A while back I posted about Jay “CrohnsBoy” Baluk’s success using my Probiotic Retention Enema.

Well, since then, both Jay and I have had a LOT of requests from people who don’t want to get my comprehensive Listen To Your Gut program, they just want Jini’s Probiotic Retention Enema and Jini’s Wild Oregano Oil Protocol instructions.

Many of them are currently on the SC Diet and don’t really want to change anything other than their gut flora. So whilst I feel that healing digestive disorders needs to be wholistic, I also feel that each of us needs to be in charge of our Healing Journey.

So, In that spirit, I am making these two key protocols available on their own, without having to buy the complete program.

So, just click here and I’ll send you both Jini’s Probiotic Retention Enema and Jini’s Wild Oregano Oil Protocol, in E-book format, for only $4.95

For those of you who haven’t heard about these protocols before, here’s what each of them does:

Jini’s Wild Oregano Oil Protocol

This protocol is based on Inflammatory Bowel Disease being an infectious disease (or having an infectious component). Think of how often gastroenterologists prescribe antibiotics like Cipro and Flagyl/Metronidazole – sound familiar?

There are two ways to eliminate infectious microorganisms: Antimicrobial drugs or substances, or high doses of probiotics. Jini’s Wild Oregano Oil Protocol is unique in that it combines the two methods, using 100% natural substances, for maximum effectiveness in both eradicating infectious microorganisms, maintaining a healthy bacterial flora during antimicrobial supplementation, and maintaining a healthy gut environment ongoing, for continued long-term health.

This 3-Phase protocol is designed to eliminate infectious microorganisms (like mycobacterium, fungi, bacteria, yeast, viruses, parasites, etc.), provide a moderate level of detoxification, and restore beneficial gut flora. By healing the infection we also heal inflammation. Other supplements referred to in my Listen To Your Gut book (such as MucosaHeal, George’s ‘Always Active’ Aloe Vera Juice, L-Glutamine, etc.) are then used to heal ulceration, bleeding, and repair the intestinal wall and mucosal lining.

Jini’s Probiotic Retention Enema

This retention enema, which delivers very high dose probiotics directly to your colon (and lower part of your ileum) can provide dramatic healing results. As the name suggests, this is not a cleansing or flushing enema, but rather it is an implant or retention enema – where the goal is to hold the mixture in your colon until the liquid is completely absorbed.

Many people use Jini’s Probiotic Retention Enema during severe inflammation and bleeding for quick healing, whilst others prefer to wait until things have calmed down a bit and they’re tolerating the probiotics well orally first. You really have to just follow your own body wisdom (intuition) on when would be best for you. Even people who have not seen great results from oral probiotic supplementation (it takes longer and can be more difficult to colonize via oral supplementation) see significant symptom clearing following this retention enema.

The Sydney Colon Clinic uses high dose probiotic retention enemas to stop colonic bleeding. However, in some cases (where the body has lost tolerance to all bacteria) it may exacerbate the problem. So I prefer to go on an elemental diet (to provide bowel rest) then use Jini’s Healing Implant Enema (retention enema), George’s Aloe Vera and MucosaHeal to stop the bleeding. If bleeding is only from the rectum, then no problem, probiotics at any time are fine.


Wild Oregano Oil Protocol and Probiotic Enema

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  • Have you had any experience with E. coli Nissle 1917 (Mutaflor) (studies done in Germany showed equivalent effectiveness to 5-ASA in ulcerative colitis)? Thanks.

  • Hi Jini-

    Thanks for all the great information on the probiotic retention enema. My main problem is constipation and a fissure which keeps getting split open everytime I have a hard movement– its a vicious cycle and I actually developed an anal fistula last year and had to have it surgically repaired. I’m trying to prevent this from happening again, but I don’t know what to do. I take probiotic supplements (Culturelle and Ther-Biotic Complete- cant do dairy based supplements) but am wondering if the probiotic enema would be more effective than the oral route. Any information would be helpful as I have been dealing with this problem for almost 10 years.

    Kind Regards,


  • Thanks Jini,

    I will order your book but probably after the holidays. In the meantime would you recommend doing the probiotic enema for constipation?

    Kind Regards.


  • Yes, but I would do flushing enemas (with warm filtered water) first to clear out the fecal matter.

    And since you’ve been constipated long-term I would take Magnesium citrate for a few days before and then the night before you do the enemas, have a cup of Senna tea – which will cause a clear-out in the morning. This is all stuff from the Listen To Your Colon book on constipation.

    So you may want to wait until you have the book and get a good overview and wholistic treatment plan going…

  • Jini,
    thanks so much for the oregano oil protocol. My question is’ “At what point does the oregano oil begin to kill the good bacteria?
    Paula Locke

  • Jini,
    I have been on the oregano and probiotic protocol for a few days and I would like to know if I am sabotaging the process if I drink filtered water that still has flouride in it.

    Mark Pfister

  • I was sorta diagnosted with crohns 12 years ago and have had times of remission but over past few months I have had real bad pressure and nausted pain in upper rt. with alot of belching/heartburn, now in the past I have had pain in this location and it would settle in time. someone told me about align and how well it worked for him but he has merely IBS which is way different then what I have, I did start to have diahrrea (which I never had before)after I took my first flu shot in sept. the align seems to have helped that, but do you know if crohns can cause much of the sympthoms I am having? what is your feelings on the product align…can you please offer some suggestions? I feel never hungry and never want to eat because of the pain in this area. I take fiber and was taking jarrows brand of probitic but now am just taking align which I started a week ago, it has not helped with the pain at all. My bowel movements now are thin and yellowish sorta green could be from the align, just not sure..do you think the oregano and the probiotics you suggest would be better? how do you know whether to get the dairy free ones or not. does is matter or is it best to be on the safe side I just get all dairy free,,,I know I have tons of questions,,thanks

  • Kim – yes, there are many strains of E.coli which are beneficial. Hence people drink raw milk since breastmilk automatically contains E.coli. The other way to get it is by doing a fecal infusion – lots of info on this at my forum at:


    Paula – no one really knows, but a good guideline is to supplement with probiotics after 2 weeks of continual usage.

    Mark – I think the protocol will still benefit you. Although, obviously, get rid of the fluoride as soon as you can.

    Sylvia – Yes, get dairy-free to start with. And yes, the probiotics – especially in the final phase – will really make a difference in your upper GI problems. Sounds like you need Listen To Your Gut though – and make sure you do the Workbook (which comes on the CD-Rom) to develop a proper treatment plan for all your symptoms. Does Align or Jarrow fulfill the Probiotic Selection Criteria? If not, then they will not be as effective.

