When inflammation has been present for a long time in the rectum or anal canal, it sometimes causes scarring (fibrosis). Repeated ulceration and healing (often from proctitis) can also result in scar tissue. Surgical procedures for hemorrhoids, skin tags, anal dilation, sphincterectomy, etc. all cause scar tissue as the body heals the wound. Scar tissue is not as flexible as healthy tissue and the gradual build-up and thickening of scar tissue can narrow and constrict the rectal or anal canal, resulting in a stricture.

Sometimes this narrowing (anal stenosis or rectal stenosis) comes on very gradually, so you think you are constipated, rather than realizing there is a physical obstruction of scar tissue blocking your stool from coming out. Then of course, as you strain and push to get the stool out, this can cause more tearing (and as it heals, more scar tissue) along with hemorrhoids, strained rectal and anal muscles, spasm and aggravated nerves. The pudendal nerve branches like tree roots all throughout the levator ani muscles and can become trapped or aggravated. Rectal spasming (cramping) and aggravated nerves will then contrict your rectum even further.

The great news is that our experimental protocol for healing (dissolving) scar tissue in the rectal and anal canal is ready for other testers! This natural remedy uses powerful healing substances like DMSO, potassium iodide, aloe vera and colloidal silver. As you know, I test all remedies on myself first, then family members and friends, then LTYG Wellness Circle members and then we open it up to my larger pool of readers.

Fill in the form below and we will send you the Rectal StrictureHeal Ebook – at no charge – with all the instructions for how to administer this remedy. In the ebook I will give you all the details of how this protocol has worked so well for my own 23 year old scar tissue, plus one of my readers named Monica (name changed for privacy) who had a severe stricture in her anal canal. Monica even had her healing confirmed with a colonoscopy where her doctor said, “If I hadn’t been your doctor all along and seen your stricture for myself, I would never believe you had a stricture – the tissue is completely normal and there is absolutely no indication of where the stricture was.”

Remember though, that this protocol is still in the experimental phase, so be sure and read the