Easy & gentle on your stomach and digestive system – Absorb Plus contains natural, elemental (pre-digested) ingredients, which are easily tolerated by even the most sensitive stomach and intestinal tract. This helps minimize the pain and discomfort commonly associated with digestion.

Maintain or gain solid weight (not fat) – Absorb Plus contains the right amounts and forms of protein, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals for gaining solid weight and NOT FAT. Many competing products contain mainly fat and sugar resulting in an increase in body fat. For weight gain, we recommend adding Flax oil providing you with more calories and Omega-3 essential fatty acid.

Daily nutritional support – Absorb Plus contains an extensive list of key ingredients, including protein, carbohydrates, free form amino acids and vitamins & minerals, allowing the ongoing healing of your condition to be supported and assisted nutritionally.

Delicious tasteAbsorb Plus is a liquid shake available in three delicious tasting, all natural flavors: French Vanilla, Mixed Berry and Chocolate Royale. Taste the difference!

Mixes properly – Absorb Plus uses a special ‘agglomerated’ high quality, cold-extracted, whey protein, that enables the product to mix easily, with no lumps! Simply add to water and stir for 20-30 seconds!

Feel more energy and sleep better – Absorb Plus contains totally elemental (pre-digested) ingredients which require minimal digestion by your body. This gives your digestive system (particularly your bowel) a chance to rest and heal by itself. Over time, drinking Absorb Plus can therefore help you feel more energy during the day and get a more restful sleep at night.

Convenient and easy to use – Absorb Plus mixes so easily, it can be taken with you anywhere, whether to work, traveling and so on. It also mixes very well with other supplements, if desired (view Recipes).