The current medical treatment for perianal abscess (which often results in a fistula) involves oral drug antibiotics and manual drainage of infection from the abscess. However, many doctors wish there was an alternative treatment, since it is so hard to get antibiotics to the actual infection site. Oral antibiotics are processed via the GI (digestive) system, so very dilute amounts end up reaching the rectal area. The good news is: We DO have an alternative treatment that delivers a very powerful natural antibiotic directly to the abscess site.

We now have a large number of sufferers who have tested this protocol and nearly all have had a marked improvement, with the majority seeing complete healing. So I have posted the protocol here and if you try it, please post your comments to let us know how it worked, whether you changed or adapted it, etc.

One of my readers took the basic Wild Oregano Syringing protocol below and improved upon it by using an infrared laser to cause the wild oregano to penetrate more deeply and also to speed healing. So be sure and read this article as well before beginning treatment.

Most recently, based upon our experiments with healing anal stenosis and strictures and also intestinal strictures, I also gave a few readers an even more potent formula than just wild oregano. However, since this formula contains DMSO, you should only use it under strict instructions, after you have been educated about this powerful substance (which instantly transports through the skin almost any substance it comes in contact with). I will give you this new, experimental formula at the end of this post, with instructions for the eBook you need to get to know how to use and apply it.

Perianal Abscess and Fistula Treatment Protocol

If you have a perianal abscess that is still enclosed, or walled-off, then the first step is to try applying wild oregano oil topically to the infected area. Start at a 7:1 dilution with olive oil (7 drops organic olive oil : 1 drop wild oregano oil), and then increase strength to get it as close to full strength as you can tolerate – only use the brands I recommend, to ensure potency.

Apply topically five times per day and also begin Jini’s Wild Oregano Oil Protocol (on page 152 of Listen To Your Gut) orally.

If this doesn’t work sufficiently to reduce infection after two weeks, then you may want to have your gastroenterologist drain the abscess. If he/she performs this procedure, your GI will want to follow it with oral drug antibiotics.

However, you do have the option of having the abscess drained and then NOT following it with drug antibiotics. You can use oral wild oregano or olive leaf instead – just follow the same protocol in my eBook for Natural Treatment for Gut Infection

If you decide to have it drained, then (if possible) during the procedure, have the GI syringe it with full strength wild oregano (as much as will go in) after drainage.

Then, (regardless of whether he’ll do that, or not) try to get him to leave a drainage tube in place. This will make it very easy for you to syringe it yourself with wild oregano and thereby avoid having to take any prescri