I receive a large number of questions about new products and cutting-edge protocols so I decided to make a post that could potentially get you an answer faster than I can respond!

Regarding new products, please refer to the guidelines in Listen To Your Gut on page 55 for How To Introduce Supplements, and follow them if you are thinking of trying a product that is not recommended in the Listen To Your Gut program.

I’ve also provided selection criteria for assessing certain new products like probiotics, wild oregano, aloe vera, etc. So again, please refer to the Listen To Your Gut book for how to select one of these products if you don’t want to use the one recommended by myself.

Lastly, you can also use the Google Custom Search Engine on the right sidebar of the LTYG website, as many of these alternate products have already been discussed in the forum or blog – and you can find the relevant info there.