  • Thank you for the response. I did order the book and just started it. My laptop does not have cd rom capabilities, So I will have to wait to view the material on it. I Have started the probiotics. (2) of which are dairy free (1) is dairy. This is how it was sent to me. Will that still be ok? I just started so take 1/2 tsp of each before bed. earlier in the day I started the oregano as you state to take it. I also take (1) mucusheal on empty stomach and since most of my history is constipation I take the L-Glutime with food. Its all so overwhelming I hope I am doing the program right.. I have been taking the same fiber for a few years and it has worked good for me, however would you recommend the physiulln only? or is it ok to take what I have been. Oh one other thing, I read that I should take apple cider vinegar with baking soda for the heartburn, how do you feel about that? The Heartburn it has helped some but the belching is still there no matter what. please advise

  • Sylvia – I have no idea how you got 2 dairy-free and 1 dairy, unless you mistakenly ordered them that way. If they came that way in a Healthy Trinity Starter Pak (pre-packaged together) then the error is not yours and you should return them for a refund/replacement. Regardless, if you tolerate dairy, you will be fine with the dairy-based probiotics.

    If your laptop can accept any CD at all, then you can use the CD-Rom with LTYG. Here’s an instruction pdf on how to use the CD and access the files on there:


    One MucosaHeal is a very low dose, if you have active inflammation or ulceration, you need to take more. Follow the package instructions. Your other dosages look okay and you can increase the probiotics as you go.

    If your fiber is all-natural and working well, then stick to it. Psyllium and ground flax seed are your other options to try if you wish.

    The apple cider and baking soda remedy is a “symptom” remedy, to address the “root cause” of heartburn and indigestion, you need to normalize your bacterial flora – from your mouth to your anus. I don’t recommend long-term usage of baking soda as it will inhibit the good bacteria from colonizing effectively (it’s too alkaline).

    all the best,

  • Funnily enough I’ve already read this, some while ago Jay told me about it and well I d/l’d it. still have Q’s though.. Good advice which has helped me some[ thank you ]
    Seem to be having relapse just now , well I did over go at Solstice , nothing bad etc just lots of it..( am a bit underweight and keen to regain)despite being steady for a good while and thought I might switch probiotics and see .

    change is as good as a rest …… ?


  • Due to a hypersensitive system (IBS-C),I have learned to take baby steps with any new supplement or protocol, so I took my first step with the Wild Oregano Oil by starting with only 1 or 2 drops. Administering it according to Jini’s water-in-the-mouth technique, I had no problem with burning. However, about 20 minutes later I had strange sensations along with a bit of nausea and pain/discomfort in my stomach. This was my own doing because I took it about 1 1/2 hours after breakfast, and therefore, not on an empty stomach as Jini recommended. I did this as an experiment because I have learned to be a bit wary of putting anything strong in my empty stomach. I am assuming that reaction is not because I cannot take it, instead of the fact that it really does need to be taken on an empty stomach. Right? Thank you for any response.

  • C. – could be due to food in the stomach, could also be due to die-off. Could be psychological (tensing up due to trying something new – don’t worry, we KNOW why – been there, done that), could be something entirely else. When I’m testing a new substance, I test it 3 times before drawing a conclusion. Take care and listen to your body.

  • Thanks for your response, Jini. Yes, so many possibilities of the cause. I had a bad night with abdominal discomfort and sick feeling – could very well be die-off, even from only 1-2 drops. I also took a Healthy Trinity capsule before bed which I have been doing for a week since reading your book. That, I think, contributed to discomfort. When I feel better, I’ll try the Wild Oregano Oil again and see what happens. I’m not scared off, only needing to tread lightly and consciously.

  • Hi Jini,I have been having problems with my lower abdomen,when i wake up in morning it hurts until i go to washroom,lots of gas which when passed feels better,diareaha,just feel cappy,started taking a pro-biotic acidophilus for digestive,taking oil of oregeno,pills have helped a bit but still fell sore.help

  • I seem to have a problem with candida, or that is what my nutritionist says – I was doing fine on an anti-candida diet – my problems disappear – like loose stools, insomnia etc.
    But as soon as I eat any sugar or processed foods the loose stools along with pain in the lower left colon, and insomnia returns. I cannot seem to tolerate any processed foods – they give me loose stools and insomnia.

    This all started after a bout with pnemonia and strong antibiotics along with many antibiotics over the years.

    My question to you is – can candida cause the irritation in the lower colon? or maybe it is just a lack of probiotics for the colon.
    Is there an enema for killing the candida in the colon?

  • Yes Candida and/or an unhealthy gut flora (numerous pathogens) can cause irritation like you described. The protocols above are designed to kill Candida – along with following an extremely low sugar, low carb diet. The probiotics not only kill Candida, but establish a healthy gut flora that will be more resistant to infection ongoing. It is all in the ebook.

  • Hi Jini,I had campylobacter from chicken when I went to Thailand this summer and didnt take antibiotics straight away so I may have had it for quite a long time, I took 10 days of antibiotics 3 weeks ago, as I was having diorrhoeah and stomach cramps after food, and I now have been taking Natren bifido powder and oregano oil daily for just over a week. I definitely noticed some improvements at first but today and yesterday the diorrhoeah has returned and I feel ‘spent’ – achy, tired and look pale and worn out. I am hoping that it will get better over time but why am i not improving faster? and is tiredness and fatigue a symptom of the oregano oil working, or because I have had this symptom for ages now, could it be something more? Should I be taking more of the probiotics as I am only taking the bifido powder atm

    Please give me your advice as it has been worrying me for ages now,

  • Sarah – you need to follow the protocol EXACTLY as it is given in the ebook above or in Listen To Your Gut. And both contain instructions for managing possible Herxheimer (pathogen die-off) reactions. Good for you for getting on this and addressing it before things escalate.

  • Hi jini,
    I have this problem since last two years. One the first year it was tounge used to have white coutings. Then the problem got solved slowly taking probiotics and oil of oregano then sudenly later i got heavy feeling and gas after eating usually. This symtoms comes on and off every month. Please advice.

  • Yusuf – it could be any number of things – food allergies or intolerances, insufficient digestive enzymes, bad food combining, candida, etc. etc. You need to consult a naturopath.

  • Hi jini
    Can we use oil of oregano with probiotics at the same time.
    I mean same day but difference of time. Does oil of oregano
    Kills good bacteria as well?

  • Hi Jini, I have proctitis, and following SCD. I bought WOO and Natren Healthy Trinity and have been doing Phase II(just to try it out). I HAVE STOPPED BLEEDING FOR THE FIRST TIME IN 14 MONTHS. THANK YOU! THANK YOU! I will move into phase I gradually. I’m so excited…..

