Wow! This is great news for those of you who have been on my IBD Remission Diet – or are considering it – or for those of you who use Absorb Plus (the elemental shake product I formulated) on an ongoing basis.

Dr. Silvio Najt, MD (who used my IBD Remission Diet to heal his daughter’s colitis) just sent me this clinical trial where they assessed 26 patients with Crohn’s Disease, who used a combination of an elemental diet for half of their food intake (900 – 1200 calories per day) and then whatever they wished for the other half (“free diet”).

The control group consisted of 25 patients also with Crohn’s Disease who just consumed an unrestricted diet, whatever they wanted to eat (100% free diet).

Then, they measured the recurrence of relapse (symptom flare-up) over a two year period. The relapse rate in the half elemental diet group was significantly lower – only 34.6% – versus a relapse rate of 64% in the free diet group.

Although this is a rather undefined study, with lots of unknown variables and many of the patients were also taking some kind of drug, it does still provide an interesting scenario to explore and test. It is good news because it means that using an elemental shake product long-term (2 years) is still beneficial, but it should not be directly equated with outcomes of people using Absorb Plus or following my IBD Remission Diet. I’ll explain why…

3absorbThe elemental diet product used in this study is Elental – I couldn’t get an ingredient list for this product (in English), but it is manufactured by Ajinomoto – the principal manufacturer of MSG in Asia, so I wouldn’t think the ingredient quality would be anywhere near the high standards of Absorb Plus. I suspect it would be more equitable with the typical pharmaceutical elemental products like Peptamen, Subdue, Modulen, etc. Click here to see a comparison of Absorb Plus and these common elemental products.


Just comparing the ingredients, one would expect Absorb Plus to produce even better outcomes.

Next, there is an entire world of difference between a medical elemental diet and The IBD Remission Diet.

An “elemental diet” typically means the person just drinks pharmaceutical elemental products. But the IBD Remission Diet combines the highest quality elemental shake (Absorb Plus) with a complete healing regimen designed to:

  • eradicate pathogens using wild oregano oil
  • repopulate the GI tract with good bacteria
  • provide extensive healing to many organs and systems of the body via targetted supplements like L-glutamine, CoQ10, Pycnogenol, Bioflavonoids, Vitamin C, George’s aloe vera juice, MucosaHeal, etc.
  • It also provides key rebuilding and strengthening via homemade bone and medicinal mushroom broths and 10 specific therapeutic amino acids.

This is why the IBD Remission Diet is effective whether you have Crohn’s, colitis or even IBS – it is not just a diet, it is a complete targeted healing program.

But getting back to this half-elemental diet clinical trial – I’m still happy to have it as it some interesting data on the different ways you can use an elemental diet. Many people cannot adhere to a 100% elemental diet, so this is good alter