infrared-laser1This article was sent in by one of my readers (Amy Spiegel) to share their experience in hopes that it may help others with a similar problem. Amy used my Natural Remedy for Perianal Abscess and Fistula – so be sure to read this too, to get the full instructions for how to proceed. Keep in mind that WE are the cutting-edge of innovative treatments for IBD-related problems, so we need to share our experiments and results with each other. So if you try this therapy and it works, please let us know in the COMMENTS section below. Likewise, if you try it and it doesn’t work, it would also be really helpful if you let us know.

IMPORTANT: Amy’s story prompted me to do some research into laser therapy for infection and wound healing and so be sure to read my corresponding article on How Does Infrared Light Therapy Work? before testing this protocol – as it will ensure you use an infrared laser of sufficient strength.

But let’s get started with Amy’s article:

By Amy Spiegel

My son is now in remission and has been ever since I started naturopathic remedies and the Absorb Plus shakes. His main problem that lasted two years was a peri-anal abscess that WOULD NOT HEAL.

My son’s Crohn’s first presented itself with a peri-anal abscess, which was drained in the ER. While we thought that healed it, it really didn’t and it would fill up and ooze about every 10-12 days for almost two years. Now I know this was because the internal infection was still there. It would get very red and painful so I would put hot compresses on it until I could release the infection. Once we did this it would take about another 10-12 days to “fill” back up.

In the meantime I applied the oil of oregano topically, tried the FissureHeal and other suppositories the naturopath gave me, hot baths, mud packs, etc. Nothing seemed to work. His naturopath suggested trying the infrared laser pen light, as she had used it for other wound healing with success.

Her theory was that the laser penetrates deeper into the tissue. If you add a treatment to the skin first, then the laser carries that deep into the wound for healing. So we used ITIRES homeopathic ointment for lymphatic drainage and SanPharma Notatum Drops (for bacterial infections) topically prior to the laser treatment. I also would sometimes add the oil of oregano topically. I did infrared laser pen light treatments of 1-2 minutes every night for about 6 months.

I started noticing immediately that the duration between the abscess “flares” began to lengthen. It went from 10 days, to 14 days, then 18 days, then three weeks, then 45 days – sometimes backsliding to 14 days – but it kept a pattern in general of lengthening. I also noticed that the flares were less painful, less red and less pus, sometimes only a drop. This encouraged us to continue. It was very slow healing.

All the while I kept him on the oil of oregano orally and the Healthy Trinity probiotics. We then got to the point that the infection was completely gone and we stopped the infrared pen light treatments. It has now been nine months with absolutely no recurrence.

However, I felt that he needed to continue maintenance treatment, so our other naturopathic/MD doctor suggested the Lumen Photon 90 Infrared therapy product. I thought this would be better, since he is in his teen years and this is something he can do on his own. It is a pad with several laser lights and can be placed anywhere on the body (except the eyes). He does this a couple times per week (just to make Mom feel better).

He also has started placing it on his stomach. My acupuncturist states “the bad guys do not like the light.” Sounds spiritual to me. So if the light kills off the bad bacteria in the abscess why not the stomach? I hope that this can help someone else and would love to hear another success story. I don’t know how it worked but something did as it started to change and then disappeared.

Amy Spiegel (B.A. in Community Health Education) is the married mother of two boys aged 14 and 10 in North Atlanta. Before going on sabbatical to care for her children, she was a medical assistant for two surgical physicians and then the director of exercise physiology for the Texas Back Institute.  She’s dedicated the past two years to researching natural remedies and dietary wellness practices for the treatment of Crohn’s disease in response to her son’s diagnosis – who was unable to tolerate the toxic medication protocols recommended by physicians.

