party-ballonsI just received this fantastic email from a reader and had to share his joy and triumph with you.

May you be encouraged and inspired:

Dearest Jini,

I just became aware that this year marks Five Years since my completion of your Listen To Your Gut protocol.
I remain drug and symptom free!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I really want to share this joy with you and your team. As I have advised on previous occasions, the information and manner it is provided along with the unparalleled support provided by you and the entire Listen To Your Gut team has enabled me to reach this point. Thank you,Thank you, Thank you, your efforts are most appreciated!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The information and experience gained has allowed me to assist other people with these issues. It has been such a joy to speak from a position of knowledge and actually show people holistic healing modalities that effectively resolve their root health issues. Following this message below is a message I provide people who contact me regarding gut and basically most health challenges they are experiencing. Many have and will continue to use Listen To Your Gut and patron your company.

All in all it really has been a fantastic journey, I am truly Empowered as a result. I still have a bit of a touchy stomach with certain foods if I over indulge, do not get rest or keep a calm loving mind. I am confident with the tools I now have in my medicine chest (and heart) and am confident I can manage any health challenge that comes my way…calmly.

Like a good friend once advised; No need to slow down….just calm down.

Thank you again for passing on your knowledge and for all the assistance provided.

Best to you, your family and the entire Listen To Your Gut team.

All blessings,

This is the email D.S. sends to people who contact him for help with their health challenges:

My name is D., I was advised that you are dealing with some digestive challenges and that my experience may be of assistance.

I have Crohn’s/Colitis, first diagnosed when I was 17 years old (am 53 years old in 2013) when I experienced a very aggressive flare-up that required hospitalization. I was treated with Prednisone and Azulfidine. I stopped the medications in less than a year and did not experience another flare-up for 27 years. I was hospitalized in 2004 with ulcerations involved throughout my Colin. The bleeding was eventually controlled with Prednisone and I started on Asocal (Mesalamine).  I experienced terrible side effects from the Asocal. I did some research and was put on Colazal. Colazal I believed to be the safest of the Aminosalicylates and I did well with it. Once stabilized, I experienced approx. 1-2 flare-ups a year that hospitalization was not required. I was able to control the flare-ups with short runs (2-3 weeks) of Prednisone.

Well that is a little history; I am a believer in Holistic Health practices. I have attempted to manage my condition through diet and supplements. I am fortunate to have much discipline with my diet and follow mostly a Vegan diet. I eat some fish every now and then. My gastroenterologist advised colon cancer risks increase the longer a flare-up persist. Noting this, during previous flare-ups my symptoms would cause fear and I would use the Prednisone to stop them. This always went against my true objective for fear would put me in a state of desperation to stop the bleeding ASAP. It would work in a few weeks and I would be symptom free.

I included the above information to get to this point. Desperate minds make unwise decisions, it is knowledge that conquers fear. I became aware of a product that can be consumed during a flare-up that provides nutrition and allows the colon to rest and heal. The product is Absorb Plus, an Elemental formula that was designed for rapid uptake and absorption. This has been a life saver. Whenever I would feel something going astray in my Colon, I consumed only Absorb Plus Shakes until my symptoms subside. I used the Chocolate Royale flavor. They now have an Unsweetened Vanilla flavor, with half the sugar than the others (4g), that was not available when I used it . I included a hyper-link to their website below. I believe they are running a promotion that allows you to sample the product.

Jini Patel Thompson formulated Absorb Plus. She is the author of Listen to Your Gut and The IBD Remission Diet. She is a fantastic information reference offering holistic ways to manage IBD and some other issues. I highly recommend the book for it is full of excellent information. Jini has a public forum for people with IBD that has a plethora of useful information, link follows below: – link to Jini’s product site. Check out her blog for additional information. – link to her products. You may purchase Listen to Your Gut here.

I completed the IBD Remission Diet consuming only Absorb Plus Shakes for 10 weeks back in May 2008 in accordance with her protocol. I tapered off all medications, worked up to taking full strength doses of Probiotics (in accordance with Jini’s protocol) and began consuming foods in accordance with her guidelines. The beginning was easy for as you are most likely aware, it is no fun to consume food if it causes you pain. The shake provides the required nutrients, taste good and keeps the colon resting allowing it to heal. Listen To Your Gut  provides a detailed step-by-step protocol along with unparalleled support that Jini has perfected. All my dealings with her company have been with, extremely knowledgeable, well trained caring representatives, just a fantastic organization.

My symptoms are gone and I am managing this condition without the use of toxic medications. I have been symptom free since I completed the protocol in 2008. In 2009 I would consumed an Absorb Shake in the morning. I did not have to adhere to the strict elemental diet anymore and mixed it with Almond Milk, Banana and other non-citrus fruits I had. I still consume many supplements (Fish Oil with many other supplements as explained in Jini’s book) and watch what I eat. I learned through the program that I required more protein and have been consuming fish (ones highest in Omega 3 oils). The amount of protein required I was not able to get from a strict vegan diet. The Omega 3 oils have made a huge difference. It was a slow process but I feel I healed myself at a root level rather than using the allopathic approach of masking symptoms with drugs and never really healing the problem.

Holistic healing does not follow a linear path, patience and discipline is required. It has and continues to be quite an incredible journey, a fantastic learning experience as one connects with their body. The lessons learned have allowed me to understand the messages (language) my body communicates for it truly knows all the answers if I quite my mind, listen and remove fear. I have always felt the only way to conquer fear is with knowledge. The knowledge gained from this healing journey has offered the optimal result…EMPOWERMENT!!!!

In 2011 I spent 3 weeks of trekking in New Zealand. This was the first international travel I have been on since I stopped taking medications. It was quite a successful venture; my colon was a Rock Star! I could eat anything with no issues at all! I even left my Probiotics at the first hotel I stayed at and did not take them on the trip, nor have I required them since.  It was a fantastic trip, a reward for my bodies healing efforts. The above links provide a plethora of information on holistic ways.

Patience is a requirement when implementing these healing techniques. These methods are not for everyone. Western medicine offers symptom solutions that may better suite your life style. If you are more comfortable using allopathic methods, I have included a few links below with information regarding allopathic methods: – Site was set-up by Daniel Present, MD who is one of the two researchers credited for identifying the disease in the 1950’s at Mount Sinai Hospital. This has excellent information on drugs used to manage the disease. – Another information site that may be of assistance, it is the Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation of America.

The bottom line is you need to be actively involved in the care and management of this disease. It is quite challenging but there are proven techniques available that implement holistic root healing protocols or allopathic disease management approaches, the choice is yours.
I do hope this may assist you.