Absorb Plus is an amazingly delicious, elemental diet shake comprised of the highest quality, natural, elemental (pre-digested) ingredients.

Formulated by Jini Patel Thompson, Absorb Plus can be used for many purposes – allergy testing, food clearance, bowel rest to assist healing, and to improve your overall gut flora.

Since the original line was created back in 2002, Jini has formulated 3 additional Absorb Plus varieties to fit to your lifestyle needs, food allergies, intolerances, and overall preferences.

Which Absorb Plus line is right for you? Join Jini as she explains the differences between Absorb Plus Original, Unsweetened, Absorb Plus Simply, and our newest addition Absorb Plus Vegan.

All available in our Shoppe: https://shoppe.listentoyourgut.com/absorb-plus-elemental/

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Which Version of Absorb Plus Elemental Shake Should I Use?

4 thoughts on “Which Version of Absorb Plus Elemental Shake Should I Use?

  • If I know that grains bother my gut, would the vegetarian version work since it is an isolate or better to stay away from it?
    Second question, do you have sample size in the vegetarian versions? Thanks

    1. Hi Tara,

      Thanks for your question! The Vegan version contains a sprouted brown rice protein isolate, which is generally well tolerated. Jini formulates each version of Absorb Plus with the highest quality protein isolate – however, if you would like to give the Vegan version a try to ensure it does work for you, then you can contact our customer care team to request a free sample:

      Toll Free (US/Canada): 1.888.866.7745
      Phone: 1.360.305.3245
      Email: service@listentoyourgut.com

      Savannah B
      Customer Care

  • Jini,
    My name is Alex Spiegel. I have been a loyal customer of yours for 12 years as a Crohn’s patient. Absorb Plus has changed my life and helped me get through my attacks and finally achieve remission as of last year.

    One of my closest friends from college has been struggling heavily and does not have the financial means to invest in his health. I am sending him a sample package as I think Absorb Plus would benefit him greatly. However, I am also only a year out of college and was wondering if there is any discount program available to long-standing repeat customers.

    Thank you,

    1. Hi Alex,

      Thanks so much for reaching out – I’m so happy to hear Absorb Plus has helped you for the better! After 12 years, finally achieving remission is wonderful!!

      Have you heard of our Wellness Circle program? If you have not, here are the benefits you receive as a member, including discounts on every order you place at the LTYG shoppe: http://www.jptwellnesscircle.com/member_benefits/7/

      I’d like to gift you with a free gold membership trial. Please reach out to our customer service team at service@listentoyourgut.com – they will be expecting an email from you.

      I truly hope this helps you and your friend! Please let me know if you have any questions. =)

      Savannah B
      Customer Care

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