Now that you’ve read this article, head over to my article where I explain how infrared lasers work and what strength and intensity of laser is necessary to get good results from this treatment. I also give you links to the best quality/price lasers I’ve been able to find. Two of the cheapest that should also get the job done are:

Doctors Red Laser (635 nm, 5 mW, 1/2″ penetration) – has on/off switch and comes with a wide variety of tips, both straight and angled (for dental applications) and a padded travel case. Useful for treating thinning or receding gums or gingivitis. This professional red laser is an incredibly good deal for $119

Violet Laser (405 nm, 5 mW) – has on/off switch and comes with a wide variety of tips, both straight and angled (for dental applications) and a padded travel case for $219. Tips can be interchanged with the Doctors Red Laser as using the two lasers in combination can work well for stubborn cases. The Violet Laser has been documented to help the body’s defenses eliminate bacteria or other infections. (With a photochemical effect). For this reason, if your fistula has a lot of infection, this violet laser may work better than the red ones. It is also better for treating (softening, dissolving) scar tissue. Good for oral treatment of gingivalis.

Laser Pad for Larger Areas – You can also custom-order the exact type of laser pad you want at a VERY good price from

NOTE: This article is part 3 of a 3-part series, which together give you the FULL instructions on how to heal a fistula or perianal abscess. So make sure you read EACH post to get the full instructions:

1. Natural Remedy for Perianal Abscess and Fistula
2. How to Use Infrared Lasers to Speed Healing of Fistulas
3. Amy’s story: How She Used Jini’s Natural Remedy and Infrared Lasers to Heal Her Son’s Perianal Abscess – this post above.

Laser Therapy For Peri-Anal Abscess or Fistula

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  • Loved this article. My son also has crohns and has an abcess/fistula? that will not heal. I have been using the wild oil of oregano, and yesterday I got the infrared light, I will post if I see improvements. So happy for the young boy getting healed, I am also excited that this will work for my son!


    1. Hi, Sharon,

      Did the laser and wild oil of oregano work for your son? I have perirectal and peri anal abcess and I was diagnosed with uc and crohn’s disease. I am 56 years old and I been to the hospital to cure just like describe, but doctor drain it and it still come back. Please help, if it does work, tell or write to me on how you did. Thank you for your time on getting get rid of this painful abscess.

      Chris Thomas

    1. Hello, my boyfriend had Crohn’s though the infection now has reduced to a great extent, his perianal absess is troubling him alot. He got a Seton placed few months back, I wanted to ask if this laser would work for him the same way? What’s the other alternative that you would suggest?

      1. Hi Meghana,

        Thanks for contacting us here. One of Jini’s readers has improved Jini’s Wild Oregano Syringing protocol by using an infrared laser. So be sure and read this article below before beginning treatment and check out the comments section to get more insight as many more questions/situations are covered there – including use with seton.

        I also recommend getting Jini’s book Listen to your Gut If you’d like to immerse yourself in a ton of information ASAP. This book outlines how Jini healed her own Crohn’s disease and details out several protocols. The book comes with a money back guarantee so feel free to send it back for a refund if it isn’t what you’re looking for. Here’s a link to the eBook version:

        We wish you and your boyfriend all the best!

        Cris B,
        Customer Care

  • I have a anal abscess that started internally and moved it way to the surface, was lanced, and now have a seton. I may be getting another abscess on the other side because I feel pain inside. My question is that for someone who has a seton inside the rectum through a hole and back out would it be safe to put some oil of oregano in my rectum for help heal the hole that leads to the fistula? Or should I do some probiotic enema? Not sure at this point. My doctor wants me to take some anibiotics but I really don’t want to. If I am getting another infection I need to deal with it. I was diagnosed with Crohn’s in my rectum about a year ago and have been on the SCD which has kept diarrhea away, but not healing the fistula too well.

  • My husband has had 3 fistulotomys in the past 2 years being he is a registered nurse he refuses to try anything natural unless it is recommended by a doctor. We flew to san antonio from el paso tx for the last one and 6 days after the surgery it filled up again. We are financially broke and emotionally broken. Is there a doctor or naturalist in el paso who could talk to him and recommend the laser treatment. I’m tired of seeing him in pain and wish it would heal already. please help!