  • Hi Jini. Is it safe to try the oregano and probiotic protocols while I’m still having GI bleeding? The slippery elm/marshmallow/comfrey enema or 5 weeks of Absrobplus hasn’t been able to stop the bleeding. I’d appreciate your advice. Thanks

  • Hi Tamara,

    I would love to answer your question and help you out, but unfortunately, due to liability reasons, I am no longer able give one-on-one, personal health advice.

    You can try a keyword search of all my sites as it will likely give you some good ideas:


    – just enter your keyword(s) in the Google Search Box

    Also, don’t forget that – as I write in The IBD Remission Diet – a small amount of bleeding throughout the Diet is not unusual. And in another place I write how Bianca James at the Sydney Colon Clinic has used high dose probiotics and retention enemas to stop bleeding.

    All the best in your Healing Journey,

    1. Hi Ankit,

      This is Jini’s assistant responding as Jini is currently out of the country on holiday until the end of January. Jini’s probiotic retention enema uses Natren probiotics and the information you are looking for can be found HERE.

      In good health!

  • Hi Jini, can MucosaHeal be taken while pregnant (second trimester)? I have severe burning in my throat (esophagus) and it started gradually after the intubation for a spine surgery 6 months ago. No one can see any problem, all blood tests are ok and the burning pain in my throat/esophagus is so bad that it feels like everythign is raw inside…After food, I constantly have to clear my throat (like every 15 secs for 2 hours straight, which makes it probably inflamed even worse).I dont eat any greasy foods, or spicy food and my diet is very simple, very low sodium. I was suggested that its from the acid in my stomach but I didnt have an endoscopic check…and then I got pregnant. I suspect that I have an erosive esophagus at this point and trying to find anything that might help me to heal it… Can I take MucosaHeal and do you think it might be useful for upper GI like in my case? I have seen so many doctors-they dont know anything it seems….

  • Hi Anna,

    Yes, you can take MucosaHeal whilst pregnant – the licorice has been deglycyrrhizinated, so it will not cause a rise in blood pressure.

    I would take it on an empty stomach and sip it slowly over 5-10 minutes, so you can really coat the esophagus. Best would be to empty the capsules into George’s aloe vera juice for a double healing effect.

    You may also want to take the Natren Digesta-Lac in powder form – which is commonly used for heartburn prevention. But take that at a different time to the MucosaHeal and George’s.

    I’m pretty sure that will help you a lot. Please let us know….

  • Hey Jini,

    My Name is David I am 37 and I have a wife and 4 kids I got diagnosed with crohns about 14 months ago. I suspect poor diet and I had been on a couple different antibiotics as the reason I got crohns, to make matters worse the dr put me on yet another antibiotic when i was in the hospital. I immediatly went to see an herbalist and I believe she has helped get me to where i am now which is to say I can funtion, although I still am not right. She put me on a very elemental diet mostly pureed foods, probiotics, slippery elm, l glutimine, vitamen D and several other supplements. It has all helped I believe but I feel like I have kind of just been staying pat for the last 6 to 8 months. My diarea went away relatively quickly and has not really been a problem, except for three times when it seems like i got a stomach bug and had stomache ache and yellow diarea for 2 or 3 days. I know my intestines are not healed. I deal mostly with fatigue and a wierd burning sensation in my bladder and my penis when ever i am bad also I get a strange twitching in my left arm only I have chronic sinus problems and alergies.

    I recently bought your books, listen to your gut and the ibd remission diet and I have yet to implement any of your ideas yet. I discussed using the oregenal oil with my herbalist she immediatly scared me by saying i shouldnt do that she knew a person with crohns who tried that and thier crohns got way worse in fact she said it formed in thier throat as well. I guess I am looking for reasurance and and or any other things you think I should be trying, as I have been told several times during this year that my crohns is nonclassical. sorry if this isnt the right place or way to communicate with you but I am so desperate to get my life back.

  • Hi David – perhaps the person your herbalist is referring to used ESSENTIAL oil of oregano. If not diluted with olive oil (as all commercial preparations are), the essential oil of oregano can indeed burn your tissues – especially mucous membranes.

    However, properly prepared wild oregano oil is both an anti-inflammatory and used to heal burns. Our own columnist, Nicole Paull, over at JPT Wellness Circle did an article (along with photos) where she used wild oregano to heal a 2nd degree burn on her neck.

    It sounds like you still have an infectious component to your illness, so you should definitely look at addressing that. We did a great teleseminar with Dr. Carolyn Dean on Candida detox at JPT Wellness Circle (you received a month’s free subscription with LTYG purchase) so listen to that for substances that work well to clear pathogens (other than wild oregano). Or you should investigate Olive Leaf extract – another anti-pathogen that works well.

    In developing Jini’s Wild Oregano Oil Protocol – my initial 30 testers all found the protocol efficacy was hugely improved (along with tolerance) by taking the high dose Natren probiotics nightly. But again, if you do it, you need to follow it exactly and only use the brands of oregano and probiotics I recommend. Thousands of my readers have now done this protocol and while one or two didn’t feel their body liked it, the vast majority have seen big improvements.

    Your other option is to use another anti-pathogen and combine it with high dose probiotics and Jini’s Probiotic Retention Enema.

    You must only do what you feel is safe and right for your unique body. Listen to your own body – not mine or anyone else’s.

  • Jini

    Thank you for your response, I think you are right about me still having an infectious componant. I did receive your book about ten days ago but I never received any info about the things I was supposed to receive with the book, the ebooks and consultations and such. I tried calling that number on your websites probably 3 or 4 times now with no response any idea what I should do.

  • Hi David – I checked with Justin, apparently he has been playing phone tag with you and he wonders if you’ve been checking your email? I have given him the email you used to post on this blog here, so perhaps that one is better for you? Regardless, you can get in touch with Justin and he will sort things out for you at: service @ holistichealthshoppe.com

  • Hi Jini, I posted here a couple of months back saying that I had campylobacter, I just wanted to ask your advice now.

    It’s taken about three months for me to get over the initial diarrhoeah etc caused from the campylobacter, but now my symtoms have changed – I went to see a naturopath and he put me on an anti candida diet which I started 2 weeks ago and need to continue for several more weeks. One of my symptoms was tireness and fatigue after any sort of exertion, which can last several days, which he thought was adrenal fatigue caused by the stress on my body after campylobacter. I’m on a no sugar or yeast diet at the moment to reduce any stress on my body.
    Another symptom was bloating after food, and water retention even after drinking just ,2 cups of tea straight after oneanother I retain the water for hours afterwards, it is uncomfortable. My digestion has improved however is not fully better yet. He put me on supplements to starve the candida – so far, i”m taking garlic tablet daily, 1000mg, Pan d’arco tea daily with coconut oil in it for its health benefits, grapefruit seed extract up to 800mg daily, and am also taking a probiotic (I have several different brands, currently i’m taking Lamberts 10x gold probiotic which has something like 10 billion bacteria per capsule, I take one daily after or before food. I’ve only been taking this for 3 days so far though.
    The thing is, I don’t know what you think of all these supplements i’m taking..are they going to help a lot? And I also don’t know whether I need to follow your protocol – I tried taking the wild oregano oil three months ago but stopped, and am doing it again currently. I took 5 drops on my tongue the other night and woke up feeling really ‘hungover’ all day, though I had not drunk any alcohol. So today and yesterday I only took 3 drops once or twice a day – I now have a white coated tongue, with cracks up it which I did not have 3 days ago, and i’m wondering whether it’s due to the wild oregano oil effects?

