Join Jini and me (her assistant Savannah) as we discuss the ways you can use Wild Oregano Oil as a powerful anti-pathogen, antibacterial, antifungal, anti-inflammatory, and more! This video was shot on-location at Jini’s barn, so she can show us how she uses Wild Oregano Oil (WOO) on her herd of 11 horses – as well as the humans in her family!

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In this video we will touch on:

  •  The benefits of WOO and how to use it
  • The importance of supplementing with a potent probiotic when using this powerful anti-pathogen
  • What to look for in a brand (WOO)
  • The dangers of using essential oil of oregano
  • How to use WOO and Zinc Oxide as an antifungal treatment
  • How to use WOO and DMSO to treat abscesses, anal fissures and fistulas
  • and MORE!

*NOTE: All linked products are from our US shoppe. Drop a comment below if you are outside of the US and looking for these supplements.

0:47 – WOO kills bacteria, viruses, fungi and some parasites
2:11 – Use WOO on an empty stomach (WOO shoppe listing)
2:15 – Use potent probiotic to replace good bacteria lost from WOO – Jini’s recommended brand Natren probiotics
Which probiotics are right for you? Use this Probiotic Cheat Sheet
2:38 – What to look for in a brand
3:11 – Dangers of using essential oil of oregano
3:58 – How to dilute WOO further using organic olive oil
4:23 – WOO gelcaps
4:33 – Olive Leaf as an alternative for those who cannot tolerate WOO
4:57 – How to take WOO orally without the burn
5:18 – Zinc Oxide and WOO as an antifungal treatment
6:40 – How Jini uses Zinc Oxide & WOO as an antifungal with her herd of 11 horses
7:26 – Treatments for anything fungal related OR weepy wounds
7:52 – WOO & DMSO
8:04 – Home remedy pages for fistulas and abscess:
Perianal Abscess & Fistula – Natural Treatment
Home Remedy for Anal Fistulas
Home Remedy for Rectovaginal Fistulas
8:17 – Natural Treatments for Anal Fissures & Fistulas: DMSO, WOO & More!
9:07 – How Jini uses WOO with her dogs
9:38 – How Jini uses WOO on incision sites for pets
11:28 – Download Jini’s FREE eBook, What You Need to Know About Wild Oregano Oil:

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