Whether it be relationships, healing, self-love – are you willing to commit? Are you willing to step out of the “magic pill paradigm,” and instead listen to what your body is saying? What message is your body trying to tell you?

Join Jini Patel Thompson and Dane Johnson as they get into higher-level healing (80/20 rule), listening to your own body’s needs, colon healing therapy, and some natural home remedy options for fistulas and fissures such as FissureHeal, comfrey root, wild oregano oil, DMSO, etc.

For those clients and readers who may be suffering from fistulas and fissures, it is not easy! Keeping your stool soft/liquid long enough to heal your tissue throughout all layers to prevent re-tears, the benefits of elemental and half-elemental diets, at-home suppositories using comfrey salve or Vitamin E as a healing agent, and more potential options are discussed in this video.

Please leave any comments you may have below! All resources mentioned in video are linked below as well:

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Comfrey Root (9:10)

Organic Traditions Sprouted Chia/Flax Seed Powder 16 oz (13:48)

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Comfrey Root Salve (30:39)

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Rectovaginal Fistula Symptom Page (35:12)

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