    Do you think I should carry on taking wild oregano oil (5 drops 3 times a day?) because it will get rid of the candida?

    Thankyou in advance for reading this long message,
    I’m turning to you because you clearly know your stuff about this and I hope you can help me get over this, I am only just 22! this thailand trip was SO not worth all this hassle it has caused me. Sarah

  • Ok thanks jini,

    Why do you think I need my hormones checked though? I definitely feel my hormones are out of sync since then..

  • Hi Jini,

    Really urgent question to ask you as I’ve just had a really horrible experience of food poisoning again yesterday and today, and I have no idea if it was caused by the food I ate as my friend and I had EXACTLY the same food to eat over the past three days and she is fine. The only thing I can think of is alcohol..

    On friday night I stupidly drunk more alcohol than I should have done considering my recovery from what my practitioner thinks is candida, My friend was visiting and I thought that I had healed enough to handle it. I threw up on saturday morning, and today and yesterday I have been suffering from extreme diarrhoeah – mainly just water passing through, and nausea all day without being able to be sick. My bowels and stomach keep gurgling too. All i’ve been able to stomach is porridge.
    I don’t know if this is related to the alcohol from friday night or whether I actually got food poisoning again – which I’m finding it hard to believe, 3 times this year what is wrong with me?!?!?

    I feel like anything can triggor food poisoning – about 3 months ago I got it from (I think) watercress that wasn’t washed properly and it lasted 2 days too. Why is this happening to me, I thought by now my intestines would have been healed seeing as I’ve been doing the oregano oil and probiotics protocol for about 5 weeks now.



  • Sorry I forgot to ask you, do you think I could have some sort of disease like Crohns, or a parasite infection? Also I have been taking the wild oregano oil 6 drops per day on an empty stomach, as well as taking very high strength Lamberts probiotic tablets and Natrem bifido powder daily too. Should I be just taking the wild oregano oil without the probiotics, though for it to work?

  • You use the wild oregano to clear pathogens, THEN you have to go on high dose Natren probiotics for 6-12 months to establish a healthy flora – one that is capable of protecting against pathogens.

    If you can swallow pills, use the Healthy Trinity 2x/day for 3 months, then 1x/day for a year.

  • Ok thanks for explaining the stages,

    Sorry aren’t you allowed to answer my other questions on here? If not I won’t post long questions anymore..How long should I use the wild oregano oil for before the probiotics?

  • No, sorry Sarah – cannot give personal health advice on the blog. Best to consult your naturopathic or integrative medicine doctor.

    Your question of ‘how long’ is answered in the document and in LTYG. (basically until infection is gone, but you may need to cycle on and off several times)

  • ok – I am just reading through the LTYG booklet again, but am still confused – your wild oregano protocol says that to eliminate pathogens, you need to take 10 drops 3-5 x a day until the infection is healed, but then it says you MUST take the probiotics whilst taking the wild oregano oil,

    but you said earlier “You use the wild oregano to clear pathogens, THEN you have to go on high dose Natren probiotics for 6-12 months to establish a healthy flora”..

    what one should I be doing? I have been taking 5 drops of oregano oil daily only so far for about a month whilst taking probiotics.

  • Follow the instructions in the booklet: Probiotics once per day whilst on the protocol, then 3x/day after you finish with the wild oregano.

  • Hi Jini, sorry I don’t know where else to turn –

    I’ve been having terrible diarrhoeah and nausea, and was sick two days ago, the diarrhoeah still won’t go away. It started on Saturday after I had some alcohol on friday night, or maybe ate something that upset my stomach though my friend ate exactly the same and is fine. I am just so worried that it is campylobacter again – my question is this – how do I tell whether I have actually got food poisoning, or whether it is just irritable bowel (which I have not been diagnosed with) or intestinal dysbiosis? I don’t know whether I need to see a doctor and be put on antibiotics to get rid of whatever it is, or whether I should just follow one of your protocols to make it go away. If it is food poisoning related, I really want to sort it out instantly as before I waited and it caused more damage.


  • Sorry Sarah, I absolutely cannot give personal health advice – you will have to read through my stuff, do your research and make your own decision. Or, see a naturopathic physician who can help you devise your protocol.

  • Hi Jini, My daughter has UC now for 6 years she is 25, we have bought Listen to your you simplify it for usGut, and have implemented the Absorb plus shakes, but are a little confused about how to start the probiotics regime. Could you simplify it for us?

  • Therapeutic probiotic dosage is minimum 7-10 cfu per day.

    To avoid the Herxheimer (die-off) effect, start slowly and gradually work up to full dose of 1 tsp of each Natren powder, 3x/day.

  • Hey Jini,

    My Name is David I wrote you about a month ago. I am the one who has the herbalist who is very resistant to the oregenal oil, she is also very critical of your probiotics. My problem is fear because she is the one who started me on the path of restored health I am afraid to do anything other than what she says, she has me on hmf powder and a very strict diet. I feel she helped me but about eight months ago i feel I peeked and from there on out it has been a roller coaster ride of, not to highs and not terriblly lows but never any different from that pattern. I believe in my heart i have something in my body that needs to be killed some type of pathagen or bacteria. I just dont want to go back to how sick I was when all this started almost 16 months ago. If it is true that i only have mild crohns why is my body not balancing itself out.

  • David – why don’t you approach things from another angle and address your emotional state FIRST. If you are not the authority over your own body and your highest trust is not in yourself, but in some other person – this is not a good situation to be in.

    So start from there and start exploring what you need to do, develop, research, heal etc. to get back in touch and trust with your own body. Craniosacral Therapy (with an advanced practitioner, Level !! or higher), and EFT are good therapies that can help a lot in this process.

  • Hi Jini
    My names Emma, I’ve been on your elemental diet for 2 weeks now. I started taking the wild oregano oil followed by the probiotics in the evenings 3 days ago and I’ve been having a lot more diarrhoea and stomach cramping. I’ve also started bleeding slightly, is this normal? I have just come off pentasa so do you think that might be the reason if not the oregano oil?

  • Jini, if I take 4 prescription drugs not related to intestinal disorders
    can I still take Wild Oregano Oil?? If so at what dosage?

