In 2018, I received an email from famed animal communicator Anna Breytenbach. It said:

“If you’re wondering why it’s been awhile since you heard from me, it’s because I’m on sabbatical this year. A period of recuperation is the priority after dealing with a life-threatening illness for 18 months that finally forced me to stop work completely six months ago. I have come through a period of intense medical treatments and am back home for a southern winter of hibernation and regeneration. Please understand that my communications with the outside world are therefore on hold until full strength has returned – at which point I look forward to creating new workshops and offerings to assist you with telepathic animal communication. Thank you for your patience as I take care of this animal body!”

Of course, I don’t know any of the details of Anna’s healing journey, but her email made me pause… I’ve noticed a LOT of ‘light workers’, healing facilitators, counsellors, bodyworkers, or energy-based therapists going through serious illness, cancer etc the last year or two. So I wanted to share my thoughts on this topic. Again, not saying that any of this applies to Anna! Her email is merely the catalyst for my thoughts…

When we work with a lot of prana and are in the energetic/metaphysical realm a lot, our spirit strengthens and we often feel that energy can/will suffuse and support our physical body.

However, we are NOT just energy/spirit/ki. We have incarnated into a PHYSICAL body. So although the physical body feels like it’s lagging behind, or slowing us down, or we assume it’s being fed/sustained by the prana… take heed!

The physical body is a precious, sweet companion on this journey. It requires honor, nurturing, gratitude for working so damn hard to keep up with our fiery healing souls.

And because we are CARNATE we must put the physical body first! Just like a tribe must slow down for the babies and elders, we must slow down our soul work for the physical body – always checking that it’s okay. Do you have everything you need? How about some extra nurturing and care as we’ve been through a big challenge? Or, we’ve just helped a bunch of people, so let’s take extra care of you now.

Healing myself from a supposedly ‘incurable’ disease (and staying healed for a quarter century now) taught me to stop beating my body’s ass to keep up dammit! It taught me to stop using my mind and indomitable spirit (my giant will) to rule my body. It taught me to stop being frustrated at my body’s inability to keep up with the flow and outpouring of my spirit, or the creative works of my mind. To change that frustration into gratitude.

Oh sweet little body, running as fast as you can on your chubby little toddler legs; trying so desperately hard to keep up with us. Wait. Let me sweep you up into my arms and cuddle for a while. Let’s rest beside this beautiful creek in the cool grass and splash your sweet toes in the water, as the laughter buried in striving bubbles up to the surface again. Look, I