In one of my presentations, I talked about how “not feeling safe” is usually at the root of most allergies and auto-immune disorders, and in that video I take you back to some possible childhood/infancy triggers.

But here’s the next step – once you’ve identified that you have a gut or visceral feeling of ‘not safe’, how do you change/heal that??

amalia-pregnant-fieldWell, I was out with my herd of horses and working with Amalia (soon to give birth to her first foal) on exactly this issue. I use a combination of talking and listening to the horses and then I use EFT Tapping (mind/body acupressure tapping technique) on them. As I was exploring Amalia’s issues around past trauma and not feeling safe, it came to me in a flash: We can only get so far in trying to get ourselves to feel safe. Because let’s face it, governments change, rebel groups raid, and we are trashing our earth (resulting in earthquakes, tornadoes, ocean acidification, etc.) – your visceral self knows all this!

It’s not about feeling safe…

Amalia the horse knows this too and as I talked/tapped with her I could only get so far on the ‘feeling safe’ issue. And then it just popped into my mind – the issue is NOT safety! The key is to experience, feel and believe in your own resilience.

That no matter what happens (and painful stuff does happen!) you will be able to handle it. That you have the resilience and flexibility to not be destroyed, gutted, or wiped out by the pain, trauma, or difficulty that may occur. If you’d like to experience what resilience could feel like, then join me as we tippity-tap through this limitation!

EFT Tapping, or my own variation, called Lazer Tapping, is a powerful healing tool because it interfaces between the mind/body and thus can shift things at the energetic, or subconscious level. It also involves your bodily sensations and fears or memories that may be stored in your tissues or organs – so you may feel butterflies in your stomach, or heaviness in your chest. Don’t worry! These are all good signs that your body is speaking to you and signposting the way to your healing.

Acupressure tapping to increase resilience

Note that you cannot just listen to this video! You must tap along with me on the acupuncture points for this therapy to work its magic.

In the beginning, we are going to start by venting, and voicing out loud all the negative crap that may be carried in your subconscious, or past experiences, or beliefs absorbed from your parents without conscious awareness (often before the age of 6).

So even though it may feel like we are focusing on the negative and you probably don’t want to dwell on that, it is an important part of the process for unlocking these limiting concepts and moving them into flow; so they can be transformed into life affirming, positive beliefs and feelings that make your world bigger. So if you’re feeling uncomfortable, just stay with me, keep tapping, and know that we have to go down into the depths to bring these things up into the light, where we can then shift and transform them. Stick with the video and know that the positive affirmations and life-enhancing re-frames are coming!

Follow along with me; tap on the acupuncture points I’m tapping on and say (out loud or in your head) the words I’m saying:

How did you like that? If you’d like to explore this technique further, please join me for a FREE SESSION using my Lazer Tapping technique; where we combine tapping, along with accessing the tissues and cells in the body. It’s a powerful self-healing technique that everyone can learn to do!