When I came across this novel therapy for non-surgical healing of intestinal strictures, bowel adhesions and bowel obstructions I could hardly believe what I was reading. After doing this podcast with one of the technique’s inventors, Larry Wurn, I am even more excited!

As you’ll discover when you listen, this technique may also work for anal stenosis and possibly for malrotation and volvulus. I didn’t ask about it in the podcast, but I suspect it may also work for dysphagia (difficulty swallowing, tight, spasming or obstructed esophagus).

In addition to listening to the podcast, you can also download an informative and inspirational chapter from Larry & Belinda Wurn, founders of Clear Passage Physical Therapy about their revolutionary, hands-on technique for loosening the tough collagen cross-fibers that make up strictures, scar tissue, adhesions, etc. – providing a fantastic alternative to surgery:

“Adhesions form in all people as they heal from infection, surgery or injury. Modern medicine offers little relief, because surgery creates more adhesions. When physical therapist Belinda Wurn experienced terrible adhesion pain a year after cancer surgery, her doctors said that corrective surgery would only create more adhesions. Unable to cope with the pain and unwilling to undergo surgery, she and her husband (co-author Larry Wurn) worked with respected physicians and scientists to develop a non-surgical treatment that has cured many complex medical conditions, including cases of female infertility.”

I hope to try out this therapy for myself sometime this year, so will write about it when I do. But in the meantime, be SURE and download this chapter from their book (it is amazing and so worth reading!) and listen to my podcast with Larry Wurn (press the play button).