I always ask for feedback about a month after someone’s bought one of my books. This is the opportunity for me to hear what’s working, what isn’t, and if there are things missing from the book or protocol instructions.

This is one of the things that’s made these natural healing protocols so powerful – detailed feedback from tens of thousands of readers over the last 18 years. But every now and then I get an email like this one, from the father of two boys – that is just SO fabulous I have to share it:

“Feedback? I’ve been meaning to write to you, and I’ll keep it simple:

You saved my life.

Two years of hell. Work was almost impossible. Exercise? Not likely. I actually gained weight because I couldn’t do anything physical. Worst of all, I couldn’t play with my two beautiful little boys.

After trying what seemed like everything, I found you. I went on a 30-day elemental diet with Absorb+. After one week, I was feeling better. After that month, I was in what I’d describe as near-complete remission. My doctor was shocked (though she probably shouldn’t have been.)

Four months later, my symptoms still haven’t returned. I’ve been able to lose over 30 pounds. I can exercise and work. I spent last night running through the woods with my kids.

I’m not a religious person, but bless you and thank you. Keep doing your work, it is so important.”

I know not everyone gets fantastic results like this – and so quickly! For many people, my natural protocols only form part of their healing path, and they pull other pieces from other programs or practitioners. It’s ALL good as long as you are listening to your gut!