thrive. Make sure your diet includes abundant brightly colored vegetables and fruits, hormone free protein, and healthy fats including olive oil, coconut oil, and fish oil. Avoid highly estrogenic foods like soy and flax seed, as these foods can contribute to estrogen dominance. Limit or avoid refined foods like white sugar and flour, as these foods deplete the body of essential nutrients.

    Environment: Become aware of the environment around you. Many of us are unknowingly exposing ourselves to phytoestrogens and xenoestrogens (environmental estrogens) that can make estrogen dominance worse. Take some time to read up on where these substances are found, and make changes in your home environment where needed.

    Stress management: Stress directly affects hormones. When stress is chronically high, hormones become out of balance. Therefore, finding ways to de-stress every day are a must. Take a little time each day to breath deep, exercise, and find ways to relax.

    It is important to understand that what may be true for one person is not necessarily true for another. The journey of hormonal changes is an individual one. As you begin to make changes, try to keep track of how you are feeling and when.

  • Just wanted to post again and I have to look and see how long it’s been now with AC, (maybe 6 weeks?). Wow, I just read a big nay sayer comment and it got me motivated to give some good news. I feel fantastic. I havn’t hardly used any huge amount of this either but notice a very deffinate difference. Now I am one of those people that has always drank alot of water so no changes there and I have always eaten way better than the main population and even I am surprised at the noticed “I feel better”. Just an update, my skin and nails and hair look noticibly better, (skin looks really better). I bought 4 – 32 oz bottles of AC for about $82.00 per bottle, (pkg. deal). I figure it will last for years unless of course I need to use it in an emergency to be able to drink water. I realize that this is a cost but in the big picture, (it’s not that much seeing people are loosing everything when they get sick with these wicked diseases out there). I really have not heard of any concrete side effects, (other than good ones), like you hear about with everything that the FDA is approving, (Really..if the FDA approved it, it’s bad for you and may kill you, just listen to the commercials.) Once again, this stuff makes so much sense because we are made up of water, so doesn’t it make sense to use a water treatment? I think in years to come all of these cancer treatments, cut and burn will be like blood letting is today, archaic. Anyway….I love this stuff…so easy to take,…I don’t worry about forgeting to take it,,,no big deal. I just take a few drops in my water and it’s great…no hassel. Making money and spending money is a very good thing…it makes the world go round…quit complaining.

  • Sorry if I’m repeating anything mentioned above, but haven’t time to read all the comments.

    I have been using adya clarity for the last month, but not doing shots. I add it to my filtered tap water and leave it, if I drink the water within 12 hours or so there’s an improvement in taste, but no visible changes. If I leave it longer, a sediment starts to settle on the bottom of the container, and the longer I leave it the more sediment accumulates. I can’t comment on what this sediment is as I have no way of testing it, but I do know that if it was pure H2O there wouldn’t be anything to pull out, so I’m assuming it is contaminants, and am happy to have them removed.

  • Update, well, to my surprise the AC did pull particulates out of the Berkey water. It is odd because when I dropped it into the water, there was nothing. No cloud, no visible sign that I had added anything to the water. Yesterday, I was pretty skeptical, and thought I had been scammed. But, today I was surprised to see that it actually did pull particulates out of the Berkey water. There was a yellowish gunk at the bottom of the container. So, now I’m undecided. Maybe there is something to this. I hope so because I want to detoxic with it. I’m drinking the water and will update if it does the detoxic.

  • I think Jini needs to do a bit of moderating….

    Regarding AC being able to clean the water…. I tried it on my reverse osmosis water, no difference. I then tried it on normal tap water for 48 hours and saw no gunk or color particles.

    I suspect the gunk/bonding only happens on water that is very polluted in a particular way, and they chose that type of water for maximum effect when filming the webinar. This is marketing, and as I said before you must seperate that from the practical results of the product, which are amazing indeed.

    Just adding 1 part per thousand for normal drinking water, will result in a soft and liquid type water that the body seems to love. I have found my hydration of water has improved greatly compared to normal RO water.

  • Yohan,
    Thanks for your above updates.

    One morning about week ago, I dreamed I was smelling burnt wood, I thought it was remnants from a neighbors outdoor fire, then I awoke and realized it was my breath, or coming from my mouth.

    I think this may have been a sign of mercury, but I wasn’t sure.
    Your report about the mercury makes me a bit more convinced something may have been leaving.

  • …great comment from Lynn Melonic ( # 252 ). and i have been using AC for 19 days with positive results; improvement in mental clarity as well as energy, better and normalized sleep, improved overall bodily functions. In the beginning i did a 24 hour experimented with 3 different 8 oz. glasses of water with 8 drops of AC in each…stirred vigorously and left for 24 hours: from the stationary nikken gravitational water system, my ( New York City ) tap water and ( cheese cloth filtered ) rain water from the roof balcony. Results: 24 hrs later…water from the filtration system contained a small amount of white-ish much floating around, tap water contained some orange brown much at the bottom of the glass and the rain water… within only 2 hours there was a brown substance floating at the top of the water.

    I have also been doing oxygenated liquid mineral baths ( fortified with Potassium, Calcium and Magnesium ) once per week from another wellness company…and the form that the Calcium is in does not calcify in the body. Great product.. eliminated my back pain which used to keep me up at night.

    Thanks for allowing me to share.

  • Update, typo in previous post…should have read detox in both places, not detoxic. As for my health, I notice the discoloration around my mouth from silver toxicity has diminished considerably. This is why I bought the AC. I am very healthy except for this discoloration around my mouth area. I was using cell salts 11 and 12 and it was working, but very slowly. Now, since drinking the AC water, there is a noticeable improvement. I am even considering the super shots but would need to treat a lot more of the water with AC since you have to drink so much of it when doing those. I’ll update as I see improvement.

  • Mark M. #257,
    Can you tell me more about the liquid minerals you have been using?
    Have been testing transdermal magnesium, and plan to go further in not too distant future.

    Any hints as to what you have been using will be appreciated. I found several sources but did not find many testimonials, and it is always better to get it straight from a user.

  • I too get the feeling that some of these posts are fake, sorry but my intuition bells are ringing 😉 shame on these people and their greed. I honestly don’t think taking diluted sulphuric acid with minerals in it is a good idea, maybe its helpful for awhile but long term? My gut doesn’t do well with acidic products, even ascorbic acid. I’ve never read anywhere that healing waters are acidic, where is the science, where are the long term studies and users, where are the double blind tests for this product?

    I am posting again here because I ran into something that may be one of the most healthful beneficial things anyone could ever do for themselves. Go buy the book EARTHING by Clint Ober. This book is about electrically grounding yourself, this may sound weird at first but I’m sure most of you know that walking barefoot in the grass has been known for centuries to make you feel good. The concept is simple, inflammation and all diseases produce a positive electrical potential in the body. When the body heals it uses negative charges until healing is accomplished, there are many books about this and its a proven fact. The Earth’s surface is always negative free electrons, its the biggest healing machine there is. Clint Ober was a cable TV installer and part of his job was to ground the systems he installed. He ultimately became a multimillionaire as he got into the cable industry very early and got very rich. All his posessions and money made him miserable and he sold his house and got rid of all his junk and bought an RV and lived in it as simply as he could, and prayed to find some pursuit that could benefit humanity. Eventually he discovered that sleeping electrically grounded to the earth produced amazing healing effects, some miraculously literally overnite and most over a period of time. This has been known in India probably for many centuries by some Yogis so its nothing really new.

    So Clint wanted to scientifically verify what was going on and have studies done. Of course pretty much every scientist he approached laughed at him. Eventually he found willing open minded and skeptical individuals who offered to help him or tell him how to set up scientific tests to prove or disprove the effect. This included a cardiologist, sports medecine people and trainers, massage body workers, people with fibromyalgia, PMS, sleep disorders, auto accident victims, alhzheimer’s patients, a huge list of different health challenges. Double blind tests were done etc. and anyone who was a skeptic soon ended up using the grounding systems Clint developed. I am just finishing this book and it is full of good testing that was done and now has enough years and testimonials behind it to convince me of its reality……unlike AC which has zero credentials in my opinion, and none presented.

    Earthing unlike AC isn’t expensive and you can do it practically for nothing, in fact you CAN do it for nothing. Put a chair outside, take your shoes off and sit barefoot in some damp grass for 30 minutes, you will feel it. You can buy grounding sheets for your bed, or earthing pads much cheaper. What I did was simply drive a steel rod into the ground outside my bedroom window, soldered some primary wire to it, and put an alligator clip on the business end of the wire connected to a copper pipe. You can also use the grounded third plug terminal in your house wiring but you must make sure your wiring is actually grounded, there are cheap testers in any hardware store for five bucks to check this. The most immediate benefit is from sleeping grounded and your quality of sleep will usually go way up; I am having amazing dreams being connected to Mother Earth. I just stuck my copper rod in the band of my underwear (ok go ahead laugh….) so the connection is straight to my gut 😉 I find it easy to sleep this way, but I ordered some silver impregnated conductive cloth from lessemf.com to make my own grounding sleeping pad, saving money over commercial products. I think its better to use a grounding rod than the electrical ground in your house wiring, I tried the house wiring and found it a bit irritating though effective. Also tried some aluminum foil as a grounding pad but copper just feels better. You get subtle sensation of warmth spreading out from the connection.

    Anyway, check it out, its real, it has many health benefits, its totally natural, its cheap, and has centuries of validity behind it. It will zap all free radical positive charges in your body to reduce all inflammation and can only help pretty much everyone.

  • Unlike Dave, I would say none of the positive posts here about AC here are fake, simply because the physical effects described by multiple different users are exactly what I have been experiencing.

    My only concern is how habit forming something like this will be in the long term. I am happy to add the diluted form to my drinking water forever, but how safe will it be to take the supershots continuously? A month at most?

    As a regular user, it may only be useful to do super shots for 1 week in every month, not more.

  • Thats the problem, you are paying alot of money to be a guinea pig. There needs to be testing for a couple years, in double blind studies for all kinds of conditions. Just because something has a positive effect initially doesn’t mean you should be taking it every day. I certainly wouldn’t take MMS everyday and one of the pioneer researchers in bio-electric studies said using these oxidative strategies more than two weeks will turn into destructive results over time. Taking dilute sulphuric acid with minerals everyday sounds scary to me and made my kidneys hurt. People reporting teeth whitening may actually be seeing their enamel being eroded; first the tartar and stains will come off, then your enamel will erode off. Be cautious with AC is the bottom line…..

  • realrose # 259., regarding your question about minerals in a liquid form particularly Calcium, and in respect to this blog and at the request of the page owner, i can only suggest that you contact me personally so i can share the product and experience with you privately..
    i can be reached at > specialprivateaccount@gmail.com …say something relevant in the ‘Subject’ line so i know its you. and so i hope this is in compliance with the blog rules.
    look forward to hearing from you.

  • MARK M. – thanks for being so considerate, but you can go ahead and post the link. I think it comes under the heading of “information sharing”. The text I deleted – where I asked that people not use the blog to promote themselves – was about 2 pages long. And just endlessly promoted the person’s own website.

    A link to a product that you are using or find beneficial – or a book, etc. is just fine.

  • Dave where do I find the info on the studies of oxidative strategies as you just mentioned? Short period sounds about right for this sort of supplement.

    Jini I think you should edit more of the posts by our resident poet, Sir Doyle. He is just copy and pasting large amounts of text that have little relevence to the discussion. Sure, he can give a link to such interesting information but it is not appropriate to paste the entire tracts of text.

  • Its called Healing Is Voltage by Jerry Tenant MD:

    Unfortunately I see no mention in the book of grounding/earthing information, a shame because negative charged Earth electricity is exactly what is needed by the body as Tennant’s own research has shown. Tennant’s book is not about oxidative therapies, he mentions it only minimally, still its an excellent book to read.

  • Dear Jini, I have learned alot from this blog yet wonder why you deleted the ‘Anti Flouride Petition’ (legal document) that (as Doyle stated) if posted by large numbers of recipients would envelop the Class Action to cleanse our reservoirs.
    Under the constitution we have freedom of speech yet you have deleted many texts in violation of the constitution.
    My question is that if Doyles petition was successful and our mineralized reservoirs did render water supplements redundant, why would you delete his message in a time of crisis, if you did not have ties with a supplement company?

    Sebastian Galassi

  • Hey Mark M. – Thanks! Will get back to you later in the week.

    Hi Dave & Yohan,
    Somewhere way above is a link to a Dr. Mercola interview with David A(vocado) Wolfe.

    You’ll need to hang on until nearly the end where they mention earthing.

    Further, if you find David A Wolfe’s website, he has a video clip on the same page as the earthing mat, showing the electrical readings of what occurred when he tested several devices: his laptop, a kindle reader and an ipad. He simply took 2 types of readings (different readout devices) with his feet ungrounded and then grounded.

    Apparently there is some confusion, and a fair amount of controversy as to which devices are better used plugged in or on their batteries.

    Reading about dirty electricity is great, but interesting effects, in a “live demonstration”, It was posted at least before mid-September.

    Anyone with kids may want to consider watching it, as it pertains to iphones, ipods, laptops, pertains to popular gadgets out there…I will send the address later on in the week if anyone cannot locate it and is interested.

  • BTW, although earthing makes a lot of sense, it has very little to do with ac solution in water. Water tends to act a ground. That’s why you need to get out of the pool during a lightning storm…

    However, at issue today seems to be dirty electricity that are emitted from fairly ungrounded electrical devices, we all have at our fingertips for long hours at a time. Plus we are all wearing rubber soled shoes (insulators), whereas we used to have leather soles (conductors) in the past. And in the US, we hardly walk outdoors anymore, so busy with our devices.

    Effective earthing devices are not inexpensive.
    You can simply walk barefoot outdoors.

  • Its not dirty electricity thats the problem, the problem is that humans were designed to be in contact with Earth’s electrical field, the human foot has the more nerve endings than any other external part of the body. Our shoes isolate us completely as do our house floorings, from electrical contact with the Earth. I finished the book finally. One thing also pointed out is multi-story housing, on a two story level the positive electrical potential of the Earth’s air at that height is very high, hundreds of volts compared to zero at ground level; this is bad for your health potentially. This explains alot as my bedroom is in a two story house and health hasn’t been good since we moved here. Also explains partially “sick building” phoenomena. EMF’s are a big problem with wireless devices, compact fluorescent bulbs, computers, cell phones etc. When you are grounded you are shielded from it all.

    The book points out the ideal ground is a wire from your earthing device straight into the ground outside your house. You CAN use the ground in your electrical outlets after testing first, but there is electrical “noise” from everything in your house and some can be sensitive to this. I didn’t like it and it felt somewhat irritating. If you walk barefoot outside you will experience the effect first hand but you MUST be in contact with the earth for 30 minutes, as it takes that long for the negative Earth electrons to permeate your body and I have noticed this too. Current on the other hand is instant and EMF shielding is instant, but voltage takes 30 minutes. This will mostly cure or greatly help anyone with jet lag. People who have pets noticed that their pets sought out the earthing pads, and with multiple pads they would all go find wherever the pad was and take turns sitting on it 😉

    My point in comparing earthing to AC is that earthing is a real and benefial health protocol that is free to everyone, the book is chock full of scientific testing by brilliant minds from many fields, the benefits are many many many. AC is unresearched, no papers, no tests, benefits maybe, maybe not, no real hard science is presented. The human body needs to be connected to the Earth, there is no doubt about that, the human body needs AC? 😉 I suggest anyone interested in health read the Earthing book, get a used copy on Amazon or Ebay, it’ll blow you away. Here is the Earthing Institute’s website:

  • I recently got this AC, for almost 2 weeks I took 1 super shot daily upon waking up. Well so far the good effect on me is my joints stiffness in my fingers are gone. Usually it’s very stiff and achy especially when you press the joints, but now it’s not achy anymore, it feels like the joints are more loose. Which I am very thankful. But I have other concern in taking this AC I have a mouthful of metal works in my mouth because of my bridge, I do not know if it will destroy my mouth appliance or bridge. I am scared because it is very expensive to get this bridge. I opt to get bridge than to get a full mouth of dentures. Anyone do you know if Ac destroy or melts the metal works in my mouth?My other concern also is, can this be given to a younger kids? like 12 yrs old and below? Does this correct the hormonal imbalances? I want to try it out also to my 7 yrs. old boy who I think has hormonal imbalance. He was born with regular size penis but as he grow older it turned smaller instead of growing. It’s smaller than when he was born. This is alarming…he is getting bothered why his own stuff is a lot smaller than the smaller boys or babies in the house. I f this can correct hormonal imbalance maybe he can take it too. I need feedback from people that has similar case. Is there any hope?

  • SEBASTIAN – not sure which petition you are referring to. I have deleted some super-long posts about all kinds of things from a certain commenter. If you post a simple paragraph with a link to the petition, that will be fine. I have already signed it (or one of them) and I have a number of other blog posts specifically about fluoride.

  • MICHAEL – take your son to a naturopath or integrated medical physician who SPECIALIZES in hormones – just a regular doc is not good enough. Also, get all sources of estrogen away from him and your home: no synthetic clothing (polyester, spandex, nylon, etc.), no synthetic bedding or mattresses etc., NO SOY (except fermented like soy sauce, miso ). Use only 100% natural (read the labels!) products on his skin, toothpaste, etc. Make sure he eats lots of organic butter, protein and if possible, organ meats and raw milk. If you don’t know of a specialist, then listen to my teleseminar with Dr. Wendy Ellis and contact her clinic:


  • @Sebastian Galassi Said,

    “Under the constitution we have freedom of speech yet you have deleted many texts in violation of the constitution.
    My question is that if Doyles petition was successful and our mineralized reservoirs did render water supplements redundant, why would you delete his message in a time of crisis, if you did not have ties with a supplement company?”

    I wasn’t going to comment about the trash noted above, but alas, the temptation is too great.

    The silliness with which Sebastian relies on the Constitution (absolutely absurd) to scold Jini and then insult her with accusations of having “ties with a supplement company” are enough to make me shake my head in disbelief. If she does, so what! It’s her business.

    Good God, man….take a nap!

    Keep up the wonderful work, Jini……the mere fact that people from all walks of life come here to comment 272 times on the subject of AC says a lot about how well you administer this web site.

  • Posts about joint pain being helped is one primary reason I posted the Earthing links, sleeping grounded has helped countless people with joint pain, and all you have to do is go to sleep, no chemicals, no supplements. The web link I posted has many scientific papers from different sources, and an FAQ for most questions anyone has. The Earthing Institute does not sell products, its the place to go to learn about this subject.

    Mouth pain from drinking acidic water (AC) over time does not surprise me at all, like I said before you are eroding your teeth. When tooth enamel is exposed to acidic substances the enamel becomes soft for awhile and brushing can remove enamel. AC may be beneficial over a short term, maybe the acic does help joints, but taking it continuously over a long period may have the opposite effect of damaging your body. A natural acid substance like apple cider vinegar probably is safer than sulphuric acid, but I don’t know; I’ve just never seen a health supplement based on sulphuric acid!

  • Dave,
    It might be far more interesting to find out the difference is acidity between drinking a 12 oz bottle of coke and an 12 oz solution of ac water. i.e.,: 7 or 8 drops in 12 oz.

    I have some concerns about long term use of anything!

    This is just my hunch:
    Ac water binding to calcium is not quite the same as an acidic reaction. I do not remember enough chemistry, but I think there is a positive to negative ion exchange occurring to cause binding of heavy metals and calcium. This would neutralize the acid in the process. I think that is why they refer to ac as ionic water, in a process similar to my ionic toothbrush (also from Japan, that requires far less scrubbing action.)

    So your well thought out concerns may not, in the end, be so much to worry about. Just wish I knew more about this chemical reaction to be final about it.

    Anyone else with a chemistry background?

  • @ Dave #276 – You very well could be right. Kind of like how lemon water is very acidic but once it reacts with our bodies, it becames very alkaline. I think Ash is the term for this. Not sure.
    I don’t think anyone here should be posting negative things about a product unless they have the scientific proof to back it up.

  • KG I don’t think anyone should be SELLING a product and making claims without scientific proof to back it up 😉 Thats my whole gripe. Their “chemist” guy said in an audio interview I posted that AC removes 50% of fluoride yet someone here said they are advertising it on Facebook as removing fluoride, period. Deceptive marketing is a huge red flag. Some websites selling AC correctly describe it as a fluoride “reducer” and if so lets see the tests please.

