It seems that the residents of France have shifted their eating habits and decided that fish is a healthier option than beef or chicken. But is it?

This fabulous film explores this question – especially in light of the fact that 40-50% of the fish sold in France is farmed fish. Believe it or not, the pristine fjords of Norway are being used for salmon farms – where they are spraying pesticides into the ocean pens while wearing hazmat suits!

You’d expect the kind of chemical/toxin load that’s happening in Vietnam, but Norway?? And if you don’t want to watch the film, here’s the quick answer to whether factory farmed fish is healthier than factory farmed beef, eggs, etc. Don’t worry, I’ve translated it for you:


All earthlings store our toxins in our fat, so another key fact is that wild salmon typically have 5-7% fat. But farmed salmon are 14.5-34% fat. Way more fat and way more toxins.

Personally, I don’t eat any fish unless it’s wild (and sustainably/humanely caught) and I don’t eat tuna more than once per week, due to the mercury content. Here’s the film, it’s really good!