  • I’m in phase 1 of the wild oregano supplementation protocol. In your book “listen to your gut” ( awesome I might add ) you mention it could take anywhere from 2weeks – 6month to kill the pathogens? What lets you know the WOO has done its job, and its time to move onto probiotics 3/day?

  • You just have to use your symptoms as your guide – unless you are having regular stool tests done. In the case of MAP though, it only shows up through RNA/DNA testing – but it’s very hard to find a lab who will do that.

    So again, you just have to stay tuned to your body and go off and on the wild oregano oil protocol as needed. Listen to your gut! If in doubt, do 3 weeks on the wild oregano oil, then move to probiotics. If you find your symptoms escalating or coming back after a few weeks or months, go back on the wild oregano protocol again.

    1. Hi David,

      If you aren’t able to tolerate taking the oil in liquid form (i.e. too spicy or just not keen on the liquid) then you can certainly use capsules instead but it would certainly not be better.

      Kind regards,
      Customer Care

  • Hi I am taking the wild oregano oil. Everytime I do my throat hurts and my tonsils swell. Does this mean it is working? It happens everytime I take it. I take it with water so it doesn’t burn like you have suggested. Any suggestions. Thank You. Jennifer

    1. Hi Jennifer,

      You may want to try further diluting the wild oregano oil as the symptoms you describe aren’t normal. If you experience the same thing with a higher dilution then you may want to try capsules:


      Alternatively, you could try using olive leaf extract instead. Jini recommends it for people who aren’t able to tolerate wild oregano oil and it has some of the same properties:


      Kind regards,
      Customer Care

  • I have been taking the Joy of the Mountains Wild Oregano Oil along with Natren Healthy Trinity before bed, and have seen a significant reduction in bloating. I would like to try the probiotic retention enema. Should I wait until I am done with the Wild Oreganol Oil before I try the retention enema?

    1. Hi Roger,

      No, you can continue to take wild oregano oil but you may want to space out the enema 12-24 hours after your last serving of wild oregano oil so you don’t waste the probiotics.

      Kind regards,
      Customer Care

  • My daughter has been on the ibd remission diet for a week now. She currently is in a flare, but has not been hospitalized or started on prednisone which we attribute to the diet. She was diagnosed with Crohns a year ago with an anal vulvar fistula which has left her with a compromised rectal muscle. She cannot hold an enema at all. I make probiotic suppositories with golden salve and probiotics rolled in parchment paper then frozen. Also
    suspecting an abcess I made them with oil olive and oregano oil and coconut oil to help it solidify. Is the coconut oil ok to use? She also was diagnosed with ms in the past 6 months. I suspect the diet will also help that. She is on tysabri for the ms. Any natural suggestions for the ms?

  • Hi
    I started the WOO protocol about four weeks ago, and until one week ago was feeling great on it – formed stools, improved energy and mood. However, a week ago diarrhoea came back with a vengeance – loose and urgent. It feels to me like I have a bug, rather than a flare up of Crohns, and I’m not sure what I should do.
    I am still in Phase 1 of the protocol and have only introduced Bifido Factor so far. I had been taking about 5 drops of oil 3 times a day, although have increased that to about 10 drops 3 times a day in the last few days. Do I need to add in the other probiotics at this stage? Is what I’m experiencing to be expected?
    Many thanks

    1. Hi Jenn,

      If you feel like you have a bug, you may want to just trust your gut and wait it out to see if it passes and the positive results you experienced for the first 3 weeks return. Otherwise, you may want to try taking the Digesta Lac and Megadophilus in addition to the Bifido Factor and see if that makes a difference.

      Kind regards,
      Customer Care

  • My daughter is sensitive to olive oil, sesame seed and flax and their oils. How can we do the oregano oil protocol when it is in olive oil? I can order a pure oregano oil through native American nutritionals and dilute it with hemp oil but the thymol is a higher percentage than recommended in your book, 48.5% thymol. Any suggestions?

  • You can use olive leaf extract to replace wild oregano if your daughter can swallow capsules (it is very bitter).

    I’m also sure there are other places online you can order a pure essential oil of oregano from and then dilute as you discussed…

    I would Google: essential wild oregano no olive oil

  • Hi……….
    I stated using oregano oil protocol,but i am having issues with constipation on using oregano….along with probiotics
    Can you please help me with this?
    do i need to stop the protocol?
    Thank you

    1. Hi Josh,

      It’s possible that you are experiencing constipation as a result of the protocol so you may want to scale it back (or stop entirely for a day or two) to see for sure. You may want to check out Jini’s constipation symptom page as her suggestions may allow you to continue the protocol comfortably if it is, indeed, causing your constipation. Here’s a link to that symptom page:


      Kind regards,
      Customer Care

  • I came across the information re:Absorb Plus on a forum. I have been trying to heal my GI tract of Ulcerative Colitis using recommended supplements from Natural Gastro Solutions (Intestinal Wall Solution caps, Curcumin Solution caps, Mucosal Lining Solution caps, Omega Solution softgels and Probiotic along with liquid Probiotics, Goat Colostrum, and Manuka honey and Geo’s Aloe Vera Juice)since the end of May. I got to thinking that perhaps my body wasn’t getting enough nutrition to heal as it should (I also started experiencing heart burn and occasional difficulty swallowing) so I started using Absorb Plus on Oct 14 thinking I’d use it for about a month to give my GI system total rest and make sure I got the nutrition necessary for healing. I then started to check out your website for what the best way to transition back to eating would be and decided to order Jini’s book on IBD Remission. I have not been able to read it all but after reading up to chap 3 I’ve been thinking maybe I should stay on the Absorb Plus shakes for another 3 weeks to ensure healing. Although I have only been drinking the shakes and I stopped the Manuka honey, I have continued to drink Water Kefir for the probiotics and am still taking the goat colostrum and of course all the supplements. My question is, am I hindering the healing by not stopping the Water Kefir and colostrum?

    1. Hi Michele,

      Jini specifically advises against combining products and protocols as it introduces more variables to the healing equation. Here’s a blog post with her reasoning:


      In short, it’s probably best to discontinue the kefir and colostrum while you’re using the Absorb Plus. For more information about healing your Ulcerative Colitis naturally, you also might want to check out Jini’s UC symptom page at the link below:


      Kind regards,
      Customer Care

  • Hi Jini & Justin,

    I realize that it takes 7-10 billion cfu of probiotics to be effective orally. I also realize that the retention enema contains more (24 billion cfu?). I’m working my way up to trying the enema and in the meantime have been syringing smaller amounts (2 billion) rectally daily on the advice of my naturopath (she didn’t stipulate a dosage). Is there a minimum dosage for rectal probiotic syringing/enema to be effective or is it still the 7-10 billion figure? Would that figure include what is being taken orally or not?

