Many people contact me and they’re very frustrated because they’ve been following the appropriate diet, taking supplements, they’ve made lifestyle changes, but they’re still not seeing great results in their body. So let’s get into the different reasons people might not be seeing the results of their healing efforts quickly…

1. Expecting Results Too Quickly

Sometimes an apparent lack of healing progress is due to simply not giving the body enough time. For example, you can’t heal 5 years of damage in 3 months! If you’ve been on strong drugs like Remicade, Humira, etc. your healing is going to take even longer. Keep in mind that even people with no overt disease symptoms, but simply an unbalanced hormonal system require 4 – 6 months just to re-balance their hormones.

With IBD, you have severely unbalanced both your immune and endocrine (hormones) system if you have been on any of the immunosuppressant drugs for longer than a month. So now you’re looking at healing THREE systems: immune, endocrine and digestive. And then all the domino-effects from each of those.

And don’t forget the dormant-active lifecycle of pathogens like mycobacteria. I was on Jini’s Wild Oregano Oil Protocol for 2 years to completely clear mine.

2. Simultaneously Ingesting Harmful Supplements

Other times it’s because the person is simultaneously ingesting drugs (or sometimes even natural supplements) that are damaging or aggravating the body at the same time. So it’s two steps forward and one or two steps back.

If you suspect this is the case, check that your supplements do NOT contain:

  • Betaine HCL
  • MSM (although topical – transdermal – application should be fine)
  • FOS (fructooligosaccharides)
  • Inulin

All of these natural substances are seriously aggravating for people with IBS and IBD. This same caution applies to food allergies. If you are periodically ingesting some food or drink item that creates inflammation (due to allergy or intolerance), then each time you are sabotaging the foundational healing of your body and setting yourself back.

Top supplements that cause diarrhea in susceptible people:

  • Magnesium (unless in nanoparticle or transdermal form)
  • Any herb that promotes a “cleansing” action – for this reason you need to be very careful with combination remedies, or Chinese, or Ayurvedic remedies
  • Xylitol, erythritol, sorbitol and any other sugar alcohols
  • Liver support herbs – because the liver is going to cleanse toxins through the bowels. So don’t use if you have severe diarrhea, for mild diarrhea, you may be okay to use these in combination with a stool bulking agent (which is also an intestinal “broom”) like 1 tbsp. sprouted flax and chia powder (available locally and online at various sites; you may have to purchase the two powders separately) along with 1/2 tsp. bentonite clay. NOTE: You cannot use these remedies if you are on an exclusively elemental diet – only if you are combining Absorb Plus with regular foods..

Also, read the list of ‘side-effects’ for any drugs you’re taking (including drugs you’re taking for other problems) and make sure your symptom(s) is not listed as a drug ‘side effect’.

Please keep in mind that pharmaceutical drugs actually CAUSE many of the symptoms we are trying to heal. So please take your time and wean off them at a pace that is safe for you, but know that until you are drug-free, the root-level healing of your body cannot begin. And that will then also take time – anywhere from 3 – 12 months depending on the amount of damage and imbalance present.

3. Avoiding Emotional Healing

In many cases the person is not seeing progress/healing take place because they are not sufficiently addressing an entire component of their gut: Emotional trauma or wounding. The gut registers and processes emotion as much (if not more than) the brain! Over 60% of the body’s neurotransmitters are not in the brain, but in the gut. So you see, there is NO WAY you can achieve full healing without addressing the emotional issues in your life/body.

Do NOT underestimate the importance of healing your emotional/spiritual body! So many people are very rigorous about implementing all of the physical aspects of my protocols, but they ignore the emotional healing and then wonder why they are not getting great results. Please know that until you have gotten into the emotional and spiritual side of your dis-ease, you have not given my healing methods a proper try.

Tools and Resources for Emotional Healing

I have a number of great resources and tools for you to use to begin your emotional/spiritual healing. But first, here’s a freebie to get you started. And then be sure and check out these emotional healing tools:

1. See my Teleseminar section in my Shoppe (or become an LTYG Wellness Circle member and get access to all of them!).

2. Use my guided healing visualizations and meditations.

3. Learn more about one of my favorite mind/body healing tools: EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique). EFT is derived from a Chinese acupuncture meridian tapping practice called Neigong, but adapted for the western mind. You can find out all about this technique and download a free Basic Training Manual.


If you have not been seeing the results you want in your physical body, then you may want to book a session with either of these highly skilled, intuitive therapists. I have personally had many sessions with each and can highly recommend them. I have also done teleseminars with some of them, so you can tap-along to a teleseminar first (see teleseminar link above) to see if you like their style, before booking a more expensive private session:

1. Annabel Fisher – Annabel is such a great therapist because she healed herself from CFS (she was so bad she was wheelchair-bound), so she really understands the complex layers that are present in chronic illness. She uses both EFT and Matrix Reimprinting techniques.

2. Aileen Nobles – Aileen is a well-known psychic in the US and has her own TV show, she is very gentle and caring and uses a combination of EFT and her intuition (clairvoyance).

3. Lori Clarke – Lori is a spiritual healer, but very unique in that she doesn’t just “fix” things for you, but gets you to use, develop and strengthen your own intuition and connection to Source during her Guided Connection audios.

