How our Cellphones & WiFi are Damaging AnimalsI recently read an article by a woman, about what she experienced in her body, her social life etc. when she got rid of her cellphone and hardwired her Internet.

But she went beyond the effect of EMR on humans, and briefly talked about how it had been affecting her pets, and her friends’ pets. This motivated me to provide some more data on how WiFi is harming our plant, animal, bird and insect life on this planet. WiFi radiation is a big part of the destabilization of ecosystems that most tree huggers or climate change activists are not even aware of.

Damage to Animals from Cellphone WiFi Radiation

Frog eggs and Tadpoles

A study was carried out exposing the eggs and tadpoles of the common frog (Rana temporaria) to several mobile (cell) phone antennas located at a distance of 140 metres. The study concluded:

“These results indicate that radiation emitted by phone masts in a real situation may affect the development and may cause an increase in mortality of exposed tadpoles. This research may have huge implications for the natural world, which is now exposed to high microwave radiation levels from a multitude of phone masts.”

Cell phone Antenna makes Calves Blind

This article from Zurich is translated here. In many countries, telcos approach farmers and pay them big money (one farmer I know received $150K) to put up a cell tower on their land. Of course, they do not inform the farmer of any of the potential harm that might follow – both for the farmer’s family or his animals.

“From 1999 to 2006 there was a cell phone antenna on Hans Sturzenegger’s farm. During this time almost every third calf on the farm was born with some kind of cataract. This disability caused almost complete blindness in the ruminants… Sturzenegger soon suspected the electromagnetic radiation from the mobile phone antenna as the reason. And indeed, since the antenna was no longer in operation, the calves are healthy again.

Scientists at the Zurich Animal Hospital have now confirmed this suspicion, as various media reported today. Veterinarian Michael Hässig explained to Tele Züri that the risk of eye impairment for the cattle on Sturzenegger’s farm was tenfold. Based on the previous scientific findings, Hans Sturzenegger sued the network operator Orange for damages.”

Mobile Phones & Vanishing Birds

From Belgium to Spain to Russia, there is increasing evidence of how EMR is affecting birds with their thinner skulls and their feathers, which can act as dielectric receptors of microwave radiation.

“Scientists at the Research Institute for Nature and Forests in Brussels, Belgium, have produced the first evidence that mobile phone base stations are affecting the reproductive behaviour of wild sparrows.

Sparrows are not the only wild birds affected. Phone masts were found to actually reduce the breeding success of white storks in Spain.

Chicken embryos subjected to the radiation from a cell phone in the laboratory suffered much higher mortalities than non-exposed controls. Some years ago researchers in Russia showed that continuous exposure of the chick embryos during the 21 days of embryonic development resulted in 75 percent of the embryos dying, compared with 16 percent in the controls.”

Bees, Ants, Birds: Our Planet’s Ecosystems

At a Glastonbury Symposium Lecture by Barrie Trower, he talked about his experiences during a trip to Africa:

“During a recent visit to Africa, a gentleman took me to a field full of plants and said “What do you hear Barrie?” I replied: “Nothing”.

He said: “Normally you and I would not be able to hear each other now, there would be so many bees buzzing, however, since that mobile phone transmitter went up, we haven’t seen a single bee.”

I received other similar reports concerning bees, birds, even ants during my stay in Africa. It was explained to me that the ants are very important for their symbiotic relationship with plants. The plants produce a sweet substance to feed the ants and in return the ants prevent insects landing on and eating the plant’s leaves. Hence, ants guarantee plant crop safety and harvest.

It appeared that the common denominator in all cases was the proximity of mobile phone transmitters transmitting low-level continuous microwaves with added modulations (pulses) causing cellular distress to species within range.

Residents who complained were told that such installations were within ‘International Safety Guidelines’; other residents were either totally ignored, mocked or ridiculed.”

