jini-slo-jump.jpgI recently had a reader who’s doing well in his Healing Journey, but he still needs to gain about 15 pounds. He also still has to be careful about what he eats, so needs easily-tolerated, yet high nutrient foods. Notice I’m not just talking about calories – I’m talking about nutrition. Because we want to gain muscle, not fat.

When you’re looking at weight gain, there’s no easier way to do it then via shakes! For the simple reason that it’s far easier to drink a protein shake, then to eat, digest and absorb a steak (for example).

So here are some great shake recipes for nutritious, easily-tolerated weight gain. Feel free to adjust, omit, or switch out ingredients according to your particular taste and tolerance. By the way, this is a pic of me at the sand dunes at Montana de Oro park in San Luis Obispo – this is how good you’re going to feel when you drink these shakes!


ltyg-blenderbottle-smallJust before we get started, here is a great healing supplement pack you can add to any shake, 1- 3 times per day. Just open the capsules and pour contents into shake before blending or shaking:

1 capsule pycnogenol
1 capsule CoQ10
1 capsule mixed bioflavonoids*
If constipated, then add 125 – 250 mg magnesium citrate

*During allergy season, switch out these regular bioflavonoids for high-dose Quercetin (a natural anti-histamine)


1 organic whole egg & 1 organic egg yolk
1 cup raw cow or goat milk, or yoghurt (or almond, or rice milk)
maple syrup to taste
1 tbsp Udo’s Oil
Optional: very ripe (black) banana

If using a banana, then blend banana and milk/yoghurt first, then add rest of ingredients. Mix on LOW speed for 5-10 seconds.


Blend or shake together on low speed:

1 cup raw coconut water, or raw cow, raw goat, or almond milk
1 scoop clean grass-fed whey, vegan, or goat protein (no added greens, superfoods, fibre, etc.)
1/2 avoca