oil-iStock.jpgThis is such an amazing story from a reader who used the information in this blog post to save her sister’s life when her bowel was impacted, she was in sepsis and hadn’t had a bowel movement in 2 weeks:

“Jini…I cannot begin to tell you how thankful I am for your research in health. The oil of oregano book has been absolutely incredible for me, and especially in helping others I know heal the pain they have been suffering with for so long.

I personally, was suffering with a rash that began in the center of my shoulder blades and randomly spread to my legs, arms, my stomach, my sides, and under my breasts. It was sometimes itchy, and most of the time very irritating. The rash lasted for about six months. I went to a dermatologist who gave me a 2 punch biopsy and said he couldn’t detect the problem and needed to do another 5 punch biopsy! I refused. I began using the oregano oil all over my body, And within a week the rash started disappearing, and I was relieved of the irritation. By 2 weeks the rash had almost completely cleared! I was very happy!

But, during that time I was faced with a much more serious concern. I was called to Las Vegas by my mother because my sister, Harriet, who had been diagnosed with sarcoidosis, and multiple sclerosis, her health had been deteriorating and was recently moved from Los Angeles to Las Vegas by my mother, since she could no longer take care of herself.

Because my sister was previously such a high-powered woman, she has been completely emotionally devastated from her health issues. Now, they had worsened. I received a call from my mother saying Harriet, “didn’t sound right”. I suggested she go straight to emergency. The following day a surgeon called me saying my sister had only two days or so to live because she had an impacted bowel and needed surgery, and refused.

My sister’s legs are incapacitated from these diseases and it is slowly moving up her body. So being that her health is already compromised and her legs no longer serve her; her memory loss and mind is also deteriorating. She refused surgery. The surgeon suggested we transfer her to Nathan Adelson hospice and prepare for her death. We did.

I was so devastated the first night I stayed with her in the hospice – when I saw her reaction to the 7 mg of morphine they administered every four hours plus the Ativan, I couldn’t sleep all night when I got home. Instead I searched for ways to help her and I found you! I stayed up all night studying your website.

I studied your treatment for impacts using Castro oil topically, white flannel, and the special massage. When the break of day appeared, I left the house to find the ingredients and to try the treatment on my sister in the hospice. It took great courage to face the doctors, my family, and nurses who looked at me with great pity as I seemed to fail to accept that my sister was on her deathbed.

In the hospital my sister had not had a bowel movement for two weeks, nor had she had any food, and very little water. She had a pick in her abdomen, and an N and G tube running through her nose to her stomach, and out into a container. She was also sepsis, and breathing rapidly. Now in hospice, no saline, no electrolytes – her tongue was crackling white as she slept away into darkness and through the tunnel of death.

The next morning I decided it was maybe time for her to wake up. She’d been sleeping for so long and I wanted to hear her voice and her thoughts. My mother awakened her gently, but my sister screamed horrifyingly, crying awake saying “Thank you thank you thank you everyone I love everyone!”

That night, I began the castor oil treatment. I followed your instructions exactly as you gave them. I found that when I placed the hot water bottle on her stomach, after 15 to 20 minutes she became extremely hot, so I continued holding the water bottle in place and placed cool ice cold cloths on her face, hair, and chest and fanned her so she could tolerate the heat on her abdominal area.

After one hour, I massaged her like you instructed for 20 minutes. I covered her with the sheets and I went home to rest. I also instructed the nurse at the hospice to begin administering Saline in her body again. The next day I gave her a quart of water to drink, orange juice mixed with water, and handed her a menu and told her to pick out whatever fruits she wanted to enjoy that day. She chose peaches, applesauce, bananas, and oranges. I had them all puréed and served to her.

We waited… everyone thought she was going to explode, or vomit. The next day I repeated the puréed fruit diet, juices, lots of water etc. By the end of the second day, my sister turned to me and said, “Lisa, I’ve had a bowel movement!” When the nurses came in to check her, they said she had a gigantic movement! The doctor turned to me and screamed, “It’s a miracle!”

I repeated the treatment again once more. Two days later, Harriet left the hospice and went home (Group home)! My sister Harriet is one of the few that ever left that hospice and went home! I am very grateful to you! I thank you, on behalf of my family, and for my sisters life!

I found that courage is the most important factor in the treatment of myself and others. Faith and courage. Through all of this I would like to say thank you. I tried to call you and leave a message, but there were so many words that I couldn’t put together during such a difficult time, as this present time.
So, I hope I have expressed to you how grateful I am that I had found your website, and was able to save my sisters life using your treatment. There are no words to express the importance of what I have learned from healing others.

One thing is for sure, I can say that sometimes what we think is so important in life, becomes less important when faced with death. And… when faced with death, a person can manifest miracles in which they never realized they could perform! I must say “Thank you, Jini” from my heart…”

It takes a LOT of courage to face down family members, doctors and nurses to try a non-medical protocol in a hospital setting. We should all be so fortunate as to have an amazing sister like this!