  • After 15 years suffering from Ulcerative Colitis I have had a total colectomy which has left me with a pouch of the small intestine and an anus. A few years back I got a perianal abscess which was drained and a seton stitch inserted. I no longer have a seton but I do now have a fistula that will not heal.
    I’ve had numerous EUA’s (Examination Under Anesthetic) as a day patient and sent home with a script of Cipro.
    I don’t believe the Cipro helps and I hate taking drugs.
    I’m extremely interested in learning more about the laser treatment and the oil of oregano.
    I’m feeling rather desperate now as I’ve tried so many remedies and nothing works. My diet has changed significantly and has helped with my UC but the fistula is still there.
    Can you please recommend a naturalist or anyone who can help me in Melbourne Australia.

  • i have had a abccesed breast going on three years now, have already had it biopsied Thank GOD ! it came back negative. but the same happens as your sons did, It would fill up about every 2 weeks and drain again and then close up and fill back up. I quit wearing a bra during the winter because i could wear a big coat to hide it and it has not formed since December and now here it is March almost. But now it is starting to get warm i can feel little pins of pain like i am aggrevating it again. My real question is I own a tanning salon and recently decided to have the red lamp therapy in our salon. do you think that that kind of therapy will help me at all. I am so tired of this I put on 35 pounds not being able to exercise because the rubbing seems to inflame it and start all over. HELP!!

  • Sonya – did you read the other blog post on using wild oregano oil for abscesses?

    You can dilute the wild oregano 5:1 for breast tissue, or try full-strength (commercial preparation – use one of the brands recommended). Then you could use the infrared lamp for 10 minutes (on bare breast).

    I would also go see a REALLY good integrative physician to see what lifestyle, dietary, emotional contributors are going on in your life. I sense there is also something you are doing in your daily life (or exposed to) that is contributing to this problem.

    And going braless is a good thing, see why:

  • Ive been having Anal Fistula since 2008 did fistulomy surgery in April,2009.Refuse to heal,any treatment centre in Nigeria?

  • Jini,

    After much searching, I have at last found a place where I may be able to finds answers to my questions. 9 months ago, I developed a rectal abscess which was lanced and drained in the ER. The area seems to be healing up just fine, but there is a question as to whether or not I may have a small fistula. Nothing has drained from the area after all this time, but there is a very small bump (very slightly tender) just under the skin that keeps rising to the surface every 2 weeks or so and then goes back down after a few days; again, without drainage. The wound seems to be filling itself in, and this MAY be a normal part of the healing process, but the colorectal surgeon is suggesting invasive methods to try and find out what might be happening. If it IS a fistula, I consider mainstream methods of treatment to be a NIGHTMARE; cutting and slicing open sphincter muscles will forever change my life, and I want to avoid this AT ALL COSTS. The laser light treatment sounds very intriguing, but of course I do not know yet if I have a fistula. I would like to get the opinion of a naturopath or acupuncturist in my area who has experience with this particular issue. I live in the Los Angeles area. Any recommendations for folks in my area whom I can visit to seek out help?

  • Hi Billy, I would just start right away with wild oregano (use one of the brands I recommend and do not dilute further if you can tolerate it) applied topically to the area that gets tender. Or, if you need to, dilute as directed here:

    You could also add some DMSO (about 10-20%) to the wild oregano to help it be transported deeper into the tissues – do a keyword search on my blog here for my posts on DMSO usage.

    That alone may take care of things. The other thing you could do is begin oral wild oregano at the first feeling of tenderness at the same time as topical.

  • Jini,

    Thank you for all of this information. The first step before starting any of this is to find out what exactly is going on. Unfortunately, the doctors in my area don’t seem to be ‘up to speed’ on how to scan for a possible fistula using any type of non-invasive imaging method, i.e. MRI or Ultrasound. They want to CUT IT OPEN to see if there is a problem, which is ridiculous. But I HAVE read articles on this, and I’ve found that BOTH MRI and Ultrasound can tell the story as to what is going on. I am VERY hesitant to apply anything topically until I find out what is happening (I MAY be just fine, but until I find out what that bump is, I really don’t want to mess with it in any way). Can wild oregano oil and/or DMSO be harmful to normal healing in any way? And you mention ‘don’t dilute it (oregano oil) if you can tolerate it.’ What do you mean by ‘tolerate it’? Will it burn my skin or cause discomfort in any way?

