I love this story because it’s a great example of the interconnectedness of our healing community here at LTYG! One of my readers, Nishta Patel (no relation – Patel is a common Indian name – much like Smith in the U.S.) used the protocols in Listen To Your Gut to heal her daughter Kiasha.

Nishta was so inspired by what she learned and her experience of holistic healing via her daughter’s journey, that she went back to school to become a Naturopathic Doctor in the UK. She is now studying Functional Medicine in the U.S. and can be contacted for advice or consultations in-person, or via phone/Skype through her clinic ZEST.

I encourage you to book with Nishta Patel if you would like the added support of a nutritionist and functional medicine practitioner in your Healing Journey, who is personally familiar with my protocols. How cool is that!! What a beautiful circle of learning, healing, and paying it forward.

Here’s the article published about Nishta in What Doctors Don’t Tell You magazine, or you can download the pdf.