Functional medicine practitioner Jenni Berman joins me for this podcast where we discuss:

  • Leaky gut and gut permeability
  • The gut lining/bacteria penetration
  • Antibody and cytokine reactions leading to autoimmune disease
  • Cortisol’s impact on the gut lining,
  • Food sensitivities vs allergies (IgG vs IgE)

Jenni discusses the testing recommendations for individuals with autoimmune disease/IBD from a Functional Medicine standpoint. She tells us the recommended labs tests they look for, food sensitivity vs allergy testing, and blood serum vs skin testing.

She also tells us her own health story along with a few interesting client improvements.

Lastly, we discuss her long term treatment plan for IBD patients: the reintroduction of food, with a gut healing protocol. And Jenni outlines her preferred long-term supplements vs short-term gut healing supplements.

There is SO much good information packed into this hour! Watch the video of our discussion, or if you prefer to listen to this as a podcast, scroll down, or access on your favorite podcast platform.

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Listen To Your Gut
Listen To Your Gut
Insights on IBD & IBS from a Functional Medicine Perspective