I have GREAT news for you if you suffer from intestinal strictures or bowel obstruction, or have been considering testing my Intestinal StrictureHeal protocol: One of my readers – who is a medical doctor – had been testing my Intestinal StrictureHeal protocol on himself. He has had Crohn’s Disease for 30 years (but has followed medical treatment protocols). He had a small bowel ultrasound done which showed a “strong fibrotic stricture,” and he was likely headed for surgery – but then he agreed to test my Intestinal StrictureHeal protocol.

Well, after 9 weeks of treatment, he had a colonoscopy done and had the whole length biopsied – and it showed “no Crohn’s disease and no stricture“!!!!

Isn’t that fantastic news??!!! Isn’t that amazing?!!

His GI however, figured that she must have misdiagnosed him and that the ultrasound must have shown some kind of lumpy adhesion – that was then broken free or unhooked by the colonoscopy! Wow, Crohn’s disease and a stricture (or adhesion) healed by a colonoscopy… happens all the time don’tcha know? (Right…)

Well then my reader told her about the StrictureHeal protocol, but she was completely uninterested and did not even want a copy of the ebook. Ah well, such goes life in the med world.

But of course, I wanted to get this incredibly encouraging news out to you, so that if you want to download the Intestinal StrictureHeal Instruction Ebook at no charge, you can do so now. Personally, I encourage you to get the ebook even if you don’t need it right now – because you may need it in future, or come across someone who needs it and then you can pass it on. Just fill out this form and we’ll send it out to you:

I have also heard from 2 other people thus far, who have had excellent results from using Intestinal StrictureHeal to heal obstruction of the bowel. One person was in a blockage-crisis and about to go to Emergency, but he had the main ingredients on hand and so did just the topical treatment. He was pain-free and eating within 24 hours and 3 days later ran a half-marathon – not actually something I’d recommend, but… his choice. Another woman also did just the topical treatment to start with for her intestinal blockage (there’s also an oral component to the protocol) and then she wrote me that:

I’ve been doing this for 3 weeks now and the pain is gone and just started seeing a dramatic change in my internal processes, a place I haven’t been in 2 years. I do this when I go to bed and fall asleep with it on – I haven’t slept this good in so long!

Another one of my family members with a long history of Crohn’s (managed with medical treatment) also tested this protocol and had good results. This is the most exciting treatment we’ve tested since Jini’s Wild Oregano Oil Protocol! So be sure and check it out.


Shortly after I sent an email to my readers and subscribers with this same info above, I had hundreds of people go get the ebook, but I also had one person write to me saying that I must be a fake. Because how could my family member use medical protocols for himself after seeing me healed? This person concluded that I must be lying about being healed myself, otherwise surely my family member would have tried my methods sooner.

I think there’s a key point here that this person hasn’t realized: When someone is in the medical profession, as in my family member’s case, they have spent over 10 years training (some would say being brainwashed) in that particular system. So they are VERY invested in their mindset, their paradigm, and that is where they feel safe. There is huge resistance for people in that position to consider or try holistic healing methods.

In fact, we see this all the time with even regular people. In our culture we have been taught since birth that doctors help you and fix you. So even people who come to my methods because they’ve already tried the medical route without success, still feel incredible pressure and are afraid to tell their doctors what they are doing.

The question about how he can see me healed and not want to try the same treatment is a very good question! And one I wish I had the answer to. I also have another family member who has suffered terribly with colitis and then Crohn’s for most of his life. Even his parents are frustrated and cannot believe that he won’t try my protocols – but for whatever reasons, he just won’t.

Have you ever heard the saying, “A prophet is never accepted in his homeland.”? Why? Who knows. The important part is that when people are ready to shift or open, I don’t question it, because everyone is walking their own path and dealing with their own process; including blocks and saboteurs. However long it takes people, I am just thankful when they are able to make that step towards wholeness, and that whenever they are ready to put in the time and effort to heal the root causes of their dis-ease…the tools are here waiting for them.

That is why I am so very, very excited that we have some good anecdotal evidence emerging that this protocol works to clear bowel obstruction and colon stricture. People suffer so terribly with strictures and some have them recur as often as every six months. Surgery to remove the intestinal strictures just creates more scar tissue… and more strictures. It’s a horrible cycle to be trapped in.

Will every single person who uses the StrictureHeal protocol be healed? Probably not. I have yet to see a remedy that works for 100% of the people, 100% of the time, but the evidence we have from people thus far points to at least significant relief. We won’t have a real sense of what’s possible – or of how many people can put in the effort required – until more people test it.

Remember, this is how Jini’s Wild Oregano Oil Protocol came into existence. I tested it on myself first, then family and friends, then threw it out to about 30 of my readers, and we refined it further. I then published it in the Second Edition of Listen To Your Gut. And now thousands and thousands of people have used this wild oregano oil protocol to clear their gut of pathogens – even difficult, resistant pathogens like mycobacteria (MAP). The research eventually caught up with our experiential knowledge and we now even have a clinical study that shows that wild oregano oil is indeed one of the few known substances that can kill mycobacterium avium paratuberculosis (MAP).

Questions & Feedback

Great news! We finally have the results of our StrictureHeal Testers Survey! This is feedback from a whole lotta people who have already tried and tested the protocol. I won’t say too much more here, just click that link and check it out for yourself.

If you have any questions after reading through the Intestinal StrictureHeal Ebook and Survey results, please post them in the COMMENTS section below. And also please post your results or challenges with this protocol! The more we can pool our knowledge and experience, the more people can benefit.

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