rectal-spasm-med.jpgI wanted to let you know about a fantastic audio healing session created specifically for me and my readers – that we are happy to be able to give to you for FREE!!

Lori Clarke created this 45-minute Guided Connection audio to help release any tension, or strong emotions being held in the rectum or surrounding tissues of the pelvis. So if you suffer from any issues with constipation, or rectal spasm, rectal prolapse, anal stenosis, hemorrhoids, pelvic pain, or even spasming diarrhea – then this audio healing session should work well for you.

Lori guides you to identify the underlying emotions that are being expressed through pain or restriction in the Rectum and offers a space for you to connect into The Divine (or whatever you call God, or Source) and allow yourself to shift and transform.

Whenever you feel overwhelm, stress, or fear about a situation, person, or possible scenario; you may experience constriction, spasming or pain in your rectum and it becomes difficult to have a normal bowel movement.

Perhaps you find yourself currently in a situation where you are dealing with someone that asserts themselves in a dominating way towards you, and your personal boundary has been shattered or breached.

Or you feel trapped by the stress of a relationship, work environment, or illness, and as a result are suffering with the uncertainty of this condition.

Are you unable to speak your truth or effectively release your hatred, panic or terror of past or present trauma? Perhaps when the feelings and memories become too intense the rectal or lower bowel issues begin…

IF any of this resonates with you, I encourage you to try this Guided Connection audio and experience the healing and release that I did!

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About a year after first doing this Guided Connection, I had an episode of rectal spasming and constriction (anal stenosis) begin, but I immediately went into the tissues (as I had learned to do through the audio), breathed deeply to relax and connect and then asked my rectum: What is the message? I immediately got the feeling, “fear of moving forward”. So I thanked my rectum for carrying and expressing this message to me and I proceeded to explore what was triggering my fear (the specifics) and how I could address those items so my body/mind could feel safe and supported. Everything eased within about 30 minutes, and no physical intervention was even necessary.

If you suffer from ANY disorder that is expressing itself through your rectum (rectal prolapse, anal stenosis, hemorrhoids, etc.), I encourage you to give this Guided Connection a try.