  • Any of the brands of wild oregano I recommend (see my ) are already diluted 3:1 so will not burn skin (as ESSENTIAL oil of oregano can do). But, you will likely get a burning FEELING – that lasts about 2.5 minutes. But it is not damaging. DMSO is still an experimental substance, so you would need to do your own research on it. I can’t see of any way the wild oregano would be harmful… but as always, it’s your body, so you need to follow your own gut!

  • Hi,

    I have had a perianal abscess that was misdiganosed as a Bartholin abscess since June 2011. I finally was able to see a GI doctor who dignosed it correctly. I had a colonscopy to check on my Crohn’s (I have been in remission for 15 years after a bowel resection, so no flare-ups since then thank God!) to see if I was having another flare up. The GI doc thought also that he might see evidence of a flare up OR a fistula. He said that he has seen no evidence of either. I was going to have a CAT scan, but as it turned out I found out I was pregnant (6 weeks). I’ve been taken off all anitbiotics, and now have to wait until I give birth. The abscess is now small because my body created two small holes where it drains a little every morning in the bath. Thankfully it is only slightly painful, but plenty annoying.

    I am wondering two things… one being pregnant can I use the natural remedy? Or should I wait? Also, will this continued abscess hurt the baby in any way?


  • BONNIE – Obviously I cannot give you personal health advice. But I can tell you my own experience: All literature says to avoid oral wild oregano usage whilst pregnant. However, you can use intravenous hydrogen peroxide whilst pregnant for infection and your naturopathic doctor or integrative physician can administer this. I personally, have used topical wild oregano whilst pregnant (I have 3 kids) and I have used oral wild oregano whilst breastfeeding. I also gave a massive oral dose to my cat who was breastfeeding her kittens (she was dying from eating an infected bird) – the dosage equivalent would be of a human drinking an entire 1 oz bottle in one go. There were no ill effects on the cat or the kittens. In fact, the vet said this was the first time in his entire career he had seen an entire litter of kitten with no ear or mouth infections!

    Personally, if had an abscess whilst pregnant, I would do the topical wild oregano as outlined above and consult with my naturopath for safe oral anti-pathogen protocols. You, of course, must do your own research and follow your own gut for what you feel is safe for your body. And congratulations!

  • Hi Jini –

    I’m very excited to have come across this page and definitely want to try the wild oregano oil. I had Crohn’s in remission until last year when I had my first colonoscopy in over two decades and literally days later was met with an abscess. Now a year later, I have 3 setons in and two mushroom drains for the abscesses. They have been drained again and again and after a recent visit, my surgeon says if it is not under control he recommends doing a temporary colostomy which I am vehemently opposed to. Do I need to take probiotics in tandem with the wild oregano oil treatment or has anyone found it to be successful (oregano) on it’s own? I would like to fight this with everything I can and will listen to anyone’s suggestions. Is there a link that specifies when and how to take the oregano oil and probiotics? Could I take the oregano oil orally and topically (syringing it in the drains as well?) Any advice is appreciated and thank you!

  • Thank you Jini. Do you have a suggestion as to where one could find the oregano oil locally as opposed to online?
    I am currently on flagyl and Remicade facing the possibility of a colostomy. To naysayers: I will continue with my meds but what can trying this hurt at this point?

  • I had a question about the laser treatment. Do you know how she used it for 2 minutes a night? Did she just use it in one spot or did she follow the tract up to the rectum area, or just the incision and bulging inflamed area? If she did use it in multiple spots was it 2 minutes for each or altogether? My son had surgery two weeks ago to drain his and now we are in the process of trying to figure out how to heal it properly.

    Thanks for your help.