    Coke and most sodas have phosphoric acid in it, its the same stuff you use to eat rust off of steel! Sulphuric acid is whats in your car battery. I wouldn’t consume either one without a pile of scientific papers and a couple years of testing. AC is a Japanese product, they don’t always get things right. I read all the books on biomagnetism written by Watler Rawls and Roy Davis, the original discoverers of magnetism and health benefits. Their books are amazing reading. Walter was the pioneer, he had scientists from the whole world visit his humble lab with many from Japan. Now, despite Walter telling the Japanese everything he learned they went back to Japan and did just the opposite of what he told them. So, the end result of that is headphones made in Japan have magnets in the earpieces facing the wrong way against your head, its impossible to find any that aren’t 😉 Its not a good idea to wear these things long term. The Vitalizer Plus uses wrong magnetic polarity too. I am just a real cautious person when it comes to health products, and may be one of the people who had a health crisis cause by those “soil organisms” in one company’s probiotics that were never tested on humans except us gullible consumers, DOH 😉

  • Hi until now I haven’t heard from anyone who can actually answer my questions regarding the use of AC to a kid as young as 7 yrs. old. I am desperate, my son has hormonal imbalance which makes his penis too small or shrunk. He was born with a regular size not too big but not too small either but as he grows older he noticed that his thing is really getting smaller instead of improving. I didn’t take him to the doctor here bec. it’s very expensive and its complicated we don’t have insurance and I do not have a decent driver to take me to places I need to go to. I just made some reasearch online and I found out that some males were short with their testosterone issue that makes their stuff so small, It’s like the mciropenis pictures I have seen but I am not losing hope bec. my son is still young and Ibeleived if I can correct his hormonal imbalance maybe he’ll be normal. afterall he was born with normal stuff. Gosh I hope this Ac can correct his problem

  • Dear Michael,

    I don’t think the AC will correct your son’s problem. You have to get blood tests done on your son. It could be a tumor that is causing it, or any one of a myriad of issues – like having drinks with aspartame/equal/nutrasweet/aminosweet, or even what he eats like soy, flax, or black beans (which are very estrogenic). I would highly recommend listening to Dr. William Wong’s podcasts (www.drwongradio.com) as he is a specialist in the area of hormones, sexual issues, and enzymes and I would recommend that once you have the blood test done for your son and if he is determined to have low testosterone or that he then take maca powder to raise his testosterone levels, take astralagus root also. He has to get off of all estrogenic items in his diet too (no black beans, soy, or flax – flax is 3 times more estrogenic than soy).

    You can get male bloodwork panels done at http://www.lifextension.com.

    Your son would also benefit from doing pelvic/kegel exercises. It is not just for women. This is the doctor recommended approach for men with erectile dysfunction and issues of stamina or coming too fast. It gives them control and increases the size of the organs down there.

    Hope this helps.

  • A good point to keep in mind – as I read through the positive accounts here of using Adya Clarity – is that there are other (cheaper, safer) substances that produce the same miraculous testimonials, like Magnesium, for example. My friend Carolyn Dean MD ND is a huge supporter of magnesium, here are some recent accounts from her readers:

    “Dr. Dean, I read about magnesium for hypertension and I started
    taking it and tapering off of my high blood pressure medicine. I no
    longer need the medication. It came down from an average of 150/70
    taking prescription medication to an average of 130/70 (sometimes
    lower) taking magnesium. I am 80 years old and still learning.

    And from another “user.” “Hi Carolyn, I’m behind your magnesium
    ‘crusade’ 100%. It is the single best treatment that I have
    undertaken for my chronic pain, which was largely a result of tight
    muscles. Unfortunately, it is only the ‘alternative’ practitioners,
    such as physios, chiros and masseuses that are willing to
    acknowledge the benefits of magnesium. I have found that the
    primary medicos treat my marked recovery as an anomaly or an
    unsubstantiated and uneducated claim. Over 18 months later I am
    still improving. Keep up the good work!”

  • I haven’t been able to find a magnesium supplement that doesn’t irritate my gut, and I really need to. I tried the magnesium chloride spray on my skin and it felt awful and felt no benefit; truthfully I get way more benefit by soaking in epsom salt bath and I sleep better after. Most of the supplements have some kind of acid, ascorbate or malate that eventually irritates my colon. Anything that irritates my gut makes me dizzy and anxious, and I deal with this on a daily basis. I mostly do well on steamed veggies because they are soft fiber. Magnesium oxide isn’t really absorbed well, so am open to any ideas here.

    Michael for sure DON”T use AC on your young son!!!! Maybe you can find a naturopath and get some blood testing, could he be deficient in some mineral, maybe ZINC? We don’t have health insurance either except for the Republican “die quickly” plan if we really get sick. Jini’s book literally saved my life a couple years ago, I couldn’t eat anything except banannas and Ensure, anything else felt like glass shards were going thru my gut, I lost alot of weight and was sick for a year. Two trips to the doctor ran up a $1500 bill and was told to eat fiber and take antidepressants (which made me sicker). I’m 61 and anything that helps I take a good look at, AC doesn’t have much credability in my opinion. If you can’t afford help all you can do is scour the internet and look for anything you can find on your son’s condition. What kind of diet, what kind of foods is he on, what toxins is he exposed to etc…..

  • DAVE – take your magnesium in nanoparticle form! This is what they use with autistic kids – absorption is instant even in the mouth. See my article on it:


    Since the Bone Support contains 3:1 magnesium to calcium, but also has zinc, etc. you may want to try that first. If that doesn’t give you enough magnesium, you can buy magnesium on it’s own – we’ll be getting some in to the LTYG Shoppe shortly – but Bone Support is in now.

  • Michael, If you want to know if AC is ‘safe’ to use for your 7 year old, you have come to the wrong place. Noone is here is a medical practitioner, and even if they were, how would they know or comment on products such as the ones talked about on this website?

    But having said that, you have to try something, and I say YES, give your son AC, it will do no harm, and potentially be very beneficial.

    Lets put the hysteria over the fact Adya Clarity is acidic into perpective, the PH of orange juice is around 3.5. The PH of AC taken in super shots (1 part per 100), is more alkaline than this. The PH of AC taken in normal diluted form (1 part per 1000) is not much different than normal water.

    And the dosage amount we are talking about is tiny indeed, as a proportion of the daily ingestible amount of food and water. Instead of giving your son a full glass of water and super shot, make it 1/3rd or 1/2 a glass (with a proportionally reduced amount of AC mixed in, of course)

  • Thanks Jini: that certainly looks like something I will try!

    I would strongly recommend NOT to give this to a very young child, none of its claimed health benefits even relate to what Michael’s son shared with us, this makes no sense at all. Why try some fringe product just on a whim, a very expensive whim at that! Young children are still developing their bodies, I certainly wouldn’t give some unknown substance to a young soul with an unknown problem, jeeeeeshhhhh!

    The only “hysteria” I see is coming from AC’s marketing, they are running an ad on my favorite big time radio show website, claiming it purifies and removes fluoride from water, both of which we know is not true. Anyone for a glass of green pool water treated with AC? Do you trust them enough to drink it? These ads cost a lot of money and they are flooding the internet with them.

    Those super shots are more acid than regular use and you can’t avoid the fact that one would be drinking water all the time that is slightly acidic, this is bad for your teeth. Even with a glass of orange juice they recommend you rinse your mouth out after drinking one glass of it because of its acid content.

  • Is AC a fringe and untested product, sure. Can it do any harm? I say no, simply because the dosage amounts amounts mixed into the water are tiny and insignificant.

    Dave, you are one of the few person here who quit using AC for a while, while myself and dozens of others have experienced what I can only describe as miraculous change. The fact that you could only eat bananas for a year means you had a very sick and unbalanced body which could not handle even the slightest toxicity caused by digestion and acid reflux. In your case even the slightest ingestion of acidic substances caused problems. For this unique situation, yes AC will not help.

    But I disagree with your constant negativity, only caused by your unique problems, and your constant discouragement to people to not use AC. Michaels son is not just living on bananas, or needing to eat nothing but steamed vegetables, such as yourself. His problem is a shrinking penis, perhaps caused by hormone issues.

    AC is not a pollutant, it is just a concentrated form of volcanic minerals. And what better way to correct a hormonal imbalance than to provide a diluted dose of minerals each day so the body can try to balance itself.

  • Michael, regarding your son’s penis…C’mon! If something is really wrong you should see a doctor, NO EXCUSES. There are free clinics everywhere and children are the easiest people to get free medical for. I can just see you poor son in 8 years, practically beside himself with self loathing the way teenagers get. “My dad didn’t take me to the doctor in time because he couldn’t find a ride to the doctor we couldn’t afford.”

    You may not want to hear it but you owe him more than that if you are really concerned. Parents sacrifice for their children. We move mountains for them and we suffer for them. Because we love them. I am sure you have the smarts to be innovative on getting medical opinions and treatment for your son. Not experimenting on him or relying on anonymous web posters to advise and diagnose!

    Ok, before the haters descend…My AC update. I’ve been using it for about 5 weeks. I think it helps, but I’m not sure. I would love to give a definitive statement, but honestly, the effects are very subtle. I agree with the poster that stated that simply drinking a lot of water is bound to improve your condition. I haven’t noticed any negative effects, so I’m going to stick with it while the bottle lasts…

  • Dave,

    For a really good magnesium that doesn’t irritate your gut try this http://www.gematria.com/MagSpectrum-p/42-120.htm

    I had the same problem with magnesium supplements as you did until I learned that you have to have magnesium wrapped in an amino acid for it to be absorbed properly like this brand is. I love this product. Dr. Todd is also a top notch doc and likely on his way to getting a nobel prize. Read his bio on the Gematria site.

  • I quit taking AC because it made my kidneys hurt real bad, I’ve never had my kidneys hurt before and it scared me. I tried it twice to be sure and both times it gave me the same pains. No, I didn’t eat bananas for a year, but I wasn’t well for a year and my gut has never been the same since then 3 years ago. I took a look at AC as being helpful, but it wasn’t, and I have not been able to find any kind of testing or proof that was done by the people selling it, just some real vague remarks and obvious deceptive statements. By being “negative,” if you mean that I really expect a manufacturer to back up their claims with hard facts, then yes I am negative. In my career I was an artist in the advertising industry and the kind of tricks I see being used to market this product aren’t ethical. One of their claims was that this product was used to “clean up Chernobyl,” well no it wasn’t. I expect honesty and integrity in supplement manufacturers, and nothing less. Jini is right, there are way cheaper products with proven track records that actually work and proven to work and not hurt you over long term. If AC would put up copies of the supposed tests they did on their website I would change my tune. Maybe all its really doing is giving a boost to iron deficient people who misinterpret it as some miracle change, after all when I read up on iron deficiency its the number ONE biggest deficiency in this country, I didn’t know that, most probably don’t either.

  • Josie thanks for the link. I already ordered the MiniMinerals magnesium so if that doesn’t work out I will try what you recommended and bookmarked it. It kind of sounds like the MM magnesium doesn’t need any help to be absorbed, but we’ll see how it goes, thanks again….

  • Michael – I was reading regarding your son and feel bad about your situation. What I would do is contact The Cleveland Clinic or a specialist in childhood hormonal problems and see if they will take his case on for free. It is very possible that you could find someone to do that. Sit down at the computer and start contacting hospitals and specialists. I would not just sit around and hope he gets better with AC.

  • Hi Dave,
    There are several options.

    Just read the latest 2010 book on Transdermal Magnesium Therapy, and planning to read Dr Dean’s Magnesium Miracle book next.

    Apparently oral magnesium absorption is considered difficult, so often used in tandem with transdermal magnesium oil (check all of these out on Amazon and/or Ancient Minerals websites), depending on the speed you want to boost your level.

  • Oops, I meant to include there is a magnesium lotion, blended to reduce skin irritability. That’s what I have been testing, and it seems ok. I noticed a slight irritation at first, but then I had an amazing result from applying some, then going out in the sun.

    I have not yet gotten to mini-minerals, although I like the idea of adding zinc to this mix. So let me know how those work out for you. Thanks!

  • The magnesium oil stuff I tried was expensive for what it is, I tried it several times over a week, spraying it on 30 minutes before washing it off in a shower, I didn’t feel any benefit at all and it felt irritating and icky. The MiniMinerals is pure magnesium and you use way less because of its penetrating abilities, I’ll let you know if it works for me. Magnesium I think is one substance people with gut problems don’t absorb well and is such an important mineral for sure. Zinc is important too, I have Dupuytren’s Contracture in my left hand, something no one knows anything about, I found one post from a lady in New Zealand who’s practitioner told her it was from zinc deficiency, so have been taking it, though not much results though. Holding the earthing copper handle at night seems to be calming it down some, I got my conductive fabric so I can sleep all night on Earth energies, hooray!

  • Here’s a pdf paper from the Earthing Institute that should blow you away, full color thermographic images of before and after using earthing on blood circulation in human subjects experiencing inflammation and other things, there are many other papers at the Earthing Institute showing benefits of being grounded while sleeping. This report will be of interest to anyone experiencing ANY kind of pain or inflammation:

    There are interesting reports from noted users regarding consciousness and spirituality by being connected to the Earth that are fascinating as well, here:

  • It still is unclear as to whether anyone has actually had a kidney stone be dissolved by this. Is anyone out there who has had good results with kidney stones? And why are people saying it takes off the enamel on your teeth? Has any of this been proved?? I would really like to take this to get rid of a large stone that doesn’t seem to be affected by anything else, but not if it’s going to hurt my kidney OR my teeth. Replies will be appreciated.Thanks

  • Someone mentioned the Water on Fire coming from the faucet in the AC Seminar as a “Hoax”. That “Hoax” is part of the “Food Matters” documentary! :). Anyhow I finished watching the seminar. Glad I decided to research and found this site. I believe I will try a smaller bottle of the AC without the shots, just in some alkaline, living water made with the John Ellis Living Water machine and just see what it does for me and my family, I figure to just put a 3 teaspoons in the Water Jug Cooler, where I keep the Living Water for consumption. I will probably drink 1 quart per day and will post back.

  • #296 Michelle.

    This is somewhat off topic, but felt it important to pass along the name of an herb that helped my oldest son during a tough bout with kidney stones.

    Having had them previously he was prepared for the “next time” by purchasing Chanca Piedra. Please see the information about this product here: http://chancapiedra.org/

  • Hi Dave, the short version:
    As described in first book, apply oil to clean skin and leave it on until your next shower, i.e., in 1 or 2 days. You want magnesium on your skin for as long a time as possible, and if your oil did not burn or itch, it may possibly be a second ticket for you. Yes, sticky and icky initially, over time it is absorbed. Time estimates to bring levels up (what they refer to as “normalize”) are approx. 4 to 6 weeks of fairly constant application. There is no silver bullet, and it may take longer, which is why they are suggesting taking an oral dose plus applying topically may be advantageous.

    Michelle: not what you wanted but the best reference I found early on to kidney stones and ac water is on the Adya Clarity website, they show images of before an after stones being dissolved in ac water. Verbalized in a video clip is that AC solution softens and allows kidney stones to be easier to pass. No expert here, all I know for certain that everyone I know who had one said they are VERY painful in passing! Can empathize with your plight. An option is to go to the curezone website and search for kidney stones. Thing is, you may have calcium deposits in more places than your kidneys…this circles back to the internal magnesium-calcium balance directly above.
    (You may need to try several different search terms to find what you are looking for.)

  • Actually the water on fire comment if its referring to what I think it is, isn’t a hoax. These people doing “fracking” cause natural gas to contaminate anyone’s water wells in the area and you can literally light your faucet output on fire. Not to mention is poisons farmer’s cattle and livestock and humans forced to drink the water. There is an excellent documentary on this subject, here is the trailer :
    Big money is involved here and they use any means to keep the public misinformed.
    Guess who is behind exploiting natural gas in this country? Halliburton! They basically poison the water table in your area, raping the land for gas, then when its depleted, leave a big mess and poisoned water table. Its a massive problem that is destroying America’s water resources and no one is paying attention, sadly, meanwhile these giant companies run ads on tv about how environmentally friendly natural gas is. Truth is lies, lies are truth, same old sick story.

    Jini, thanks a ton for your help. I have been using DMSO with potassium iodide (TriQuench, and excellent product) and Super CP Serum (copper), not much is happening over 6 months, sometimes it seems better sometimes it tightens up. I did run across a mention of castor oil and bought a big bottle of organic just recently but my first try the oil seemed to repel the copper and DMSO. I’ll try massaging it in and keep up with that, castor oil seems like a powerful healer, Edgar Cayce recommended for many problems. Maybe the earthing pad will help my whole system too, it sure gives me lucid dreams in full color every night, something energetically is definitely shifting from it.

  • DUPUYTREN’S CONTRACTURE – Dave, do research on DMSO for treating this – we have been using it to dissolve scar tissue as well. Based on my experiments, I would try a layer of castor oil on your hands, rubbed in, and then a layer of DMSO and potassium iodide (SSKI). Around 50% SSKI should work well, i.e. use 1 tsp DMSO and 1/2 tsp SSKI. You can start your research here:


    and we carry all the products here:


    You may also want to research Peyronie’s Disease and DMSO as there is quite a bit of experimentation going on there, so quite a bit of info.

  • quote from Mike Adams, the Health Ranger from the following link…


    Curious as to why aluminum sulfate was not listed on the label in the appropriate order of concentrate (under Iron and above Magnesium), I contacted Matt Bakos, the owner and importer of Adya Clarity and asked him this question. The reason he didn’t list aluminum concentration on the label underneath iron, he told me, was because “I don’t want to.” He said it was listed as a “trace mineral” and that was sufficient. There was no need to list the 1200 PPM of aluminum in Adya because it “is not required,” he told me.

    I bet many of the people who paid $100+ per bottle for Adya Clarity would also be interested to learn there’s quite a significant concentration of aluminum in the product they may have already begun ingesting.

    So I pressed further. When challenged on this a second time, Bakos became angry and rather belligerent with me on the phone, and what began as a conversation quickly devolved into something of a screaming competition between he and I. When I suggested that the product name “Adya CLARITY” should achieve “clarity” on the label by offering full disclosure of its mineral and metal content, he became further outraged and ultimately accused me of not knowing what I was talking about and then threatened to involve his lawyers.

    To me, these are classic red flags of people about which I have serious reservations. When I ask honest questions and instead of getting answers I get angrily attacked, I know something’s up. This is doubly true given that I am well known as a friend of the nutritional products industry — someone who consistently shares good news about products that offer substantial benefits and safety to informed consumers. (I’ve been doing this for eight years. This isn’t new territory for me.)

    By the end of this conversation, it was clear to me that I was not dealing with a person who was willing to provide reasonable answers to legitimate safety questions. I have this entire conversation recorded and on the record, with Bakos’ permission no less, and I reserve the right to publicly release this recording if I think it serves the public interest. (I am not ashamed of my use of profanity in this context, which will become crystal clear to you if you hear this recording. It got quite heated.)

    Learn more:

  • If anyone follows Mike Adams at NaturalNews.com see his site today. He researched adya clarity and doesn’t think it is safe. I’m glad I sent mine back for a refund.

  • naturalnews.com
    October 28 2011
    NaturalNews issues consumer alert about Adya Clarity, imported as battery acid and sold for internal consumption

    by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, NaturalNews Editor

    (NaturalNews) A product called Adya Clarity has been sweeping across the natural health community in the last year or so. It has been sold with recommendations for internal use — taking “super shots” — and often accompanied by wide-ranging claims that it treats cancer, kidney stones, hormone regulation, arthritis, and that it removes radiation and heavy metals.

    Because so many readers have been asking me about Adya Clarity, I decided to look further into the issue. I was aided by some timely tips that came my way which I began to check out as an investigative journalist. What I found — much of which is detailed in this report — absolutely shocked me. But what do YOU think? Read my report and decide for yourself.

    Unsubstantiated health claims
    The claims that Adya Clarity is good for treating kidney stones, hair loss, arthritis and even cancer are, I discovered, entirely unsubstantiated for this product. There is simply no reliable clinical evidence supporting Adya Clarity to be safe or effective for any health condition whatsoever. Furthermore, there are many facets of this story that have raised red flags in my mind as the editor of NaturalNews.

