Healing your body by listening to your gut

In this fascinating interview with Jini Patel Thompson, founder of Listen to Your Gut and author of multiple books, host Vai Kumar uncovers lots of impactful information about Inflammatory Bowel Disease (Crohn’s, Colitis, Diverticulitis, and IBS).

A very personal topic to both guest and host, this episode takes listeners through a multi-pronged approach to finding a balance and restoring the body’s equilibrium. Listening to one’s own body, intuition, tapping into our body’s defences and healing capabilities, are all great reminders from this chat.

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Here are some Chapter highlights and notes from this conversation:

  • Ch 1: Jini’s journey, her non conventional approach – coming from a family of doctors, pharmacists, our guest shares her take on how she approached her healing journey.
  • Ch 2: Specific Carbohydrate Diet – what it offers and what Jini felt was a barrier with it personally.
  • Ch 3: Listen To Your Gut protocol, disease manifestation – how IBD shows up differently in people
  • Ch 4: Initial steps to address
  • Ch 5: Personality types, internal response – how our body triggers imbalances based on how we react to situations
  • Ch 6: Diet, allergy testing
  • Ch 7: Cellular regeneration – how healing happens in our body
  • Ch 8: Herxheimer reaction – rapid release of toxins
  • Ch 9: Methodical approach to healing
  • Ch 10: Wifi, environmental toxins
  • Ch 11: Adrenal systems, need for hormonal balance
  • Ch 12: Fecal transplant, surgical aspects in general
  • Ch 13: Children and IBD
  • Ch 14: Natural therapies
  • Ch 15: Microbiome testing, stool testing, food allergy testing
  • Ch 16:Absorb plus protein supplementation
  • Ch 17: Jini’s books, protocols

Chapter Markers

0:00 – Jini’s journey, her non conventional approach
10:00 – Specific Carbohydrate Diet
13:00 – Listen to your gut protocol, disease manifestation
16:11 – Initial steps to address
18:00 – Personality types, internal response
22:00 – Diet, allergy testing
28:00 – Cellular regeneration
33:00 – Herxheimer reaction
37:00 – Methodical approach to healing
53:00 – Wifi, environmental toxins
56:00 – Adrenal systems, hormonal balance
57:30 – Fecal transplant, surgical aspects
1:00:00 – Children and IBD
1:04:00 – Natural therapies
1:08:00 – Microbiome testing, stool testing, food allergy testing
1:11:00 – Absorb plus, protein supplementation
1:15:00 – Jini’s books, protocols, children’s series

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