Listen to Your Body

Did I have lymphoma, or did I not? Does an official medical diagnosis even matter?

Serious transformation becomes possible when we choose to view our symptoms as messages from our body; our deeper wisdom, our higher self, our subconscious.

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My body is speaking to me… what is it saying?

When we can enter fully into synergy with our mind/body/spirit – perceiving that all is one – and that all parts of ourselves are always advocating on our behalf… well, the world becomes a much more interesting place, where suffering can be transformed into wisdom.

Self-Healing Journey

Let me give you an example. I woke up one morning with a large swollen bruise on the left side of my neck. What the heck? Did something bash my neck yesterday that I don’t remember?? As I felt around, I realized it was my lymph node.

As the weeks wore on, I took some immune-boosting supplements and got more sleep, but it wasn’t getting any better, it was getting bigger. So I had 3D x-rays done at my dentist to rule out any kind of jawbone or sinus infection. He suggested I see an oncologist to screen for lymphoma.

Then a couple days later, I saw my medical doctor brother and he told me about a buddy of his who had a swelling that looked just like mine and it was cancerous and progressed rapidly. So he urged me to go for testing for lymphoma.

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I considered their opinions, and then I thought to myself, “Well if the worst thing this could be is cancer, why don’t I just assume it’s cancer and heal it? And then anything less serious than cancer will be automatically healed anyway.”

So I did. I did not feel an official medical diagnosis would benefit me in any way.

Unlocking the Wisdom Within

Instead, I immediately went into my body as a messenger for my higher self, embodying messages from my subconscious, coming up to my conscious mind for awareness.

Interesting that it was only on the left side of my body. The left side is the feminine; intuition, nurture, receptivity, compassion, creativity. It was on my neck; throat chakra, voice, expression, speaking my truth, etc.

It involved the lymph; stagnation, purification, filtration etc. All these pieces of information were clues to follow.

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Mind/Body/Soul Healing Tools

To discern what they all meant and the messages my higher self was trying to deliver, I used the following mind/body/soul healing tools:

And because I am very skilled at holistic healing, I knew that it was best to do all these things at once. I could write a small book about all the insights I uncovered, all the messages my body had for me, and then all the actions I took to implement those messages.

My lymph was back to normal in 8 weeks and has remained that way.

Holistic Healing and Messages from the Body

Our body is always advocating on our behalf. Our bodies work together with our mind and our spirit to move us into greater wholeness, to heal dysfunctional beliefs, patterns, or behaviors. It’s up to you to decide what to do with the messages and opportunities your body brings you.

Do you want to ignore the messages, the opportunities for wholeness, and just drug them away? Or do you want to receive them with gratitude as the pathway into the greater healing of you; of your life, your relationships, the way you move through the gift of life on this planet?

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Because the body is the messenger for the subconscious, the body is the densest part of the soul.

Not separate from the soul, not the ‘vehicle my soul is carried around in’ but the densest part of the soul.

It is my life’s work to pull this integration of body/mind/soul through all the levels of Self, into the very tissues and cells of my precious body.

I don’t see the body as a temporary container, or an inferior vessel limited by time and space.

I see the body as a precious gift, a tremendous repository of wisdom made flesh. The part of us that directly interfaces with our higher self, the cosmic consciousness, the divine, and also with our brain/mind.

Not as just a conduit, but an integrated, simultaneous interface.

p.s. if this topic lights your fire, I highly recommend you get John F. Barnes’ book, Healing Ancient Wounds.