In case you’re wondering, this is the oregano oil eBook she’s referring to. And this is the castor oil treatment she’s referring to.

Hot Castor Oil Pack Saves Sister’s Life!

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  • Amazing story. I will send this to my sisters & mother to enjoy.
    I can relate on a smaller scale-one of Jinis protocol changed my entire life.
    It’s amazing what we can do without surgery and with just a little faith. Imagine what we could do with ALOT of faith!
    Congratulations to saving your sister!!!

    1. Hi Nicole,

      Thanks so much for taking the time to write in – we’re glad to hear that you enjoyed the story! Jini would also love to hear more about the protocol that changed your life. If you are interested in sharing a little about that, feel free to reply here or email us at service@listentoyourgut.com.

      Kind regards,
      Customer Care

  • What a touching story! Thank you for that. Once more, natural remedies and the courage to face traditional medecine, the inner wisdom and intuition that guided this amazing woman – Hats off!

  • I am currently doing the castor oil packs. I apply dmso/aloe gel before the castor oil and let it dry. Here is something I do that works for me, I found that applying magnesium oil to my stomach area and rubbing it all over is really helpful.

    I got the idea from reading another blog, Wellness Mama, I got the recipe for a homemade magnesium oil from magnesium chloride flakes and distilled water. I was rubbing that into my leg muscles for the massive muscle cramps that I was getting. Over a year ago, I noticed my belly getting lumpier and swollen, most likely from scar tissue and inflammation.

    So I figured that if the diluted oil is good for my leg muscle cramps, etc., that it would also be good for my Crohn’s. It seemed to reduce the swelling inflammation when I did it at night. I thought that I bad nothing to lose since I needed to raise my magnesium levels anyway.

    I could not find anything online to support my theory. So I assumed that my inflammation/swelling was going down from the massaging of the belly. It got worse when I stopped rubbing the magnesium oil in the belly.

    I just ordered 32 oz of the mag oil from the LTYG Shoppe. Since that magnesium oil is so concentrated I an going to rub that into my belly before the dmso. After that, I will follow with the castor oil pack. Am I the only one who has found that massaging magnesium oil into the belly area helps?

    I still plan on making the castor oil-distilled water recipe because if it is too strong my legs will itch. I will let you know what happens. but for me to write a testimonial letter, I will have to see significant improvement–such as inflammation/inflammatory masses gone.

    I realize it is not just the packs, and I take Mucosaheal and use wild oregano oil and Natren probiotics. I have all Jini’s books that are available in hardcover and softcover, which is only three so far…

    Well, thank you Jini for getting me started on the right and healthy path!


    1. Hi Susan,

      Thanks for taking the time to write such a detailed comment – it’s great to hear that the protocol seems to be working well for you. Jini absolutely recommends using magnesium oil in the manner you mentioned as well as for other conditions like arthritis. Here are some links to other places where she talks about different ways to use magnesium oil topically:


      Kind regards,
      Customer Care

  • Justin,

    I am searching the links you gave me, and I am trying to find where you said Jini recommends using the magnesium oil with the castor oil packs in the manner that I have been…What I meant was that I put the magnesium oil on my belly, then the dmso, then the castor oil pack. I still can’t find that anywhere.

    BTW, I am not in any pain at all, even though I have inflammation. I guess this is another long story.

    1. Hi Susan,

      Sorry for the confusion! I just wanted to give you as much information as possible. In the link for arthritis, Jini talks about topically applying both the DMSO and the magnesium oil and she mentions using castor oil after the DMSO to calm any skin irritation if that’s an issue. The link above that talks about using the magnesium oil in a bath (just another way to reap the benefits) and the top link briefly mentions topical magnesium but also details consuming oral, nanoparticle-sized magnesium. It’s great to hear that you’re not in pain and we hope your inflammation goes away!

      Kind regards,
      Customer Care

  • A few years ago, Ihad a diverticulitis flare up & used Jinis products. They healed my symptoms but now I’m having another flare up & back on her products. Once this bout is healed I know the next step is to change my diet. I remember reading one of Jini’s articles saying that the castor oil hot packs can dissolve the scar tissue left behind after a flare up. Can it truly dissolve scars in the intestines? I’ve searched her booklets that Ihave & can’t find the article or instructions. Any info you have will be appreciated. Thanks

    1. Hello Patricia,

      We now have an entirely new treatment for strictures (scar tissue) in both the small intestine and colon that actually dissolves the thick, fibrous tissue and restores the area to normal tissue. Yes, the stricture can actually disappear after 2 to 6 months of treatment. Check Jini’s symptom page for Intestinal Stricture HERE and let me know if you have any additional questions or concerns.

      Kind Regards,
      Cris B
      Customer Care

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