    For starters, Adya Clarity is primarily composed of sulfuric acid, iron sulfate and aluminum sulfate. Before being diluted and bottled, Adya Clarity starts out as Themarox, a mineral deposit mined in Japan just a few dozen miles away from Fukushima. This Themarox has a very acid pH value, near 0.5. In this state, aluminum sulfate is present in a concentration of 10.9 grams per liter, according to our research.

    To make Adya Clarity, Themarox is diluted at roughly 10:1, raising the pH and diluting the sulfuric acid. Once bottled, Adya Clarity contains the following concentrations of metals and minerals, according to its label:

    Iron: 2,000 PPM
    Magnesium: 400 PPM
    Calcium: 250 PPM
    Potassium: 200 PPM
    Manganese: 20 PPM
    … and so on.

    Do you see what’s missing from this list? The aluminum sulfate. By my calculations, given that the aluminum sulfate starts out at 10.9 grams per liter, the diluted form of Themarox — Adya Clarity — contains roughly 1.2 grams per liter of aluminum sulfate. This is 1200 mg per liter, which is almost exactly 1200 PPM (parts per million). (Source: The MSDS provided to me by Adya, Inc. as a Word document, see below. This also corresponds to the PPM of aluminum claimed by the manufacturer, Shimanishi Kaken Co.,Ltd.)

    Curious as to why aluminum sulfate was not listed on the label in the appropriate order of concentrate (under Iron and above Magnesium), I contacted Matt Bakos, the owner and importer of Adya Clarity and asked him this question. The reason he didn’t list aluminum concentration on the label underneath iron, he told me, was because “I don’t want to.” He said it was listed as a “trace mineral” and that was sufficient. There was no need to list the 1200 PPM of aluminum in Adya because it “is not required,” he told me.

    I bet many of the people who paid $100+ per bottle for Adya Clarity would also be interested to learn there’s quite a significant concentration of aluminum in the product they may have already begun ingesting.

    So I pressed further. When challenged on this a second time, Bakos became angry and rather belligerent with me on the phone, and what began as a conversation quickly devolved into something of a screaming competition between he and I. When I suggested that the product name “Adya CLARITY” should achieve “clarity” on the label by offering full disclosure of its mineral and metal content, he became further outraged and ultimately accused me of not knowing what I was talking about and then threatened to involve his lawyers.

    To me, these are classic red flags of people about which I have serious reservations. When I ask honest questions and instead of getting answers I get angrily attacked, I know something’s up. This is doubly true given that I am well known as a friend of the nutritional products industry — someone who consistently shares good news about products that offer substantial benefits and safety to informed consumers. (I’ve been doing this for eight years. This isn’t new territory for me.)

    By the end of this conversation, it was clear to me that I was not dealing with a person who was willing to provide reasonable answers to legitimate safety questions. I have this entire conversation recorded and on the record, with Bakos’ permission no less, and I reserve the right to publicly release this recording if I think it serves the public interest. (I am not ashamed of my use of profanity in this context, which will become crystal clear to you if you hear this recording. It got quite heated.)

    Imported as “battery acid”
    One of the tips NaturalNews received on this story claims that Adya, Inc. was importing Adya Clarity under the description of “battery acid.” I could hardly believe this was true, so I checked it out myself.

    What I found was surprising but true: On the ImportGenius.com website, a query of “Adya Inc” from Coldwater, Michigan turns up numerous entries of imported materials from the SHIMANISHI KAKEN CO. in Japan to ADYA INC in Coldwater Michigan.

    The contents of these shipments?


    You can see this yourself at:

    If you join this website to view more records, you will find other importation records with these descriptions and dates:




    SHIMANISHI KAKEN CO. LTD. ADYA INC. 2/23/2011 1,420 Tokyo Long Beach California MOL LOIRE SULPHURIC ACID THEMAROX HS CODE 3824.90


    What these import records appear to indicate is that Adya, Inc. is importing materials which are described as battery acid. What’s wrong with that? Well, Adya Inc. is not in the battery business. They are in the business of selling an acidic liquid as a water additive labeled for human consumption. It is rather evident that the “battery acid” liquid claimed on the shipping manifests is, in fact, the raw material ingredient for Adya Clarity.

    “Super shots” for internal use
    The Adya Clarity product has also been widely promoted by Adya Inc distributors as something for internal use, via the taking of “super shots.”

    The Adya Clarity bottle label even directs customers to consume the product:

    “Add 1 teaspoon per 1 gallon of water, stir and enjoy the crisp, clean taste of Adya Clarity water,” it says. This clearly implies drinking the water containing the Adya Clarity (how else would you “taste” and “enjoy” it?) Thus, the product label itself is promoting the product for internal use.

    Much of the promotional material also recommends Adya Clarity for internal use. This is an oft-repeated message in the videos and webinars used to promote the product.

    Click this Bing search for more examples of Adya Clarity being promoted for internal use:

    Adya Clarity is a food?
    During my recorded conversation with Matt Bakos, he insisted that Adya Clarity was a “food” and compared it to eating bananas and other fruits. This, on its face, is absurd.

    Not by any stretch of reason is Adya Clarity a “food” anymore than, say, uranium is a food because it is also mined out of the ground. Adya Clarity is derived from a mineral deposit to which sulfuric acid is added. Adya Clarity does not grow on trees or bushes. In fact, it is derived from rocks mined near Fukushima and pulled right out of the ground, then combined with sulfuric acid as part of its manufacturing process.

    Adya Clarity might be described as a collection of industrial chemicals used for water purification, which is of course almost exactly what was described on the shipping documents with the phrase, “INORGANIC CHEMICALS.”

    Adya Clarity has been widely mislabeled
    In my interview with Bakos, he claimed that the current labeling of Adya Clarity is incorrect because “someone hacked into their computers” causing all their labels to carry incorrect information. (Really? Don’t you check your labels before printing them? Or before labeling the products? Or before shipping out the products? Is there really this much lack of quality control at Adya Inc? This is truly concerning…)

    I asked Bakos if he had issued a product recall as a result of the mislabeling. He explained no, there was no need because the product was not “contaminated” with anything.

    So I asked if there was an effort under way to email all the customers and inform them of the mislabeling. Again, he said no, giving an unsatisfactory explanation of why this was not necessary.

    So I asked if his new labels appropriately listed the amount of aluminum contained in Adya, in the appropriate order of concentration, underneath Iron and above Magnesium. He replied that no, aluminum was not listed there because he “didn’t want to” list it there. Instead, it was listed under “trace minerals” along with other trace minerals and elements.

    Now, to be fair, there is a trace amount of aluminum in lots of things, including Himalayan salt, bananas, and even some brands of baking powder (among other foods). A trace level of aluminum is not typically a concern, although cumulative levels of aluminum do begin to become a concern if consumed regularly. On that note, 1,200 PPM of aluminum sulfate — when people are drinking “super shots” of this liquid — is very concerning to me, just out of a sense of caution and basic knowledge of biochemistry.

    That Bakos admittedly made a conscious decision to avoid listing aluminum sulfate in its 1200 PPM concentration on the label, and instead put aluminum in the “trace minerals” section of his product’s label, smacks of deliberate deception. Why would Adya go out of its way to hide the aluminum concentration in Adya Clarity even though the other macro minerals and metals are clearly listed with their accompanying concentrations?

    It appears that there’s not as much “clarity” with Adya Clarity as we might have hoped.

    Where is the official MSDS?
    Everywhere I turned to ask more questions about Adya Clarity, I found unsatisfactory answers. When I inquired about the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS), which is required for all hazardous materials being transported in large quantities, I was given a Word document which looks like somebody just typed it up on their own. That’s very different from an official MSDS, which should look more like this (from an unrelated website):

    The MSDS I was given could have been easily modified in a text editor. Even then, it contains the following warnings:

    Handling and storage; Handle with acid-proof tools made of plastic or stainless steel. The workers should wear acid-proof clothes and gloves. The products should be stored in acid-proof containers such as plastics. These containers should
    be stored indoor location.

    Iron overload?
    Adya Clarity contains 2,000 PPM of iron, according to the label. Consuming it in “super shots” in the way Adya has been marketing could mean introducing high levels of iron into your diet, and many Americans are already in a state of toxic iron overload, says Dr. Richard Kunin, a highly celebrated biochemist and expert researcher who spoke with NaturalNews after reviewing the Adya Clarity label.

    “I’m concerned about the iron content. A lot of people are sensitive to an overdose of iron, and if they’re eating oatmeal in the morning, they’re getting 10mg of iron right there. It all adds up. I’m seeing people who have too much iron, This is a very big problem,” Kunin told NaturalNews.

    Even worse, there is a genetic iron overload condition called hereditary hemochromatosis which causes some people to experience acute iron toxicity even from relatively mundane levels of iron intake. Dr. Richard Kunin told NaturalNews that 18mg of iron intake each day is the upper safety limit on a day-to-day basis, but Adya Clarity “super shots” can add 10mg per day (depending on the size of the shots, of course) to the iron intake of a typical consumer who may have already consumed their iron limit for that day.

    This is especially prevalent among the vegetarians and vegans to which Adya Clarity has been widely marketed. According to the NIH, for example, just 3/4ths cup of oatmeal contains 18mg of iron all by itself! (http://ods.od.nih.gov/factsheets/iron) If you start your morning with 3/4ths cup of oatmeal, then you add a “super shot” of Adya Clarity to your morning coffee, you could be consuming 23 mg of iron even before you finish breakfast. By the end of the day, you could easily exceed 40mg or 50mg of iron in just one day through the consumption of vegetarian foods and a couple of Adya Clarity “super shots.”

    That’s because many foods favored by vegetarians are also high in iron, including:

    Soybeans – 8.8mg of iron in one cup
    Lentils – 6.6mg of iron in one cup
    Kidney beans – 5.2mg of iron in one cup

    If you look at the typical diet of a vegetarian or vegan, it’s not difficult to imagine that many people could be consuming 30 – 40mg of iron in a day. If you add another 10mg of iron on top of that through Adya Clarity “super shots,” you could very easily put yourself in a state of acute iron toxicity, from which the best known remedy is blood letting to eliminate excess iron.

    “[Excess] iron is what kills babies,” Dr. Kunin told me. “They eat iron pills and die. Adults overload and end up with un-diagnosable illnesses. I’m seeing iron overload in twenty percent of my patients. We’re talking about a big problem here.”

    What really happens when you take too much iron? “In the body, the iron starts oxidizing everything; it will oxidize vitamin C, it will go to the liver where iron will be accumulated and over time make people more susceptible to hepatitis, either viral or chemical,” says Kunin.

    “The iron will then act as an amplifier, promoting an inflammatory response in the liver, and likewise in the kidneys,” Dr. Kunin continued. “If it accumulates in the brain, it makes any other chemical insult to that part of the brain even worse. It’s linked to arthritis, and in men it can go right to the gonad and cause you to lose your potency.”

    For the record, Dr. Kunin has not yet had time to study Adya Clarity’s effects in the human body (Adya is still a relatively new product). He is merely expressing his well-informed views about biochemistry and the impact of dietary iron on human health. Given that Adya Clarity contains a relatively high level of iron (it’s the most concentrated mineral in the product, with aluminum the second), it only makes sense to consider the health effects of increased dietary intake of iron, especially if consuming liquids with iron concentrations of 2,000 PPM.

    Is it detox? Or is it something else entirely?
    I was given a link to a testimonial about Adya Clarity that raises more questions about iron toxicity. One person on the Listen2YourGut.com website writes (http://www.listen2yourgut.com/blog/…):

    “So just watched [the] webinar as well and was interested in the supposed benefits. And before I decided to buy (and while the webinar was playing) I was doing research on the internet. Has anyone experienced any of the side effects detoxification mentioned in the videos? Such as the blackened finger tips and lead taste in the mouth or the kidney stones?”

    This raises red flags for me, as “blackened finger tips and lead taste in the mouth” are potential signs that could very well indicate metal toxicity. I find it further concerning that positive effects of Adya Clarity are often described as evidence that the product works, while negative effects that people experience are often explained away as “detoxification experiences.”

    Not everything is a detox, folks. Sometimes there is a far more worrisome explanation for such experiences.

    Adya marketed with recommendations for internal use
    Adya Clarity has been marketed with direct recommendations for consuming it every 12 hours, using text like this:

    “As far as super shots are concerned; taking a super shot is an off label use. Mix 1 teaspoon of ADYA in 1 oz. of water. If this is too strong to the taste, you can use more than 1 oz of water. Drink one Supershot immediately upon waking in the morning. Repeat every 12 hours.”

    See more examples of Adya Clarity promoted with “super shots” through this Bing search:

    To their credit, the marketers of Adya Clarity did at least recommend that customers “consult with a doctor or medical professional before someone decides to use super shots.”

    Also, for the record, I do not believe that the marketers of Adya Clarity would knowingly sell a product they thought was harmful. Much of the information in this article is likely to be a surprise to those who have been marketing Adya Clarity.

    More information will no doubt come to light after the publication of this article, and NaturalNews plans to continue to cover this story.

    Action items: What should you do if you bought Adya Clarity?
    If you purchased Adya Clarity, what should you do with this information now?

    First, I suggest you think twice before ingesting any inorganic material. Ask the commonsense questions you should ask about any non-food product that is being aggressively promoted: What’s in this? Is it safe to consume? How does anybody know it’s safe? Is there a track record of safe use? Is there an independent source that can corroborate the product’s safety without being financially involved in the product?

    If you can’t get green light answers on these questions, I would recommend avoiding consuming that product.

    Second, listen to your intuition: Is the marketing too good to be true? Is it being heralded as a “miracle” cure for whatever ails you? Certainly, there are supplements that are almost miraculous in nature, such as vitamin D, or astaxanthin, or even phytonutrients like resveratrol. But “miracle” nutrients are rare, and they usually come from living systems (plants, for the most part), not from rocks. While both trace minerals and macro minerals have a crucial role to play in human health — I’ve promoted many trace minerals myself — when they are mixed with relatively high concentrations of aluminum and iron, any biochemist or nutritionist would naturally begin to ask some commonsense questions about ingesting that product on a regular basis.

    Third, if you bought Adya Clarity merely to cleanse water due to its coagulation action, then it will obviously still function in that way, and there’s no need to return it or ask for a refund. It can conceivably function as an emergency water filtration technology.

    But as a side note, you can purchase aluminum sulfate from Amazon.com for just a few dollars a pound. Iron sulfate and magnesium sulfate are similarly inexpensive. If you’re only looking to treat dirty water with coagulation minerals, you can do it for a whole lot less money by simply purchasing bulk minerals on the internet. For example, here’s 4 pounds of aluminum sulfate for less than ten bucks: http://www.amazon.com/Bonide-Alumin

    I wouldn’t personally use this Bonide Aluminum Sulfate to filter water, however. It’s made as a plant fertilizer. I would prefer to use a ceramic water filter or a Big Berkey filter, or something with a carbon block in it, perhaps. There are lots of good water filters on the market today, and many of them produce clear, drinkable water at just a few cents per gallon.

    Aluminum sulfate’s use as a chemical flocculant
    Aluminum sulfate, of course, has long been used in municipal water treatment facilities as a “chemical flocculant” or “coagulant.” (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alumin…)

    This is one of the observed properties of Adya Clarity — when you pour it into a glass of dirty water, many of the impurities in the water coagulate and then, over 24 hours or so, they settle to the bottom of the container, leaving the water above these coagulants less polluted.

    In municipal water treatment facilities, aluminum sulfate is often used for the same purpose in one stage of the water filtration process. But importantly, there is another stage after that which REMOVES the coagulated metals and minerals so that they don’t enter the water supply. No one in a water treatment facility would recommend you actually drink the coagulant!

    Yet Adya Clarity implies this behavior on its label, where it says you add Adya Clarity to water and then “enjoy the crisp, clean taste of Adya Clarity water,” without mentioning that you should never drink the coagulated gunk in the bottom of the glass.

    Deadly aluminum sulfate poisoning in the UK
    In 1988, a 20-ton load of aluminum sulfate was accidentally dumped into the municipal water supply in a town in the UK. What followed was a mass poisoning of the citizens in a 140-square-mile area. As reported in the Dailymail (http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/art…) :

    “As she starts to walk, it is with a heavy limp and within 50 yards she is so exhausted that her entire body shakes uncontrollably. After Angela finally reaches the local coffee shop, the trembling of her swollen legs is so bad that the table rocks haphazardly, threatening to spill her mug and croissant onto the floor.

    No wonder, near to tears, she declares bravely: “When I am dead, I want an autopsy done on my body. It might help all the people who, like me and my two children, drank the water in Camelford all those years ago.”

    For she and her family were victims of one of Britain’s most high-profile public health scandals in which victims complained of brain damage, memory loss and joint problems.”

    Also from the story:

    …dead women had “high levels” of aluminium in their brains…

    …Hundreds began to suffer effects after drinking or bathing – including skin peeling, hands and lips sticking together, hair turning green and fingernails blue.

    …By nightfall that day, people were vomiting and had diarrhoea. Next morning, many had skin burns, aching joints and mouth ulcers that took weeks to heal.

    …A few months later Angela became ill.

    …She was diagnosed with cancer of the lymph glands of the leg. She had an operation to remove the resulting malignant growth on her left thigh. She has since undergone another operation to remove a new growth on the same leg.”

    Notably, the fingernails turning blue being reported in this story as a result of aluminum sulfate poisoning is strikingly similar to the “blackened finger tips” eluded to earlier in this story, which has been described as a “detoxification” effect. (http://www.listen2yourgut.com/blog/…)

    Of course, the level of toxic exposure to aluminum sulfate that occurred in the UK was at extremely high levels — far higher than what a person would likely experience from consuming “super shots” of Adya Clarity. Yet this historical event demonstrates what can happen when aluminum sulfate is consumed in toxic quantities. It’s not a pretty picture.

    Read that full story, if you wish, at:

    My 15 concerns about Adya Clarity
    In all, this investigation into Adya Clarity (also called “black mica extract” or Themarox) has left me with numerous concerns that I consider to be quite serious. Here are my top 15 concerns:

    #1) I am concerned that Adya Clarity is mined just a few dozen miles from the Fukushima nuclear power complex that recently suffered a meltdown and spewed radiation into the atmosphere. I would hope that the supplier of Adya would publicly post a verifiable radiation test report to dismiss any such concerns about possible radiation contamination.

    #2) I am concerned that the founder of Adya, Inc. describes Adya Clarity as a “food” when it is clearly not a food but rather derived from a collection of mined minerals combined with sulfuric acid.

    #3) I am concerned that the concentration of aluminum in Adya Clarity appears to have been hidden from customers on the label by listing it in “trace minerals” when in fact it is the second most common element in the product, just after iron.

    #4) I am concerned that the Adya Clarity manufacturer has such poor quality control measures in place that they admittedly shipped out a very large number of mislabeled Adya Clarity products — and then did not feel any obligation to alert customers to this mislabeling.

    #5) I am concerned that Adya Clarity is being marketed for internal consumption when there is no clinical evidence or even published scientific papers that have been made available to NaturalNews which supports the safety of the Adya Clarity product for internal consumption.

    #6) I am concerned that the high level of iron in Adya Clarity may result in acute iron toxicity in some individuals who take “super shots” of Adya, especially if they are genetically predisposed to iron toxicity.

    #7) I am concerned that Adya Clarity is imported as “battery acid” but sold as a health supplement for internal use.

    #8) I am concerned that the level of aluminum in Adya Clarity may present a health hazard when consumed on a regular basis, as aluminum is well known to potentially accumulate in the human body and contribute to a variety of neurological disorders. We do not yet conclusively know this to be a fact, but neither do we know it to be safe, and that’s the point. We should follow the “precautionary principle” when considering the internal consumption of non-food items containing concentrations of aluminum or other metals known to exhibit potentially harmful effects.

    #9) I am concerned that when asked why he did not list the concentration of aluminum on the Adya Clarity label, the founder of the company told me, essentially, “Because I didn’t want to.” To me, this indicates a callous disregard for full disclosure to customers and a reckless abandonment of fundamental ethical principles that should always be present when marketing nutritional supplements labeled for internal use.

    #10) I am concerned that the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) I received from Adya Clarity appears to be nothing more than a non-official Word document and does not resemble the traditional MSDS documents typically accompanying hazardous substances. as a Word document, it could have easily been modified or edited to eliminate information that the importer did not want other people to see, in much the same way that the label was designed to avoid listing the concentration of aluminum.