  • Have been dealing with peri-anal abscesses for months now. One was drained in O-R and the other in surgeon’s office. I have no pain, and it is the 2nd abscess that continues to drain. Surgeon advised surgery as suspects a fistula – I have Prostate CA and reluctant to undergo surgery that seems will cause me more discomfort and a lengthy healing process. I am seeing another dr. for a 2nd opinion and hoping surgery is not my only option. It seems I would be worse off after a fistulotomy or fistulectomy than I am now. Am concerned about infection after surgery and taking antibiotics. If surgery is absolutely necessary, which procedure (fistulotomy or fistulectomy) would offer best result?

  • Hi Jini,
    I am extremely hopeful after reading this. I am having similar problem. I am having anal fistula and abscess due to which I had to be operated couple of times for draining the abscess. I am 5 mths pregnant, and have developed another abscess. Due to my pregnancy, I am unable to take any pain killers or antibiotics and the doctor is suggesting surgery which I do not want to undergo because of my pregnancy. We live in San Jose, CA. Is there anyone here we can consult for this theraphy – laser/oregono treatment? Can we have your phone number to talk?

  • My husband has been having recurrent abscess and fistula for 3.5 years. He now has 2 setons and two more abscess that continually need to be drained. He does not have any other symptoms of Chrons. The Dr’s keep draining the abscess and putting him on antibiotics. As soon as he stops the antibiotics the abscess returns. He tried oregano oil topically and internally without much success. Can you recommend a Dr in Arizona who uses your techniques? We are desperate for anything that will work. Thank you.

  • BRIANNE – Dr. Abram Ber MD is familiar with my work:
    5011 North Granite Reef Road, Scottsdale, AZ 85250, United States
    (480) 941-2141

    Also, we have another fellow who has been experimenting with the more powerful formula I gave TED (above) – see his mum’s comments on another blog post as this formula seems to be working well for his fistula. Scroll down to Comment #46 – Cindy:

  • I have been diagnosed with rectal abscess but it’s drainging through my rectum on its own. Don’t want surgery. I have been taking Oil of Oregeno carvacrol 70, with 510mg, 45 of pure Oregeno oil which delivers 35 mg carvacrol) is this enough? I am also taking Colloidal Silver 500 PPM 1/2 tsp daily for 14 days, Kyolic Garlic 600mg 2pills 2xdaily, and olive Leaf Extract 500 mg 3pills 3xdaily and Acidophilus FOS 1billion of Acidophilus, bugaricus, bifidus and 100mg of FOS 5pills 2xdaily. What do you think? How would I administer Orgeono to get to abscess? I live in southern California in Orange County. Can you refer me to an aleternative doctor. I have suffered with ulcerative colitis.

  • Im sorry I made a mistake in my post. I take the Oregeno 3pills 3xdaily and the Olive Leaf Extract 1pill 3xdaily. Sorry for that errror. Also if I bought the light, where would I put the light at if it’s internally.

  • Hi, Jini,
    I’ve read through all the blogs on fistuals as I have a peri-rectal fistula for nearly three years. I don’t have crohn’s nor Ulcerative Colitis. Have had irritable bowel for five years. I’ve been treating fistula with DMSO & honey with the laser treatments. I take grapefruit seed extract, ghee, DMSO internally with honey; been taking probiotics faithfully for over three years, tried aloe vera juice and use olive oil. Want to add the oregano oil, but is so expensive… I try so many things & continue to abscess. It’s very discouraging & very costly. Only thing I haven’t tried is your bowel rest. Is there anyone out there other than Amy S.’s son who has used your protocols & healed their fistula? I need to know your treatments have worked for more than just one person… 🙁 Need Help….

    1. Hi Cindy,

      We wish we could give you a guarantee but the protocol might not work for your particular situation. However, having said that, we have received lots of positive email feedback about the syringing protocol. All of options Jini suggests are collected in one place at her fistula symptom page at the link below if you haven’t seen it already:

      Kind regards,
      Customer Care

    1. Just click the link in the blog post – I believe they ship worldwide. If not, then copy down the product specifications and look for a similar product on Amazon in SA. Good luck!