    1. Hi Garth,

      The goal of the enema is to immediately inundate the gut with probiotics and is considered a far more drastic measure than supplementing orally. That being the case, if you aren’t achieving the results you’re looking for by supplementing orally, we’d recommend using the dosages listed for the enema in the Listen to Your Gut book as you’re unlikely to get better results by using smaller doses than those with a syringe. On a day where you do the enema, you probably won’t take oral probiotics unless you are using them in the morning for some reason so you shouldn’t have to worry about cumulative CFU numbers. I hope this helps!

      Kind regards,
      Customer Care

  • I am from India and need your help. There is no doctor who can treat my functional disorder of my ibs. Every time I go and consult a gastroentrologist they do all possible tests and inform all your tests are negative. They all end up telling it is because of stress and related to u r mind. I totally disagree with this. I need your book, ibs and ibd. How can I buy it from India, do you have any suggestions to me?

  • It is a false assumption that Oregano oil kills good bacteria. Oregano oil does kill pathogens but it feeds beneficial bacteria.

    Try this simple experiment to confirm for yourself the amazing intelligence of Oregano oil to discern between harmful and beneficial micro organisms.

    While making yogurt at home, place ten drops, (that’s a lot of oregano oil!), into an eight ounce cup of milk and yogurt cultures while making up the rest of your yogurt batch as usual.

    If oregano oil kills all organisms, including the beneficial ones, then the yogurt cultures will die and the milk will just be milk but if the oregano oil is discerning, then the cultures will thrive and you will have oregano flavored yogurt.

    Not only are you going to enjoy a delicious savory yogurt but that oregano oil infused yogurt is going to far outlast the other yogurt batch because the oregano oil is going to continue to feed and preserve the good yogurt cultures while destroying any pathogens that would typically spoil the yogurt. I left my oregano oil infused yogurt in the fridge for month and it was as tasty after one month as it was the day I made it.

  • Wow Gary!! I love that. I’m not making yogurt lately, but when I do, I will try this.

    If anyone else does Gary’s test, please let us know your results!

  • I’ll try this and let you know what happens. Unless the oregano oil is emulsified into the yogurt, is this test an accurate indicator of this?

    I realize there is a lot of difference between test tube and someone taking 10 drops of oregano oil daily.

  • Jini, what do you think of Elaine Gottschall’s explanation of why we should NOT use aloe vera juice, copied here (and do these reasons apply to George’s?):
    Can someone remember why Aloe Vera juice is NOT recommended for us?

    Deborah writes:
    It contains a very powerful carthartic, anthroquinone, which naturally would be extremely irritating to the gut, to say the least. Even in products with the anthroquinone removed, one doesn’t know if it’s completely gone, whether traces remain, what was used to remove it, etc.


    Lydia sends this in:
    Re Aloes:”… a potent immunostimulant. …effects noted include the enhancement of macrophage release of TUMOUR NECROSIS FACTOR.. these effects can be quite substantial” from Textbook of Natural Medicine, Murray and Pizzorno, p582.

    In response, Elaine writes: One of the LAST things you want with IBD!

    1. Hi Marie,

      The George’s brand which Jini recommends is 100% anthroquinone free and contains no preservatives or additives. We’ve had nothing but good feedback about the product and Jini has personally used it for years with no ill effects whatsoever. Here’s what she says about the George’s aloe vera:

      Perhaps you’ve tried consuming aloe vera before, and found it caused diarrhea, or irritated your gut. This is likely because the brand of aloe you consumed contained either preservatives or the irritating, or laxative components of the aloe leaf had not been removed.

      Aloe vera juice must have no preservatives (it should taste pretty much like water) and have all the irritating and laxative components completely removed.

      It is useful for mild heartburn, healing ulceration, stopping mild bleeding, and helping to restore the intestinal wall and lining. For years I also took 1/4 cup daily as maintenance. Drink on an empty stomach. You can combine aloe vera with other gut mucosal healing products, but take 2 hours away from probiotics.

      Hope this clears things up!

      Kind regards,
      Customer Care

  • If I have undiluted wild oregano oil…what is the dilution ratio I should use in combination with olive oil?

    1. Hi Trevor,

      The Joy of the Mountains brand that Jini recommends mixes undiluted (aka essential) wild oregano oil with cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil in a ratio of 1:3. If you intend to use the oil you have with any of Jini’s protocols, this is the first dilution you should do.

      Then, if any of the protocols talk about diluting the wild of oregano further, you would use the already-diluted-3:1 batch as the base and dilute from there according to the instructions. If you have any additional questions please feel free to reply here or email us at service@listentoyourgut.com

      Kind regards,
      Customer Care

  • Is it okay to take Natren’s Healthy Trinity while on this protocol? Or do you need to take the powders??

    1. Hi Kevin,

      Healthy Trinity can be used interchangeably in the oral protocol. Jini recommends the powders mostly because the price per serving is lower and they offer a little more flexibility because they are easier to use with the probiotic retention enema.

      Kind regards,
      Customer Care

  • My son (16) started the wild oregano oil protocol 3 days ago and stopped bleeding!! I am so very hopeful in Jeni’s treatment. Diagnosed with Crohn’s in April 2015. Thank you for the knowledge Jeni!!!

    1. Hi Colette,

      We’re excited to hear that the protocol seems to be working so well for your son! Thanks so much for taking the time to write in and please don’t hesitate to post here, call us at 888-866-7745, or email at service@listentoyourgut.com if you ever have any questions.

      Kind regards,
      Customer Care

  • I have just started your wild oregano oil protocol as described in your book last 2 weeks ago, I have IBS as well as UC. its seems to be helping but im confused because of the discomfort i feel all day, It pains in colon area and gas movent is also a pain now a days, the problems im facing are as if im going through a flare up…
    Please advise as to how long will this happen to me while im taking the WO oil.
    Presently Im taking 5 drops diluted twice a day along with a probiotic on an empty stomach as mentioned in your book.

    1. Hello Shaikh,

      The symptoms you’re describing sound like they could be the result of a Herxheimer reaction (a reaction to endotoxin-like products released by the death of harmful microorganisms that can happen when using antibiotic substances) which is common on this protocol. Generally the effect will go away after 1-3 weeks on the wild oregano protocol but you can always scale back your probiotic and wild oregano intake to the cautious/sensitive levels Jini outlines in her Listen to Your Gut book. For more info, check out pages 171-180.

      Kind regards,
      Customer Care

  • Thanks Justin for your reply.

    I started wild oregano oil protocol as described in your book on 17th of jan, and on 24th of jan i was all back to the same place where i had started, the diarrhea was back and all the symptoms of mucus and flatulence where back and all seems to be upside down, I need your advise as to how should i deal with my IBS_D and UC. Will the wild oregano oil and VSL#3 protocol take care of my problems or is there any thing else which needs to be added.