Remember, ‘talk’ therapy is not enough. We need to utilize techniques that integrate the mind/body and release the trauma and wounding from the tissues (and cells) of the body itself. Advanced craniosacral therapy (I write about this in LISTEN TO YOUR GUT) is another integrated somato-emotional release therapy that’s very effective, as is hypnotherapy.

In many cases a person is not seeing progress/healing take place because they are not sufficiently addressing an entire component of their gut: Emotional trauma or wounding. The gut registers and processes emotion as much (if not more than) the brain! Over 60% of the body’s neurotransmitters are not in the brain, but in the gut. Emotional healing can often be the hardest part of this journey – and the part we put off for the longest time! But know that you will not realize the full potential of your physical body until you heal your emotional/physical body as well.

Lastly, Dr. Paul Goldberg is a doctor who is very skilled at healing chronic ailments of all kinds (he is also a professor of functional gastroenterology), so I encourage you to check him out – over 50% of his clients are international, so you don’t need to live in Georgia to consult with him.

And Dr. Wendy Ellis in Seattle and Dr. Carolyn Dean in Hawaii – but both do phone or Skype consults – are other excellent doctors I’ve done teleseminars with and consulted with for my own health needs.

Why Am I Not Healing?

15 thoughts on “Why Am I Not Healing?

  • I wager that as an extension of the emotional component, being in an unsatisfactory or unhappy relationship dynamic could impair resilience and prevent one’s ability to heal.
    I am witnessing this in a family member, and I think it is probably one of the most difficult aspects to tackle – as it will inevitably get worse before it gets better, but that is the trajectory for the healing path that one has to be prepared to travel if he/she wishes to be both physically and emotionally well. Although on conventional meds, my relative’s health has been deteriorating. He has been dealing with migraines, insomnia, mood disorders and susceptibility to infections – and I think it is aggravated by his unhappiness in his primary relationship and general life dissatisfaction. I wonder if this has been looked into for Crohn’s patients in particular; I’m sure that if patients and their health care providers were aware of the consequences (which also burdens the health delivery system) of not dealing honestly with these emotional stresses, they would take more pro-active steps in doing whatever they need to do to cut what brings their emotional angst. I would be interested in knowing how common this issue is in the community of people with intestinal disorders. I know 2 and both have not been able to experience true health – and they have both made unfortunate sacrifices/decisions when it comes to their relationships – partly due to not feeling worthy and knowingly settling for something less than happiness. Until they learn how to embrace their truths and accepting graces without fear they are mirages – they will be stuck in this cycle of despair of barely hanging on.

  • I agree with you LTD, but I don’t think you can limit these impairments (or saboteurs) to gut diseases. I think you’ll find this pattern common to MANY chronic or serious diseases.

  • Hi Jini!

    I would like to know why we should not take Betaine HCL.
    I’m a finishing studient of Naturopathic medecin that has crohn and I’ve learn that people with IBS, may not digest good protein in the stomac so they pass in the digestive track and by the time we developps allergies to certain food. So that why I was taking Betaine HCL. But I’m now in crise bleeding and I’m questionning my self about HCL.

    Thanks for your advice.
    I tank you so much for ALL the SO good imformations on your web site.


  • I did three weeks on the diet, finishing one and a half weeks ago, I’m steadily getting worse and worse, I came off my Mezevant during the diet so I could see if the diet was working but I feel terrible. I’m worse now than when I started. And considering going back on Mezevant. I wasn’t bleeding and only had one loose bowel movement a day, not diarrhea, just before I started (I have been much worse many times). I am taking a very high quality human strain probiotic and just started Seacure (hydrolized fish protein), and also vitamin D regularly.
    I am very bloated and now have pain in my upper abdomen.
    I am somewhat confused by food reintroduction there are no time guide lines and because my stool was liquid from the diet it was hard to tell what foods were bothering me!
    Any suggestions?

  • Hi Bronwen,

    The food re-introduction tables are for when your symptoms are under control. There isn’t a specific time guideline because everyone has a different situation and some people take longer than others to heal. The best advice we can give is to go through Jini’s blog post above thoroughly and see if there’s anything else that could have caused issues while you were on the elemental diet and go from there.

    Kind regards,
    Customer Care

  • Does anyone have an opinion on drinking spring water versus purified water? We use purified water in our office because it’s much cheaper. I did some research and there are pros and cons to both (they apparently are both treated in some manner), but it seemed as if purified water was at least ‘safe’. In my opinion, spring water tastes better.

    1. Hi Daayon,

      Jini suggests an elemental diet as a good way to heal a leaky gut. For more information, check out her book, The IBD Remission Diet:

      If you have any additional questions, you can either respond here, click the “chat with us” tab at the bottom of your screen, or e-mail us at

      Kind regards,
      Customer Care

  • Another great post! I was just telling a friend about your and Listen to Your Gut in a conversation where EFT also came up. What serendipity! I’ve sent her this link, of course…

    1. Hi Joan,

      I’m afraid we’re unable to advise you with respect to prescription medication but you should definitely check out the blog post at the link below if your goal is to get off Humira:

      Note that Dr. Goldberg has clients around the world and is able to do consultations via telephone and Skype. If you have any questions please let us know!

      Kind regards,
      Customer Care

    1. Hi Sarah,

      In the post above, Jini does not recommend Inulin because this can aggregate people with IBS and IBD.

      Kind Regards,
      Cris B
      Customer Care

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