    #11) I am concerned that both children and expectant mothers may be especially at risk due to high consumption of both iron and aluminum, and yet there are no warnings or cautions that accompany the Adya Clarity product which would reasonably inform a pregnant women (or a mother of a child) to exercise caution in the use of this product.

    #12) I am concerned that the unsubstantiated health claims being used to market Adya Clarity cast a shadow of doubt over the entire natural products industry which, in most cases, sells very safe, effective and well-documented products for consumption.

    #13) I am concerned that in a time when most of us are trying to remove heavy metals, aluminum and other contaminants from our water (fluoride, BPA, etc.), Adya Clarity is being sold with the message that we need to add something to our water — something that contains aluminum. This is especially concerning given that aluminum is one of the adjuvants used in vaccines, which is one of the reasons informed consumers seek to avoid vaccine injections.

    #14) I am concerned that those who are marketing Adya Clarity did not exercise fundamental due diligence in determining the evidence-based safety of this product before marketing it for internal use.

    #15) I am concerned that the Adya Clarity label contains no warnings about iron consumption and no warnings for cumulative aluminum consumption.

    My principles and ethics
    As the editor of NaturalNews, I have an obligation to keep my ear to the ground and pay attention to what’s going on in the natural health industry. In the past, I have exposed the deceptive marketing practices of companies like General Mills, which sells “blueberry – pomegranate” cereal that contains no blueberries or pomegranates! (http://www.naturalnews.com/031053_G…)

    I have helped expose dangers of vaccines and the aluminum contaminants in those vaccines, which many people believe help explain why vaccines may cause autism and other neurological disorders. Day after day, we here at NaturalNews seek to share information about health-enhancing products that are safe and effective while exposing dangerous chemicals in foods, cosmetics, medicines and environmental products that threaten human health.

    In my years as NaturalNews editor, I have seen it all: The good guys who really offer remarkable health solutions, and the con artists who are selling quack products just to make a quick buck. I’ve seen products hyped way beyond their true merit and sold with outrageous claims that simply have no basis in fact, and at the same time I’ve seen humble nutrients like vitamin D — which are truly miraculous — never get the real publicity they deserve as truly amazing cures.

    When I talk to people and start getting evasive answers about their products, red flags start to pop up in my head. An honest company selling a mineral complex like Adya, I believe, would have been happy to provide me with an official MSDS and some documentation supporting the safety of their product when ingested. An honest company would have honestly labeled their product to achieve full disclosure and not resorted to hiding one element by burying it in the “trace minerals” section of their label.

    I personally did not find Adya, Inc. to be forthright in providing answers to my reasonable questions, nor in providing any reliable evidence whatsoever to support the idea that their product may be safely ingested on a regular basis.

    My conclusions
    Based on my research and considerable history in the natural products industry, it is my belief that the Adya Clarity product is mislabeled, and I have a question of whether Adya Clarity as it is sold today may stand in violation of California Proposition 65 due to its aluminum content.

    Based on the evidence I have gathered, I believe the product presents a potential risk of harm to some individuals if consumed in accordance with the way in which it has been labeled and marketed.

    Everything I have stated in this article is believed to be accurate and true. If any factual mistakes are brought to my attention, I will correct them in a timely manner and issue all appropriate corrections.

    For the record, I have no financial stake in Adya Clarity, neither its success nor failure. I do not sell or promote any competing product. I am willing to testify under oath in a court of law to the statements and findings I have made herein. I write this out of concern for the safety of NaturalNews readers who deserve to hear the full story on this increasingly popular dietary product.

    I am committed to taking whatever action is necessary to further investigate this story and help contribute to the safety of consumers who have put their trust in the natural products industry.

  • Dude! I am SO RETURNING this crap after reading Mike Adams post. Battery Acid, people! It’s being imported from Japan as BATTERY ACID, diluted with water and sold as ADYA CLARITY.

    Nancy, thank you for posting this!! I also noticed for those of you that swear it’s working for you, Matt Monarch is now offering 2 for the price of one. Probably because the oncoming scandal will destroy the AC business. He’s trying to get as much money as possible.

    BTW, anyone else turned off by Monarch’s get rich videos? I had to unsubscribe…

  • The information presented on NaturalNews.com is worse then I would have expected. The marketing style, vague claims, dubious ingredients, and complete lack of mechanism of action were clear indicators AC was another completely bogus product, but I had mistakenly assumed that it wouldn’t actually contain toxic chemicals that could do irreversible harm. The most disconcerting is the aluminum which we know causes neurological damage – and is associated with the development of Alzeimer’s disease. There should be a class action suit against the producers and marketers of this product to prevent other scammers.

  • I’m going to paste below information that should be of interest to you all…
    Email sent from Matt Kurzava to Ian Clark
    On Thu, Oct 27, 2011 at 10:41 AM, Matthew Kurzava wrote:
    Can you show me one single person who has been harmed by this product? Can you show me tests from one single person taking this product that show they are adversely affected by Adya Clarity? Because I can show you several people who have been very positively affected, have test results from the full spectrum of modalities which show positive results. Taking this aluminum business out of context and scaring people? Shame on you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Kindest regards,

    My Reply to Matt K

    Hi Matt,
    We have never met but maybe some day we will.
    You appear to have things a little backward. The reason this Adya Clarity issue was brought to light was because of the number of people who have been inquiring and complaining about the product. They were not complaining to me because I have nothing to do with the Adya Clarity business, but they were complaining to others that eventually contacted me about 4 weeks ago who told me they suspected problems with the product.
    When we were selling Adya Clarity back in 2009 and 2010, we had our fair share of customers who had adverse effects and didn’t like the product but most people enjoyed the product saying they felt energized. That energized feeling would soon die off and we had a lot of people get back to us after the first month and say they felt worse than when they started and wanted to get the energy rush back. They even increased consumption but it did not help. If you would like to speak directly to some of these people we still have the list from back in 2010 of unsatisfied customers.
    I have been far removed from the Adya business for a while now and we have not sold product since last March 2011 when Fukushima hit.
    Matt Bakos pursued me back in mid 2009 to help him promote the Adya Products. He assured me everything was excellent with the Adya Clarity and I took him at his word and he said he had lots of lab studies etc.
    I told people about Adya Clarity on behalf of Adya Inc. at two Longevity Conferences. Matt Bakos was very appreciative of this and supported everything we were doing in the California market. Matt Monarch contacted me in early 2010 about the Adya Clarity and we sent him samples and told him what we knew about the product as best we could. He really liked it and started to buy it from us. Once I had established Matt Monarch as a distributor, Matt Bakos was very excited about that. Apparently you (Matt K) were instrumental in connecting Matt Monarch with Matt Bakos. I had originally made a simple verbal agreement with Bakos that distributors I set up would buy from me and we would service those accounts. That was a pretty simple arrangement. I have my own manufacturing company and we added the Clarity in to help out Adya Inc.
    I assumed the product was good and safe.
    When Matt Bakos went behind my back and took all the distributors away that we had worked hard to establish we were very surprised. In September of 2010 he cut us out of the deal entirely because he could make a lot more money selling directly to Monarch and other distributors rather than having me take care of the accounts.
    Lots of fabrications were then created by Bakos to make me look like the ‘bad guy’ which is a total joke. This turns out to be a major blessing for us now that we found out the truth about Adya Clarity but at the time that really hurt my feelings and I did not appreciate what Matt did.
    Anyway, we parted ways and did our own thing. We started selling the Adya Clarity at a very low price and immediately a roque Adya Distributor in Los Angeles named Nissim Malul started posting information on line how we must be diluting the product in order to sell it so cheap. He then created multiple websites to defame us and cause trouble.
    We wanted to sell our inventory and considered going direct to Shimanishi Kaken to buy Themarox but when Fukushima hit in March 2011 and we found out that was only 30 miles from the plant where Themarox was made, that was the straw that broke the camels back and we decided to never have anything to do with the product again from that point forward. We stopped all sales and transferred the domain adyaclarity.com over to Matt Monarch because he seemed to be doing the most with the product online.
    It was not until about 4 weeks ago in late September that Adya Clarity was brought up to me again when a scientist from California started asking me for any information I could provide as there were suspicions that Adya Clarity had something wrong with it. I told them there was nothing wrong that I knew of. They asked me if I am a scientist and I said – no. They asked me if the people at Adya Inc were scientists and I said – No. They then started kicking my ass over the phone and said I had no authority to say anything about the product and that there was a growing list of people complaining about adverse effects. They requested all and any information I could provide about Adya Clarity.
    I dug back into the files and sent them all the documentation I could find. They got back to me a few days later and were telling me I was full of shit and how could I possibly have ever got involved in that business because they saw a video where I was talking about it in 2009 and from the documentation I sent them, they said this was definitely not cool.
    They told me any amount of Aluminum Sulfate is extremely bad news and that other components in the product were also in question, particularly the caustic nature of the sulfuric acid. I had been told by Matt Bakos back in 2009 that there was no issue with the Aluminum because there was only trace amounts and that Aluminum Sulfate was good for you anyway because it is in an ionic state in the Adya Clarity.
    The scientists told me that was the biggest pile of bullshit on earth and that trouble was going to come of this and soon. I started doing some research online with various situations where people had consumed Aluminum Sulfate. The story in the UK was a very bad situation and people accidentally consumed a quantity and there were many documented cases of major health issues. I was also told that trace means less than 1 PPM. I looked on the Adya Clarity label and it is not on the list of elements instead it states only Trace amount. The scientists said there is 1220 PPM in the bottle and the suppliers had purposely omitted the information on the label. They pointed out that this is an FTC violation and that Adya Inc. is responsible because they set the policy on all labels for all products with this material.
    All labels were done wrong and the question came up – Why? What is the motive of Adya Inc. to hide this information?
    Once this was uncovered, then a complete investigation was launched and everything else was discovered like Themarox being called Battery Acid with US Customs and then being bottled as a human consumable health product.
    Matt Monarch was approached by an individual three weeks ago and told about this problem and simply dismissed the information as if it meant nothing.
    Many other people were warned about this privately and when nothing was being done, the information was sent out in order to stop this madness and begin protecting people who are consuming these elements unawares.
    The main thing is this – people need to have valid information so they can make their own decisions whether they want to consume something or not. It is not our place to NOT tell them that the product has Aluminum Sulfate. Saying it has trace amounts is a lie. There are 1220 PPM in the bottle and that has to be put on the label regardless of what the manufacturer thinks they can do. It is totally unfair to the public to feed them something they are not informed about. Especially the Raw Food Community who is very careful what they are ingesting. They purposely do NOT ingest pharma drugs and packaged store bought food to avoid the nasty ingredients. Trying to justify the Aluminum Sulfate comparing it to Aluminum in drugs and foods is a complete waste of time and very stupid.
    Matt Bakos claims there is no effect with the Aluminum Sulfate then he should have included it on the label – but he didn’t. The fact is that Aluminum in drugs and food additives are bad enough but they have a super low absorption rate and mostly pass through the urine and feces and do not stay in the body.
    Aluminum Sulfate – especially in the Adya Clarity – in Ionic Form – in solution – extracted using Sulfuric Acid – absorbs 100% in the bone marrow and brain and does NOT come out. It takes a specific detox protocol to remove this from the system.
    1 mg of Aluminum Sulfate from Adya Clarity is like sucking in a thousand times the amount of regular old Aluminum in drugs and food because that type of Aluminum just moves on through and out of the body but the Aluminum Sulfate in Adya Clarity is 100% bioavailable and absorbs in and does not leave!!
    How do you think an unsuspecting pregnant mother is going to feel when she finds out she has been depositing Aluminum Sulfate in her babies brain while the brain is developing. This is the type of thing massive class action law suits are made of. Time to wake up to reality!!
    Aluminum Sulfate is DIRECTLY related to brain dysfunction, dementia and Alzheimer’s. FDA does NOT want people getting dementia and Alzheimer’s. There is no money in those diseases and when people lose their faculties, they lose the stress in their lives and often live 15 to 20 years longer than normal because stress is one of the biggest killers. The FDA is not interested in old people living a long time suffering because it causes a burden on the system keeping people alive a long time in bad shape and there is no money in that. These type of patients do not take many drugs.
    The FDA in the USA is more strict than in Europe. Over in Europe they allow only 0.1 mg/L in the water. In the US and Canada only 0.05 mg/L is allowed.
    If you add 1 ml of Adya Clarity to a liter of water you are going to ingest a full 1 mg of Aluminum Sulfate which is 20 times more than the FDA allows in drinking water and if you drink 2 liters of water a day with Adya in there, you will be ingesting 40 times more than the FDA allows in drinking water.
    If you suck up a super shot – you are going to have 100 times more than the FDA allows in drinking water – do the math. Some people are sucking up 2 or more supershots per day. I have known some people to consume one ounce of straight Adya Clarity at once because they think more is better. I guarantee you if they knew how much bioavailable Aluminum Sulfate they were ingesting, they would never do this!!
    Either way, this is NOT cool. Adya has deceived the customers that are supposed to be able to trust the company to tell the truth.
    They are far from truthful and they also excessively over charge for everything to the end consumer.
    We checked into the actual price from Shimanishi Kaken. We could buy Themarox Concentrate for $38 per liter. Once you pay for logistics, blend up the water with the Themarox to make the Adya Clarity, buy the bottle, fill the bottle, buy the label, apply the label, buy the shipping box and put the bottle in the box, the all in cost would come to $5 per bottle.
    This is a crazy low price. If this product was actually legitimate, which it is NOT – it should have only sold at the most for $29 retail for a 1 liter bottle.
    Why did Matt Bakos insist on selling the bottles for a minimum $200 when the product was introduced?
    Why is it still selling for $150?
    A 3000% markup is called Way Extreme Gouging in the market place and does not bode well for people who are supposed to be ‘Conscious’
    Back when we thought the product was cool in 2010 – we asked Matt Bakos to drop the retail price way down so that the volume of bottles would be increased and more people would be able to afford it.
    Matt Bakos screamed and yelled about how greedy we were because we wanted to sell so much product. This was the MOST insane thing we had ever heard. Here is a guy that is marking the product up 4000% at the introduction for $200 and we are the greedy ones for wanting the retail at $29?
    We could not believe that. This is one of the issues that caused us to more uncomfortable with Bakos in 2010. The other issue was that Bakos would get on the phone with people and rant and rave, scream and yell about things that were NOT important to those people and he has been a major source of embarrassment. We were hoping that Dennis Babjack would be a more reasonable stabilizer to the situation but Dennis just followed along with whatever Bakos wanted.
    My opinion is that anyone who deals with Bakos is going to get burned one way or another. Our experience with Bakos was a very bad one. When we were helping him open up the market in 2009 and 2010, we did many positive things for Adya Inc. To our shock Bakos did everything negative. He even hired lawyers to come after us for NOTHING and we won the case without even hiring a lawyer. Maybe this is a major sign of Aluminum Poisoning.
    All I can say to you Matt is – Good Luck trying to make a silk purse out of a sows ear.
    I feel sorry for Matt Monarch because I believe he truly did NOT know about the Aluminum Sulfate until a few weeks ago. Matt Monarch is a happy go lucky kind of individual who has brought a lot of cool things to people over the years through the Raw Food World and has also done a great job in building a tribe.
    Matt Bakos is a dark, diabolical character and has hurt a lot of people over the years. I am sorry that Matt Monarch had to suffer at Bakos hands and I warned Matt Monarch to watch out when Bakos screwed us around.
    The shame is entirely on the Adya Clarity side and there is no where to hide.
    Ian Clark

  • Hi,

    My wife just watched this video webinar thing and yes it does seem convincing. I would refuse to buy this product only because i dont trust cowboys like that. NOW<, the human body is mostly made up of water, it has been an ongoing thing with drinking water, in order to maintain optimum human functionality you must drink at least 1.5 litres per day not inlcuding diaretics like coffe or tea and alcohol. These have adverse effects on you and therefore cancel any water you have drank, or at least reduceds the weater intake benefit dramatically. As for the Americans, thier country is mostly full of over wieght pepole who do nothing but chomp on junk food, indeed most of the food there is made up from sugars of some sort or salt. This ad only promotes suggestive techniques , so that you drink more water and feel the we3ay you should everyday of your life. If you dont beleive me try and dring 3 litres of water a day for a week or two and then see how you feel without and additives. I am from Scotland and Scotland has the freshest water anywhere in the world as there are minimal amounts of flouride added due to the natural freshness of the water. We get rainfall almost 2 thirds of the year and we have as a country supplied water all over the world with Italy being a main inporter. So come on people, just try and drink more water and then see how you feel!!!!!! Dont waste your hard earned money on this crap especially during these times of hardship with the recession. If you cant get Scottish water i am selling it for £1000 a litre bottle haha, and after a week it will make you feel amazing!!

    Take Care all and dont be fooled by this suggestive con!!

    Peace to you all, PS the mind is the most powerful tool we have, if you think that this additive is brilliant and will make your teeth and gums cleaner, why not just use extra toothpaste and mouthwash???

  • I bought Adya Clarity for my hot tub as it was suggested that it could be used to purify the water instead of chlorine or bromide, I was actually using hydrogen peroxide at the time which has been working effectively for years and all I add is 1/4 cup of 35% food grade H2O2.

    I drained the 280 gallon hot tub, filled it up with fresh water and added 46 ounces of Adya Clarity. Within 2 weeks I was detecting a very bad smell so I conducted a coliform bacteria test which came out positive meaning the water was contaminated with bacteria as the Adya Clarity did not perform. I spoke to a chemist about this and they suggested I go back to the H2O2 so I added 1/2 cup of hydrogen peroxide and the smell and bacteria were gone and has remained gone.

    I learned my lesson that if something is working keep using it and to also not be naive and assume someone is telling the truth even in the alternative health area. Do research completely like Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, use our brains to find inconsistencies and fallacies in the rhetoric that promoters use, come to your own truth and wisdom through that due diligence. To Matt Monarch’s credit he promptly gave me a full refund even for the empty returned bottles that I used for the hot tub and the super shots which I understand gave me super shots of aluminum to the brain.

    I have serious issues to take up with Matt Bakos the owner and importer of Adya Clarity. If you have read the damning information in previous posts that I made at #306 and #310 you can see why. I had also ingested the shots without the knowledge of the high levels of aluminum in the product.

    If you consume a super shot – you are going to have 100 times more Aluminum Sulfate than the FDA allows in drinking water. On the Adya Clarity label Aluminum Sulfate is not on the list of elements instead it states only Trace amount. The scientists say there is 1220 PPM in the bottle and the suppliers had purposely omitted the information on the label. They pointed out that this is an FTC violation and that Adya Inc. is responsible because they set the policy on all labels for all products with this material.

    It’s bad enough that the “Powers That Be” who will soon be the “Powers That Were” chemtrail our skies poisoning us with aluminum and barium, GMO our food, fluoridate our water, try to give us vaccinations that increase your chance double fold of getting ill, who promote fast food and pharmaceutical and recreational drugs who want to eliminate 6.5 billion of us by soft kill, making people dumbed down, sick and infertile, again if this isn’t enough we get preyed upon by snake oil crony capitalists even in the supposed alternative health area.

    At this crucial time when it is so important to be imperatively honest, truthful, compassionate, some people instead choose to allow greed and power which just further corrupts. All I can say is God have mercy on these decrepit souls that are like wolves in sheep’s clothing.

    I encourage everyone to pack up their full and empty bottles and return to sender for a FULL refund and ask what are they going to do to make up for their wrongdoing?

  • I understand a lot of people have complained about this product. I also understand alleged misrepresentation of product ingredients is nuts, especially with a major internet marketing campaign…

    Excuse me, but the above can also be read as bad blood from a former Adya representative. Especially the price issue. Women’s makeup is similarly priced, but you do not hear much grousing about it.

    Cannot tell if major concern is in price points or over aluminum sulfate improperly listed. Apparently aluminum sulfate is a commonly used flocculant by municipal water treatment plants. It is also used to clarify swimming pools and is a component of low cost baking soda.

    Q: Should we have been directed to filter the water again before drinking, as shown by using the $300 gravity fed adya filter device?
    This is the initial presentation of this product, but current marketing seems to override it.