    1. Hi Aarif,

      The best information we have about healing your IBS or IBD naturally is in the Listen to Your Gut book that you purchased. The only thing we might suggest at this point, based on what you’ve shared, is that you may want to consider swapping out the VSL #3 for Natren probiotics if you aren’t happy with your results. If you have questions about any of the protocols please don’t hesitate to ask.

      Kind regards,
      Customer Care

  • Thanks justin

    I have been doing wild oregano oil protocol for some 15days. as mentioned in ebook which i perchased.
    It has been working and im feeling that Herxheimer reaction which is not comfortable, also i have been noticing that i get severe acidity which causes headaches, i cant take pain killers to counter the headache, as it causes D and more bleeding. Please suggest a suitable remedy so that i continue with the protocol and get better soon.

    Shaikh Aarif.

  • jini, your oil of oregano protocol states that it is just as strong as vancomycin so my question is ,”with prescription antibiotics you have to watch the impact on the liver ,is that the same watch out that you would have to have with the oil of oregano”?

    1. Hi J,

      We aren’t aware of any potential liver issues resulting from the use of wild oregano oil as long as you use a brand like Joy of the Mountains which minimizes the thymol content to 2% or less.

      Kind regards,
      Customer care

  • Hi jini

    I just want to know about my proctitis issue.
    I find bleeding at the end of the every bowel movement.
    I dont have constipation, as i am always dealing with IBS_D.
    Please advise me some remedy to cure my proctitis and stop the bleeding.
    Because of this i always have a feeling of incomplete bowel movement.
    I am unable to control the urge as the rectum part is always painful and sensitive. I have 5-6 BM every day, I have tried oil of organo with the dropper,as mentioned in your ebook, but it seems to irritate that portion rather than healing.
    Please advise.

    1. Hello Aarif,

      The best information we have about dealing with proctitis is at Jini’s symptom page for that here:


      Since you mentioned that you have tried the syringing protocol, you may want to take steps to address your IBS-D first as it sounds like that may be adversely affecting your progress with the proctitis healing. If you haven’t already, check out Jini’s IBS symptom page at the link below:


      Kind regards,
      Customer Care

  • Is it okay to use the suppositories in your protocol for healing internal hemorrhoids along with Jini’s Wild Oil Oregano Protocol? I am having issues with mucous and bleeding as well as occasional pain on left side of colon and was diagnosed several years ago with mild Crohn’s and I also have internal hemorrhoids that I believe cause most of my bleeding as the blood is bright red and rarely in my stool. So I would like to implement both protocols to address issues but wanted to see if that is something recommended or should I wait and do the Oil Protocol first then proceed with suppositories? Thank you so much for the feedback.

    1. Hi Becky,

      The wild oregano protocol is about improving your gut flora so you can certainly use that at the same time as the protocol for hemorrhoids. If you have any questions along the way about either protocol please don’t hesitate to ask!

      Kind regards,
      Customer Care

  • Jini,
    I have been doing the WOO LGlutamine Nag Georges Aloe juice and the 3 probiotics daily for 2 months. In the beginning it seemed to help but now it seems I have gotten worse. I dont really know where to go from here.

  • Hi Jini,

    Is it safe to do Probiotic Enema, FisserHeal (going to do it) and Fistula formula at the same time since I have Recto-virgina, Peri-Anal Fistula,Fissure(having this for 16 years), and external Hemorrhoid? Please kindly advise.

    I am also taking Homeopathy medication and Synthyroid.


    1. Hi Gowri,

      Jini’s HemorrHeal Suppositories contains powerful healing substance to heal External hemorrhoids, but ALSO dissolve and soften scar tissue in the rectum and you can alternate these with FissureHeal supps. for the best results.

      Fissureheal is safe to use with Probiotic Enema (once you’re tolerating the probiotics well orally first), We recommend you insert FissureHeal just before you go to bed at night (ideally after you’ve emptied your bowels). This way, the healing herbs have the entire night to work undisturbed.

      We can’t give you quick instructions here for how to implement Jini’s Probiotic Retention Enema. The probiotic sections in Jini’s two books; Listen To Your Gut and Listen To Your IBS are over 30 pages long. This is because people with IBD (and severe IBS) need a good understanding of probiotics before they start dosing for the detailed information on what to look for, how to proceed, etc. to avoid the risk of triggering a flare. We do offer a complimentary Probiotic Report (in the PINK box at the top left side of the page) to get you started in this area of treatment. But for full and complete instructions, you really do need to get one of the books.

      Please let me know if you have any additional questions.

      Kind Regards,
      Customer Care

  • Hi,

    My naturopath made me buy black walnut oil as anti-parasite,anti-fungal,… for my IBS-D linked with Candida and gardiasis. What does Jini think about that supplement? I’ve never read her mention it in the book or on the blog but I see that she nonetheless sells black walnut in the shoppe.

    If she recommands it, should I do the Jini’s wild oregano oil protocol by just replacing oregano oil with black walnut?

    Thanks a lot!

      1. Thanks! Should I use the probiotics in the same way it is described in Jini’s wild oregano protocol or can I take those along with the black walnut during the day?

        1. Hello Alexandre,

          Yes, you can do Probiotics enema and/or probiotics oral supplementation. For oral, it has to be taken completely on their own – 2 hours away from any antibiotic or anti-pathogen and 20 minutes before food, or 2 hours after food.

          Kind Regards,
          Customer Care

  • After doing the protocol of oregano oil and probiaotics, l-glutamine , omega-3 capsules

    I ended up with a strange rash all on myleft side so I stopped everything.

    1. Thank you for reaching out!

      It is very hard to say what may be going on, as we do not know your full health history, etc. and we haven’t heard of that particular symptom occurring as a result of using the Oregano. It could be die-off (die-off rarely lasts long) or intolerance to other substance you are taking. You may want to stop taking it or the other for a while to see if either one seems to be causing the issue.

      Kind Regards,
      Customer Care

  • Hi there! Is it normal, after the probiotic enema, to experience gas and bloating the following day? These are not normal symptoms (ibs-c). Die off perhaps? FINALLY processing waste? Thanks!

    1. Hello J,

      Thanks for contacting us. It could be die-off (die-off rarely lasts long). Many people use Jini’s Probiotic Retention Enema during severe inflammation and bleeding for quick healing, whilst others prefer to wait until things have calmed down a bit and they’re tolerating the probiotics well orally first. Everyone’s pace is different, so you need to listen to your own gut.

