Question: Can I add Natren probiotic powders to my Absorb Plus shakes, or should I mix the probiotics only with water?

Answer: We contacted Natasha Trenev, the founder/owner of Natren probiotics and asked her this question. She replied that yes, you can mix Natren probiotic powders with Absorb Plus, but you must follow these directions:

  1. Whip up your Absorb Plus shake in the blender first as usual.
  2. Take out 2 ounces of shake and mix in your probiotics with a spoon, to form a smooth paste.
  3. Add the paste mixture back to the rest of the shake and stir well with a spoon to mix thoroughly.
  4. Drink as usual.
Can I take my probiotic powders in an Absorb Plus shake?

4 thoughts on “Can I take my probiotic powders in an Absorb Plus shake?

  • Hi there,
    I have Crohn’s disease and am on day 7 of the elemental diet. Whenever I add the probiotics to my shake I develop a high fever and chills for a few hours (no fever when no probiotics). I reduced the probiotic dose and that seemed to help with the severity and length of the fever. (They range in temperature from 102.3-103.6). I am assuming this is just my body’s way of dealing with the die off effect, or my form of the herxheimer reaction. After a few hours the fever is gone and I feel fine again. My gut feeling is telling me the fevers will subside as I build up the good bacteria in my gut, but just want to get some other input as well to make sure I am not ignoring something more serious. Thanks for any thoughts.

    1. Hi Genevieve,

      It seems like your intuition is on the right track. Another thing you can try out, if you like, is isolate the probiotics you are taking (if you’re taking all three Natren products as Jini suggests in Listen to Your Gut) to see if a specific strain seems to be responsible for the fevers and eliminate that one until you have been using the other two for a little while.

      Kind regards,
      Customer Care

  • I read that coconut oil has antibacterial properties. Is it still okay to add probiotics to my shakes if I add coconut oil too?

    1. Hi Joseph,

      While the antibacterial properties of coconut oil are not anywhere near as strong as those of wild oregano oil, you should probably take the probiotics at a different time in order to get maximum benefit from them. Jini generally recommends taking probiotics right before bed. For more about scheduling various supplements, check out this blog post:

      Kind regards,
      Customer Care

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