There is a LOT of data available on the effect of EMR on bees in numerous countries worldwide. One of the most interesting experiments was done by Indian environmentalist, Dr. Sainudeen Pattazhy, a professor at Sree Narayana College in Kerala. He placed one cell phone inside each of six bee hives and turned the phone on for just ten minutes, once a day, for ten days. While the phone was on, the bees became still. The egg-laying rate of the queen declined from 355 to 100 per day. After ten days no bees were left in any of the hives.

Cellphone Test on Rat Brains

This article in Popular Science Magazine shows the actual damage to rat brains after 2 hours of exposure to a cell phone at varying intensity.

While the control brains (no radiation – see example at the top) appear healthy, the test subjects (bottom brain photo) are heavily spotted with proteins (dark patches) leaked from surrounding blood vessels and show signs of significant neuronal damage.

Damage to Oak Trees

In the book Electromagnetic Environments and Health in Buildings (p. 263), Anne Silk talked about work she did for the Forestry Commission on a very rare condition in oak trees, called ‘Oak Die Back’. Where the tree dies from the top down, instead of from the roots upwards, as is usual.

She looked at over 100 sites in the UK and was able to pinpoint the common distance between sick trees and a high multi-mast user (WiFi tower). This would appear to indicate that such (modulated) fields interfere with plant hydraulics and the electroosmotic processes taking place within the trees themselves by masking natural electrical fields, particularly those experienced under ‘fair weather’ conditions.

Alternating or inverted fields have already been shown to have biological effects on humans and animals (Source: Jamieson KS, Bell NB, ‘Distorted current flow – the forgotten factor in EMF research? Part 1’ European Biology and Bioelectromagnetics, 2005;1(1):1-5)

Damage to Aspen Trees & Seedlings

In one of the gold-standard studies of the effects of EMR on trees, scientists set up a controlled on-site experiment outside the town of Lyons, Colorado to see how the local forests were being impacted by human-generated wifi and cellphone radiation (towers, routers, usage etc) in the town.

They planted two groups of Aspen seedlings; the group on the right was completely shielded from radiation (via a Faraday cage) and the other group was not shielded at all. You can see the poor growth in the radiated seedlings:

Also, on the seedlings that were not shielded, all the leaves had necrotic lesions, and the leaf veins were yellow or green (should have been red for Aspens):

Necrotic lesions on unshielded trees

Children are Also at Increased Risk

I have also written many detailed posts on the effects of EMR on children. But the basic point to keep in mind is that children absorb a lot more electromagnetic radiation than adults do.

  • The Stewart Report (2000) states that children absorb more energy per Kg of body weight from an external electromagnetic field than do adults. A 5-year-old will absorb around 60% more than an adult.
  • Head models have predicted that children (under the age of 8) absorb up to twice the microwave radiation of an adult in peripheral brain tissue (Wiart et al., 2008).
  • Exposures in bone marrow may be up to ten times greater in children than adults (Christ, Andreas et al., 2010).
  • Children have thinner skulls and their brains are more conductive. Children are still developing and they are likely to be exposed to more radiation over their lifetimes than any previous generation.
  • I’ve been blogging about this since 2008, and back then Dr. Ronald B. Herberman, director of the University of Pittsburgh Cancer Institute issued a warning to his faculty and staff: Limit cell phone use because of the possible risk of cancer. In the memo he sent to about 3,000 faculty and staff, he says children should use cell phones only for emergencies because their brains are still developing.
So what can you do?

WiFi and cellphone radiation is pretty much everywhere now. The ONLY place we can control or reduce exposure is in our home. Giving our body at least 8 hours/day to heal and restore functioning damaged by WiFi is probably our best defense against this ubiquitous toxin. Lord knows you don’t want to get to the place where you become electrohypersensitive (EHS). This happened to both a medical doctor and an engineer that I know. Life became very difficult for them, very quickly.

And of course, if you have babies or children, or have a health issue, it is even more important to create a safe repair/healing zone in your home.