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In a recent video, I talked about the messaging system that exists between the body and the mind. My body communicates physical, emotional, and spiritual information that I need to know in order to be the healthiest, happiest person I can be.

WHY does the body do this? Because the body is the densest part of the soul – not separate from the soul, not something to be transcended or a set of limitations to be escaped – but, actually part of the soul, or, the embodiment of the soul. And therefore, a repository of wisdom far beyond our imagining.

This is really useful if you’re trying to heal from an illness, or injury! If you can view every symptom, ache, pain as a message; as your body communicating directly to you. And then you welcome that message and ACT on it. Guess what happens? Yes, the symptom/ache/pain is resolved and disappears. Let me tell you a bit more about how this works and what it looks like in real life…

Symptoms Are Messages

Linda Kohanov in her book, Riding Between The Worlds talks about an injury she received to her shin. And rather than just saying, “Oh darn it, I hurt my shin.” She went deeper and looked at WHY the injury occurred, and what was the significance of WHERE the injury occurred. As she dialogued with her body and then did what her body asked:

“The ache in my shin disappeared completely, indicating, as I had so often told my clients, that the message had been received and processed to my body’s satisfaction…. When you get the message behind these “negative” feelings, and change something in response, they dissipate on their own.”

I have had many experiences like this over the course of the last 25 years – too many to even remember! So I’ll just tell you about the latest one that occurred.

Mind/Body Communication

cupI was drinking a decaf coffee from Starbucks (a real treat for me) and felt my throat closing up. I was also eating some stew at the same time, so wasn’t sure what was causing my throat to swell. I waited a few minutes, then took another bite of stew (chewing it very well before swallowing) and my throat was okay and didn’t get any worse. Then I took another sip of the coffee and instantly my throat began to swell again.

It swelled so much, I decided not to eat anymore and went to get some water instead. It was difficult to even swallow the water! Over the course of the next few hours, my throat worsened. I took a shot of wild oregano (to combat inflammation) and went to bed. I figured if it was any kind of histamine (allergic) reaction, it would settle down by morning.

The next morning it was just as bad. If I took a sip of water it would hit a wall of tissue and bounce back out. I went online and looked up Starbucks decaffeinated coffee and learned that they use a chemical decaffeinating agent that hardly any coffee producers use anymore because it is so toxic. It is the same substance used to strip paint!

Well, you’d think that’s it, that’s the reason, right? Well, it’s the physical reason. But why did I react that time and not other times? And why my throat? And why was my throat no better after 24 hours (mucosal tissue heals very quickly) and the wild oregano?

I’m thinking these thoughts and directing my intention to open to the deeper reasons, to listen to what else my body has to say. Then my husband Ian does some little thing that ignites my anger and I lose my marbles! After tearing a strip off him, I say, “Why am I so angry? I am enraged! Let’s get to the bottom of this, because what you did is just the trigger. What’s underneath this?”

So we sit down and start discussing whatever comes up for both of us. I get a glass of water – because it’s now close to noon and I think, ‘If I can’t get some water into me soon, I’m going to have to do a hydrating enema; which I’d rather not do!’ As we talk, I’m trying to take miniscule sips of water.

We talk about current business difficulties, and difficulties with the kids; their schooling, their schedules, our desire to move – but the kids don’t want to, etc.

Go The Side Route

As we talk, I’m experimenting with ways to drink the water to try and get even a tiny sip down my throat. If I drink/swallow normally, the water slams into the wall of my throat and ricochets back out. But I discover that if I tip my head to the right, and send a thin stream of water into the right side of my mouth and down the right side of my throat only – the water can get in! Eureka!

I drink 1/4 of the glass of water and then show Ian what I’ve discovered. As I’m telling him, I get this tingly feeling and my head feels a bit woozy, and I say, “That’s it! That’s the message my soul/guidance/higher self is giving me via my throat! The message is to NOT hit things head on, do not take the direct route, or you will hit a wall. Instead, go the stealth route; go around and you will be able to make it happen.”

This was the message we needed to hear for the issues/difficulties we were facing with the kids and with one of our businesses. Go stealth!

As I was speaking this message aloud to Ian, I could feel the swelling in my throat receding. I kid you not. I thanked my throat for the wisdom, confirmed that I had received the message and promised that I would act on it repeatedly in the next weeks or months.