    In case anyone is still interested, 11 or 12 pages back in Google is a site with this chart:

    Adya Clarity is a solution of purified water and ionic sulfate minerals that is an extraction from magnetic-rich, biotite (black mica). Our mineral solution contains the following ionic minerals:

    Mineral Concentration ppm
    Calcium 45
    Magnesium 451
    Potassium 271
    Iron 1,334
    Manganese 21.6
    Zinc 2.1
    Sodium 16.3
    Phosphorus 30.5

    Additionally contains trace amounts of silver, boron, barium, beryllium, cadmium, cobalt, chromium, aluminum, nickel, selenium and up to 50 trace minerals.

  • From post #312: “Aluminum Sulfate – especially in the Adya Clarity – in Ionic Form – in solution – extracted using Sulfuric Acid – absorbs 100% in the bone marrow and brain and does NOT come out. It takes a specific detox protocol to remove this from the system.”

    OK. Now I’m scared. How does someone find information about this specific detox? I tired to find Ian Clark on Facebook with no luck. Does anyone know where I can reach Ian Clark to find out more about this detox?

    Thank you,


  • I am so GLAD that my intuition about this product is proving true. My experience with the product was bad, and all the information AC was providing seemed heavily tinged with greed and misinformation; the marketing has huge red flags, no science or track record or proof of claims. My 33 years in the advertising business gave me a real nose for sniffing out products that shouldn’t be for sale, using devious marketing that was plain for me to see. Yeah AC will make you feel great for a few months then watch out because you have loaded your body up with stuff they didn’t tell you about. Matt’s rage at being questioned about his product and providing flaky answers, while being asked to provide real facts is a prime sign of someone trying to protect his golden profits, their whole operation stinks of greed, I’ve seen it before and its a detriment to the whole supplements industry; the FDA loves people like this and they will use it to further regulate and eliminate our right to the health of our own bodies.

    Great article link, I had no idea us veggie people were getting so much iron, I need to look into what I’m eating, and my morning oatmeal every day maybe isn’t such a great idea, LOL 😉

    I almost get the feeling that this massive advertising onslaught AC is doing right now is a last ditch effort to reap huge profits before the truth comes out. I, for one am going to ask for a refund on the little bottle I bought, just to send a message. Thanks to Jini for starting this thread, its the only place I could really find where people were being honest in saying they had problems with AC, over the noise of hysterical “miracle cure” claims being made all over the internet…..

  • I tried Adya Clarity in super shots and it brought back my periods (I’m post menopause, so I shouldn’t be having periods anymore) so I stop taking the super shots. I thought it would help with my backpain and artherites but it hasn’t and I had a yeast infection shortly after drinking Adya Clarity, so now after reading Mike Adams, the Health Ranger article on Adya Clarity I won’t be ingesting it anymore, I just hope it didn’t cause a whole lot of damage already.

  • While I haven’t experienced any adverse affects from the AC (I have so far only had pluses – teeth decalcified, and spur decalcification which are good things for me), I won’t be getting AC anymore due to the aluminum and iron content in it now that I know from Mike Adam’s article that these things are in it and don’t want to get aluminum poisoning or have high amounts of iron in my body. I am also rather appalled at Matt Monarch now selling AC on a 2-for-1 deal on his site. The word “scumbag” comes to mind. I had considered buying some things from his site, but now I will never do so. He knows about the aluminum and iron issues and is deliberately still selling the AC to people who are looking to it for better health. Part of the reason one usually becomes a raw foodist is because they care about health for themselves and others, but right now all he seems to care about is his bank account. He has lost a customer for life.

    The one thing I have learned from this is how much coagulant does come out of my tap water when I put the AC into it (versus very very little coagulant falling out in collected rain water and no coagulant in my distilled water). That is astonishing in itself how much goup is really in my tap water! Yick!

  • From post #312, Aluminum Sulfate – in Adya Clarity – in Ionic Form – in solution – extracted using Sulfuric Acid – absorbs 100% in the bone marrow and brain and does NOT come out. It takes a specific detox protocol to remove this from the system. Matt Monarch was approached by an individual three weeks ago and told about this problem and simply dismissed the information as if it meant nothing. This doesn’t surprise me. Did you know that you can purchase Healthforce Nutritionals products at lower prices (with free shipping) from PureFormulas.com, even if you already gave Monarch $998 for a lifetime membership to his online store? You can also save a bundle on pristine chlorella and spirulina tablets from EarthShiftProducts.com (with free shipping option), even if you already paid Monarch $998 for a lifetime membership to his online store. Think you can trust Monarch for providing the best products at the best prices? Think again. With the exception of Monarch’s monthly specials, many other items in the store are overpriced, even with the member discounts. Everyone needs to read post #312 from top to bottom. Since Mike Adams worked in the same grocery store with David Wolfe when they were younger, it didn’t surprise me to see black mica completely removed from the Longevity Warehouse website the day Mike’s reports went live. At least somebody was being humble and LISTENING. This is insane. Refunds? I suspect most people will be expecting more than just refunds for this breach of integrity. Please excuse my stabs at Monarch, but I’m looking forward to finding out exactly how to remove the supershots of aluminum sulfate that have been absorbed 100% in my bone marrow and brain. Why hasn’t Monarch officially commented on all of this yet? Why is he offering a two-for-one special on Adya instead? Perhaps Monarch would be willing to focus on priorities and stop tinkering with more pyramid schemes to make more money (he’s currently pushing his customers to sign up under him with the Global Information Network, which is one of the biggest scam operations ever, uggh). The madness must stop. Monarch must look at himself in the mirror and realize that his character and integrity is at stake.

  • I imagine you’re going to see alot of good deals on AC real soon as dealers try to uload their stock before they have to eat the costs. Really a sad situation.

    Safe clean water is mind bogglingly a huge subject I’ve looked into; there just doesn’t seem to be any real safe good water anywhere with no way to make it that way. We’ve done a damn good job poisoning the planet, eh? I haven’t drunk tap water in about 20 years…..

  • The following paragraphs were deleted by Natural News in their comments on the article, so you can see what sort of ‘transparency’ and ‘ethics’ they really have.

    This entire article is a hatchet job and has no substance at all. The only criticism that can be levelled at Adya Clarity is they listed Aluminum Sulphate along with a dozen other minerals without the PPM. It is still on the label, along with copper, cadmium and all the other minerals percieved to be ‘negative’. This was not an ethical thing and improper.

    But similar criticism about aluminum sulphate can be levelled at any sulfate based product such as fulvic acids, MMS, sulpher acid treatment e.t.c You may as well ditch all sulphate treatments and ignore all the positive effects they can bring.

    It is Mike Adams that is the most dishonest. ‘Imported as battery acid and sold for internal consumption’ is the headline implying to readers that Adya Clarity is actually battery acid being resold as a health product, which is utterly false and designed to mislead and misinform readers of NaturalNews.

    Labelling of the product for importation purposes on customs forms is just business and says nothing about the product itself. But Mike Adams doing a hatchet job has latched into this as being important. It is a non-sequitur, which tries to associate one fact with another that has no relevence. In this case, Adya Clarity with Battery Acid.

    Then there is the 1988 toxic spill example. In that case you had an industrially produced aluminum sulphate, in doses 100’s of times higher than Adya Clarity, whose aluminum sulphate is naturally forming in volcanic rock. Another non-sequitur.

    This product works amazingly well and it is a shame they may be taken down because of their poor labelling issue. Like MMS, you cannot go too far with dosage, and constant daily use is not appropriate. But if you need a 2-4 week detox of heavy metals and remove calcified joints, Adya Clarity supershots have been fantastic for me.

  • Aluminum is listed in tiny type and is not listed as the 2nd highest content in the ingredients, which is a violation of labeling laws. Matt’s claim that someone hacked his computer and changed the label, if he really said that is insane, there literally is no way to pull of a stunt like that. It would take an amazingly talented hacker and graphic designer to boot to do such a thing, and WHY would anyone even do that? It would take hours and hours if it could even be done. As a graphic designer, no print job is ever run without someone checking a pre-press proof and signing off on it. Things just don’t add up in favor here. Where are the users of this product who have been using it for a year? The fact that one person posted obvious signs of metal poisoning on this forum, should we ignore that person, when we now know there are hazardous amounts of aluminum in it? Thats the crux of the issue, hazardous amounts of aluminum, high iron content, sulphuric acid as a base. What good can this do for your body? Where are these “lab tests” Matt says exist, they sure aren’t on AC’s website and nowhere to be seen. If there is any benefit at all in taking it, it would be the decalcification over short term, but do you really want to load up your body with aluminum? I wish some neutral third party would do a quick chemical analysis of this stuff, its a real easy and cheap thing to do….

  • There is now a constant appeal to the higher authority of scientific studies to prove a product like AC safe before we should be ‘allowed’ to use it. You know, those same scientific authorities that show amalgam fillings, flurodated water and vaccines are perfectly safe and have no negative health effects, even for young babies.

    According to you because one person on a blog said it made them sick, it needs further study and investigation. You would have to take down every single health product ever made on that basis. Just on a subjective count here, positive effects outnumber the negative about 10-1.

    But these are mostly people who are ‘new’ users and the long term effect could be negative. It reminds me of the MMS discussions over the last few years. While being beneficial for many things, that type of sulfate treatment can lead to poisoning if continually taken in HIGH doses.

    Aluminum sulfate in its natural state, is a required element for brain enzyme catalyst function. This may explain why people like myself and many others have experienced what seems to have been a cloud lifting, greater clarity mentally and physically when taking AC.

  • Ian thank you for your candid post. Yohan, you obviously have a financial stake in AC with something to lose. Jini, you rock for creating this forum. Thank you!

  • I looked up aluminum sulphate, its used as a sedimentation agent in water treatment plants, its what is creating the yellow gunk in the bottom of a glass of AC. It also said that aluminum based coagulants afterwards should be removed from the treated water to the highest extent possible. Also this:

    “Aluminum salts are applied in water treatment for precipitation reactions. Adding aluminum sulphate and lime to water causes aluminum hydroxide formation, which leads to settling of pollutants. Hydroxide is water insoluble, therefore only 0.05 ppm dissolved aluminum remains. This is below the legal limit for drinking water of the World Health Organization (WHO), of 0.2 ppm aluminum.”

    So, .2 ppm is the legal LIMIT of allowable aluminum.

  • What rubbish Jess. I just have an open mind to the use of sulfate, as used successfully in many different health treatments, not just Adya Clarity.

    This is all not new. I can remember in the 1990’s people using fulvic acid treatments, which is also high in aluminum sulfate, and getting miraculous health results. Back then there was no products being sold or pushed, so you could not say it was manufacture bias or shilling.

    And also at that time, the same criticisms were being made, that it was high in aluminum and potentially toxic and dangerous to the body. I was too wary to try it back then, but this time had nothing to lose, and from positive personal experience, I know the things they said 15 years ago were true.

  • Leaning towards the opinion of Yohan in #327,

    This appears to be a hatchet job.
    Otherwise Coca Cola, antacids and self rising flour would not be on our store shelves??

    It looks like you could ingest way more aluminum by drinking 1 can of coke.
    Here’s what I found this morning:

    (for the entire article)

    The highlights are here:

    Aluminum is primarily absorbed into the body through the digestive tract. Dietary intake ranges widely from 5 to 150 mg/day. These levels do not seem to interfere with the absorption or utilization of calcium, phosphorous, zinc, copper, selenium, iron or magnesium. Adequate calcium intake may decrease the risk of aluminum toxicity.
    It is also absorbed through the lungs and skin.

    Treated municipal water – Many municipal water supplies are treated with alum (aluminum sulfate) to get rid of murkiness. At least seven separate studies have shown that people drinking water high in alum are more likely to develop Alzheimer’s than people drinking water low in alum. The worst part is that alum can combine with flouride in the blood to form aluminum fluoride. About 300,000,000 pounds of sodium fluoride, an industrial waste from aluminum refiners, is added to our water supply each year. (see Fluoridated Water)

    Aluminum researcher Elizabeth Jeffery has found evidence that flouride interferes with the body’s ability to get rid of aluminum. She says, “My research indicates that flouride readily combines with aluminum in the blood, and that aluminum flouride, once formed is very poorly excreted in the urine.” She believes that the aluminum fluoride then becomes concentrated in the bones (where flourine replaces calcium) and continues to slowly release and recycle through the body over time. Albert Burgstahler, a professor of biochemistry at the University of Kansas, has found that aluminum flouride can pass unusually well through biological barriers, notably the blood-brain barrier, and accululate in the brain. (See “Toxicity in brain tissues” below)

    The EPA Secondary Maximum Contaminant level for aluminum in water is 50 ppb. City water filtered through a “Multi-pure” system is usually less than 10 ppb. Coca-Cola Classic in an aluminum can has been measured at 6,160 ppb. (Don’t be too shocked. The amounts of aluminum in baked goods, antacids and antiperspirants leaves your Cola in the dust.)

    Carbonated beverages are acidic. When doctors at John Hunter Hospital checked containers of 52 different beverages, they found soft drinks in cans contained up to 4 1/2 times the recommended amount of aluminum that drinking water can contain. Medical Journal of Australia 156(9): 604-5, 1992

    Aluminum alloy cookware and containers – Cooking utensils and aluminum beverage cans contribute substantially to our load of aluminum. Beer has more aluminum when it is packaged in aluminum cans. It is best to use stainless steel cooking containers or glass or iron cookware. The older your aluminum cookware is the more rapidy it corrodes. Acid-forming foods dissolve aluminum more rapidly. The amount of aluminum ingested from cookware, however is far exceeded by the amounts ingested from food additives.

    Food – Sodium aluminum phosphate is an additive in most baking powders, cake mixes and self-rising flower.. If this form of aluminum combines with maltol, a sugar-like flavoring agent, the resulting aluminum compound is able to get through the blood-brain barrier 90 times as well.
    Potassium alum is used to whiten bleached flour.

    Aluminum compounds are widely used as additives to prepared foods. They lighten food texture, adjust acidity and keep chunks of processed vegetables and fruits firmer.

    Aluminum is even used in infant formulas and beer.

    Sodium aluminosilicate or aluminum calcium silicate are added to table salt to absorb moisture and keep it from caking.

    Sodium aluminum phosphate is used as an emulsifier in processed cheese.

    OTC and prescription drugs – Aluminum is found in many over-the-counter painkillers, anti-inflammatory drugs and douche preparations. For instance, aspirin is commonly buffered with aluminum hydroxide or aluminum glycinate. If you wash down your aspirin with orange juice, the buffering powder becomes aluminum citrate which is able to get through the blood-brain barrier five times as well.
    Aluminum is included in many dental amalgams. It is added to some toothpastes. Read labels carefully for chemicals such as dihydroxyaluminum.
    Aluminum chlorhydrate is a prominant component of many antiperspirants. It is DESIGNED to be absorbed. Studies show that regular use of these product can raise the risk of Alzheimer’s by as much as three-fold.

    Aluminum hydroxide in antacids – Aluminum hydroxide in antacids may be the most common cause of aluminum toxicity in the United States (where antacids are widely advertised and inappropriately used). Elizabeth Jeffery, a research scientist at the Institute for Environmental Studies at the University of Illinois says that “A normal dose of Tums will give you 5 grams of aluminum hydroxide a day.” This is several hundred times the amount normally ingested from food sources. Besides creating digestive complications by neutralizing stomach acid, other side effects are described below.

    My note:
    It would be really important for an biochemist and or organic chemist without an axe to grind to jump in and take a look at this. Good luck finding one: most are employed by major corporations. A retired one is more likely.
    So far, we have reports from an angry former ac representative on the warpath, especially after they saw this product take off, and a Natural News researcher who may or may not understand the nature of this product, or its reaction within the body. If ac solution contains far less than an antacid tablet or a can of coke, the water expert may be correct…within reason.
    This does not exactly allay my concerns about long term use or large number of super shots. Everything needs to be taken in balance.

    Eat more organic apples.

  • Metals poisoning is a very very serious affair. The legal allowable concentration of aluminum in water is .2ppm AC has 1220 ppm in the bottle at concentrated level. That is 6,110 times over legal limit. It is supposedly in organic form which means you don’t excrete it, your body absorbs it. So you use it diluted, so what, you end up consuming the full bottle anyway and you consume it all and it builds up in your body at highly toxic levels. If all this is true this is a horrendous situation.

    I never knew the signs of metals poisoning until I read it here. If only one person found their way to this forum and got aluminum poisoning it would mean there are probably quite a few others who don’t own computers, don’t know about this forum, don’t know the signs of metals poisoning, so you don’t hear about them except the one person. One is enough!

    From what I read everyone’s aluminum levels in their body goes up with age and is implicated heavily with Alhzheimer’s disease. Aluminum is in alot of products but in miniscule amonts that take a full lifetime to maybe cause deadly problems. By taking AC if it truly has such tremendous amounts of organic aluminum in it you are playing with a loaded gun. If anyone knows those guys at AC invite them here to defend themselves and show us valid lab tests on laboratory stationery, dated and signed with a phone number of the lab. I am really thanking the stars I didn’t take more than two or three doses of this stuff and that my body didn’t like it, lucky me 😉

  • Dave,

    You said: “I looked up aluminum sulphate, its used as a sedimentation agent in water treatment plants, its what is creating the yellow gunk in the bottom of a glass of AC. It also said that aluminum based coagulants afterwards should be removed from the treated water to the highest extent possible. ”

    I had tested the AC in distilled water and I didn’t see any goup come out. I tested it also on rainwater and barely got anything out. So no Big Pharma/chlorine/fluorine goup in your water and nothing precipitates out when you add the AC. Appears then that the aluminum sulfate stays in solution in these cases. Only my Washington DC tap water + AC gets tons of goup out of it. In cases where one has relatively good pure water I am wondering if more of the aluminum sulfate is in the water and more harmful to being taken in by the brain/body than in cases where there is a lot of junk in the water to be binded to. Would be interesting to know the answer.

  • I just looked up aluminum poisoning. Matt B’s intense anger and shouting at that guy is a potential sign of aluminum poisoning:

    “The primary side-effect or “wake-up call” that indicates aluminum has intoxicated the brain is a very serious condition called HYPERSENSITIVITY. It is progressive, and if it is left untreated it can escalate into irrational anger and displays of violence.”

  • Apparently several of you cannot read, or do not care to.

    Assume none of you use deodorant, have flouride in your toothpaste or drinking water, grab for an antacid ever, or party with a few cans of coke or beer.

    These should be of far more concern.

  • Whats nonsense Dave. Mike Adams also claimed he himself was shouting on the phone at Matt Bakos, does this mean NOT using AC also leads to HYPERSENSITIVITY?

    We have left the realm of reality and decended into ad hominem fantasy.

  • JINI Said,

    DIANE – you can reach Ian Clarke at his website:


    or you can email him directly (he has given me permission to give this out) at:


    Please post back here with anything helpful/useful you try


    Hi Jini, I’m back with what I’ve discovered since posting here yesterday:

    1. I contacted Ian Clark and he was kind enough to send me a detox formula. Anyone can do the same.

    2. I was on the fence about this product for the longest time. I only decided to try it after seeing it ADVERTISED ON MIKE ADAM’S WEBSITE a few months ago, although I decided to buy it through Kasper Postawski’s discount offer.

    Over the last couple of days, Mike Adam’s has been clearly stating that he does not and will not sell Adya Clarity, but he does not state/admit that he actually DID sell it on his website at one point. Whenever I mention on this fact on his NaturalNews FB page, his staff deletes my comments.

    I find this to be quite disturbing, coming from someone who touts the truth.

    3. My fears have been calmed down after reading Matt Bokus’s response, which can be found here:


    4. I have discontinued using Adya Clarity until Matt Monarch produces results from professional clinical trials, as he promises here in his response:


    Jini, thank you so much for blogging your experience with Adya Clarity. It has opened up a wonderful space to chat with others about this, and I hope that my experience can help others as well.

    Dianne xxxooo

  • David Avocado Wolfe does a great job of explaining this and the importance of keeping yourself “topped up” in his 9-part anti-aging YouTube presentation.

    I watched it earlier in the week and he explained is there is an internal game of musical chairs, with 15 players and only 10 seats. When a body is depleted in one element, that element can get bumped out of its seat and something else takes its place. This was all new to me.

    This morning, I was hit over the head by the importance of reducing the toxic load inside my body, and the primary role magnesium plays in enzymatic or chemical reactions inside the body as those outlined in the article above in #328.

    I find it ironic that an interloper would be so concerned about our aluminum intake when it is clearly outlined that our magnesium levels, if not deficient, may protect us from storing aluminum. Meanwhile, we are interested in ac for lowering toxic metals…this is a chicken and egg story. Which one comes first?