  • I am suffering from pre anal abscess from last 2 years. I am having homopathic medicine i got releaf for time being. Pls let me know the permanent cure for the same..

  • Jini
    I have one of your older books and it mentions using tea tree oil in a sitz bath for an anal fistula. I see oil of oregano being recommended now. Is there any reason I should not use tea tree oil? I use a sitz bath that sits on toilet. How many drops is safe to use? Thank you Jini.

    1. Hi Amy,

      Jini recommended tea tree oil before she found wild oregano oil. Within a year and a half of discovering wild oregano oil, she had used it for numerous yeast, fungal, bacterial, and viral infections on herself and family members and experienced superior results. You can certainly use tea tree oil but, in Jini’s experience and testing, you would likely be better off with the wild oregano oil.

      Also, if you haven’t seen it, Jini’s fistula symptom page has a lot more info here:

      Regarding your other question about pus drainage, passing stool shouldn’t impact the infection but it may adversely affect healing if it is solid. That’s one reason why Jini suggests going on an elemental diet so that the stool isn’t fully formed.

      Kind regards,
      Customer Care

  • Jini,
    Am trying to get a better understanding of the pus drainage and am really hopeful you can help me. Though my thorough GI work up is negative for Crohns, the surgeon says the amount of drainage present could indicate there is crohns.

    In my experience I have noted both times went to OR to have area cleaned out, that drainage stopped for one to two days then resumed along with a bowel movement. Usually constipated after OR trip due to pain meds.

    Wouldn’t it mean that the pus drainage is due to the stool continuing to pass through the area? Am confused. How do healthy non Crohns individuals not continue to have pus draining ( which I understand to mean there is infection) with stool passing through?

    I am really hopeful someone can help me understand this better.

  • i tried the laser and sitting over a heat lamp…they helped but didnt cure anything

    my thoughts are while your colon is still having inflammation etc…you will probably have to deal with that at the same time which all boils down to diet and fixing the root cause if that is a fungal infection etc.

    i like the absorb plus shakes but the sugar content will often feed the bacteria and yeast that are causing the crohns…i have tried them many many times and symptoms will usually flare up within a few days….sorry but thats a real testimony, they are great in theory but i maybe ill try them again one day…great concept though!

    1. Hi Bob,

      Thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts. We’re sorry to hear that the laser therapy and Absorb Plus haven’t worked well for you. A large number of people have told us that they’ve experienced success with the unsweetened vanilla flavor of Absorb Plus combined with a regimen of wild oregano oil and probiotics. We appreciate the feedback and wish you all the best!

      Kind regards,
      Customer Care

  • Hi. I’m suffering from peri anal fistula’s for 5 years now. Been opsrated 7 times. At the moment I have a seton. Forever I’m afraid. Do you know anybody in Holland who is familiar with your advices for treatment? And do you know of any dietary adjustments I can make to help my body to heal?

    1. Hello Karin,

      Sorry to hear what you are going through. We do not know anyone in Holland, however we do know of a doctor that is familiar with our protocols that does phone and video appointments. Here is his information:
      Dr. Paul Goldberg shares methods and protocols with Jini and has read all of her books. He is a very rigorous practitioner and like Jini, has healed himself of a serious chronic illness, so he understands firsthand what you’re going through. We can highly recommend him.
      You can also watch this video for a detailed description of how Dr. Goldberg works and what’s involved with his healing approach:
      Dr. Goldberg is located in the Atlanta area but has clients all over the world with whom he communicates via telephone and video chat.

      As for a diet, We have a lot of great dietary advice on the website and especially in the Listen to Your Gut book you could get here:

      The IBD Remission diet book is very helpful as well:

      If you decide to try the Elemental Diet and/or the Absorb Plus or Vegan Kits here are the different options:

      If you have any other questions please let us know.

