Your Mind/Body/Spirit Healing Story

I’m working on the second edition of Listen To Your Colon, and I had an idea for a new book that I think would be SO inspirational and beneficial to others! And I would like to have a large part of the book be personal stories from my amazing readers.

Here’s what I’m looking for:

Do you have a story to share, where you decided to listen to your symptoms/illness as a messenger from your highest self; as a message(s) intended to motivate you to make the changes needed to improve your WHOLE life? And when you did so, your life expanded, you moved forward, your heart opened, or perhaps an abandoned dream came true?

I want to hear your story about how listening to your body (symptoms, pain, illness) resulted in positive, expansive shift in your life.

This would be so inspirational for people locked in suffering to read! To see/feel how all things can work together for good.

So if you have a story like that, and would be happy for me to share it in a book (with a pseudonym, or your own name – your choice), please email your story to me.

All stories selected will receive 2 free copies of the book and a gift from me 🙂

You will have to sign a Release Waiver (can’t have anyone changing their mind after publication), but again, you can use a fake name and change details to protect your identity.

Don’t worry that you’re not a good writer! I worked as a professional editor for a few years and I am well able to correct any grammatical errors, while preserving your unique ‘voice’. I got you.

Your story can be a ‘big’ story, or just something small and simple – but meaningful to you.

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Here’s a story I share in Listen To Your Colon that gave me this idea:

Awareness of Stress Leads To Action
I once went to Mexico for six weeks with my family (hubby and 3 kids) and after about two weeks I became severely constipated. After I took the time to connect with my colon and listen to it, I realized, ‘Oh my goodness, I have not been able to truly relax since we arrived!’

Because here’s the type of person I am: I like and need lots of ‘alone time’. I need to lie down and read a book for a couple of hours – uninterrupted. I need to be able to have a nice long shower and potter around the house alone; without talking to anyone or feeding anyone, or arbitrating arguments, changing diapers, etc. I need alone time to be healthy.

So once I realized this, I arranged to split-shift most days with my husband, Ian. He took the kids out for 3-4 hours every morning, so I could be completely alone in the house we had rented. Then when he returned, it was my shift with the kids for the next 3-4 hours. I tell you, within one hour of them leaving the house, I would have a bowel movement.

Now, it’s important to understand, that if he had only taken the kids out for one or two hours, I probably would not have been able to have a bowel movement. My mind/body needed to know and feel that we had this lovely, long stretch of time to relax, potter, work on my computer, and any other non-stressful things I wished to do, alone. Because that’s how my particular mind/body works and that’s what I need. This is why I say you need to listen to your particular body and do whatever it takes to give your body what it needs. Each person’s body will have its own unique likes and needs.

Later in the holiday, we moved from the rented house to two rooms in an all-inclusive resort. Well, now it was not possible to keep the kids from running back to the hotel rooms whenever they wished. So, I figured out an alternative plan. While 2-year-old Hugo had his afternoon nap, Oscar (8) and Zara (6) would watch a video with headphones (no noise, because I need quiet to be able to relax). I set them up together on one bed with some snacks and drinks, Hugo slept in his stroller, and I lay down on the other bed (alone – at least on the bed!) with my snacks and a good book.

Having taken the time to explain my needs to the kids, whilst making sure they had their needs met, they were quite happy to sit quietly for about 2 hours and not talk to me or ask me to get up and get anything for them. Hence, I was able to get in a good stretch of relaxation every day, while my husband Ian had his alone time.

Then, after supper, Ian took all three kids to the evening show until bedtime, while I came back to the room on my own and could often relax enough to have a bowel movement before bed. Or the combination of rest and relaxation times over the course of the day, combined with a dose of magnesium/potassium after breakfast, meant that I would have a bowel movement late at night when the kids were all asleep.

Of course, my colon understood that this was a short-term unpleasant schedule and we would both just do our best – so although I was not able to give my colon what it fully needed for the couple of weeks in the resort, I was still in communication, understanding, and compassion with it. My colon’s trust in me was not eroded, because it knew I was doing my best and would change things as soon as possible.

Once you ‘get’ this concept of working together in communication with your colon, you can extend it to your entire body and you’ll be amazed at how your life and health improves. Remember that your body is not trying to limit you, or make your life smaller. Instead, it is always advocating on your behalf – it just has a whole lot more wisdom than you do. So you might not always understand why it wants you to go in a certain direction. But if you trust and actually take the necessary, required action, the “why” will soon become clear and you will be amazed at how your life and self improves. This is why you will hear many people who pursue holistic healing state, “This disease is both the worst thing and the best thing that ever happened to me.”

Let your body lead you. Get back in trust and communication with your body. If it means you need to change your schedule, your job, your lifestyle, do it! Your body wisdom (which works in conjunction with your spiritual self) knows the benefits that are awaiting you on the other side of the change. All you need to do is take that leap of faith; trust and act.

Of course, I also share similar stories in Listen To Your Gut, but I’d like this new book to be ALL about the shift and growth that takes place when we stop fighting our body.

When we let go of anger, frustration, despair, victimization, and we decide that our body is actually trying to help us.

What’s your story? I’d love to hear it – please don’t be shy and email me!