    It is highly unlikely that a small business owner would knowingly leave his company open to severe criticism and/or lawsuits. That would be very short sighted, something out of the Wizard of Oz. He could lose everything, so it would not be a logical thing to do. Not that this would or could not occur, but it is unlikely.

    However, that MAJOR US food producers have placed innocent boxes of cake mixes on supermarket shelves additives that may be toxic alone or in combination, never even crossed my mind…and a box of tums are in most executives’ desk drawers. I had trouble with the antiperspirant discussion. And if the lining of aluminum cans is not bad enough, now we need to worry about the cans themselves.

    Goes to show how much confusion is out there.

  • I started taking Adya about a year ago. The results were profound. I had extreme energy and felt really good. I knew it was from the AC. This lasted about 3 months. Then it did not work like it used too. Intuitively I stoped doing super shots but I do put drops in my drinking water often. I have two large bottles left. I do no think I will be taking it any more.
    Just my 2 cents….

  • We should be really careful when experimenting with new untested products being marketed in private sessions and asked to keep quiet about it. You MUST read the article by Mike Adams if you are thinking about purchasing Adya Clarity. Unlike another profiteer who’s out there to take advantage of some good people and their need to improve their lives Mike Adams wants to genuinely help us. Here is the Article


    p.s. realrose is clearly an employee of Adya

  • I think you’re not paying attention, the thing to be concerned is not that aluminum is in the product, the danger is in HOW MUCH. There is no commercial product in grocery stores that has such a toxic dose in one bottle. If someone would just prove or disprove that AC has 1220 ppm of aluminum sulphate that would give us a final answer. That high a toxic dose is definitely not a “trace” and not even legal, no wonder they put it in tiny type. You can put that stuff in your body if you want to, but if its not a legal product the public shouldn’t have access to it.

    You think a manufacturer wouldn’t use toxic materials in their products in the “health” industry, well you are wrong. Back in the 80’s I went to interview with a highly visible hair/shampoo products company that is still in business, to design labels for one of their shampoos. The guy was real creepy, shouted and yelled at his wire all the time, very weird guy. As I was leaving I hung out with the girls who worked there on their smoke break. One of them confided to me that he was using illegal toxic products in his recipes. He had given me a couple shampoos to try out, which I did. The shampoos made my scalp break out in angry red blotches. I never went back there. Money makes people do weird things…

    And NO, I don’t consume any of those products mentioned. I found out to my dismay that my stainless steel steaming pot may be a source of aluminum during reading about that element and looking into replacing it, it apparentnly has a bonded aluminum bottom and aluminum leeches into the water. I’m learning some cool new things here, got my MiniMinerals today!

  • I’m not sure if y’all get notified when I update the blog post above, so I’m also posting it here as well…


    Mike Adams (The Health Ranger) on his mega-site, Natural News.com, just posted the worrying results of his conversation with the owner and importer of Adya Clarity (Matt Bakos) along with his detailed investigation into the ingredients of Adya Clarity. You simply must read Adams’ article: “NaturalNews issues consumer alert about Adya Clarity, imported as battery acid and sold for internal consumption”, if you are considering buying or ingesting Adya Clarity.

    In his article, Adams details how Adya Clarity is imported as ‘battery acid,’ does not disclose on the label the very high (1200 ppm) aluminum content of the product, and finally answers a point raised many times in the comments section of this blog about the mechanism behind the miraculous way Adya Clarity pulls all the orangey-colored stuff out of the water to the bottom of the glass. Adams also raises valid points about the high iron content in the product.

    From my side, I don’t trust the labeling on this product at all now. I would still like to see someone (with enough cash to do it – Adams? Mercola?) get an independent lab assay done on this product to see what ELSE it contains and whether the amounts stated on the label are even correct? Also, is there a substantial variance in levels and ingredients from batch to batch?

    I will also have to go on record and agree with Mike Adams – in my opinion, this does not look like a safe, nor beneficial product to ingest. And I sure wouldn’t take it myself!

    As many people have pointed out in the hundreds of excellent comments following this blog post, there are many other tried and tested ways to cure what ails you – kidney stones, decalcification, detox, arthritis, etc. – with a long history of use and some solid, independent science to back them up.

    For me, as someone who has worked in holistic health for over a decade, and who also formulates health care products, this kind of mis-labeling, junk science and scamming of desperate people is very upsetting. This is the kind of product the FDA points to when it wants to justify making it harder and more expensive for supplement companies to provide you with non-drug solutions. So Bakos is not just harming himself by this kind of con-job, he is harming everyone else in the natural health industry; from the consumer to the manufacturer.

    After first posting this inquiry, I was contacted by someone who wanted to talk to me privately about Adya Clarity. Apparently, he was one of the first people approached to sell/distribute Adya Clarity. But, like Mike Adams, when he started asking too many questions, the owner got upset and dropped him cold.


    As anyone who works in healthcare knows – whether medical or holistic – the single most powerful healing agent known to humanity is the mind, or belief (visceral, gut-level knowledge or conviction) of the person. This is not a dismissal of someone’s reality, or a belittling of their Healing Journey, it is simply a statement of fact. See Dr. Bruce Lipton’s book, “The Biology of Belief” for the in-depth science behind this.

    So, if someone believes with all their heart that Adya Clarity will work miracles (as claimed in the webinars, videos and websites promoting it) and their body zings with hope and anticipation that finally, FINALLY they can get relief, they can begin to heal… They have already mobilized the most powerful forces of their immune system and healing mechanism before the first drop even passes their lips.

    The other dynamic that is undoubtedly at work here (and this has been mentioned several times in the comments section under this blog post) is the amazing health benefits conferred simply by just drinking enough water each and every day. However, you are not just drinking water, you are drinking water imbued with all the positivity, hope, love and excitement of your conviction about Adya Clarity’s miraculous effects. See Masaru Emoto’s books for the science behind how water molecules change shape to reflect our energy or intention.

    Lastly, when flooded with either something new, something different, or something challenging, the body can respond in a positive way, again, simply from the body’s own mobilization of its own healing forces. This sounds very simplistic, but medical science has long identified this mechanism, hence why “go home and take an aspirin”, or even just a visit to the doctor’s office, can often work wonders. Somehow, it flips a switch and nothing really needs to be done, or ingested, you just need to wait and the body will heal itself in a short period of time.

    So, basically, this whole Adya Clarity mess just points again to why we really need to both listen to our gut AND do our research. It reminds me of the whole bacterial soil organism muddle – kicked off with Garden of Life and now continued with Prescript Assist. Junk science, miraculous effects, but what are the side effects? And then what happens to all the the poor people with adverse reactions, infections etc. and how the heck do you get rid of all those spores you ingested now anyway?

    As my dear brother, Ricken Patel (founder of Avaaz.org) recently wrote to me: “Reason without emotion would be lifeless. Reason without intuition would be aimless. But intuition without reason can be dangerous, and emotion without reason can be foolish. So I’ve found that wisdom is the *harmony* of intuition, reason, and emotion. With none as master, and none as servant.”

    So, as I said, when trying new health products, listen to your gut, but also do your research!

  • You know, whether Adya Clarity is, or is not a safe product to consume, could really have been answered if an independent lab assay on product ingredients had been made available right from the start.

    I’ve just read Matt Bakos’ response to Mike Adams and it also highlights another key facet of concern, that has not really been addressed by the ‘big’ players in this debate: As pointed out in my blog post, the patent application for this substance claims that water purification results from AC being PART of a 3-step water filtration process. In Bakos’ response (located at: http://www.rawliving.eu/blog/2011/10/adya-clarity-response-from-matthew-bakos/ ) he says:

    “Also we have conclusive test reports back from the EPA lab that we will
    release more than likely around the first of year.

    1. Themarox with filtration removes/reduces alpha particles.
    2. Themarox with filtration removes/reduces VOC’s.”

    So, you see again, it is not AC (Themarox) on it’s own that purifies water, but used in conjunction with a filtration medium (or device?).

    The most convincing/moving part of Bakos’ rebuttal is his story of adding AC to polluted water in the San Bias islands and drinking it in front of the tribe with no ill effects. But again, we are talking about water purification here, not taking AC daily as a health tonic.

    What’s the easier sell: a water purification agent for $100/bottle or a miraculous health cure for everything that ails you for $100/bottle?

    I believe that minerals are an extremely powerful agent in restoring and maintaining health. Look to agricultural reports on what happens to plants when their soil is remineralized vs. traditional fertilization and the minerals are far more powerful for health and growth.

    But the Minerals of Life Trace Minerals that I use sell for $40/bottle and contain WAY more minerals than Adya Clarity.

    So… I’m still not getting it here and I feel like there are big gaps in the information surrounding this product and how it is being presented for public use.

  • Okay, just read Matt Monarch’s response to Mike Adams’ article (thanks Dianne!) found here:


    And I must say I am impressed with Monarch owning up to the fact that in light of this information, he no longer believes the ‘super shots’ are a good idea. It takes guts to say, whoops, looks like I was wrong about that. So that’s good.

    I also like the fact that he has requested these changes be carried out if he is to continue to sell Adya Clarity:

    “I have made the decision to still carry Adya Clarity in our
    store, based on the following conditions:

    It is not recommended to take higher dosages of Adya Clarity in
    the form of “Super Shots”, unless safe usage is proven clinically and
    recommended by a health practitioner.

    I gave the stipulation to Adya Water, Inc that if we continue to
    carry this product, the labeling must meet the following requirements,
    which have all been agreed to:

    -Aluminum must be stated as the second ingredient on the label, with amounts.

    -Removal of any internal use implications on the label or in
    marketing (unless safe usage is proven clinically).

    -The label must be approved by a lawyer of my choice who specializes
    in FDA compliancy.

    -The ingredients label must list sulfuric acid.”

    I also encourage you to contact Monarch’s customer service department to request copies of the documentation he says he has (as I will be doing) – although why he didn’t just provide these freely as download links in his blog post, I have no idea.

    But this is all good. This discourse is forcing the proper labeling and disclosure of information that should have been present in the first place.

    I feel it is okay to offer natural products to people that have not been through clinical trials – because most of us do not have the money to fund that kind of study and thus very few effective products would be available. However, when you are selling something new, or that does not have a long-term record of human use and safety, you need to fully disclose ALL the information about the product AND the fact that it is experimental. Then people can actually make a legitimate choice about whether to try that product, or not.

  • I have posted Matt Bakos answer to Mike Adams hatchet job ‘concern 8’ below. But I want to point out I heard the same arguement levelled at fulvic acid treatments in the 1990’s, and even then you had the Mike Adams of the world, trying to equate industrially produced (toxic) aluminum sulphate with naturally occuring aluminum sulphate.

    #8) I am concerned that the level of aluminum in Adya Clarity may present a
    health hazard when consumed on a regular basis, as aluminum is well known to
    potentially accumulate in the human body and contribute to a variety of
    neurological disorders. We do not yet conclusively know this to be a fact,
    but neither do we know it to be safe, and that’s the point. We should follow
    the “precautionary principle” when considering the internal consumption of
    non-food items containing concentrations of aluminum or other metals known
    to exhibit potentially harmful effects.

    This is a fear based tactic based on information I just disclosed about our
    product. 1 tsp. of Adya Clarity = 5 mg of aluminum. The estimated average
    daily consumption of aluminum for humans, according to the FDA and WHO, is
    10-15mg. The interesting fact we found out about aluminum consumption is
    that meat products contain a significantly lower amount of aluminum than
    fresh fruits and vegetables! For instance, a liter of pineapple has 99.88 mg
    of aluminum per liter. If you ate a cup of pineapples, you’d be eating
    roughly 25 mg. of aluminum. As I mentioned, 1 tsp. of Adya Clarity has 5 mg.
    of aluminum. Keep in mind, aluminum sulfate is used in organic farming. The
    big difference between aluminum sulfate that is used in organic/farming is
    that ours is in its natural complex (meaning many different types) salt form
    which is actually more defined as a whole food/natural product. It is a
    known fact that aluminum is never found alone in nature. Just like Themarox.
    What do you think would be coming from the veins of the aquifers in earth?

    I want to present you with research regarding aluminum and other minerals
    in food. I want to specifically reference the aluminum and the state that
    minerals need to be in to be bioavailable in plants. This is the same
    information that Shimanishi Asao knew 40 years ago in chemistry and is the
    reason why this product is here today.

    This is as natural as it gets so why aren’t they reporting this in the
    “natural” news?

  • “I had a conversation with Mike Adams on the phone and he was reviewing our MSDS, which he yelled that the MSDS was a liar. He said that aluminum is a heavy, toxic metal. Now, I don’t claim to be the most intelligent chemistry researcher on the planet but anyone that knows the periodic table knows that aluminum is NOT a heavy metal.”

    And to further my previous posts, the critics of fulvic acid all those years ago said the same hysterical nonsense, that you were poisoning yourself with heavy metals, which was not the case.

    I was taken in by the Mike Adams of the world, and passed on these sorts of sulfate treatments for over a decade. If I had not been misinformed by such fear and hatchets jobs, I may not have had to suffer for so long with acute mercury poisoning.

  • I for one am not going to consume anything with with the 2nd ingredient of aluminum sulphate, “natural” or not. Aluminum sulphate you noticed I mentioned that its used in water plants, but THEY REMOVE IT AS COMPLETELY AS POSSIBLE before the water comes to us; even they don’t think its real safe. Its used to coagulate junk out of the water then its discarded and removed along with the sludge. You need to talk to some old timers who were around when cheap raw aluminum pans were sold in every store before I was born in 1950. Aluminum pots and pans were used by low income people who couldn’t afford better kitchenware got very sick from boiling and cooking in that stuff. You’ll notice you can’t buy plain aluminum cooking gear these days unless its protected from contact with food, its because they realized it was poisoning people. Why intentionally put more in your body? I agree, full disclosure of ingredients by LAW should be there, and not recommended for internal use. For water purification unactivated MMS has been used for that for a long time and does an excellent job, and is sold for emergency water purification disaster supplies, and it is CHEAP and effective.

    How this stuff ended up being sold for human direct supplementation makes absolutely no sense; there is no history of its being used, I couldn’t find any human trials. I’m not a guinea pig and 4000% profit to buy some acidified iron and aluminum with some trace elements? From the very first exposure thru the webinar I saw the ethics of greed plainly. On the positive side this has gotten me interested in doing a metals cleanse and the Swanson product for nine dollars looks like I might give it a try, as kids we WERE exposed to alot of aluminum in the 50’s and later. Worth a try anyway, price is right. I’m returning my AC bottle for refund thru Amazon, I doubt I will get my money back….

  • I agree with Jini’s statements:

    “I’ve just read Matt Bakos’ response to Mike Adams and it also highlights another key facet of concern, that has not really been addressed by the ‘big’ players in this debate: As pointed out in my blog post, the patent application for this substance claims that water purification results from AC being PART of a 3-step water filtration process. In Bakos’ response (located at: http://www.rawliving.eu/blog/2011/10/adya-clarity-response-from-matthew-bakos/ ) he says:

    “Also we have conclusive test reports back from the EPA lab that we will
    release more than likely around the first of year.

    1. Themarox with filtration removes/reduces alpha particles.
    2. Themarox with filtration removes/reduces VOC’s.”

    So, you see again, it is not AC (Themarox) on it’s own that purifies water, but used in conjunction with a filtration medium (or device?).”


    Even in the patent itself, it says that AC is only 1 part of 3. What bothers me is that Kasper and Matt (Monarch) failed to note this and talk about this in their webinars. Matt M’s decision to still carry the AC still bothers me even if they are labeling the aluminum as the 2nd ingredient because it aluminum poisoning is still an issue. It’s like labeling that cigarettes cause cancer yet still selling them. Everyone knows how bad they are but, hey, we will make sure the public has access to stuff that makes them sick and we’ll still put out videos on it I am really appauled at Matt M. I thought he was supposed to be into helping people with their health. I just can never trust the guy or his wife ever again because of what I am seeing in the greed department. I’ll use my water distiller and then add minerals back in or simply collect rain or real spring water and bypass the AC.

    Maybe the AC can be used on plants as fertilizer as some have suggested here, but at last check I was still a human.

  • Thats the whole thing, Josie, Thermarox was meant to be a water clarifier and fertilizer, not a health supplement for human beings!

  • MMS and the earlier links to powered aluminum sulphate are all industrially produced, that is why they are so cheap. The Adya Clarity is naturally forming.

    It is like comparing table salt to sea salt, if you know the story behind that.

    Dave with your reaction to acidic supplements, did you find the same thing when eating pineapple? That was an example they gave of a food very high in alum.

  • I don’t eat pineapple except maybe once or twice in 3 years, didn’t bother me at all. Ascorbic acid bothers me, citric acid bothers me, both in supplements. Natural living organic fruits don’t seem to bother my gut much at all, it does bother my teeth so I avoid them. I don’t know what AC did to make my kidneys hurt, I’ve read somewhere this could be a cleansing reaction, but I only drank maybe four glasses total in 2 days and kidneys were real sore each time I drank it. I’ve never had my kidneys hurt before so I stopped immediately. Just because the elements are natural forming doesn’t mean they are safe; there are some sea salts that are super high in fluoride and cause fluorosis. I got sucked into buying some of that too. I’m also one of those idiots who bought into those “soil organism” and took that stuff for a full year. Is it a coincidence that a year later I got incredibly sick, I often wonder if I really damaged myself being a guinea pig for that company. This is why this AC company gets me riled up so much, their driving motive is that 4000% markup and health seems to have gotten lost along the wayside, along with their “hacked” label story. All I’m trying to do is have some kind of decent health before I leave this planet and these people don’t realize the harm they are causing while they are on the way to the bank….

  • Yohan, do you have a reference for your novel claim that pineapple is a food high in alum?!! That’s more than a little bewildering – and seems to be more along the lines of this AC thing being a beneficial nutritional supplement worth more than its weight in gold (perhpas another mineral it contains…).

  • LTD, it was posted in Adya Clarity response. It does not sound right to me either, but to investigate further read the link that has been posted multiple times now, or did you just switch off after NaturalNews’ devasting blow of ‘ethics’ and ‘factual’ investigation?

  • Yohan, a lot of what is purported by the AC people doesn’t sound right. The hilarious pineapple-alum claim being a minor mark in the overall scheme of things. In full disclosure, I am a scientist with a pretty solid foundation in nutrition, clinical endocrinilogy and metabolism – and I was just shaking my head at everything that has been shrilly proclaimed by the miraculous AC manufacturers. It is astonishihing how complete untruths and ambiguous claims can gain momentum through aggressive internet marketing – but I firmly believe that eventually the truth always comes out. This is how it is in the scientific community (where we are also bombarded with some dubious results – but the open nature and critical review process always ensures that the falsehoods are uncovered eventually). I decided not to come out and discount the claims as some people (who may or may not have had a stake in the product) believed that they found something of use. From studies I’ve conducted, I know that the placebo effect can show a 40% improvement in itself. The mind is among the most powerful forces underlying health-related quality of life. However, everything about the way AC has been put on the market and used to exploit people’s desire for good health has been frankly repulsive – and I say this as someone who has seen repulsiveness from pharmaceutical industries who are at least held accountable at some level for their claims and product safety.

  • You confuse and conflate the actions of distributors, using google ads and internet marketing webinars, with the parent company itself. The product has been sold for decades, and by Adya Inc since 2009 by all accounts.

    Im glad you have so much faith in the critical review process of the scientific community to uncover falsehoods such as vaccinations, water flurodation (banned in many european countires) and mercury amalgum (banned in many european countries). How has that been going for you?

  • Yohan,

    Why didn’t the parent company get the distributors in line then if they were mis-representing AC? That is negligent in itself.

  • I agree with Josie,
    and assume ac was initially intended to be used in conjunction with the ac filtration system. Also assume it may have been on the market in the US for many years as a consistent source of “clean” drinking water. This could be in line with typical water filtration systems one might find for swimming pools…a 2- or 3-step process. (And above you have the lady reportedly instructed to use ac as a 1-step only in her hot tub.)

    If this is so, the aluminum content may be lowered by filtering. Or maybe during this “coagulating ionic reaction” aluminum is bound to another metal, and both are flushed out. My guess is if you filter the solution first, you will not get the internal detox.

    My next questions are:
    1) Based on an existing ac filtration system, why would one want to take this solution as drinking water, long term, in its unfiltered state?

    2) How did this product get separated from its more mundane water treatment use?

