How an Abscess Can Communicate a Vital MessageSometimes we can understand mind/body or spiritual concepts easier, if we see them modeled by someone else. And sometimes, when we can observe this wisdom in animals, it becomes a very powerful transmission.

I am the guardian of horses, dogs and cats, and I learn continually from all of them. Even wild animals, or watching animals in videos can transmit greater wisdom, or states of peace. Here’s an email I recently received from someone recovering from Lyme disease:

“My partner has commented on how he finds me smiling as I watch and listen with the heart to your message in your u-tube conversations with your horses. Although I’ve come to enjoy your entire herd and family, your horse Montaro especially has truly blessed me with his assured strength and calm understanding. As he speaks to you and his herd, I feel he speaks to me too. This year, I met more wild animals during my daily walks than ever before. What a wonderful place and family you have made as you listen to your horses (and dogs) and learn from each other.”

In this blog post, I wrote about how our pets or animals can use their physical body to deliver emotional/mental/spiritual messages to us. So you will see how this concept I keep speaking about is not just applicable to our healing journey with our own bodies, but the universe can also use our pets bodies to deliver messages to us, and help us come into wholeness.

Although my horse Audelina had a hoof abscess and could hardly walk, I used a DMSO and wild oregano mixture to completely heal it in only 3 days because we simultaneously received and honored the MESSAGE her body was delivering.

Fortunately, although I’d never treated a hoof abscess before, I had a good understanding of the elements involved from one of my most popular posts on this blog (253,000 views, 413 comments): on natural remedies for perianal abscess and fistula. Aside from the location of the abscess, the same principles of trapped infection, difficulty treating the inaccessible locale, and helping infection to drain, all apply to hoof abscesses as well as perianal abscesses.

What is the message of perianal abscess?

If you have a stubborn fistula or abscess, or, one that keeps recurring – even though you’ve healed it – you’d do well to take an inventory of all possible contributing factors – physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. Most people tend to only look at physical causes. I received this question from a reader:

“I was wondering if there is anything to prevent the fistula abscesses from coming in the first place. I read all about healing them. But am I missing getting to the root cause? Mine have returned & I’m really discouraged with everything I’m reading.”

I love that this person is asking the right question! As you can see in the video above, the message of your recurring abscess could be just about anything pertinent to your life, or the way you’re currently moving through life and making the decisions you make. So you’ve really got to cast your net wide, open to all possibilities and open to receive deeper wisdom.

But let’s start with the easy stuff…

Possible physical causes of perianal abscess and fistula

Drug use – I once had a chat with an MD who was convinced that many of the drugs prescribed for Crohn’s and colitis actually caused fistulas as a “side effect”.

Suppressed immune system – again, we can look at immune-suppressant drug use and all the other things that suppress immune function like WiFi radiation, GMO and pesticide-laden foods, heavy metal or other toxins, factory farmed meat, lack of exercise, poor sleep quality, poor air quality AND stress, to name a few!

Insufficient beneficial gut microbes – if your gut flora is not good, then your mucosal barrier is also not good, and your intestinal wall is more susceptible to injury and infection. Don’t forget that a number of drugs, like Prednisone and the birth control pill, make it very hard for good bacteria to thrive in your gut.

Pathogenic gut flora – hand-in-hand with the one above, if you have a lot of pathogenic (disease-causing) microbes in your gut, then you’re a short step away from infection. If you take drugs to suppress the infection (but not heal it), those microbes have to go somewhere and that’s when the body starts tunneling through tissue and bone to create a drainage hole for these infectious microbes.

So addressing/healing the physical contributors to your perianal abscess or fistual issue may involve weaning (don’t quit cold turkey or you may suffer severe consequences!) off prescription drugs. And switching to a clean food, happy-meat diet. If you can’t afford to eat pasture-raised or organic animal products, then consider becoming Pegan – where you eat mostly home-grown or organic veggies and meat is ‘condiment-sized’. You don’t need a big slab of meat; a few thin slices of pasture-raised healthy meat is going to benefit your body far more than a hunk of wretched factory-farmed meat.

For sure it’s going to involve getting rid of GI pathogens (preferably using natural anti-pathogen agents) and high doses of oral and colonic therapeutic-quality probiotics – like Natren brand. NOT a bunch of shelf-stable soil organisms that seem to be en vogue with doctors these days. And check the labels on your supplements and protein shakes to make sure soil organisms (bacillus) are not being added.

Then, of course, you are also going to need to get anti-pathogen (antibiotic, antifungal, antiviral) agents directly to the site of the infection. This is where my original fistula syringing protocol comes in. Or, as you saw in the video, you can apply them topically and combine with DMSO if needed, to drive them deeper into the tissue.

Possible emotional/spiritual causes of fistula and perianal abscess

If we look at the nature of what is occurring in the body, and where it is occurring, sometimes we can get clues or signposts that lead to where our real problem lies.

A fistula in spiritual terms seems to be about unhealthy things that are being hidden, or oppressed. Rather than bringing them out into the light, or going through the pain or struggle necessary to heal these aspects, or behaviours, or relationships, or beliefs… instead we are oppressing and pushing them down. Down into deep, dark tunnels, hidden away from the light. But, truth is irrepressible, sooner or later it will emerge; truth will out. So the questions to ask yourself are:

What am I refusing to deal with in my life?
What truth or knowing am I repressing?
What are the top 5 things I do to sabotage myself?
What am I too afraid to look at, or deal with?
What shame am I hiding away from the world?

The spiritual meaning of an abscess – especially one that’s recurring – could be a signpost to ask yourself questions to identify what is festering in your life right now:

What’s at the root of my discontent?
If I had NO limits, what would be my most outrageous dream?
How do I deny myself permission to really live, risk, or try things?
What is rotten, or festering, simmering away, in my life?
If I gave myself permission to acknowledge my hidden anger… what am I mad about?
If I could root out any unhealthy, destructive behaviour or belief, what would it be?

When I ask myself deep questions like these, I find it helpful to either meditate first, or even just relax in a hot candle-lit bath. Then I pull out my journal and write down my answers, thoughts, and ideas. There is an alchemy that happens when we write things down, instead of just answering in our head.

I would love to hear any insights or thoughts that come to you after exploring this method of going deeper into the roots of dis-ease. Remember, you don’t need to use your real name in the Comments below – you can share your gifts and still protect your privacy 🙂