      Kind Regards,
      Cris B
      Customer Care

  • Hi Jini,
    I have Crohn’s for 15 years and your book (along with a whole food plant based vegan diet) helped me achieve remission. I’m now taking a few drops of wild oregano oil every morning and probiotics at night for maintenance. I feel perfect, BUT whenever I try to stop the oregano oil in the morning, I immediately get intense diarrhea/gas that doesn’t stop UNTIL i start taking the wild oregano oil again! It’s like my body is addicted to it and it won’t let me stop. Have you ever heard of this happening?

    P.S. I’m also wondering if I could use wild oregano diluted inside my nose? Me and my boyfriend have had stubborn blocked crusty and bloody nostrils for the past like 5 years and I’m thinking of trying it!

    Thanks so much!

    1. Hi Sarah,

      Thanks so much for sharing your experience – Jini is delighted to hear that the protocols seem to be working well for you and it helped you achieved remission! It could be any number of things – bad food combining, candida, or a Die-Off effect when bad bacteria and yeast are leaving your body. If you like you can replace Oregano oil with 2 capsules of olive leaf extract. Many people also find it very effective to alternate wild oregano oil with olive leaf extract and they maintain that this is more powerful since it doesn’t allow the microorganism to adapt to any one substance. And yes, you can apply Oil Oregano in your nose. Just follow Jini’s protocol HERE for Sinus Infection.

      Listen to your gut and do what you feel would be best for you. Please let me know if you have any additional questions.

      Kind Regards,
      Cris B
      Customer Care

  • Jini, I have recently purchased your ebook Healing guide for GI infection and have begun the WOO and probiotic protocol. In the book you mention properly diluting oregano essential oil but do not provide dilution ratios. What ratio is recommended for this protocol (adult)? I am currently using a capsule product that, while probably fine-I’m seeing and feeling results in as little as 1 dose of each (2houra apart) overnight. However, I would like to switch to a known, trusted essential oil source I have used for some time, Plant Therapy.

    Regarding your concerns with probiotic mixing and competing of strains, I understand it to an extent but also know that experientially, I’ve had high quality raw probiotics effect clear, positive results for me-normalization of frequency1-2 vs 3-5/day and consistency of stooling with much improvement of ease at stool-straining to initiate obvious need for movement despite lack of constipation, impactment, or unusual firmness of stool… so this leaves me confused. The product I’ve used has been the Garden of Life Raw 5-day replenishment formulation-500billionCFU’s per daily dose. Obviously, one needs more than 5 days of replenishment. I have used their encapsulated Raw daily probiotics, 85billion CFU’s daily, beyond the 5 days and honestly believe, due to my frequency of stooling, 3-5x daily though solid
    and of appropriate normal consistency, the capsules are likely not opening adequately or at all, as you suggest. I feel that perhaps simply opening the capsules would produce the desired results but am still somewhat curious of your theories of competing strains. Do you have any feedback or comment in this area?

    1. Hi Natalie,

      Thanks for contacting us here. It’s a good idea to start with lower amounts or lowered frequency and then build up over time. For example, start with half the dosage of wild oregano oil (3-5 drops, 3x/day, then gradually build up, or take once or twice per day to start, establish tolerance and then increase to full frequency and dosage (10 drops, 3x/day. Also, in Jini’s protocols, she’s not talking about the pure, essential oil of oregano (which should never be used directly on skin, or internally). She is talking about commercial brands of wild oregano that are already mixed with olive oil.

      Other brands of Oregano like Oregano P73 capsules is diluted at 1:1 which means it is 50% wild oregano oil and 50% olive oil. The Joy of the Mountains product uses a 3:1 dilution so that one is 25% wild oregano oil and 75% olive oil. So the oregano in capsules in some brands is twice as strong as the Joy of the Mountains wild oregano oil so please keep that in mind when using it with Jini’s protocols.

      For Probiotics, Live bacteria do not “play nice” together. Symbiosis is not common to bacteria. Antagonism is more common. Strains that are mixed together fight for survival and may inhibit one another and decrease each other’s growth, thereby decreasing health benefits. Blends of probiotics should be made so that each strain of probiotic is kept separate from one another.

      That’s why Natren mixes a maximum of ONLY three organisms, and uses their own unique scientifically tested technology to micro-enrobe each organism in a protective oil matrix delivery system to keep them separate and non-competitive while the powdered products are protected with the intrinsic supernatant, part of the original nourishing and protective culture medium, which provides a natural buffer against gastric acid.

      Natren is the only brand that Jini recommends and uses through years of research and experience and the only one with all the requirements (probiotic strain selection, manufacturing, storage, and other factors effecting potency and efficacy). You can have many strains of bacteria in a product, but if they are not the right kind, they won’t help you. Please let me know if you have any additional questions or concerns.

      Kind Regards,
      Cris B
      Customer Care

  • Hi Jini!
    I am about to start the wild oregano oil protocol and I am confused about knowing when the infection has gone and I can move from phase 1 to phase 2 of the protocol? I understand that my crohn’s is very likely to have an infectious element but I am not sure which kind of infection I have, although I did self-test positively for Candida, but I don’t know how mild or severe… Do you have any recommendations about how I can judge how long to stay with phase 1 and when to move onto phase 2?
    I would also like to start the oregano oil protocol for fistula.. would you recommend doing them at the same time?
    Thank you so much for your wisdom, support, strength!

    1. Hi A,

      Thanks for contacting us here. Anal fistula is an infection. So once the fistula have healed completely, then you move on to Phase 2. And yes, you can do Oregano protocol and Fistula (Syringe) protocol at the same time. Also note that Jini’s Wild Oregano Oil Protocol is NOT just wild oregano – the combination (and timing) WITH the probiotics is key.

      Kind Regards,
      Cris B,
      Customer Care

  • Hello,

    I am really interested in the products that Jini has for natural healing for the intestine, but I’m not sure where I should start. I have Mild/Moderate Crohn’s, but my flares are located in my ascending and descending parts of my colon and my sigmoid colon and rectum. I’ve just been having some discomfort since July of 2017. No bleeding, but the occasional passing of mucous. Should I try the oregano oil protocol and the enema or should I just try to heal by using the mucosaheal? I feel kind of overwhelmed. Please help!

    Thank you,


    1. Hi Mariah,

      Thank you for contacting us here. Since you have mild/moderate crohns, your approach might vary depending on the severity of your symptoms. But if you’re on flare, it’s best to stick to only liquid nutrition for the entire duration of your flare-up while doing Oregano to get rid of disease causing bacteria, and repopulate the gut with good bacteria using Probiotics. We recommend getting Jini’s book Listen to your Gut If you’d like to immerse yourself in a ton of information ASAP. This book outlines how Jini healed her own Crohn’s disease and details out several protocols. And after reading it, you’ll have a good idea of whether you need/want to embark on an elemental diet, or not.

      Kind Regards,
      Cris B
      Customer Care

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