Back in June, I was woken up out of a dead sleep with RANCHO LA PUERTA sounding in my head and the words written out in my mind’s eye. What the what? Write it down.

So I wrote down: Rancho La Puerta. And immediately went back to sleep. In the morning I googled it and turns out it’s a famous health spa that’s been around since the ’40’s – who knew?! So of course I booked to visit there in September for 4 nights.

Rancho La Puerta - Tecate, Mexico

Rancho La Puerta – Tecate, Mexico

One of the main draws of this health spa is the non-stop activities from 6:30 am – 7:00 pm; from cross-fit to pilates and everything in between. Perusing the list, my gut drew me to the Feldenkrais classes, offered twice a day. I booked into those, along with 1 private session with the instructor, Donna Wood.

My gut leading was interesting to me, because I had a serious of 10 private Feldenkrais sessions (where the practitioner just worked on me) about 15 years ago and it was nice, but nothing remarkable.

However, as I experienced that week, the difference with the group sessions is the instructor gives the group verbal instructions only. She won’t demo anything, as the point is for you to explore and find it within your own body. And THAT is what I found so powerful; learning the dialogue and conversations between the different parts of my body.

Spending 45 minutes learning how to lift my hip using only a foot pressing lightly into the floor with a slight forward movement of the knee – virtually no effort at all. And voila, my shoulders are now lying flatter on the floor! And more importantly, STAYED that way for 2 weeks until I did 7 non-stop hours of manual labor out at my barn.

Donna Wood - Feldenkrais Maestro

Donna Wood – Feldenkrais Maestro

So I don’t know if it was Feldenkrais in the group session (vs private) that was so remarkable – or the instructor. Donna Wood is also a sculptor, black belt in Judo and Capoeira and dancer. So I suspect – like all therapies – that the practitioner plays a huge role in the experience/learning of this healing technique.

You can share the benefits!

Donna has SO generously provided 24 amazing Feldenkrais lessons you can practice at home – at no charge! I really encourage you to give this bodywork method a try and see what your body has to say about it. The brilliant thing about these Feldenkrais sessions from Donna is that you don’t need to have access to a computer – as they are audio-guided sessions.

As I mentioned, Donna will not demo anything for you – even in a live session. YOUR body has to explore and discover the movement that feels good, that feels easy, that feels delicious. So being guided by these audios is very similar to what you’d experience in a live class with Donna – you just can’t peek to see what the other people around you are doing! The other difference is that in a live session Donna will tailor the class to the people present. There are thousands of Feldenkrais lessons, so if Donna sees that your knee is in trouble (she is able to just scan people’s bodies and see where the difficulties are), and someone else’s neck is really stiff, then she will tailor the class to help those people. So if you’re in San Diego (or visiting), definitely contact her to join in some of her live classes!

I have grabbed the audio off each of her YouTube videos for you, so you can simply load them onto your mp3 player or iPod/iPhone and away you go. Here they are:

Donna Wood Feldenkrais – Lesson 1 – DOWNLOAD MP3

Donna Wood Feldenkrais – Lesson 2 – DOWNLOAD MP3

Donna Wood Feldenkrais – Lessons 3-9 – DOWNLOAD Zipped File
Donna Wood Feldenkrais – Lessons 10-16 – DOWNLOAD Zipped File
Donna Wood Feldenkrais – Lessons 17-24 – DOWNLOAD Zipped File

I would LOVE to hear from you, after you’ve done about 4-5 of these sessions and see if this bodywork is as transformative for you as it was for me.

I would also be interested to hear from people who’ve already attended Feldenkrais classes with a different instructor – and then tried 3 or 4 of these sessions with Donna. HOW much difference does the instructor make? It would be cool to share our experiences, so don’t be shy! Just post in the Comments section below.

The Power of Feldenkrais Bodywork

18 thoughts on “The Power of Feldenkrais Bodywork

  • Jini,
    I just want to thank you for all the knowledge you share. So many other sites I have found, in my quest to heal my lifelong chronic digestive issues, charge exorbitant prices. Even if one decides to pay the amount to participate in a program, often there are added fees and items that need to be purchased to “feel better”.
    You are the real thing, a person who shares your gift of healing with others, and makes it available to those who do not have thousands of dollars to put out. These YouTube videos are just one example of this.
    I have been using the oregano oil and probiotic protocol you have recommended, and am currently on phase 2, for the second time. Although I am still having some real issues with my sinuses, which is typical for seasonal allergies, I think that they are even less disruptive than prior to using the oregano drops. I have been relatively pain free digestively, having daily bowl movements(most days), and still hoping my energy level will go up. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  • this is great. no time restrictions and I can fit it in when I can. I love the audio. Getting some pain in unusual places but I am assured that things are working themselves out.

