The most common question we receive about Wild Oregano Oil is whether or not you can use it along with probiotics – and the answer is yes! However, you’ll want to make sure there are at least 2 hours between taking the wild oregano oil and the probiotics.

I have compiled some links below to information about Wild Oregano oil so that most answers to the other questions we receive can be found here in one place. The first place you should start (if you haven’t already) is page 145 of Listen to Your Gut where I talk about Wild Oregano Oil at length and introduce my protocol.

Wild Oregano Oil at LTYG Health Shoppe – Includes two YouTube videos I created that show how to take Wild Oregano Oil both internally and for tooth decay/infection. Just click the VIDEO tab.

Wild Oregano Oil Antiviral protocol – how to use Wild Oregano Oil to combat flu symptoms.
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Jini’s Wild Oregano Protocol – A blog post about my complete Wild Oregano Oil protocol, available at a discounted price for anyone who isn’t interested in purchasing Listen to Your Gut but still wants to benefit from this exciting information.

Acne Natural Remedy – I write about clearing up acne naturally, which includes using Wild Oregano Oil.
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Here’s What I Have to Say About WOO:

If I were stranded on a desert island and could only bring one thing along, wild oregano oil would be it! If I were allowed 2 things, I’d also bring comfrey salve.

My books have instructions for many uses for wild oregano. The most important is Jini’s Wild Oregano Oil Protocol which is used to rid the gut of infectious agents and then implant a healthy bacterial population. This protocol is also available on its own in my eBook, Natural Treatments For Gut Infection

But you can also use wild oregano ANYWHERE you have inflammation or infection: mouth ulcers, ear infections, tooth or gum infections, fungal infections… the list goes on and on. BUT it is also key to know exactly how to use this powerful substance, how to prepare a dilution of it and which dilution (strength) to use for different conditions, how often to dose, etc.

Remember to visit my HOME REMEDIES section on this site to look up the home remedy instructions for whatever ails you, and if the treatment involves wild oregano oil, I will talk directly about that on the relevant symptom page.

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Original post April 2011. Most recently updated February 2020.