Ian and I continued to discuss the practical action we would take based on this directive. For example, we agreed we would not tell the kids we were looking at properties, we would just stealthily go ahead with our research and exploration. Why trigger them, when it might be more than a year before we find what we want, or are ready to move?

And… Voila!

A few minutes later, I took a sip of water and tried to swallow it normally. Smooth as silk, it went right down. I drank another glass of water normally, as Ian was exclaiming over the speed at which this body communication/resolution process was proceeding. Then I walked over to the counter and picked up a piece of (organic, no nitrate) bacon, “Watch this.”

“Are you sure??” Ian asked. “Yep,” I said, “I received the message fully and entirely and we have already begun to implement and now my body has released the messaging mechanism.” I ate the bacon with no difficulty. This is FIVE minutes after my throat was swollen shut to the point I could not even swallow a sip of water!

My throat was perfectly fine for the rest of the day and onwards. Message received –> normal functioning restored.

Because the body is the densest part of the soul.

So yes, there is a physical component; but there is also an energetic, spiritual component to EVERYTHING that occurs in our body.

I don’t see the body as a temporary container, or an inferior vessel limited by time and space.

I see the body as a precious gift, a tremendous repository of wisdom made flesh. The part of us that directly interfaces with our higher self, the cosmic consciousness, the divine, and also with our brain/mind. Not as just a conduit, but an integrated, simultaneous interface.

When we can enter fully into synergy with our mind/body/spirit – perceiving that ALL IS ONE. And that all parts of ourselves are always advocating on our behalf… well, the world becomes a much more interesting, magical place.


I Get The Message and the Symptom Disappears!

11 thoughts on “I Get The Message and the Symptom Disappears!

  • I LOVE this, especially the part about the body being part of the soul. I tend to think of them as completely separate, even often at odds, while knowing that our bodies provide us with a wealth of information if we listen and can understand it (i.e. for a few weeks one summer I was obsessed with pulling out stinging nettle only to later discover I was iron deficient. Hah! Nettle is super high in iron. The message was there, I just didn’t know how to decode it). I’m going to consider my body differently. In fact, I have some questions I need to ask right now…

  • How are you taking the stinging nettle Liz – as a tea, or…?

    And yes, it seems no matter what religious background we have, we have been indoctrinated into:

    a) the body is the evil, lustful thing that must be overcome
    b) the body is the temple (housing unit is not the same as ‘part’ of the soul)
    c) the body is the earthly vehicle that houses attachment and suffering and is meant to be transcended

    And yes, when you switch to: the body is the densest part of the soul… well, let the magic begin!

  • So true! I really love this new imagery, it just resonates so much more.

    I steamed or stir fried the stinging nettle. It was interesting to also learn that my intense craving for peppermint around that time was linked as well. I don’t know why, someone who studied plants told me that the craving was in indication of low iron but I didn’t get the full story. Once my iron was back in balance the craving for peppermint and the obsession with stinging nettle subsided.

  • Sorry Liz – for some reason I did not see your latest comment! Fascinating tie-in though. When I crave ice – i.e. chewing on ice – that’s my signal that my body is anemic. Same thing for my daughter, a number of friends and many readers I’ve heard from. So now whenever I notice someone chomping on ice with a certain fervor, I tell them to get their hemoglobin checked!

  • I have experienced this myself. It’s quite amazing. I was feeling hungry all the time, for a brief period, even after eating. And I mean HUNGRY. I couldn’t figure it out, as I’m a thin person who eats only a bit, as food holds little allure for me. I asked myself, why? And it came to me that I couldn’t be “satisfied” in my life, with my life, at the moment. When I figured that out, it went away.

  • Just found this piece and loved it. I’ve been struggling with mystery health issues for 4 months and have felt it is so much deeper than what tests are or are not revealing. I’ve always loved writing and have lost touch with that creative outlet but recently thought about writing letters to my body to better understand the deeper message and reconnect with its wisdom instead of fearing that it’s not right or will give out on me. This piece absolutely confirms and resonates deeply to go deep and ask and be open to receiving the compassionate wisdom from my body. Thank you so much.

    1. Hi Lis,

      SO happy to hear this resonated deeply with you – writing to yourself is such a great idea! Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts with us.

      In good health,
      Savannah B
      Customer Care

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