      Kind Regards,
      Customer Care

  • Hi, Karin,
    I’m so sorry to hear of your affliction.. I also had a peri-anal fistula. Mine held on just 3 years, the 3rd surgery finally sealed it off. If you would like to reach out to someone who cares, my email is
    I believe when God brings us through a trial, we are to use what we’ve learned to help someone else! I would love to offer my support & unique experiences for you to look at-
    Love in Christ,

  • I recently ordered the Vetrolaser and am using it on my sons abcsess….I will let you all know if it helps! He is also on antibiotics (Flagly) but is weaning off. I am planning on starting Wild Oil of Oregano soon. I’m just taking one thing at a time because he’s only 10, and of course, super overwhelmed by all of this “stuff” I am making him do;)
    The Vetrolaser, if anyone has used it, omits 3 lights. I’m wondering if one of the lights needs to hit the abcsess directly, or if it can just be near it? I have the pen light as well, so I’m just wondering which is better to use? Any advice would be appreciated!

  • I also am interested in finding a naturopath doctor who is familiar with Jinis protocol. I live in the western suburbs of Chicago. If you know of anyone near me that may be able to advise us, please share! Much appreciated:)

    1. Hello Becky,

      We do not know of any naturopath doctors in the Chicago area. However, we know of a couple that do video and phone appointments that are familiar with Jini’s protocols.
      Dr. Paul Goldberg shares methods and protocols with Jini and has read all of her books. He is a very rigorous practitioner and like Jini, has healed himself of a serious chronic illness, so he understands firsthand what you’re going through. We can highly recommend him.
      You can also watch this video for a detailed description of how Dr. Goldberg works and what’s involved with his healing approach:
      Dr. Goldberg is located in the Atlanta area but has clients all over the world with whom he communicates via telephone and video chat.

      We also would recommend Dr. Michael Ruscio who uses similar techniques as Jini does. You can see more about him and click to his website here:

      Please let us know if we can help with anything else.

      Kind Regards,
      Customer Care

    1. Hi, Jini,

      I have a questions for Amy, on the following:
      I also would sometimes add the oil of oregano topically. I did infrared laser pen light treatments of 1-2 minutes every night for about 6 months.

      I started noticing immediately that the duration between the abscess “flares” began to lengthen. It went from 10 days, to 14 days, then 18 days, then three weeks, then 45 days – sometimes backsliding to 14 days – but it kept a pattern in general of lengthening. I also noticed that the flares were less painful, less red and less pus, sometimes only a drop. This encouraged us to continue. It was very slow healing.

      All the while I kept him on the oil of oregano orally and the Healthy Trinity probiotics. We then got to the point that the infection was completely gone and we stopped the infrared pen light treatments. It has now been nine months with absolutely no recurrence.

      What does she mean abscess “flares” began to lengthen. How often do you apply the oil of oregano topically? What does she mean by backsliding 14 days. Which is better? I have been taking the Natren the bifido, disgect-lac and megadophilus, but you mention Trinity probiotics. I don’t have a large intestine doctor completely remove large intestine in 2005, had several peri-rectal and peri anal abscess and been hospital 4 times since 2017. Can you apply oil of oregano while pointing the laser on the abscess? Thank you for your help and time on desperate help on the pain.


  • Hi Chris – it looks like Amy is not going to reply – perhaps her email address has changed and she’s not getting comment notifications…

    Anyway, I’m pretty sure that:

    1. She means the TIME between flares began to lengthen; so flares occurred less frequently.

    2. See this post for how to apply the wild oregano:

    3. “Backsliding” means that things worsened. Remember that healing is often an up-and-down process – where things appear to be getting worse for short periods, but the body is either integrating, or detoxing/flushing.

  • I had multiple operations but the fistula is still there. i heard of the laser treatment now I wonder if we have such kind of treatment in South Africa? if we do, in which hospitals do they perform it? is there any one who has undergone this treatment. was it successful?

  • My 5 month old had his abscess drained when he was 2 months. It has reoccurred and I really want to try something natural before taking him in again where they would probably try another surgery and drugs. Can I do any of this on his skin? The oil of oregano and infrared?

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