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Lymphoma or Not? The Body Is The Messenger for the Subconscious

Listen to Your Body Did I have lymphoma, or did I not? Does an official medical diagnosis even matter? Serious transformation becomes possible when we choose to view our symptoms as messages from our body; our deeper wisdom, our higher self, our subconscious. My body is speaking to me... what is it saying? When we [...]

By |2024-01-25T22:22:45-08:00November 22nd, 2023|

The Power of Feldenkrais Bodywork

Back in June, I was woken up out of a dead sleep with RANCHO LA PUERTA sounding in my head and the words written out in my mind's eye. What the what? Write it down. So I wrote down: Rancho La Puerta. And immediately went back to sleep. In the morning I googled it and [...]

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Jini’s Top Vancouver Bodywork Practitioners

I have been asked for references to the healers I go to in Vancouver, Canada so many times, that I realized I should put these up as a blog post! Once I had a reader in Israel who flew all the way here just so she could rent a house for few weeks and make [...]

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