    1. Jini- I have a rectal and vaginal prolapse from a very difficult birth resulting in a 4 th degree tear. I was given a sphincterplasty repair surgery but I am still unable to hold gas in. Is there anything natural I could do to repairs this rectal area and strengthen it so that I can hold in flatulence? Thank you so much.

        1. Chris – I’m interested in purchasing the Anal Fissures suppositories. Do you think this would be at all helpful in my rectal tear. Even though my tear is currently 6 years old (surgery to repair 6 years ago as well)? Able to hold in feces but not gas. Will this be pointless to use? Thank you so much.

          1. Hi Janet,

            Sometimes the only way to know for sure is by trying different remedies and seeing what works. But its worth a try. Jini created FissureHeal suppositories and have used them to heal both minor and severe anal fissures, and they work very well. They contain the most effective herbal mucosal healing agents known. We hope this protocol works well for you. If you have any additional questions or concerns I’m just an e-mail away.

            Cris B
            Customer care

  • Ladies every where should work out with your mum..
    The gift of health is important and starts at a very basic level of being able to live day to day without worrying about your pelvic floor and associated problems..
    I commend you both .. I have been teaching Pilate for over 25 years and believe you can learn from anyone.

  • Jini….I “found” you by accident around april of of this year after having repeated bouts of diverticulitis and leaky gut….you showed up in a window while I was looking for something entirely different…but isn’t that how the Universe works for you when you ask…and it is given..:)
    I read so much about you, watched so many videos on so many things. SO very helpful…potty stool a household item now..:) Anyway, I started taking the oil of oregano and the probiotic trinity. I changed my diet slightly as I was already eating pretty good, but I found a few things I wanted to eliminate. Low and behold I have NOT had any bouts of either of my afflictions. I then added the bone and mineral liquids as you recommended them. I have since added a prebiotic. You saved me!!! I tell anybody who needs your expertise about you in hopes that they too will find their well beingness soon!
    Thank you Thank you Thank you for all that you have done for sooooooo many!!
    Blessings and Light always

    1. Awwww Jan, that is so awesome!! And I know what you mean, I find amazing and timely stuff on the Internet all the time 🙂

      I hope you download and do these Feldenkrais lessons too – and stick with them as they start off slow, but the healing/balancing is really profound. You go girl!! So pleased for you!

  • Hi Jini and all,
    I’ve been a Feldenkrais as well as an Alexander Technique practitioner for almost 20 years now. I’ve also been helped immensely by these methods in recovering from a horrible injury that almost left me in a wheelchair for life. From my experience, there is a great deal of difference between practitioners and what they have to offer. I’ve trained with wonderful American Feldenkrais trainers as well as with Mia Segal (Israeli) who is the first person Feldenkrais trained, and who helped him develop his Method from the early days in the 1950s. It’s been amazing to experience Feldenkrais work directly from Mia – her deep wisdom and ability to contact a person where they most need attention is truly awesome. I’ve also been lucky to have worked with profoundly talented teachers of the Alexander Technique. I always tell people to look for healers they connect with, whether they be a Feldenkrais, Alexander, or other practitioner. Both Feldenkrais and Alexander can be profoundly helpful when you find a practitioner that you feel a strong connection to. It sounds like Donna is one of those people for you. I count my blessings for having found and trusted amazing healers in my life.

    1. Hi Marcus,

      People need to hear this so thanks for writing in and sharing your story – it’s great to hear that you experienced good results with Feldenkrais Bodywork. Each individual needs to find his or her own way to heal and we’re glad you found yours!

      Kind Regards,
      Cris B
      Customer care

  • Jini
    18 months ago I found your site on line after a great deal of research as …i am a researcher there was alot of that!. I began the Oregano oil protocol with probio and Absorb Plus. Its been an amazing journey. I began oregano and noticed in days and more days and weeks improvement . I then began Absorb Plus and that’s when I had real results. Food stayed with me -my body began to gain weight quickly as I lost 12 pounds. And the rest is history. I did cycles -on off and on off oregano oil and then switched it up after a year to Olive leaf. And back again. But the long and short of it is that I use Absorb plus at least 4 times a week regardless. And I do a cycle of oregano or olive leaf every now and then and my diet is as excellent as possible. I am back to good gut health now. I have written before but want to thank you again in a huge way for your insights your knowledge and path to maximum good health. There is no price one can put on getting there. Thank you over and over.

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