Personal Health Support and Legal Boundaries

You likely already know that I am not legally able to give personal health advice – I am not a licensed healthcare professional – I am simply a layperson, a journalist, sharing my personal journey and opinion 😉

However, of course I understand how valuable it can be to have one-on-one personal support for your healing journey, especially from someone familiar with all my LTYG protocols. And that’s why I’m very pleased to announce this new collaboration with my assistant Linsy, and holistic health coach, Dane Johnson.

Ulcerative Colitis Healing

My assistant, Linsy Lewandowski (she healed herself from severe Ulcerative Colitis), has been sharing her own journey and experiences on this blog and our social media channels for a few years now. And I know many of you have come to love and appreciate her sparkly positivity and compassionate nature.

Linsy has also worked closely with another favorite person of mine – Dane Johnson – who healed himself from Crohn’s. Perhaps you’ve seen one of the many videos Dane and I have done together? Dane also used my protocols as part of his healing journey and guides his own clients through those same protocols.

Guiding Holistic Healing from Crohn’s

However, if you work with Linsy and Dane, they are next-level with testing and lab work. Something I never bothered much with – but can yield some valuable data to guide your supplement choices.

Here’s a video with Dane and I discussing how you can work with his team – which includes Linsy, and you can specifically request her here if you like:

>> Click here to claim your free IBD Strategy Session with Linsy  <<

The application is so they can better understand your case and confirm you’re a qualified applicant ready to heal!

If you have a question for Linsy and/or want to hop on a complimentary call you may reach out to her via email here:

PS: If you haven’t yet seen this discussion with Linsy and I, where we laugh about her being The Queen of Herx – be sure to check it out. Tons of first-hand, insider tips from both of us in this one.