    You can go negative and assume the worst, that this represents greed incarnate; or you remain neutral; hopefully the truth will come out. I don’t think we have it yet.

    Apparently (2) presentations were given at the Longevity Now conferences in Costa Mesa in 2009? 2010? Then there is a fifty year history of use in Japan, and not just for water purification. Maybe things are being “lost in translation” from Japanese.

    • Did someone in Japan figure out it helped with calcification? They have a rapidly aging population.
    • Did a US or European herbalist visit a Japanese herbalist, who suggested this stuff works great for removing heavy metal toxins inside the body as well as in drinking water?

    Listening to David Wolfe this morning to learn more about hormones and aging, not more detox strategies.

    In an aside, he refers to ac as a “designer detox product”, along with MSM, DMSO, fulvic acid and zeolites. (From my notes. This is in part 3 of his “Anti-Aging with David Wolfe” posted up on YouTube.) 10 minute video per part.

    This clearer terminology can be used to re-frame some of this crazy marketing situation.

    You can go onto curezone.com and find at least one researcher reporting in October 2010, about positive results from about a years’ worth of trials using ac solution. It sounds like ac has been marketed for quite some time in Europe, not that this helps understand what is happening here.

    For certain, I still feel years of calcification has been removed from my system. Who knew that the aging process creeps up like a joint mobility thief in the night?

    Pineapples are highly acidic.
    Have seen people break into hives after eat too much at once.

    Sorry about Dave’s kidneys, he reportedly has tried so many things in the past with questionable or bad results. Hope the mini-minerals bring some relief.

  • I should mention that most of my searching for answers occurred after I tested the ac solution, just to make sure I did not alter thinking during my testing.

    In defense of Yohan, I also found my thinking a bit clearer afterwards.

    This is not doing trials under the best set-up, with sufficient information on the label and from laboratory trials. I am not normally a lab rat, nor do I take chances like this. For some reason, this concept just stuck.

    However, when I compare how carefully the small company with double helix water is handling their product, with lab affiliations, infrared photos and more, they clearly state they are not the biochemists. If you want medical information, they refer you to the research laboratory.

    A world of difference in how their product is being presented.

  • @Yohan: People would listen to you more if you stopped being so defensive and started showing some respect to all involved in this discussion. Not everyone will share your point of view so there is no need to attack other posters by hurling sarcasm and generally treating them like idiots.
    By doing so, you lose credibility… and stoop to the same level as the person who started this so-called “smear campain” on that other website.
    You might be presenting some valid points but nobody will site with you if you don’t even want to hear what they have to say, and just keep on attacking them because they have a different view on things.

  • You know that thing I posted about aluminum intoxication and hypersensitivity/rage anger, makes me wonder. It could be the ones selling it are potentially the ones hurt the most by consuming it.

    I did see one video showing the water filter you were supposed to buy along WITH AC and the fiilter showed all that orange goop on it, so it never got into the water.

    Kacper is launching a new webinar on vitamin B12, just got an email…now what 😉 ? $100 B12 pills 😉

  • JG you are right that last post of mine to LTD was cutting and sarcastic. I apologise guys, it was 4am in my time zone. I have just gotten a bit sick of this general self-righteous indignation about AC, when a thousand other non clinically tested products make similar health claims but would only get a raised eyebrow from said same critics.

    I do have a theory, what has really riled a lot of people up is not the product itself, but the overt commercialization. This is not a hidden product being debated on raw food cliche websites, it is right out there in the open, hence the sudden demand for clinical trials that would not be expected of most other products.

  • Its more than just the overt commercialization, its that they are using outright highly deceptive statements that just aren’t true, misleading people to think it is a water purifier and removes fluoride for one. Go read some of the ads they are running everywhere, its like they are saying it turns water into some miracle cure, ridiculous crap ads totally full of plain old bull. They lied to me by not telling me aluminum sulphate is way more than a tiny trace element, and their ridiculous story about the label being “hacked.” As a graphic designer I can you that print jobs like labels aren’t something most people would even know how to change anything on, as most are done in InDesign or Quark and the file has to be set up correctly for print production. You have to own the fonts and have them installed on your computer before you can even correctly view the job.You can’t even open the file without owning one of those programs. Everytime someone tries to corner Bakos on the details he gets angry and makes up some lie on the spot. If they are going to spread this stuff all over the internet they’d better be able to take their own medecine and pay for their mistakes. I came to this forum after a google search on “Adya Clarity scam,” “Adya Clarity didn’t work for me,” etc. because their ads and webinar just smacked of BS unethical advertising methods. As a consumer all I want is some damn honesty, not a bunch of airy fairy stories designed to get me to pay $100 for a bottle of acidic water with iron, aluminun sulphate in it. So yeah, I’m not a happy camper that they are getting away with this and apparently hurting some people physically. No one is attacking them because they are doing well with it, sorry. I’d like to hear about these “other products” you keep mentioning that have toxic levels of whatever and are mislabeled and use fraudulent advertising, so I don’t buy those either, thanks.

  • The response from Adya Clarity was that when diluted in the recomended dosage, all elements were in trace form (100ppm or less) apart from iron, which was only slightly above trace.

    The ads running ‘everywhere’ are by one person, some guy called Kasper, who uses it as lead generation for his webinar and building an email list, which he will no doubt sell market more health products to.

    They issue about the labels was claimed to have occured over 1 year ago to one batch of product. We have no facts on what exactly occured, or what relevance this has to today.

    My stepfather once told me about a spring that people from all over the world travel to and claimed gave miraculous healing. (I cannot remember which country, perhaps NZ). He tried a small amount and said it was disgusting and was like drinking pure sulpher acid. But he also said these people would come back again and again claiming the benefits.

    So why did they? The old placebo effect? Or perhaps high sulphate enriched volcanic minerals actually can have a beneficial effect. My experience says do not blow it off.

  • No, I saw ads from that guy Matt’s Raw World or whatever it was, the ads rotate, they are on many major websites, they must be spending a fortune, those are not cheap, the texts are grossly misleading. The bottle I bought was not a year old and the very last ingredient in the smallest type is aluminum, not in large type as the 2nd most abundant element, your story seems to be changing with the wind here, gotta give you credit for trying 😉 Aluminum sulphate is stated by the manufacturers in Japan as just under the amount of iron, its plainly mislabeled and not legal. I have never heard of an acidic healing springs, all the ones I know of are base alkaline springs like Lourdes which supposedly has natural hydrogen peroxide in it. The Hunza waters are from alkaline glacial melts and full of minerals, not acid. Sorry haven’t heard of that. A google search on “acidic healing waters” brings up no results except that acidic water is bad for you 😉

  • Listen guys, Kacper and Matt are affiliate marketers.
    They are both doing I-marketing separately, and I believe Matt supplies and or fills Kacper’s orders. Matt owns? runs? a raw foods warehouse and distributorship.
    Normally, these guys are very careful about what they put in their bodies.

    Yohan may have a very good point:
    one reason attributed to the excellent health benefits of the Mediterranean diet is the volcanic soils in Italy have a high sulfur content. It all goes back to trace minerals.

    Interestingly, Magnesium sulfate, or epsom salts also has a sulphur content. (Duh!)
    In the new transdermal book I read, they theorize the reason we get relief from soaking in epsom salts is a fair amount of sulfur comes through the skin. Not so great for getting magnesium in, mag chloride gives far superior results.

    Dave, please check out the price for pure Magnesium chloride flakes! Whoohooo!! Greedy marketing? Not quite: it costs a bundle to extract from way below the earth surface in undisturbed areas (unpolluted).

    The aluminum issue may be a non-issue in the end. A healthy human body normally flushes out a quantity each day, and malic acid or organic apples may take care of the rest. And the super shot quantity??? This instruction is not even on my label.

    Suspect we have tested a product that works well for people with functioning kidneys, excess calcium (almost anyone over age 40 or 45) and heavy metal build-up (almost anyone over age 40 to 45), but not for extended use, whatever that means.

    But no one seems to get to the bottom of how ac evolved from water treatment process ingredient to being used for heavy metal and calcium detox. And if the label truly represents the contents before or after the chemical reaction.

  • I do not absolve Mike Adams either from his connections with Matt Monarch on this AC issue. Now I usually really enjoy Mike’s research and work, but I feel that he is showing favoritism to Matt Monarch. He has reamed the cigarette manufacturers about selling cigarettes even though they are labelled “causes cancer” but when Matt decides to simply get the label changed to state that it has aluminum in it, he does not ream him equally for putting out an unproven product and one that contains high doses of aluminum and iron in it that even he himself says it has harmed people. While he exposes the fact that aluminum and iron are high and in the product, he is going very soft on Matt Monarch because they are friends in my opinion.

    I also have seen no posting from David Wolfe on “black mica extract”; just a removal of the product from the website.

    What about the people harmed by this AC/black mica product? Who takes care of them? Where do they go for help? Simply saying “woops” doesn’t cut it. They put out something that appears to have harmed some people. Granted, they might not have known it could harm some people, and they are at least either not selling it or changing the label which is a step in the right direction. I am really concerned about Matt (and or Kasper) marketing AC still. Are they going to go the distance and either state “can cause Iron or aluminum accumulation in the body/bones/brain” with this product? What testing are they going to do on the product? How are they going to help the people who have been harmed by this product?

    I’m not saying that AC doesn’t have uses that can benefit people, but I do not want to be a guinea pig for AC any more than I want to be a guinea pig for GMO products.

    What about some nice protocols for removing aluminum and iron Matt and Mike for people to access on your sites?

  • Yohan & Dave,

    I have been to several sulfur springs in Colorado and done a hot volcanic mud bath in Greece with the locals. They are excellent for the joints. On Dr. Mercola’s website, he did an interview with Dr. Stephanie Seneff who stated that Vit-D gets better absorbed when you get enough sulfur. See this interview http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5QUChSlUEH0

    It would be interesting to see how similar or different the minerals/components in these springs (sulfur, aluminum, iron,etc.) are to the minerals/components in AC.

  • Yohan,

    The issue is not really about sulfur in the AC, but one of too high levels of aluminum and iron in the product…enough to negate any short term or long term benefits.

    Sulfur does smell like rotting eggs to some people so anyone who doesn’t like eggs would not really enjoy sitting in a sulfur spring.

  • Josie,
    Too high levels compared to what?

    To a 12 oz can of coke, the solution prior to dilution in water, “may” (no one seems certain) contain around 80% less aluminum in ppm than one can of coke. 5 drops of ac solution in 8 oz of water dilutes the solution down to a very small quantity of aluminum, or iron for that matter.

    By removing the shot concept, one issue may be over.

    But does not excuse the release of a product for an alternate use without checking for an accurate ingredients list. It could have been a mistake, but adds confusion.

    Here’s my issue: Mike Adams only focused on super shots.

    I do not know that anyone has been seriously harmed. The human body also produces malic acid. Super shots were supposedly taken with a lot of extra water.

    That same Dr Seneff interview is also listed way, way up near the top of this blog, and she explains her theory of the importance of sulfur at the cellular level.

    Several Matt’s are involved here; I think Matt Bakos is the one changing the label.

  • I can sure understand why those who bought and took this stuff are looking for a positive application, because it would make it even worse if people fear the ramifications. The body has an incredible way of adjusting, so I wouldn’t be too concerned if I had taken it.

  • Josie, from my limited reading so far, all those sulpher springs are extremely high in what is generally called alum, or auminum sulphate.

    Dave says he has never heard of them, because all the travel brochures are about places like Lourdes. That would be correct, I cannot imagine a volcanic spring that stinks like rotting eggs ever becoming popular, regardless of potential or imagined effects.

    I just thought to relate the story, because at the time he and myself thought it was hilarious, and I laughed at those drinking the volcanic sulpher. Now that I have experiences what a small quantity can do, I know there is great health benefits to be had.

  • Thanks all,
    The reason I posted the aluminum essay above is that it seemed to me that, by proportion, we have taken only a small amount of stuff, no matter how we took it.

  • Went back up to #329, and reread the complete reply by Matt Bakos to the Mike Adams attack. Josie posted the entire response, somehow I missed opening that link.

    He is basically saying ac is a close to a natural product as you can get. The problem is people freak when they hear words like “aluminum” and “Iron”.
    (And out of context, that more or less happened on this blog as well.)

    He is using a fairly clear and scientific defense. He explained some of the mineral benefits to digestion and other bodily functions that would have been nice printed up and nicely attached somehow to the bottle, so we were not all guessing.

    Some of the contents gaffe is also explained. The plot thickens: Mike Adams used to sell Adya Clarity on his website.

    Bakos is helping in countries like Haiti, where people are dying from bad water.

    Still don’t know whether or not to filter this stuff for long term use, but who cares. He made a rational defense, and shredded most of Adams’ attacks.

    The marketing may be crazy only because he would need people with highly disciplined approach, and that’s not how this was being marketed.

    It would probably have had a better reception and beaten each other up less, if we had been more properly informed from the start. That’s a shame.

  • How did we go from “acid healing waters” (there aren’t any) to safe sulfur springs, LOL 😉 Sulphur springs are great for tired bones, but these are not acid water springs. Acidic water is not a good thing to be consuming on a daily basis.

    By LAW the label must show actual contents, not what a dilute solution is, this is the law and they purposefully broke it.

    Aluminum phosphate is a bad thing to be consuming, water treatments plants remove it from water before it comes out your tap. It doesn’t matter if its “natural” or not, its still an aluminum compound, you won’t catch me consuming something with high ppm of aluminum and I would want to see some actual proof that the body does not absorb it. Uranium is a natural product, so lets make and sell a uranium drink and charge $100 a bottle, right?

    Were people hurt? Some here say they were, the guy with Lyme disease posted on his website that his candida problem was made worse and tests by his doctor proved it.

    Sodium chlorite is proven and way better water purifier than AC and thousands of times cheaper, so why are they giving AC away in Haiti while here they are making a 4000% profit, eh?

    AC is just too risky to be using, and as Jini said there are way better products thousands of times cheaper with a long history of uses and no damaged bodies in the wake. AC guys need to fix their illegal label, and own up to these questions and publicly post these “lab tests” they supposedly did. I don’t trust these guys and their fraudulent advertising claims, lets not lose sight of the hard facts that these are not ethical people.

  • Here’s what I started taking for cleansing…Magnesium Peroxide in Oxy-Cleanse. Swanson has a good price.

    Based on this info: “Dr. Eugene Blass in the early 1930s. Dr. Blass found that stabilized oxygen in the form of magnesium peroxide not only destroyed bacteria and viruses, but also fungi, protozoa, and parasites. His research strongly suggested that hyper-oxygenation of the body could also help the system purge heavy metals, chemicals, and a wide range of other dangerous toxins. Blass also determined that increased oxygen enhances the bodies ability to utilize vitamins, minerals, and amino acids from the food we eat.”

  • Muffet: thanks! See, thats where the payoff on this forum is, in hearing about stuff like that which actually works and has a good history behind it. Mini Minerals makes something along the same lines called Oxy Channel. They gave me a free bottle in my order with no explanation so I had to go look it up. Its only $20 for a full month’s supply. I’ll check out the Swanson stuff, thanks for telling us about it and I’ll go read up on it.

  • Yohan,

    I think that each hot spring has a different blend of minerals in it and surely some or even many have alum or natural aluminum sulfate in them. I think overall proportions matter though.

    I looked up a book from early US history (when water was more pristine) that Google has digitized. On page 346 it gives the breakdown of the water. Notice that there is a lot of Magnesium and Lime (Calcium) in these waters, more so than even the aluminum (which is the 2nd highest mineral ingredient in AC) and also the iron. Even when forming sulfates, phosphates, etc as mentioned on page 347 the proportion of sulfate of lime (Calcium) and sulfate of magnesia (Magnesium) are highest. http://books.google.com/books?id=CgIAAAAAQAAJ&pg=PA344&lpg=PA344&dq=sulfur+springs+water+alum&source=bl&ots=O_iDWbO27k&sig=Kcd5-IdWOD-guQTrEJw8PeT5NNI&hl=en&ei=Dm6vToH2NqjH0AGwuOHPAQ&sa=X&oi=book_result&ct=result&resnum=9&ved=0CFQQ6AEwCA#v=onepage&q&f=false

    I also notice that there is no mention of cadmium or barium in these waters in the above link. Not sure if it is because cadmium and barium are simply not present in the water or because our testing methods of today detect and measure these things in water.

    Egg yolks have a lot of sulfur in them. But I like eggs so sulfur springs don’t bother my nose much 🙂

  • Having had a really bad injury from a fall, several large bumps/knots formed under my skin. Doctors told me the bumps/knots were caused by calcification from the injuries.

    After taking AC for 3+ months the bumps/knots are almost gone. The largest knot was the size of a silver dollar elongated. This knot is less than a dime size and is trying to come off. I have had little white bumps come out of my skin also. I am over the age of 60 and feel that AC has been a real benefit for me and my family.

    My personal belief is that the concerns are not a real threat.

  • Hi everyone

    Im Ryan, Im from England, i think that makes a big difference to the purity of my tap water, but it is still flooded with rubbish im sure ! I recently purchased a small vile of clarity, like many people on here, i am very sceptical about this product, but willing to give a go because of all the possitive and somewhat magical side effects some people on here claim.
    As far as im aware i have no health problems to speak of that cause real day to day problems. Slight dandruff, i think must be a yeast problem, caused from dairy products in my diet. i know i shouldn’t eat them, and i try not to, but my gf is not quite the same as me when i comes to healthy living, and sometimes sharing a dessert after a movie and snugging is one of lifes lifes special moments.
    I also have vitaligo on my face which is the loss pigmentation in the skin, not a major health problem, and im quite pale in the winter months, so it does not show up too much, but if anyone knows of any natural cures i would be very appreciative =]
    Anyway I am here to be a guinea pig for all those too sceptical to experiment with A.C. I am goin to drink solely adya clarity water, over a litre a day if i can, and report week after week, or even day after day if there is any difference in my health.
    I have decided to give the gunk at the bottom to a house plant and see if it helps with its nutrient intake.
    One other thing, i have quite a few dark fillings, most likely brimming with mercury, ive always wanted them out, but i can not afford such surgical procedures on my current income !
    I have had a jug full brewing over night, and can see the orange gunk in the bottom ! is this heavy metal removal, or just oxidised iron ? who knows, im thinking it cant just be adya clarity iron, because it doesn’t happen when dropped into purer water.
    The taste is deffinately less harsh and cleaner tasting than straight tap water.
    Although this could be because it was standing all night and the chlorine has evapourated.
    But deffinately tastes good !
    Thats all for now will keep you all posted to let you know if i die !!! lol

  • Dave, thanks for keeping it real. I swear, Rose, you must be Bakos’s grandma who first invested in this wackness because you are really forgiving! I fail to see how Bakos “shredded” Adams in the exchange they had. As a matter of fact, it was Bakos who was shredded.

    For years, all we heard from the raw food self appointed gurus that alkalinity was the key to health (Remember Trinity water? THat stuff was GOOD!). Now we’re being peddled exactly the opposite: “Take this highly processed, very acidic water for good health.”

    It stinks to high heaven. 2011 is the year of enlightenment, folks. And some of us our waking up to the fact that we need to trust what we already know.

  • “The plot thickens: Mike Adams used to sell Adya Clarity on his website.”
    ~ Posted by realrose #375


    Yes, if you Google:

    “site:store.naturalnews.com adya”

    you will find lots of links to Mike Adam’s website selling Adya Clarity and the Adya Clarity filtration system. Most show “404 errors” as they have since been deleted.

    Just a few days ago, there was a picture of Adya Clarity on this page. It has now been removed. http://store.naturalnews.com/index.php?main_page=index&cPath=100151.

    I don’t trust anyone regarding Adya Clarity now. I simply have made an appointment with a very good doctor in my area to get tested, and carry on from there.


  • OMG! Listen to what Matt Monarch’s wife, Angela, just posted on her site, Raw Reform. Sounds like she’s in DEEP DENIAL that her problems are probably from Adya Clarity…she took many super shots of this stuff, bathed with it and adds it to all of their water. I’m cutting and pasting from her message today:

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    Greetings, Cheery Cherub 🙂

    Happy Samhain/Halloweeeeeeeeeeen :)))

    Ahhhhhhhh, breathing deep into gratitude for life today, please join us as we expl0re …:

    *Why I Haven’t Been Around Much Online Recently…
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    Why I Haven’t Been Around Much Online Recently…

    I’m BACK 🙂
    As you may possibly have noticed, I’ve been more or less “absent” online in the last few weeks…today I finally have the energy to connect again, so here I gratefully am 🙂
    I want to share what has been unfolding for me this end the last few weeks… I basically became uncharacteristically extremely unwell and ended up in bed for almost two weeks. I believe the situation began with some kind of infection or v!rus, then spiraled from there, leaving me still slowly rebuilding my energy daily right now.
    On the morning of October the 10th I awoke to a sudden very odd sensation in my head and body…a lot of pressure in my head, a feeling of “not being in” my body, vision behaving strangely and so on…after a few hours I laid down again and pretty much ended up in bed for the next two weeks, bizarre symptoms playing themselves out over time…hot and cold flushes, sweating, semi-delirium, complete loss of appetite, pressure in head, extremely low energy, strange vision, huge difficulty moving the physic@l body and so on…
    This illness was extremely odd for me to experience, as I am *not* used to feeling ill anymore at all… At this point now today, all of the strange “symptoms” have passed and I am more or less back to my usual self, though it definitely feels like I am still rebuilding my vital energy day by day…my sleep pattern had also become completely messed up from being in bed so long, so I am still working on getting back into a more typical flow…

    More than anything, I am left with a deep and clear message once again in my life that *health is the greatest wealth* – trulytrulytruly, without our health, we have so little…health and vitality are such incredible gifts, so often overlooked I feel, when we are used to having them with us…
    While I was in that semi-comatose state in bed, I would see what other people were doing around me, how fast they moved, how quickly they could think and speak, the number of things they could do in a day and I was just in complete awe…from the place I was in, it all looked *impossible* – in the space of a day it was literally all I could do to drink some juices, eat something and shower – the rest of the time I was just there, in bed, in a daze of symptoms and semi-delirium…very odd to experience…
    When I would connect to Spirit during this time and ask them what was going on, I always got the same response – an overall “blankness”, basically a message to “keep out of it”, the over-arcing feeling that everything is fine and being taken care of – I may not understand the process at play now, that doesn’t matter, I am still being supported and carried and at some point it will all make sense, this is a necessary part of the process… The message seemed to be more or less: “you just do what you can to keep the physic@l body alive right now and we’ll take care of the rest, at some point this will all make sense.” Wow…pretty bizarre to be experiencing…just trusting in the unfolding flow, especially as I pretty much had no option in terms of energy anyway; I could barely move or think, so it all very much felt like a space of surrender and waiting to see what was unfolding…I felt much like I imagine a caterpillar does as it languishes and liquefies in the chrysalis, deconstructing into a mush, trusting the process and eventually emerging on the other side, brighter, stronger and ultimately transformed… 🙂
    Now that I am more-or-less out the other side of this health “drama”, it is amazing to me to be able, for example, to make a batch of flax crackers, as I did a few days ago…I had wanted to do that for about two weeks, yet it literally would have felt impossible for me to do so even a week ago…to note yesterday that there was enough vital energy back flowing through my system to perform such a task without feeling completely and utterly exhausted by the end of it was such a bright blessing and I am so grateful 🙂

    This experience the last few weeks reminds me of a similar illness I experienced when I was about nine years of age – as I recall it came on just as suddenly and left me totally wiped out on the sofa for more than a week, swirling in symptoms and semi-delirium… No-one ever knew what it was I was dealing with, it just came, did whatever it did and moved on…
    Perhaps my current detox process just finally hit that age of my life and I am reversing back through that curious stage again – who knows… 😉 I do recall that after I came through that experience at the age of nine and finally had some vague appetite again, my parents whisked me up to the local corner sh0p to grab whatever sweets, chocolates and other treats I would eat – lol – while I certainly won’t be taking that approach this time around, I am definitely grateful to be able to eat again…you may notice that there are no food logs for me here in my blog for the last few weeks – there wasn’t much to make note of and I had no energy to do so anyway… we’ll see if I can get back on track now with making my usual notes… 😉

    For now, I am SOOOOOOOOOOO grateful to still be here in the flow, to be feeling more vital life energy in my system day by day, able to walk around again, converse with people, do a few more activities each day, eat and drink with more ease and so on – again, a huge reminder that *health is the greatest wealth* – may you all be feeling truly vibrant and healthy, today and always… 🙂

  • OMG, someone got sick, and they use Adya Clarity = must have been the adya clarity.

    The above logic can be applied to everyone who ever got sick using any product.

  • Well, YOHAN, if you’re at all familiar with the claims of the big self-appointed raw food gurus, you’d know that the linchpin in their argument for a 100% raw is that their superior diet provides so many minerals and is so clean that the body is able to ward off all sickness and disease. They all claim that they are never ill and haven’t been ill since they were on a “SAD” diet. Yes, all of them say this: Matt Monarch, David Wolfe, Gabriel Cousins, Victoria Boutenko, Tanya Zavastya, etc, etc.. Not believing in the raw food panacea, I suspect that many of these so called leaders have to hide when they are ill, for fear of undoing their entire business. Angela Stokes (and Kevin Gianni) seems rather trusting and transparent, especially for this scene. The fact that she’s posting that she’s been very ill for weeks is very interesting to me. I really do think that the AC is probably responsible. After all, she posts what she eats EVERY DAY.

    BTW, your snarkiness is working against you again, YOHAN.

  • It sure sounds more like she poisoned herself than “detox.” This is one of the things that worries me about my dear raw foodist friends, many of them just don’t seem real grounded. She needs to stop anything she was doing or taking before this thing hit her and seriously evaluate what she is doing to her body especially if she is chugging AC water every day, which sounds like she is. I lived in Ashland for five or six years and met Boutenko family, LOVED the food they made at their gathering and gave raw food a try for 6 or 7 months. The people we met were very New Age and wonderful, Ashland is full of them and my spiritual beliefs are more along those lines. But, man, after that stint of raw food, one day I couldn’t take it anymore and cooked up some brown rice and potatoes and gorged myself on cooked food, LOL 😉 Balance is more important I think. It worries me that the raw food community has embraced the AC webinar without really investigating it very well, but many of them are very young and inexperienced. Thats a worry that these kids are loading up on aluminum which may not harm them now but in 30 years from now they may pay for it. Yeah it seems like some here are trying to put us to sleep, forgive and forget and keep those big profits coming in, aluminum is good for you after all, go to sleeeeeeeeep…… 😉

  • I stand by it. Someone gets sick, and because they happen to be taking AC (for over a year by the looks of it), it somehow is further proof of AC being bad. Perhaps Mike Adams can add this to his ‘fact’ file.

    But I totally agree with what you say, about the raw food not being a panacea. Matt Monarch recently posted a video that shows different clips of himself all throught the years, from when he was corporate, right up to now.

    He looked his most healthiest when he had only been RAW for a little while. Going raw obviously allowed him to drop all the toxins and poisons from his system that accumulates. But for the long term?

    In sure the other RAW gurus get sick occasionally, it is just they do not have such openess with their online postings. FWIW I went about 4 years without getting sick, not even a cold. But that was due to not eating anything processed or packaged. Only farm meat and organic vegetables.

  • Dave said: How did we go from “acid healing waters” (there aren’t any) to safe sulfur springs, LOL 😉 Sulphur springs are great for tired bones, but these are not acid water springs. Acidic water is not a good thing to be consuming on a daily basis.

    Josie says: I agree. Sulfur springs are not acidic. They are filled with alkaline minerals such as magnesium, calcium/lime, and potassium as I proved in one of my links earlier.

    Dave said: By LAW the label must show actual contents, not what a dilute solution is, this is the law and they purposefully broke it.

    Josie says: Yep, they broke the law deliberately like the cigarette companies did before labeling their products as “causes cancer”. A lie is a lie is a lie whether it be from a big company or small one. I am glad at least that Mike is bringing the issue out into the open I see that there is a recall today on AC by Matt Monarch. http://www.naturalnews.com/034023_Adya_Clarity_Matt_Monarch.html This is something I was hoping/waiting for and it shows me that he is listening and trying. Good. Glad he is stepping up to the plate on this now and is doing a “product recall”. I will ask for a refund and let you all know when/if I receive it to check up on what he says. Now it is time for David Wolfe to also step up to the plate on this with his Black Mica (a.k.a. AC) extract. Haven’t heard squat from him on this.

    Dave said: Aluminum phosphate is a bad thing to be consuming, water treatments plants remove it from water before it comes out your tap. It doesn’t matter if its “natural” or not, its still an aluminum compound, you won’t catch me consuming something with high ppm of aluminum and I would want to see some actual proof that the body does not absorb it. Uranium is a natural product, so lets make and sell a uranium drink and charge $100 a bottle, right?

    Josie says: Yep and they left out the parts about filtering this stuff out. BTW, if you listen to the Patrick Timpone show/One Radio Network, Patrick did an interview with William Clough on water. In the interview he talked about special filters that are used to remove radiation from the water. AC producers/makers/distributors should have made sure there was no barium or cadmium (heavy metals) in this product. I wonder too if there is any radiation in it as these things usually go hand in hand?

    Dave said : Were people hurt? Some here say they were, the guy with Lyme disease posted on his website that his candida problem was made worse and tests by his doctor proved it.

    Josie says: I think he has a possible case for a lawsuit here. So sad. I hope he is OK/improving now.

    Dave said: Sodium chlorite is proven and way better water purifier than AC and thousands of times cheaper, so why are they giving AC away in Haiti while here they are making a 4000% profit, eh?

    Josie says: Simple greed. Let’s see if we can change things around and have our voices heard. We have been pretty vocal here and are being heard. Let’s keep voicing our concerns and findings. This is the “Occupy Truth in Health Products” movement here 🙂

    Dave said: AC is just too risky to be using, and as Jini said there are way better products thousands of times cheaper with a long history of uses and no damaged bodies in the wake. AC guys need to fix their illegal label, and own up to these questions and publicly post these “lab tests” they supposedly did. I don’t trust these guys and their fraudulent advertising claims, lets not lose sight of the hard facts that these are not ethical people.

    Josie says: Couldn’t say it better myself!

  • Hooray for Matt stepping up to the plate and doing the right thing, bless that man. My opinion of him is changed. Finally some sanity….

  • It is so easy to go towards the negative these days, amplified by the winds of current crises and uncertainty. Not even easy to stay neutral.

    It amazes me that anyone can latch on to one element and call it dangerous, whereas in nature, these are nearly always found in groups, in combinations. Substances are isolated by big Pharma, then recombined by humans. To me, that’s where a lot of the danger comes in.

    Most people I know have only been able to stay vegan for a year or two, then they eventually revert back.

    In 6000 years of Chinese herbology, they admit that cooking kills some nutrients, but that lightly cooked food is far easier on the digestive system, therefore they rationalize the benefits of cooking. This is one way to follow your gut, yes?

    Plus, heat kills pathogens prior to ingesting. Not that you need to go overboard: it was a highly developed system developed over thousands of years to include seasonal changes to balance raw vs. more cooked foods, for cooling in the summer, keeping warm in winter. That’s key: there is an ever changing seasonal variety and balance that needs to be struck. Few can achieve this long term with a vegan diet alone. At that, one needs to pay close attention to the entire body.

    Unfortunately, processed foods are all over asia now, so traditional diets are no longer being strictly followed there either. In the US, we no longer eat anywhere near the wide variety of fruits, vegetables, herbs and meats consumed in the past. We are eating from so narrow a choice now, we all may be losing out on many nutrients. Nevermind I play “stump the check out person” with artichokes, okra and leeks. This is scary.

    Somewhere recently I read that too much emphasis is being placed on detoxing, whereas more emphasis could be placed on rebuilding. Wondering if this is describing another balance we need to pay close attention to.

  • Earlier in this thread I mentioned I used supplements by a company called Body Electric in the late 90’s. They were the best thing I have ever taken, before or since. And I have seen many miracle products come and go in the alternative health field.

    But they made my fillings leak and I got mercury poisoning, I did not read the literature that said to replace the fillings first. I got so furious I stopped using the product. In hindsight I should have continued after the fillings were done, so I could continue the detox and remove the mercury.

    Well this whole business about AC has caused me to do another search about what occured to this line of products and their ‘electrical nutrients’. The inventor was called David Elliot, and apparently he parted company with Body Electric in 1999, and only his company ElectricLife has the rights and formulations of these unique supplements.

    I have no ties, financial stuff e.t.c with them. I am just mentioning this, as there seems to be almost no information at all about these products on the net. Hopefully this may help some, as people may be doing searches like myself in past years and came up with nothing.

  • I have an appointment with an environmental doctor tomorrow, who specializes in heavy metals. I will be printing out all the information I’ve collected over the past couple of days, including Ian Clark’s detox formula. And I’ll get back to you. 🙂


  • A simple way to clean water that is cheap beyond belief…a few drops of FGHP (food grade hydrogen peroxide).

    Clean Drinking Water

    30 parts per million is the concentration of hydrogen peroxide used to sanitize drinking water. Peroxide application is best accomplished by a metering device that keeps the application constant and thorough. – Dr. Donsbach.

    Hydrogen peroxide and ultraviolet light are a simple and effective combination for drinking water sanitation. A combination of ozone and ultraviolet light is also effective, though more complex. As an added benefit, these methods of purifying drinking water will kill parasites such as cryptosporidium that are not destroyed by chlorine. Some cities in Europe have been purifying their drinking water with ozone since 1901.

    “Ultraviolet light has been used in disinfection for many years and is, in fact, still used for that purpose. Any contaminated object, whether it be surgical instruments, bedding, room air, the human skin, or bodily fluids such as blood, can be cleansed rapidly of viruses and bacteria.” Dr. William Campbell Douglass.

    The use of ultraviolet light to disinfect air could be used to good advantage in day care centers, school classrooms, hospice dormatories and other situations where people are sharing the same air. The spread of antibiotic resistant respiratory infections such as tuberculosis could be reduced by this technology.

  • Dianne,
    Perhaps your doctor can get his/her hands on clinical trials run in Japan on Theramox. Apparently these exist, but probably run in the dark ages prior to 1990. They may be in Japanese.
    A current MSDS sheet should outline the degree of danger and possible counter measures. I think it is posted on the AC website, but I did not download it (yet).

    On another note:
    What’s up with this Mike Adams? He is now posting a comparison chart of straight AC shots (less any extra water whatsoever), and comparing these to plain water.

    This is getting bizarre, taking things to the extreme for extra publicity?

    It does not get shipped as plain water, ac supposedly is not even classified as water.
    Doubt we have seen the end of this even now.

    ElectricLife was initially a multi-level marketing scheme (all the rage in the 90’s), and it flamed out around the time you outline. Still in existence via website sales, with a new president as of 2007 or 8. Last time I checked, maybe in 2008, they posted their offerings and a phone number for further information. The supplements seemed pricey, and I could not find any references. Nobody talks about what happened in the past.

    But that did not stop me from testing ac!

    HVAC guys offer UV lights in central heating systems to kill bacteria or mold particles in the return air duct, providing the initial installer left enough room. These bulbs have a relatively short operating life and cost a fair amount for installation. Up there for replacement costs, about half of the $300 water filter.

  • Ok, people, seems Matt Monarch has removed AC from his website and is offering refunds to anyone who bought it. Se his email below:

    Dear readers,

    We have decided today to remove the Adya Clarity webinar from the web, remove Adya Clarity from our store, and to not carry this product from Adya, inc. again in the future. As stated already, we are offering full refunds to anyone who would like one.

    Recently, my colleague Mike Adams from Natural News posted information about the possible dangers that this product could pose for a person’s health. This original article can be seen at the link below:


    First and foremost, I wish to make it clear that I would never intentionally sell a product knowing that it could cause harm to another human being. I did know that Adya Clarity contained Aluminum Sulfate as one component; I was led to believe by Adya, inc. and others that this mineral was harmless to the human body. I was given access to books, facts and many other pieces of evidence to back up the idea that aluminum sulfate is harmless to the human body in the proportions it is found in Adya Clarity.

    I now feel that it would have been best for me to remove this item from our shelves immediately, in light of the new concerns people have been expressing about this product. I truly feel sorry now that I left the product on the shelves for another four days without removing it. Please understand that in no way was I trying to be “deceptive” here – I was doing what felt right to me and I have personally continued to put the recommended dosage of Adya Clarity into my water on a daily basis as usual. Still, I now feel that it would have been best for all involved if I had removed Adya Clarity from my store shelves immediately.

    I always strive to bring people the best products that I possibly can, at the lowest cost possible, as demonstrated with the “At-Cost” specials that we offer every single month. As things stand, there is a standard ‘Minimum Advertised Price’ set for Adya Clarity, which forces me and all sellers of this product to not sell below the price of $150 per large bottle, yet I do now feel that I could have strived harder to serve you, the people, for less. I feel sadness about this pricing situation and apologize for charging the required high price for this product when the actual product cost is lower.

    You may consider this message as a “recall” and again, please note that we are offering refunds on Adya Clarity for anyone who would like one. I feel deeply saddened at this situation; please forgive me for not taking action sooner.

    Over the recent months, you may have noticed a shift in my work, into new areas. I now feel like I have been following a track that I no longer wish to pursue and it feels like it is time for me to make some different shifts. If you continue to follow our work, which we sincerely hope you will, you will surely witness me moving back to my “old school” ways.

    I offer my sincere apologies again and wish you all the very best for your health and well-being,

    Matt Monarch

  • Jess,

    Was this in fact over pricing?

    This is as strange as the initial letter that the one ex-rep sent, where the price point seemed more like the cause rather than any product issue.

  • Just had a niece end up in the hospital with the same symptoms as Angela. My niece had no energy, severe headaches, etc. After a lot of testing, the doctors decided it was a virus. Check around and others have had this virus also. Can anyone say CHEMTRAILS?

    At no time has she had any Adya Clarity!

  • I did some research on aluminum phosphate last night, the FDA considers it GRAS (generally regarded as “safe”). Wow, I trust everything the FDA tells me, barf. Aluminum phosphate is also the aluminum found in cheap baking powder, the stuff everyone who cares about health and longevity tells us to AVOID because of the aluminum content.

    I was vegan for maybe five years and I had terrible problems with tendonitis, tennis elbow, my hands hurt real bad etc. I also drank distilled water for many years not knowing that it sucks minerals out of your body. The crazy things we do with bad information trying to take care of our bodies 😉 Now, I eat very little meat, usually some organic chicken and salmon, thats it. I went on a green smoothie kick for awhile but the citrus made all my teeth sensitive in every little cavity, so had to quit. Vitamix RULES, though and glad I got one. No beef ever as I’ve read good information that mad cow disease never disappeared and is in commercial beef more than you want to know, I don’t have alot of trust in “organic” beef, the organic label is being used by giant factory farms now and I don’t exactly trust their beef.

    I’ve been able to beat off flu viruses the last 4 years with oregano oil, thanks to learning about it from Jini and a Canadian customer of mine. If you feel it coming on, immediately gargle with oregano oil and warm salt water many times a day. I’ll also snort colloidal silver in spray form. This has always worked, but last year my wife got flu twice over a fairly short time, the second time I was so sick of taking oregano oil internally I waited too late and got the worst flu of my life. I’ve also read that the health protocol you find on the big boxes of Arm & Hammer baking soda boxes will kill a virus very quickly as well, it alkalizes you safely just follow the directions on the box. She got the flu shot so I’m hoping it works for her so I don’t have to deal with it this year.

  • Dave,

    A few years ago (guess 2) I believe I had the swine flu due to everyone in my area getting flu shots for it. Everyone around me was sick. It was the worst flu I ever had and I thought I was going to have to be hospitalized as my lungs were filled with so much fluid. I decided to steam colloidal silver and to do this every two hours. It nixed this flu in two to three days!

    Also be aware that ARM & Hammer has a fair amount of by products in it. Bob Redmill’s baking soda is more pure. I sometime do 1 teaspoon baking soda + 1 teaspoon of molasses in an 8-10 ounce glass of water. I agree, great way to alkalinize.

    I don’t trust a lot of places where meats, fruits, veggies, and seeds come from nowadays and I’ve been everything from a dedicated vegan (at one time) to a meat eater. I have a lot of food allergies so I have to be really careful, especially with companies adding things like GMO spliced fish genes to tomatoes. I am severely allergic to fish. When I was a vegan (and later a vegetarian again), I found that what many people served up as “vegan/vegetarian” was not so, because I would get sick wi